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                                                                                       Chapter 58

                                                          Jesus sends a power-light to help Sophia

And Jesus continued his speech by saying to his disciples: "It happened then, when Pistis Sophia spoke these words,that the time had come to her for her to be led out of chaos. And of myself, without the First Mystery, I sent her power "Light towards chaos to lead Pistis Sophia out of the deep regions and to the high regions of chaos, where the mandate of the First Mystery would reach him and then be able to be driven out of chaos. And my power-light led to Pistis Sophia to the upper regions of the chaos. It happened then that when the emanations of Obstinate noticed that Pistis Sophia was led to the upper regions of the chaos, which rushed after her, wishing to lower back her to the lower regions. Then my power - light,  that I sent to drive Sophia out of the chaos, she shone extraordinarily and when she saw herself in the upper regions of the chaos she sang her praises again saying loudly :

(It is obvious that when Pistis Sophia arrives at Aeon Thirteen she must leave Chaos.)

(Rare are the initiates capable of knocking on door thirteen.)

(The first door is in the Malchut room and the last one in the Ain room.)

(There have been rare cases of someone who has knocked on the terrible door of Ain Soph Aur , gate eleven.)

(Those who have knocked on door eleven have been about to lose their lives.)

( Rare, very rare are Those who reach Aeon Thirteen.)

(In the lower chaos or in the sexual chaos, there are high and low regions.)

(Since work is done in chaos, we must ascend.)

(Only with the help of the Intimate Christ and through power-light, can we ascend.)

(The mandate of the First Mystery always reaches the high regions of chaos, however, only with the help of the Intimate Christ and through intensive s** work is it possible to ascend to the high regions.)

(To ascend to the high regions of sexual chaos, to refine the sexual impulse, to make the Sacrament of the "Church of Love" finer, is urgent, cannot be postponed.)

(With the help of the Intimate Christ, metaphysical intercourse, chemical intercourse, becomes more refined.)

(The tenebrous elements attack even reaching Aeon Thirteen, this is terrible.)

(However, the Intimate Christ defeats the dark ones and frees Pistis Sophia.)

(The Intimate Christ is INRI, devouring fire, living fire.)

(From Christ sprout seven lights.)

(It is written that from one light seven lights sprout and from each of the seven, seven times seven.)

(There are forty-nine fires whose root is in the Christ.)

(The forty-nine fires burn within the Universe and within man.)

(The forty-nine fires are the forty-nine autonomous and self-independent parts of our own Self.)

(Our Being thus has forty-nine independent parts.)

(It is our Being a school with forty-nine children.)

(Fire is the most perfect and never adulterated reflection in both the heavens and the earth, of the flame one.)

(Fire originates life and death, it is the origin and end of all things.)

(Only by fire is it possible to disintegrate Seth's red demons to free Pistis Sophia.)

                                                                 Sophia sings a song of praise.


- I will sing praises to you, Oh! Light, well, I wanted to come to you. I will sing praises to you, Oh! Light, you are my guide.


- Don't leave me in chaos, save me, Oh! Light of the heights, for it is you whom I have praised.


- You have sent me your light through yourself and saved me. You have led me to the upper regions of chaos.


- That the emanations of Obstinate, who persecutes me, sink into the lower regions of chaos and do not reach the upper parts to see me.


- And may the greater darkness cover them and a darker darkness come down upon them. Do not let them see me in the light of your power, the one you have sent me to save me, so that they will not gain new dominion over me.


- And do not let the resolution they have taken to take away my power have an effect. And that as they have spoken against me to snatch my light, theirs may be taken from them instead of mine.


- They proposed to take away all my light, but they couldn't do it, because your power - light, was in me.


- Since they have formed advice without your mandate, Oh! Light, they have not been able to snatch my light.


- And since I had faith in the Light, I will not fear; the Light is my guide and I will not fear. "

Now and therefore, that he whose power is exalted says the solution to the words that Pistis Sophia uttered. "

And it happened, when Jesus had finished pronouncing these words that Salome came forward and said: "My Lord, my power is constrained to proclaim the solution to the words expressed by Pistis Sophia. Your power previously prophesied, through Solomon, saying:

(The Christ, the Light, is the guide of Pistis Sophia.)

(The Intimate Christ can and should bring out the Initiate of Chaos.)

(The Intimate Lord can pass us to the highest areas of Chaos.)

(Emanations of the ego sink and disintegrate in the lower chaos.)

(The dark ones must plunge between the Abyss and Sophia must become invisible to them.)

(The dark ones fight to make the Initiate fall, to catch him, not to allow him to be set free.)

(The Christ can protect the Gnostic ascetic if he wants to.)

(The dark powers hold meetings to plan attacks against Pistis Sophia.)

(The Gnostic has faith in the Christ and this one saves her.)

                                                  Salome interprets Sophia's song with Solomon's Odes.


- I will express my gratitude, Oh! Lord, you are my God.


- Do not abandon me, Lord, for you are my hope.


- You have vindicated me and I look safe for you.


- Let those who persecute me fall.


- Let a cloud of smoke cover their eyes and the fog obscures them; Don't let them see the day so they can't capture me.


- That their resolution becomes impotent and that when they plot they fall on them.


- They have created a resolution and it has not taken effect.


- And they have dominated, because they are powerful, but as much as they have prepared vilely, it has fallen on them.


- My hope is in the Lord and I will not fear, for you are my God, my Savior. "


And it happened then, when Salome finished speaking, that Jesus said: "Well spoken Salome, and very well. This is the solution to the words uttered by Pistis Sophia."

(The force of gratitude makes the plant germinate in the garden of the Gnostic ascetic.)

(The strength of gratitude makes the plant bear fruit.)

(The force of cosmic gratitude makes universal life fruitful.)

(In some way we must express our gratitude to the Creator.)

(Our Intimate God deserves our eternal gratitude.)

(In our Intimate Christ all our hope is encrypted.)

(Whoever works on himself has hope in the Intimate Christ.)

(Only the Intimate Christ can claim us and save us.)

(Great work of the Intimate Christ working in ourselves and within ourselves, with immense sacrifice. This is the nature of the "Salvatur Salvandus ".)

(That those inhuman elements that we carry inside and that persecute us like the bad shadow fall.)

(May the dark elements be immersed in the darkness of the Abyss; these are our elements.)

(These are the living personifications of the self.)

(May all that these wicked who dwell within us, fall upon them.)

(They are Seth's red demons, the various subjective and perverse parts of the abominable ego.)

(Everything that Seth's red demons have prepared must fall upon themselves.)

(Hope is in the Intimate Christ, in the Martyr of Calvary, who must live within the Bodhisattva all the Cosmic Drama.)

(The Cosmic Drama is never exclusively historical, this drama is of pulsating actuality and the Intimate Christ must live it within ourselves, here and now.)

(The Cosmic drama is processed in the Four Gospels.)



                                                                                     Chapter 59

                                     The power sent by Jesus forms an aura over Sophia's head .

Jesus then continued in his speech saying to his disciples: "It happened then, when Pistis Sophia finished saying these words in chaos, that the power - light that I sent to save her became an aura over her head, so from now on the emanations of Obstinate they would not have dominion over her. And when that aura was formed all the vile matters in it were shaken and purified. They perished and remained in chaos, while the emanations of Obstinate contemplated them and rejoiced. And the purification of pure light that was in Pistis Sophia gave strength to the light of my power - light that had become an aura around her head.

Thus, it happened that as the pure light of Sophia surrounded the Aura, this light no longer separated from the aura of light-flame power, so Obstinate's emanations would not steal them, and when this happened the pure light of Sophia's power began to sing praises. She praised my power - light, which was the halo around his head, and sang like this:

(The power-light of the Intimate Christ is found in the Christonic substance of the Solar Logos.)

(This wonderful substance is the Sacred Sperm.)

(The crown of the Saints, the Laodicean Church, shines in the head of the Christifieds.)

(The vile matters disintegrate when the aura of the Saints shines on the head of Pistis Sophia.)

(The vile mattery disintegrate in Chaos.)

(The ego, the emanations of Obstinate, the demons, condemn Pistis Sophia to death and this sentence is fully fulfilled.)

(Better that the dark ones condemn the Initiate to death.)

(The dark ones enjoy when the Initiate dies.)

(It is obvious that the dark ones feel satisfied when the sentence of the black lodge is fulfilled.)

(The courts of the dark fraternity condemn the Initiate to death.)

(The light of Pistis Sophia must be purified to give strength to the light of the power - light that becomes an Aura around the head of the Initiate.)

(The aura of the Intimate Christ becomes one with the pure light of Pistis Sophia, so it is Gold and Flame.)

(Seth's red demons can do nothing against Gold and Flame.)

(The light of the Initiate and the light of the Intimate Christ are actually Gold and Flame inseparable and eternal.)

(Sophia sings praises to the Intimate Christ .)

                                                             Sophia sings another song of praise.


- The light has become an aura around my head and I will no longer separate from it, so Obstinate's emanations will not steal it from me.


- And even when all matters are shaken, I will not be shaken.


- And even when all my matters perish and remain in chaos - those emanations that obstinate see - I will not perish.


- For your light is in me and I am with the Light." These were the words of Pistis Sophia. Now and therefore, that whoever understands the meaning of her words, come here and proclaim her solution. "


(The light of the intimate Christ and the light of Pistis Sophia form a single integral and perfect light.)


(The multiple undesirable elements of the earthly psyche cannot steal the light of Pistis Sophia)


(The Christic aura in the heads of ineffable beings can never be stolen.)


(The Christic aura in the head of the wise is closely related to the pineal gland.)


(It is in such a gland where the thousand petals lotus is found; the Sahasrara chakra, the Diamond Eye.)


(It is not much to remember that the center of intuition related to the pineal gland becomes illuminated with the Christification.)


(The pineal and pituitary glands are joined by a missing nerve channel in the corpses.)


(The sense of psychological self-observation is located in the pituitary gland.)


(The marvelous auras of the pituitary and pineal shine gloriously illuminated and integrated into the head of the Christifieds)


(All inhuman matters can be shaken, but Christified Pistis Sophia will NOT be shaken.)


(Obviously the psychic aggregates will perish in chaos.)


(Some aggregates of chaos are mere Kabalistic crusts.)


(Those crusts are corpses of the abyss devoid of essence.)


(The bodies or matters of chaos, slowly disintegrate)


(The divine Mother Kundalini usually extracts the essence from between this or that psychic aggregate.)


(When the essence is extracted, the psychic aggregate becomes a corpse of chaos.)


(These cases are exceptions because normally the divine Mother slowly disintegrates the psychic aggregates before extracting the essence.)


(The light of Christ is with Sophia and she is with him)



                                                Mary, her mother, asked and received permission to speak.



Then Mary, the mother of Jesus, came forward and said: "My son according to the world, my God and Savior, according to the Height, let me proclaim the solution of the words that Pistis Sophia will pronounce."


And Jesus responded by saying: “You too, Mary, have received from whom is in Barbelos according to the matter and received similarity to the virgin of the light, according to the Light; you and the other Mary, the blessed one; and for you the darkness has risen, and from you came the material body in which I am - to which I have purified and refined - Now and therefore I command you to proclaim the solution of the words expressed by Pistis Sophia"


And Mary, the mother of Jesus, responded by saying: "My Lord, your light power previously prophesied concerning these words, through Solomon in his nineteenth Ode, saying"


(The Snake Woman, Isis, Rhea, Cibeles, Adonia   Diana, Marah, Tonantzin , etc., is the Mother of Christ and yet is the Daughter of her Son.)


(According to the world the Snake Woman is the Mother of the Lord and according to the Height, the Lord is her God and Savior.)


(The abode of Barbelos is the ocean of uncreated light.)


(The divine Mother Kundalini has received similarity to the Virgin of the Light, according to the Light.)


(The Virgin of the Light, according to the Light, is the un-manifest cosmic Mother to whom no mortal has lifted the veil.)


(Rare are those who manage to pass the threshold of the temple of transparent walls; very rare are those who manage to enter the temple of the Unmanifested her.)


(It takes for this to have gone through the complete Buddhist annihilation.)


(Only those who possess the body of Dharma-kaya, the Law Body, which is substance-being, can enter the Temple of the Unmanifested her.)


(By the work of the Snake Woman, darkness is lifted.)


(The three Maries are fundamental in Gnosis.)


(The Mary-Isis, the Mary in Nature and the unmanifest her.)


(The Christ shines in the head of Pistis Sophia.)


(The Mary Mother of Jesus receives from whom she is in Barbelos according to Nature, but she received similarity to the Virgin of Light.)


(The earthly Mary and the bless one in the background shine and for her, by the Snake Woman, the darkness is lifted.)


(From the earthly Mother comes the material body of Jesus, which was purified and refined.)



                                Mary his mother interprets Sophia's song with the sixth Ode of Solomon.


-The Lord is on my head like an aura, and I will not separate from him


-The aura, crown of light, was truly woven for me and made her wands sprout in me.


- More than one withered crown would not arise such buds, so you are alive in my head and have sprouted in me


-Your fruits are pictorial and perfect, full of salvation.


(Pistis Sophia enjoys her crown of light and knows what the flower of the adept is.)


(The rod of the one who lifted the snake blooms, you know it.)


(The withered crown is an obvious sign of fall and from it such sprouts cannot arise.)


(The Lord lives in Pistis Sophia when she has been forgiven.)


(Sophia really suffers horribly when she wants to get up.)


(The fruits of the Lord are pictorial and perfect.)



                                                                             Jesus praises Mary.


It happened then, when Jesus heard his mother Mary speak so he said: " Well spoken, very well. Amen, amen I say to you: They will proclaim you blessed from one end of the earth to another, for the promise of the First Mystery is kept with you and through that promise all that comes from the Earth and from the Height will be saved and that promise is the beginning and the end.


(Marah , the Snake Woman is always blessed; the promise of the First Mystery is kept with her.)


(All through the promise of the First Mystery is maintained with the Snake Woman.)


(It is obvious that the divine Mother Kundalini works for the will of the Father.)



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