Adama of Telos: They’re Still at it. The Dark is Real

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by Sharon Stewart


Adama, can we hear your comments please?

Adama: Certainly, Sharon. We consider it very fortunate in Telos that we don’t have to deal with demonics. You have a large infestation of them on the surface and upper atmosphere that’s still being cleared out. Unfortunately right now, they are still creating learning within you as is the case with you tonight, so they are being taken out only as they do not serve a purpose any longer.
Me: So when people switch to learning through love instead of learning to stop hating and positivity instead of negativity, then these beings can be removed?
Adama: Yes. There is much learning to be done by being loving and far more than learning through negativity because love has such a wide frequency. However, your people learn through negativity so we have to leave in place those who continue to teach you.
Me: Technically, Telos is in duality like upper earth is, isn’t it?
Adama: Our lowest frequency is 5D, so no. We’ve moved beyond the need for duality.
Me: Nice to hear part of earth is in 5D.
Adama: We need you to start ascending so that we can go higher. Our highest frequency is 9D and we’d like to ascend.
Me: Ah.
Adama: As for you personally, or anyone else who is undertaking a positive change in their lives, be on the lookout for dark sabotage. Absolutely. It is real. The dark is real and the demonics and reptilians are real. They watch you and look for any change you’d think to make. Then they create a plan to thwart it, which is what Sharon is describing here. They use other earthlings or their pets to accomplish this as well.
Me: They know I stopped dating. LOL. Sorry guys, I know you don’t like my comments but try dating some of the men I’ve dated. I’m not sure one of them was actually even human. The other I believe was a shapeshifter. I’m not picking on men. I realize that women can be equally toxic, but I’m heterosexual and I’m speaking from my own experience.
I’ll have to be careful of my neighbors the next while because I know that the Matrix can get them to start it up with me as well. I need to walk away instead of engaging my very strong reflex to fight people. I’m not a fleer, I’m a fighter. Now I know why I do it and I know how to work on reducing my inclination to do so.
It also gives me hope because I know when I’m calm and peaceful, I ignore a lot. When I’m in this locked in fight or flight mode, nothing goes unnoticed. If you’re going to let everything on earth affect you, as I have, then you do do a lot of learning but in the same token, you’ll burn yourself out.
Adama: Your people have some particular challenges and it’s because your DNA has been modified to allow for this. You’ve been created to be receptacles of mind control programming which is being piped to you from outside this earth, primarily. The Agarthans don’t have the same DNA as you do, so we are not susceptible to outside control. It’s that simple. They didn’t get us. We went underground before they could change our DNA.
The Lemurians watched what was happening on earth and realized that Atlantis wouldn’t ascend. It had been poisoned, taken over by dark ones, and we knew all upon the surface would ultimately be affected so we went underground through Mount Shasta. We hid our escape route and shielded ourselves from detection. We watched what happened to the surface population and it was horrendous. So many were taken and put through modifying experimentation. They came out of these laboratories changed people. The dark controllers saw that they could do it. They could change you to suit their purposes and they did.
Then they spread fear. Widespread fear. We could hear your cries for help. We knew they changed the Matrix to force you to think you were alone. Humanity suffered on the surface. They went back through a dark age where they barely survived. But they did survive and have slowly come back. There were other groups who came from the stars to try to help them, but fighting broke out among them and the dark ones. Ultimately it was decided for the protection of humanity that the positive ETs wouldn’t interfere. It was that bad. The dark ones had stacked the deck in their favor and against the Light interference.
They still warred with the dark ones, nonetheless. They controlled outcomes by forcing the dark’s hand and through incarnating strong lightworkers on the surface, such as Jesus. And it’s been that way ever since. Now the Light is taking back the planet for God and for the people of earth.
Me: So are you saying that I need to learn the lesson that the dark ones are trying to teach me now? That’s why it happened?
Adama: No. I’m saying you need to tell others of your experiences so that they can learn.
Me: So I experience more crap because I’m a teacher.
Adama: You know how to deal with it Sharon.
Me: I do. Nothing’s a problem when you don’t make a problem out of it.
Adama: Exactly.
Me: I’ll just have to clean cat butt germs off of my counter top, that’s all.
Adama: Which isn’t the worst thing.
Me: No. Thank you for your discussion today, Adama. I know you were there when the Lemurians made their move underground too. You’re that old.
Adama: I am. Thank you for letting me serve, Sharon.

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  • Thank you Adama for I can hear from you again...It is a pleasure to be more aware of you as of this day...And thank you Sharon which I think I was in your website a few years back...

  • Blessings dear Alan and it is always nice to see you here...We Are One...We Are Love...We Are Sovereign...Peace, Love and Light to you and your loved ones...

  • Well received, thank you & bless.

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