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                                                              SECOND BOOK OF PISTIS SOPHIA


                                                                                   Chapter 63

John stepped forward and said, "Oh! Lord, command me also to say the solution to the words that your power - light prophesied long ago through David."

And Jesus responded saying: "Also to you, John, I order you to express the solution to the words that my power - light prophesied through David":

- Grace and Truth met and Virtue and Peace kissed each other.

- The Truth sprouted from the earth and the Virtue looked down from the sky.

(John is the Verb within the Being of each one of us.)

(The Christ expressed himself through the Prophet David.)

(Solomon, Son of David, King of Zion, learned a lot from David)

(The Truth arises from the Abyss, it is found by those who discover the Treasure, the Golden Fleece, among the bowels of the world.)

(Virtue comes from above, from heaven, when we eliminate the things from the Abyss in us and within ourselves, here and now.)

(Every time we disintegrate a psychic aggregate, a Virtue that comes from above, from heaven, crystallizes in our Essence.)

(It is written that the vital body or seat of organic life in each of us has four ethers.)

(Chemical and Life ethers are related to chemical and sexual reproduction processes.)

(The CHEMICAL ETHER is the specific foundation of organic chemical phenomena.)

(The LIFE ETHER is the foundation of the sexual, reproductive, and transformative processes of the race.)

(The top two ethers - LUMINOUS and REFLECTOR - have higher functions.)

(The Luminous ether is related to caloric, luminous, perceptual phenomena, etc.)

(The Reflector ether serves as a means of expression for the will and the imagination.)

(Through Initiation the two upper ethers are detached to form the SOMA PUCHICON.)

(It is necessary to know that the SOMA PUCHICON is the etheric body of the celestial man.)

(With the etherized heavenly body Christified and stigmatized, we can travel through infinity.)

(The heavenly virtues crystallize in the Essence.)

(The Essence, loaded with virtues, powers, laws, etc., dresses with the SOMA PUCHICON.)

(The Soul dressed in the SOMA PUCHICON is the man of the fifth round, the liberated man.)

(In the fifth round the Earth will be blue, etheric, transparent, ineffable.)

(The Christified etheric man, the Christ Man, can enter and leave the physical body at will, consciously, perfectly.)

(In etheric man, Truth and Virtue have been totally united.)

(The etheric man is the perfect BODHISITTA.)

(Whoever does not possess the BODHISITTA, even though he has created the superior existential bodies of the Being, is still unconscious, absurd.)

(Only by possessing the BODHISITTA is it possible to visit the Buddhist Lands at conscious will.)

(The Buddhist Lands are the upper worlds.)


(Blessed is the Bodhisattva who has the Bodhisitta awake within him.)

(Whoever has the Bodhisitta awake will be able to see, hear, touch and feel all the wonders of the buddhic lands.)

(Whoever possesses the awakened Bodhisitta inside may visit the Serpent Temples at the bottom of the seas.)

(Etheric man , the awakened Bodhisitta , can make himself invisible to his enemies.)


(The Christ-Man, the conscious Bodhisitta, can make his physical body immortal.)

(It is written that neither the poison of the Borgias, nor the knife, nor the bullet, can destroy the bodhisitta's physical body .)

(The fiercest beasts of nature humble themselves before the Man-Christ.)

                                                                 John interprets the same scripture.

To which John responded saying: "This is what you told us in another time:" I have come from the Height and entered the Sabaoth, the Good, and I have embraced the light power that is in it. So, "Grace and Truth met. ”You are the“Grace ”, you, who were sent from the regions of the Height through your Father, the First Mystery that looked inside, where he sent you to have mercy on the entire world. " The Truth "on the other hand, is the power of Sabaoth, the Good, who praised you and whom you have put to the left - You, the First Mystery who looked outside. And little Sabaoth, the Good, took it and he put it in the matter of Barbelos , proclaiming what concerns the regions of Truth to all the regions of Truth to all the regions of those who are on the left. "

(The Intimate Christ comes from the Height and enters Sabaoth, the Good, the etheric man, living crystallization of the Celestial Sabaoth.)

(Grace, Christ, meet the Truth that arises from the Abyss.)

(In etheric man, Grace and Truth are integrated.)

(Truth is the achievement of Sabaoth the Good, the Man Christ, the awakened Bodhisitta.)

"And that Barbelos matter is, then, what your body is currently."

"And as for" Virtue and Peace ", that" they kissed each other ", - Virtue is you, who brought all the mysteries through your Father the First Mystery that looked within, and baptized this power of Sabaoth the Worthy; it is you who went to the region of the rulers and gave them the mysteries of the Height; and they became virtuous and good.

"Peace", on the other hand, is the power of Sabaoth, which is your soul, which entered the mattery of Barbelos. Thus, the rulers of the six Aeons of Yabraoth have made peace with the mystery of Light.

And the "Truth" that "sprouted from the earth" - is the power of Sabaoth, the Good who came out of the region of Virtue who lay outside the Treasury of Light, and who came to the region of those who were to the left; he entered the matter of Barbelos and proclaimed the mysteries of the region of Truth.

"Virtue ", meanwhile, who "looked down from heaven, is you, the First Mystery that looked outside, down, you who left the spaces of the Height with the mysteries of the Kingdom of Light, and you who descended in that garment of light that you received from the hands of Barbelos, the (garment) that is Jesus, our Savior and in which you descended on him like a dove."

And it happened then, when John said such words, that the First Mystery who looked outside said: "Well spoken, John, my beloved brother."

(The First Mystery sees everything from the inside to the outside.)

(Little Sabaoth, the Man - Christ, living crystallization of the great Sabaoth or secret Elohim, takes the Truth, achieves it, deposits it in the Ocean of Light , in the abode of Barbelos .)

(Sabaoth - Christ always proclaims concerning the regions of Truth.)

(The people, the crowds that always live on the left, are taught by Sabaoth)

(It is obvious that the crowds living on the left are the ignorant.)

(The crowds continually evolve and get into involution in the Samsara Valley.)

(The crowds on the left, getting into involution, enter the Hell Worlds.)

(Involution, within the bowels of the Earth, goes as far as the second death.)

(Only with the second death or death of the ego within the bowels of the Earth is the Essence free)

(The Essences that have passed through the second death evolve starting with the mineral kingdom again.)

(The evolving Essences pass through the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms, before reconquering the human state they once lost.)

(The Wheel of Samsara spins three thousand times.)

(Whoever wants to free himself must free himself from the laws of evolution and involution.)

(Only through the Revolution of Consciousness is final liberation achieved.)

(The Wheel of Samsara rotates with the laws of evolution and involution.)

(From the right of the wheel evolving Anubis rises.)

(On the left of the wheel descends into the abyss Typhon entering involution.)

(The getting into involution crowds plunge into the bowels of the Earth.)

(Each human cycle has one hundred and eight lives; then it is enter the Abyss.)

(There are three thousand cycles, three thousand turns of the Great Wheel.)

(After the last cycle, the wheel stops spinning and all opportunity is lost.)

(The souls of the last cycle are submerged in an elemental state, within the Great Alaya of the Universe.)

(The etheric body of the Man-Christ is the crystallization of the Light that descends from the dwelling of Barbelos.)

(Christ is the Virtue, Christ brings all the Mysteries by order of the Father.)

(The Father is the first and the last of the Mysteries.)

(Christ baptizes the power of Sabaoth the Good.)

(The Intimate Christ delivers to the Rulers the Mysteries of the height.)

(Those Rulers are, as we have already said, the different autonomous and self-conscious parts of our own Being.)

(The power of Sabaoth is, as we have already said, the Man-Christ, the Man-Soul clothed with the etheric body.)

(It is clear that Peace is the power of Sabaoth that is the Soul of the Lord integrated with the Light that descends from Barbelos.)

(It would not be possible to understand the Rulers of the six Aeons of Yabraoth if we did not understand the laws of the Sixth Mystery.)

(It is necessary to know that the laws of the Sixth Mystery are contained in Arcanum Six.)

(The Sixth Mystery is related to the lover, love, s**.)

(The Rulers of the Sixth Mystery have made peace with the Mystery of Light.)

(Absolute peace with the Mystery of Light is totally sexual and can only be achieved through s**.)

(Whoever achieves innocence will arrive at the Peace mansion. )

(The Rulers of the Sixth Mystery are within ourselves.)

(The laws of the Sixth Mystery lead us to the Resurrection.)


(Every resurrected Adept has been completely freed from original sin.)

(Whoever is freed from original sin makes peace with the Mystery of Light.

(It is obvious that the Truth that is achieved among the bowels of the world is the Treasure of Sabaoth, the Good, the Man-Christ.)

(Truth is the Treasure that lies within the bowels of the world.)

(Truth is the Golden Fleece always guarded by a dragon that spews fire and brimstone.)

(Sabaoth , the Good, left the region of Virtue and conquered the Treasure of Light. )

(The Man-Christ always comes to the region of the lost to help them.)

(Those who live in the region on the left, get into involution among the bowels of the world.)

(The pseudo-esotericists and pseudo- occultists of this valley of tears, bottled up in the dogma of evolution, stupidly believe that they can free themselves without having dissolved the ego.)

(In the path of the left hand get into involution fanatics of the dogma of evolution.)

(The path leading to the Abyss is paved with good intentions.)

(The Abyss is full of sincere mistakers.)

(In the Hell Worlds, fornicators and also the enemies of s** abound.)

(In the Hell Worlds they of the infra-sexualism sphere of Lilith get into involution.)

(In Lilith's sphere you also see supporters of induced abortion and those women who abort at will.)

(In the sphere of Nahemah we also find the adulterers and adulteresses of the world.)

(Adam is said to have two wives: Lilith and Nahemah.)

(Lilith is the mother of abortions, incest, pedophiles, etc.)

(Nahemah is the mother of adultery, lust, fornication, sexual abuse, etc.)

(The Infernal Worlds, within the interior of the Earth, are divided into two inhuman spheres: Lilith and Nahemah .)

(In this era, the crowds on the left are getting into involution in the submerged spheres of Lilith and Nahemah.)

(The great enlightened beings, that is, Sabaoth, struggle to make the multitudes on the left understand the harsh reality of events.)

(Unfortunately, the crowds on the left think they are doing very well.)

(Terrestrial humanity has reached the maximum of perversity.)

(In these instants of world crisis and total degeneration, humanity is getting into frightfully involution.)

(Terrestrial humanity, getting into involution, is rushing in waves into the submerged mineral kingdom.)

(If the awaiting cataclysm were to take too long, humans would destroy each other in horrifying ways.)

(Unquestionably, as time passes, the ego gets more and more complicated.)

(The complicated ego becomes terribly evil.)

(Terrestrial humanity has already failed terribly and is becoming  more and more perverse.)

(Soon, living normally on Earth will be more than impossible.)

(The great catastrophe that awaits has become an urgent need.)

(We have no more hope than the Universal fire.)

(Christ is the virtue that comes out of the spaces with the Mysteries of the Kingdom of Light.)

(The Intimate Christ, expressing himself through the perfect man, is always the Master who teaches.)

(Christ always speaks, it is the Word that shows us danger.)

(The word of the Lord had already warned us about the current hour and the coming catastrophe.)

(Before the great catastrophe, wars, famine, disease, will come first)



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