CHAPTER 42

                                                                                                            THE SACRED FIRE


SEXUAL ENERGY is polarized in two ways, namely: static or potential (KUNDALINI), and dynamic, which, as is already known by every cultured spiritual person, are certainly acting forces within the organism.


It is obvious that in the spinal column there are seven very special magnetic centers within which are latent infinite igneous powers.


With the ascent of the fire, sacred along the medullary canal, all this multiplicity of divine powers comes into activity.


The fundamental key to awakening the sacred fire, the KUNDALINI, is certainly hidden among the SEX YOGA, it is the MAITHUNA. Sexual connection of the LINGAM-YONI, PHALUS-UTERUS, but without ejaculation of the entity of semen (ENS-SEMINIS), because in this semi- solid, semi- liquid substance, all the ENS VIRTUTIS of fire is found.


The restrained desire will raise the sexual energy inward and upward to the brain.


When the SOLAR and LUNAR atoms of the seminal system make contact in the coccyx near the TRIVENI, base of the spine, then the sacred fire awakens to rise up to the brain along the medullary canal.


It is urgent to understand, it is necessary to know that if the entity of the semen is spilled, then the ascending fire lowers one or more vertebrae according to the magnitude of the fault.


The KUNDALINI, the divine fire, slowly ascends according to the merits of the heart.


Those who walk the PATH OF THE RAZOR EDGE know very well from direct experience that the DIVINE MOTHER KUNDALINI, the SACRED FIRE, leads SHIVA, the HOLY SPIRIT, to the brain center and finally to the HEART-TEMPLE.


None authentic ESOTERIST would ever dare to deny that behind any activity there is always a static state.


The fundamental static center, within the human organism, we can undoubtedly find it in the coccygeal bone (base of the spine).


The coccygeal chakra is itself the church of EPHESUS of CHRISTIAN ESOTERISM; root support of the body and of all the movements of vital forces within the interior of our organism.


We know from direct experience that in this specific center of the body, the igneous serpent of our magical powers is coiled three and a half times; that annular serpentine fire that develops wonderfully in the body of the ASCETIC.


A careful analysis of the coccygeal magnetic center allows us to understand that this in itself is consciousness, there is no doubt that it has very special qualities.


The KUNDALINI, the power contained in the aforementioned coccygeal center, is efficient and definitive for the awakening of consciousness. It is obvious that the sacred fire can open the igneous wings of the CADUCEUS OF MERCURY on the spine of the initiate; then we can consciously penetrate into any department of the kingdom.


Hindustani adepts make a distinction between the supreme cosmic consciousness and its active energetic power capable to penetrate the deepest areas of our subconscious, to really wake up.


The Eastern sages say that when cosmic consciousness manifests as energy then it has two twin phases, the potential and the kinetic.


The KUNDALINI, the SEXUAL FIRE, is beyond any doubt a VEDANTINE and JEHOVISTIC TRUTH that accurately represents the entire universal process as a wise polarization in the same CONSCIOUSNESS.


Utilize the sacred fire, the igneous serpent of our magical powers to awaken consciousness, is an intimate necessity, vital, indispensable.


The human being, or rather, the poor intellectual animal mistakenly called man, has his conscience totally asleep, for this reason, he is certainly incapable of experiencing that which is not of time, that which is the real.


The SACRED FIRE has very special and effective virtues to bring the poor human biped out of the unconscious state in which he finds himself.


He who develops the SACRED FIRE with all its seven degrees of power is obviously acquiring certain faculties with which he can command the creatures of fire, air, water and earth.


However, it is urgent to understand that the sword forged by VULCAN must be tempered incandescent in the spermatic waters of the ESTIGIA lagoon.


Unfortunate is he who spills the GLASS OF HERMES, it would be better for him not to have been born or to hang a millstone around his neck and throw himself to the bottom of the sea.


AENEAS, the eminent Trojan male with the flaming sword raised, staring at the sun and praying, says words that can only be understood by those who work in the magisterium of fire: He puts as witness the COSMIC CHRIST and the blessed land he invokes, to the Father who is in secret and to JUNO SATURNIA KUNDALINI, the eternal wife of the THIRD LOGOS.


He cry out to Mars, lord of war, and to all the elemental creatures of the springs and rivers, to the children of fire, to the divinities of the sea, and even faithfully promises that if fate is adverse to him in the personal battle against TURNO his enemy, he will retreat towards the city of EVANDRO, but if victory allows MARS to be in his favor, he will not turn the Italians into slaves and he will only think of coexisting with them as friends and that is all.


It is very significant for all those who work in the MAGISTERY OF FIRE the oath of the good LATIN king with his gaze fixed on the sun, putting as a witness the sacred fires that are lit between us and the divinities, saying: "Whatever the circumstances The day will never dawn when I will see the Italians break this peace and alliance. "


The LATIN king puts the same divinities as witnesses of all his oaths: The Earth, The Sea, The Astros, the double descendants of LATONA, the UNMANIFESTED PRAKRITI (DIANA and APOLLO) and JANO with his IAO, the three vowels that are sung in the sexual trance with the MAITHUNA.


That great LATIN king does not forget in his prayer the terrible abode of PLUTO and the INFERNAL GODS, those divine beings, those sacred individuals who renounced the happiness of NIRVANA to live in the HELL-WORLDS fighting for the decidedly lost.


All these prayers, and oaths of the ancient classical world would certainly be incomprehensible without the sacred science of FIRE.


The advent of FIRE within ourselves is the most formidable cosmic event. FIRE radically transforms us.


Those four letters placed on the cross of the Redeemer of the world come to my memory in these moments: INRI: IGNIS NATURA RENOVATUR INTEGRAM. Fire incessantly renews all nature.


Back in the deep night of the centuries, in the old Egypt of the pharaohs, the great KABIR JESUS, practicing the MAITHUNA with the vestal of a pyramid, sang the mantra INRI, ENRE, ONRO, UNRU, ANRA. Making each letter resonate in an elongated, deep way.


It is obvious that each of these MANTRA is divided into two ESOTERIC syllables for its pronunciation.


We need to be swallowed by the serpent, it is urgent to become living flames, it is essential to achieve the second birth to enter the kingdom.

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