Precious woman for the best born; Devil woman for the abyss found; pearl of the Lord's throne fallen, ineffable rose of fire in Eden grown and leafless by infernal hands; charming swan with alabaster neck in unchaste bacchanal singing ... how much good you have done! and ... how  much bad! Oh my God!


But ... and for the best, now let's talk a little about King Amfortas, successor to old Titurel, who so successfully mocked the Devil's cunning...


The legend of the centuries says and our grandparents know this that the good king had to suffer the unspeakable...


And my goodness! All for them or for her; the original Devil, the prototype of doom and fall, which not even Amfortas, Lord of the Grail, could resist...


And the people who are out there say that the good lord also fell into the arms of a stormy blonde called Herodias, Kundry, Gundrigia and I don't know what else...


The Sovereign wanted to put a limit to the magic enchantments of Klingsor the evil wizard and, you see what happened...


The malign, who by the way has never been a meek sheep, knew how to make good use of such a wonderful opportunity and approaching very quietly to the lustful couple that was wallowing in their bed of pleasures, snatched the sacred spear and with it he wounded the side horribly from Amfortas, then he walked away laughing.


Oh, you, Divine spear, wonderful in your wounds and that everyone is forbidden to seek! –keep saying the old Gurnemanz- it was my eyes, my own eyes, that saw you wielded by the most sacrilegious hand! ...


The king in his retreat was escorted by the old Gurnemanz; but a sore burned in his side: It is the wound of remorse that he will never want to heal! ...


Let us now recite a beautiful poem by Don Ramón del Valle Inclán:




She has the grace of the feline when She walks,

In everything full of deep echoes,

In lips with rapturous enchantment

Her dark mouth tales of Aladdin.


The black, warm, cunning eyes,

Sad of ancient science the smile,

And the flower skirt a breeze

Of Indic and sacred institutes.


She cut off his hand in an eastern garden

The apple of the forbidden tree,

And curled around her breasts, the Serpent.


Decorate the lust of a Sacred sense

 In the transparent darkness

From his eyes, the light is a hiss.



                                                                                                                    CHAPTER VI

                                                                                                              THE WILD AMAZON


Along the lonely path, like wandering ghosts, dejected, hesitant, crestfallen, ragged, the vanquished slowly make their way toward the lake; and when looking at the distant tower of the temple, under a certain opalescent light that dawns in the skies, they slow down, as if they were afraid to arrive ...


Kundry is overcome by weariness and by terrible and dreadful remorse she throws herself on the perfumed earth...


In those moments, the unfortunate procession that leads the king to the holy bath arrives from the castle of the Grail.


The long-suffering monarch has no hard feelings in his aching heart; he fully understands his own mistakes, acknowledges his guilt, and humbly thanks his servant, the woman! the eternal feminine; the monumental Eve of Hebraic Mythology; eternal plaything of goods and evils on earth, according to the use that men make of it.


Such Wagnerian woman, vilely turned into a toy of the evil one, also yearns to support the Divine ideals of the Grail but always falls defeated...


Woman! Amfortas exclaims ... Are you a Demon who vomited hell to open this wound for me? ...


Are you perhaps an angel who descended from Urania to watch over my unfortunate existence? ...


The brave Amazon, the symbolic woman of the Wagnerian drama, a magnificent prototype of all that is most abject and at the same time as the most exalted in the world, is certainly formidable...


His costume is wild and rugged, held high with a belt from which long snake skins hang.


Her black hair miraculously flutters in loose locks of a dark reddish-brown hue.


Charming black eyes shine on her delightful feminine face, sometimes sparkling fiercely and often immobilized with the hideous stiffness of death...


Kundry brings like the Jewish Magdalene, a crystal pommel from exotic Arabia. The King of the Grail certainly needs a precious balm to heal his aching heart...


Blessed be the woman! Blessed are the beings that adore each other! ...


Hermes Trismegistus said: "I give you love in which the entire Summum of wisdom is contained."


To love? How beautiful it is to love! ... Only great souls can and know how to love...


Love begins with a flash of sympathy, is substantiated with the force of affection and is synthesized in adoration...


A perfect marriage is the union of two beings, one who loves more, and another who loves better...


Love is the best affordable religion...

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