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My friends, gathered tonight we are going to study very seriously the question of "The Businesses".


Allow me the freedom to tell you that I am not talking about profane business; I want to refer emphatically to the Business of Karma.


First of all, it is necessary for people to understand what the Sanskrit word "Karma" is.


It does not hurt to assert that such a word in itself means "Law of Action and Consequence". Obviously, there is no cause without effect, or effect without cause. Any act of our life, good or bad, has its consequences.


Today I have been reflecting on the misfortune of our world: How happy would these intellectual Humanoids be if they had never had what is called Ego, I, Myself.


It is indubitable that the Ego commits innumerable errors whose result is pain.


If these rational Humanoids were devoid of Ego, they would be simply Natural Elementals, beautiful, innocent, pure, infinitely blissful.


Imagine for a moment, dear friends, an Earth so populated by millions of innocent Humanoids devoid of Ego and governed by Divine Kings, Gods, Hierophants, Devas, etc., etc., etc. Obviously, such a world would certainly be a Paradise, a planet of the blessed.


Nobody can be forced to become a Man by force. All those millions of Humanoids, even if they were not men in the fullest sense of the word, could have been infinitely happy if a second nature, malignant and terribly perverse, had not arisen within them.


Unfortunately, due, as we have said so much in these talks, to the mistake of some Sacred Individuals, something abnormal appeared within each subject: Certain Inhuman Elements within which Consciousness came to be bottled.


It is clear that such Inhuman Elements arose as a result of the evil consequences of the Abominable Kundartiguador Organ. It was like that, dear friends, how this planetary humanity failed, becoming frighteningly evil.


It would have been better if those Sacred Individuals had not given these poor Tri-cerebrate or Tri centered Bipeds that abominable organ of all infamies.


Let us think for a moment, in the Humanoid crowds that populate the face of the Earth: They suffer the unspeakable victims of their own mistakes. Without the Ego they would not have those errors, nor would they suffer the consequences of them.


I already said in our past talks, that not all the Virginal Sparks, that not all Humanoids are interested in Mastery; However, this is not an obstacle to Authentic Happiness.


In the infinite space there are many Lodges of Bliss for the Humanoid Elementals that have no interest in Mastery.


Unquestionably, the 3,000 cycles or periods of time assigned to any Essence, to any Monad, for its cosmic manifestation, unfold not only here on our Earth world, but also in other worlds of starry space.


For all this you can see, my dear friends, that for the Souls there are many Mansions of Bliss, and that in no way is Mastery indispensable to have the right to the authentic enjoyment of the Pure Spirit. The only thing that is required to have the right to True Happiness is first of all to have no Ego.


Certainly, when the Psychic Attaches do not exist within us, the Inhumane Elements that make us so horrible and evil, there is no Karma to be paid, and the result is Happiness.


Not all the happy creatures that live in all the worlds of infinite space have attained Mastery. However, they are in tune in the cosmic order because they have no Ego.

When one lives according to the Right Think, the Right Feel and the Right act, the consequences are usually happy.


Unfortunately, fair thinking, fair feeling, fair action, etc., becomes impossible when a second inhuman nature acts in us and within us and through us, here and now.


In what we have been saying, confusion should be avoided. It is obvious that of the many, a few aspire to the Adept, to the Intimate Self-Realization of the Being. Unquestionably, these Souls become true Kings of the Universe and in terribly Divine Gods.


The multitudes, after the 3,000 cycles of manifestation, return to the Universal Spirit of Life as simple blissful Elementals.


The unpleasant thing is that these millions of Humanoid Elementals have created within themselves a second infrahuman nature, because the latter, in itself, has made them not only perverse, but also, and what is worse, unfortunate.


If it were not for the plural ego, no one would be angry, no one would covet the property of others, none would be lustful, envious, proud, lazy, gluttonous, etc., etc., etc.

I am very sorry to have to say that the Archangel Sakaki and his high entourage of Sacred Individuals, who in the archaic times gave the Abominable Kundartiguador Organ to humanity, await them in the future Great Cosmic Day unspeakable bitterness, Karma corresponding to Gods(KATANCIA LAW), because there is no doubt that due to its error this humanity lost its happiness and became monstrous ... That the Holy Gods forgive me for such an affirmation, but facts are facts, and before the facts we have to surrender, whatever the cost.


Fortunately, my dear friends, Justice and Mercy are the two main columns of the White Universal Fraternity...


Justice without Mercy is tyranny; Mercy without Justice is tolerance, complacency with crime.


In this world of misfortunes in which we find ourselves, it becomes necessary to learn to manage our own businesses, to set the ship of existence through the different scales of life.


Karma is negotiable, and this is something that can greatly surprise the henchmen of various orthodox schools.


Certainly some pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultists have become too pessimistic in relation to the Law of Action and Consequence; mistakenly assume that it develops mechanistically, automatically and cruelly.


Scholars believe that it is not possible to alter such Law; I very sincerely regret having to disagree with that way of thinking.


If the Law of Action and Consequence, if the Nemesis of existence were not negotiable, then where would the Divine Mercy be? Frankly, I cannot accept cruelty in the Divine. The Real, That which is all Perfection, That which has various names such as Tao, Aum, Inri, Sein, Allah, Brahma, God, or better said Gods, etc., etc., etc., could in no way be anything without mercy, cruel, tyrannical, etc. For all this I repeat, emphatically, that Karma is negotiable.


"When a Lower Law is transcended by a Higher Law, the Higher Law washes away the Lower Law."


"Do good deeds so that you pay your debts."


"The Lion of the Law is fought with the Scale ".


"Who has with what to pay, pay and goes well in their business, who does not have to pay, will pay with pain."


If in one plateful of the Cosmic Balance we put the good works, and in the other the bad ones, it is evident that the Karma will depend on the weight of the Scale. If the cymbal of bad actions weighs more, the result will be bitterness. However, it is possible to increase the weight of the good works in the cymbal of the faithful balance, and in this way we will cancel Karma without having to suffer. All we need is to do good deeds to increase the weight in the saucer of good deeds.


Now you will understand, my good friends, how wonderful it is to do good; There is no doubt that the Right Think, the Right Feel and the Right deed are the best business.


We must never protest against Karma; the important thing is to know how to negotiate.


Unfortunately, to the people the only thing that occurs to them when they are in great bitterness, is to wash their hands like Pilate, to say that they have done nothing wrong, that they are not guilty, that they are fair souls, etc., etc., etc.


I tell those who are in poverty to review their behavior, to see themselves, to seat even for a moment in the sideline of the accused, who after a brief analysis of themselves modify their behavior. If those who are without work become chaste, infinitely charitable, peaceful, helpful one hundred percent, it is obvious that they would radically alter the cause of their misfortunes, modifying the effect accordingly.

It is not possible to alter an effect if the cause that produced it has not been modified radically before, because as we said, there is no effect without cause or cause without effect.


There is no doubt that misery has its causes in drunkenness, disgusting lust, violence, adultery, squandering and avarice, etc., etc.


It is not possible for someone to be in misery when the Father who is in Secret is present here and now. I want to illustrate this with a story...


On one occasion, my Real Inner Being, my Immortal Monad, took me out of the Physical Body to give me instructions about a certain disciple. After these, I had no problem in addressing the Inner Lord with the following words:


- "I'm tired of having a body, and what I would like is to disembody". In those instants, the Lord of perfections, my Inner God answered with a solemn voice:


- "Why are you protesting? I have given you bread, covert and shelter, and are you still protesting? Do you remember the last days of your past existence? You walked through the streets of Mexico barefoot, with your suit broken, old, sick and in the more horrible misery, and how did you come to die, in a filthy hovel, then I was absent" In such moments the face of the Lord shone; in their blue eyes the Infinite Sky was reflected; his white Tunic of Glory reached to his feet; everything in Him was Perfection.


- "Lord, I said, I have come to kiss your hand and receive your Blessing." The Adorable blessed me and I kissed his right hand.


After I returned to the Physical Body I entered Meditation. Certainly, my dear brothers, when the son goes badly, the Father is absent and then he falls into disgrace.


I believe that now you are understanding better, my dear friends, what is misery, why it arrives, how it arrives.


The Father who is in secret has enough power to give us and also to take us away. "Blessed is the man whom God punishes."


Karma is a medicine that is applied to us for our own good.


Unfortunately, people, instead of bowing reverently before the Eternal Living God, protest, blaspheme, justify themselves, foolishly apologize and wash their hands like Pilate. With such protests, Karma is not modified; On the contrary, it becomes harder and more severe.


We demand fidelity from the spouse when we ourselves have been adulterers in this or in previous lives.


We ask for love when we have been ruthless and cruel.


We ask for understanding when we have never understood anyone, when we have never learned to see another's point of view.


We yearn for immense happiness when we have always been the source of many misfortunes. We would have liked to be born in a very beautiful home with many comforts when we did not know, in past existences, to give our children home and beauty.


We protest against insulting people when we have always insulted everyone around us.


We want our children to obey us when we never knew how to obey our parents.


We are terribly annoyed by slander when we were always slanderers and filled the world with pain.


We are annoyed by the gossip; we do not want anyone to murmur about us, and yet we always walked in gossip and murmuring, talking badly about our neighbor, mortifying the lives of others, that is, we always claim what we have not given.


In all our previous lives we were evil and we deserve the worst, but we suppose that we should be given the best.


The sick, instead of worrying so much about themselves, should work for others, do charitable works, try to heal others, console the afflicted, take the doctor to those who do not have with what to pay for it, give medicine, etc. ., and thus cancel their Karma and heal completely.


Those who suffer in their homes should multiply their humility, their patience and serenity. Do not answer with bad words, do not tyrannize your neighbor, do not annoy those around you, know how to dispense the defects of others with a patience multiplied infinitely. So they would cancel their Karma and they would become better.


Unfortunately, my dear friends, that Ego that everyone carries inside does exactly the opposite of what we are saying here; for this reason I consider urgent,  unpostponable, to reduce the multiple ego to cosmic dust.


Q- Venerable Master, if you make intellectual Humanoids become innocent elements, do you consider your mission accomplished?


A- With great pleasure I will answer this question ... Many prophets, great Avatars and Masters, fought in ancient times against the evil consequences of the Abominable Kundartiguador Organ. This is a popular mission whose purpose is to bring humanity back to total innocence.


Such Saints, in ancient times, also had their Esoteric Circle for those of the Direct Way, for those who in all ages aspired to Mastery.


See, then, friends, the two Circles: The Exoteric or Public and the Esoteric or Secret. It does not hurt to remind them that the great confessional religions fill precisely these two needs. Any denominational religion serves the multitudes and the Initiates. I believe that now you have fully understood the meaning of my mission on the face of this afflicted world in which we live.


Q- Master, can all suffering that one have of whatever nature be attributed to the Father being absent?


A- Friends, there are voluntary and involuntary sufferings. The first are processed in those who follow the Direct Path, the Solar Path; the seconds are the result of our own Karma. It is obvious that when the child is doing badly, the Father is absent, and the consequence is pain.


Q- Regarding the Nemesis or Karma, is it possible that any suffering can be negotiable before the Lords of Karma?


A- Dear friends, I want you to understand that when this or that Karma is already fully developed and unwrapped, it must inevitably reach the end.


This means that it is only possible to radically modify the Karma when repentance is total, and when all possibility of repeating the error that produced it has radically disappeared.


Karmarough reaching its end is always catastrophic. Not all Karma is negotiable.


It is good to know also that when we have radically eliminated the Ego, the possibility of committing a crime is annihilated, and consequently Karma can be forgiven.


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