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                                                                       THE SEVEN COSMOS



 Well friends, we are gathered here again with the purpose of studying the "RAY OF CREATION ".


It is urgent, indispensable, unavoidable, to know in a clear and precise way the place we occupy in the "most vivid Ray of Creation ".


First of all, dear gentlemen, distinguished ladies, I beg you to follow my speech with infinite patience.


I want you to know that there are Seven Cosmos, namely:










1st.- - Unquestionably, the First is formed by multiple SPIRITUAL SUNS, transcendental, Divine...


Much has been said about the SACRED ABSOLUTE SUN, and it is obvious that every Solar System is governed by one of those Spiritual Suns. This means that our set of worlds possesses its own "Sacred Absolute Sun", as do all the other Solar Systems of the unalterable infinite.


2nd - The Second Order of Worlds is really formed with all the millions of SUNS and PLANETS traveling through space.


3rd - The Third set of Worlds is formed by our GALAXY, by this great "MILKY WAY", which has as its central cosmic capital the "Sirius Sun".


4th - The Fourth Order is represented by our "SOLAR SYSTEM OF ORS".


5th - The Fifth Order corresponds to the PLANET EARTH.


6th - The Sixth Order is the MICROCOSMOS MAN.


7th - The Seventh Order is in the HELL WORLDS.


Let's expand this explanation a little more ... I want you, ladies and gentlemen, to understand with full clarity, what is really the first order of worlds: extraordinary SPIRITUAL SUNS, sparkling with infinite splendors in space. Radiant Spheres that astronomers could never perceive through their telescopes.


Think now of what are the trillions and trillions of worlds and stars that populate the endless space. Remember now the galaxies: Any of these, taken separately, is certainly a MACROCOSMOS, and ours, the "Milky Way," is no exception.


What shall we say about DEUTEROCOSMOS? Unquestionably, every Solar System, no matter the galaxy to which it belongs, whether it is matter or antimatter, is obviously a Deuterocosmos.


Lands of space are as numerous as the sands of the immense desert. Undoubtedly, any of these, every planet, no matter what its Center of Cosmic Gravitation, is by itself a MESOCOSMOS.


Much has been said about the Microcosm-Man. We emphasize the transcendental idea that each of us is an authentic and legitimate MICROCOSMOS. However, we are not the only inhabitants of infinity. It is clear that there are many inhabited worlds. Any inhabitant of the Cosmos is an authentic Microcosm.


Finally, it is good to know that within every planet there is the Submerged Mineral Kingdom with its own Atomic Hells. The latter are always located within the interior of any planetary mass and in the infra dimensions of nature, under the three- dimensional zone of Euclid.


Understand, then, ladies and gentlemen, that the first order of worlds is completely different from the second, and that each cosmos is absolutely unequal, radically different...


The First Order of worlds is infinitely Divine, ineffable. There is no mechanical principle in it; it is governed by the unique Law.


The Second Order is unquestionably controlled by the 3 Primary Forces that regulate and direct all Cosmic Creation.


The Third Order of worlds, our Galaxy, any Galaxy of the sacred space, is undoubtedly controlled by 6 Laws.


The Fourth Order of worlds, our Solar System, or any Solar System of infinite space, is always controlled by 12 Laws.


The Fifth Order, our Earth, or any Planet similar to ours, revolving around any Sun, is absolutely controlled by 24 Laws.


The Sixth Cosmic Order, any Human Organism, is definitely controlled by 48 Laws.


Finally, the Seventh Order of Worlds is under the total control of 96 Laws.


I want you to know, precisely, that the number of laws in the Abysmal Regions multiplies outrageously.


It is ostensible that the First Dantesque Circle is always under the control of 96 Laws, but in the Second this amount is doubled, giving 192 Laws; in the Third it triples, in the Fourth it quadruples, in such a way that you can multiply the quantity of 96 x 2, x 3, x 4, x 5, x 6, x 7, x 8 and x 9. So, in the Ninth Circle, multiplying the 96 x 9, will give us 864 Laws...


If you reflect deeply on the First Cosmos, you will see that there exists the most complete freedom, the most absolute happiness, because everything is governed by the One Law.


In the Second Cosmos there is still full bliss, because it is completely controlled by the 3 Primary Laws of all Creation.


However, in the Third Cosmos a mechanical element is already introduced, because these 3 Primitive Divine Laws, dividing themselves, become 6. Obviously, in this there is already a certain cosmic automatism. It is no longer the 3 unique Forces that work, because these, by dividing themselves, have originated the mechanical game of any Galaxy.


See what a Solar System is. It is clear that in it, already the 6 Laws have been divided again to become 12, increasing the mechanism, the automatism, the complication, etc., etc.


Let us specify now to any Planet of the infinite, and very especially in our terrestrial world. Obviously, it is more heterogeneous and complicated, because the 12 System Laws have become 24...


Let's look frankly at the Microcosm-Man; it is ruled by 48 laws.


Obviously, by dividing these 48 Laws in themselves, and by themselves, they originate the 96 of the First Dantesque Circle.


I want you, ladies and gentlemen, to understand the place we occupy in the "RAY OF CREATION ".


Someone said that "Hell" comes from the word "Infernus", which in Latin means "Lower Region". Thus he emphasized the idea that the place we occupy in Euclid's Three - dimensional Region is Hell, because, according to him, it is "the lowest place in the Cosmos"...


Unfortunately, the one who made such an unusual affirmation, did not really know the "Ray of Creation ". If he had had more information, if he had studied the Seven Cosmos, he would have fully realized that the "Lower Place" is not this Physical World in which we live, but the Seventh Cosmos, located exactly inside the planet Earth, in the natural infra-dimensions, under the three - dimensional Zone of Euclid.


Q- Venerable Master, after listening with great attention and patience the scientific exposition on the "Ray of Creation ", we have observed that when referring to the First Order, that is to PROTOCOSMOS, mention that the movement, the life, corresponds to the First Law, where absolute freedom reigns ... We have been told, following the words of the Great Kabir Jesus: "Discover the truth, and the truth will set you free". Should it be understood, following the Law of Analogies and Correspondences, that in order for us to be the men/humans who move and have our Being in the Sixth Order of worlds, or the Microcosm, to experience the truth and therefore be completely free Should we strive to become inhabitants of those worlds ruled by the One Law?


A- With the greatest pleasure I will answer the question that the gentleman asked ... Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen: It is indispensable to understand that "the greater the number of laws, the greater the degree of mechanics and pain, the lower the number of laws, the lower the degree of mechanics and pain ".


Unquestionably, in the "SACRED SOLAR ABSOLUTE", in the "Central Spiritual Sun" of this system in which we live, move and have our Being, there is no mechanics of any kind and therefore, it is obvious that there reigns the most full bliss.


Ostensibly, we must fight tirelessly to free ourselves from the 48, 24, 12, 6 and 3 Laws to truly return to the Sacred Absolute Sun of our system.


Q- Master, it is deduced from what was explained above, that the worlds of higher laws are more mechanical, and therefore, logically, more dense and material. Does this mean that the infra-dimensional or infernal worlds will cause more suffering, and that for this reason they are called the "Region of Penalties and Punishments"?


A- This question from the audience seems to me quite interesting, and it is clear that I hasten to answer it with the greatest pleasure.


Distinguished sir, I want you to know and that everyone understands, that the greater the number of laws, the greater the degree of mechanics and pain.


The 96 Laws of the First Infernal Zone, are terribly painful; however, as such number of Laws multiplies in each of the Infra-dimensional Zones, pain, mechanics, materiality and crying are also multiplied.


Q- Venerable Master, we have observed that you previously speak to us of the Nine Concentric Circles in the Region of the Infra dimensions, which correspond to the Nine Circles of the Supra-dimensions of the Cosmos; However, when referring to the "Ray of Creation ", only lists and explains Seven Cosmos, is there not some incongruence in it?


R- Honorable sir, it is indispensable that you make a clear differentiation between the Seven Cosmos, the Nine Heavens and the Nine Dantesque Circles of the Natural Infra dimensions.


Obviously, the Nine Heavens are related, as we have said, with the Nine Submerged Regions under the epidermis of the Earth. This was seen by Enoch in a state of ecstasy, on Mount Moria; where he would later build an underground temple with nine interior floors to allegorize the transcendental realism of his vision...


It is unquestionable that the Nine Heavens are fully realized in the Spheres of the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. It is clear that all these Nine Heavens correspond to Deuterocosmos.


Is it, then, clear in your mind, the fact that the Seven Cosmos are not the Nine Heavens?


Q- Master, when you tell us that you are going down to a greater number of laws from the First Cosmos to the Infernal Regions; the mechanics, the automatism, the materiality is increasing; It makes us think that as we move away from the Three Primary Laws, we at the same time separate ourselves from the direct Will of the Father, leaving ourselves to our own miserable fate. Is this the case?


A- Distinguished gentlemen, honorable ladies who listen to me in this audience, I want you to know clearly and precisely that beyond all this game of worlds that form our Solar System, the SACRED ABSOLUTE SOLAR shines gloriously.


It is indubitable that in the Central Spiritual Sun, governed by the One Law, there is the unalterable Happiness of the Eternal Living God. Unfortunately, as we move further and further away from the Sacred Absolute Sun, we enter more and more complicated worlds, where automatism, mechanics and pain are introduced...


Obviously, in the Cosmos of 3 Laws, the happiness is incomparable, because the materiality is less. In that region any atom possesses within its inner nature, only 3 atoms of the Absolute.


How different is the Third Cosmos! There the materiality increases, because any of its atoms has in its interior, 6 atoms of the Absolute.


Let's go into the Fourth Cosmos. There we find more dense matter, due to the concrete fact that any of its atoms has, in itself, 12 atoms of the Absolute.


Let's concrete a little more. If we carefully examine the planet Earth, we will see that any of its atoms possesses in its inner nature 24 atoms of the Absolute.


Specifying carefully, let us study in detail any atom of the human organism and perceive within it, through the Divine Clairvoyance, 48 atoms of the Absolute.


Let's go down a little further and enter the Kingdom of the crudest materiality, in the infernal worlds, under the crust of the planet in which we live and we will discover that in the First Infra-dimensional Zone, the density has increased frightfully, because any inhuman atom possesses within its intimate nature, 96 atoms of the Absolute.


In the Second Infernal Zone, every atom has 192 atoms; in the Third, every atom has in its interior, 288 atoms of the Absolute, etc., etc., thus increasing the materiality in a frightening and terrifying way...


By submerging ourselves into ever more complex laws, we obviously progressively become independent of the Will of the Absolute, and fall into the mechanical complication of all this Great Nature. If we want to regain freedom, we must free ourselves from so much mechanics and so many laws and return to the Father.


Q- Dear Master, if the Divine Will is not done in the Microcosm man, then why is it said "that the leaf of a tree does not move, without the Will of God"?


A- Distinguished gentleman, in the Sacred Solar Absolute, as we have said, only the "Only Law" reigns. In the Cosmos of the 3 Laws, the Will of the Father is still done, because everything is governed by the 3 Fundamental Laws; However, in the world of the 6 Laws, there is already beyond doubt a mechanical that in a certain sense makes it independent of the Will of the Absolute. Think now of the worlds of 24, 48 and 96 Laws.


It is obvious that in such orders of worlds, mechanical multiplies independently of the Sacred Solar Absolute. This, of course, would give way to say that the Father is excluded from all Creation, however, it is good for everyone to know that all mechanical is previously calculated by the Sacred Absolute Sun; since the different orders of Laws and the various mechanical processes could not exist, if this had not been arranged by the Father.


This Universe is a whole within the Intelligence of the Sacred Absolute Solar and these phenomena are crystallized successively, little by little. It is understood?


Q- Venerable Master, could you tell us the reason why it relates the Seven in the Laws of Creation, the human organism, and the worlds? Is it a tradition or is it really a Law?


A- The question that the gentleman asks deserves an immediate response. I want all of you, ladies and gentlemen, to understand with total clarity, what are the Laws of Three and Seven. It is urgent that you know that the Cosmocrators, creators of this universe in which we live, move and have our Being, each one under the direction of his Divine Cosmic Mother Kundalini, particular, worked at the dawn of Creation , developing in space the Laws of Three and Seven, so that everything had life in abundance. Only thus could our world exist.


It is not strange, then, that every natural Cosmic process unfolds according to the Laws of Three and Seven. In no way should it seem unusual to us that such laws are correlated in the infinitely small and in the infinitely large, in the Microcosm and the Macrocosm, in everything that is, in everything that has been and in everything that will be.


Let us think for a moment of the seven Chakras of the Spine , of the seven main Worlds of the Solar System, of the seven Rounds that Ancient and Modern Theosophy speaks about , of the seven Human Races, etc., etc., etc.


All these gigantic septenary processes, all sevenfold manifestation of life, are always based on the Three Primary Forces: Positive, Negative and Neutral. It is understood?


Q- Master, why when you talk about the creation of worlds, beings or galaxies, you expressed in terms such as: "Is it clear", "is it indubitable", "is it obvious", "is it natural", etc.? What is it based on to say it with such certainty?


A- I see there in the auditorium, that someone has asked a very interesting question, and I am pleased to respond.


Ladies and gentlemen, I want you to know in a concrete, clear and definite way, that there are two kinds of Reason: The first we will call Subjective; to the second, we will qualify it as Objective.


Unquestionably, the first is based on the External Sensory Perceptions. The second is different, and is only processed according to the Intimate Experiences of Consciousness.


It is obvious, that behind the terms cited by the gentleman, are actually the various functionalisms of my own consciousness. I use such language words as specific vehicles of my content concepts.


In other words, I put some emphasis to tell the gentleman and the honorable audience that listens to me, the following: I would never use the words quoted by the gentleman, if before I had not verified with my Conscious Powers, with my Transcendental Cognitive Powers, the truth of everything that I am affirming. I like to use precise terms with the purpose of making accurate ideas known. That is all!


Q- Venerable Master, you mentioned in your previous exhibition, the Dawn of Creation; could you explain to us at what time it worked and from whom was the work?


R- Distinguished gentleman, in Eternity there is no "time", I want all those who have attended our talk tonight, understand perfectly that "time" does not have a real background, an authentic, legitimate origin.


Certainly and in the name of truth, I must tell you that "time" is something merely subjective, that it does not possess an objective, concrete and exact reality.


What really exists is the succession of phenomena. The sun rises and we exclaim: "It's 6 in the morning!"; It is hidden and we say: "It's 6 o'clock in the afternoon, 12 hours have passed!". But in what part of the Cosmos are those "hours", that "time"? Can we take it by hand, put it on a laboratory table? What color is that "time", what metal or substance is made of? Let us reflect, gentlemen, let us reflect a little. It is the mind that invents "time", because what really exists, in an objective way, is the succession of natural phenomena; unfortunately, we made the mistake of putting "time" to each cosmic movement.


Between rise out and hid the Sun, we put our beloved hours, we invent them, we write them down to the movement of the stars, but these are a fantasy of the mind.


The cosmic phenomena follow each other, within the eternal instant of the Great Life in its movement. In the Sacred Absolute Sun, our Universe exists as an integral whole, integral, complete. In it, all the cosmic changes are processed within an eternal moment, within an instant that has no limits.


It is evident and manifest that as the various successive phenomena of this Universe crystallize, the concept of "time" unfortunately come about our mind. Such a subjective concept is always placed between phenomenon and phenomenon.


Actually, the Solar Logos, the Demiurge Architect of the Universe, is the true author of all this Creation. However, we cannot put a date to his work, to his Cosmogenesis, because "time" is an illusion of the mind, and this is far beyond anything that is merely intellective. Hell, or the Hell Worlds, exist from all eternity. Remember that phrase of Dante in his "Divine Comedy": "For me it goes to the city of tears, for me it goes to eternal pain, for me it goes to the condemned race." Justice encouraged my sublime architect; the Divine Power, the Supreme Wisdom and the First Love, before me there was nothing created, except for the immortal, and I endure eternally, O you who enter, abandon all hope! "


Q- Venerable Master, as I have been able to realize, Master G. places the world of the 96 Laws on the Moon; instead, you affirm that this region is under the epidermis of the planetary organism in which we live. Could you explain the reason for this divergence of concepts?


A- Honorable sir, I hasten to answer your question.


Certainly Master G., thinks that the "Ray of Creation" ends on the Moon, and I affirm, emphatically, that it concludes in the Submerged Worlds, in Hell.


The Moon is something different, distinguished gentlemen, it belongs to some other creation.


 I do not know how Master G. was wrong in his calculations. Any Moon of the infinite space, is always a corpse. Unfortunately, Master G. firmly believed that in our system, the Moon was a new world that emerged from chaos, which was born.




Q- Dear Master, according to Master G., our satellite, the Moon , was originated by a detachment of terrestrial matter, due to tremendous magnetic forces of attraction, within the laws of gravity, forming a new world where they surely enter Lost souls to suffer in those infra-dimensional regions of the underworld. Do you mean, Master Samael that Master G., came to this conclusion because his cognitive faculties were poor?


R- I hear the question of the gentleman and it is clear that I feel pleasure in answering him. In no way I want to underestimate the Psychic Faculties of Master G.; Obviously he fulfilled a wonderful mission and his work is splendid. However, man has the right to make mistakes; it is possible that he took that information related to Selene, from some legend, from some source, from some allegory, etc., etc., etc. In any case we affirm emphatically what we know, what we have been able to verify for themselves, directly, without underestimating the work of any other Master.


That some collision between the Earth and another planet has split off the Moon , or that it has emerged from the Pacific as another respectable Master maintains, are concepts that we respect, but that we have not practically evidenced ...


I affirm forcefully and with a certain emphasis, and I limit myself exclusively to expose with my Objective Reason, what I myself have been able to see, hear, touch and feel.


Never in all the Cosmos, we have come to know that some Moon becomes a habitable world. Any initiated wide awake, knows by Direct Experience, that the worlds, as the men and the plants and everything what exists, are born, they grow, they age and they die.


It is ostensible that any planet that dies, in fact and in its own right, becomes a corpse, a Moon.


Our planet Earth will not be an exception and you can be sure, ladies and gentlemen, that after the Seventh Human Race, it will also become a new Moon.


Let's be exact then. I am a mathematician in research and demanding in expression. We have methods, systems and procedures, through which we can and should get in touch with those infernal worlds; then we will recognize the realism of Dante's "The Divine Comedy, " who places Hell under the epidermis of planet Earth.



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