Take your time and read a bit our history in the end you will understand why i posted both.

I will not moderate your comments here or not approve them.I'm not afraid of truth.I don't care what it is.

Bring it on!And out!

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  • Power to the people - they have it in their hands to choose who they want as their leader - they have the power in their hands to change the leadership of a country - it's a matter of intelligence and discernment on who the right candidate will be. Wars should stop forever for a start. Much love

  • ..you're darn right that we should do something about our system... if we dont change our system, not Obama, but not even Jesus can save the ignorant...

  • people here and elsewhere want to believe he is a light worker or just say he is because they too are communists/marxists/leninists/socialists and they want to get at the money-more taxes on individual earned income and corporate profits to re-distribute it-'you didn't build that business alone' says sotero so you don't deserve all the profits even though the owner(s) paid for the help-this is a ste3ady attempt at huge collectivism by stealth and then by force when taxes are raised by laws

  • ..people involVed in politics ARE the Cabal... people who support people who involved in politics ARE the Cabal themselves... THESE are the REAL CABAL!!!

  • Ok Delilah then maybe you should try look into the Roswell videos.:)
  • I have to agree with Wes on this. Not much more to say than what he has posted.

    Love and Light

  • I don't have to look at your videos ~ I look inside myself ~ and him ~ and know that he is good.

  • Please take your time and listen to this.

    I personally don't know Obama but i'm sure that he is just a doll to bump by us.To not to bump the Elite and who knows what is really going on...
  • ...if my neighbour's cat knows that presidents dont change anything, cause the "wheel" is turning by the command of unseen,(or not so unseen) forces and hands behind the scenes, then it should not be hard for a man with a little brain in his head to figure out why it is of no use to run for president if he really wanted to change things for the better...
    So please spare people with the usual excuse, that he is good, but others dont let him do his job...
    "oohh Myy, he is a great man, but those darn wicked Cabal guys dont let him bring the light to the world!"...please....o'rly???
    if he cant do his job, then he should not get there in the first place... like any other sane person, or at least a THINKING person, is doing in this world... just DONT GET INVOLED, if u think that the boat is too tough to turn by your power!!!
    And the boat IS actually too tough to turn, by a man alone... whomever he might be...

  • in the "future" will we end up perceiving some-one running our "country(s)"  ?

    "leaders" are just servants. . that is all. .
    . . in service, as a part of a whole mechanic of work to be done. . no "high" or "low". . just specific things to be done within the whole mechanic/functionality of our world. .  
    . . that we collectively. . run. .

    strange you say?  xD

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