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                                                                                  Chapter 65

When the First Mystery had told what had happened to Pistis Sophia in the chaos, he asked the disciples:

"Do you understand the way I talk to you?" Peter went ahead and said: "My Lord, as regards the solution of the words you have spoken, your light power previously prophesied through Solomon in his Odes":

(Peter, within each human being, is the Hierophant of s**, a part of our own Being.)

(The Christ was also expressed through Solomon, Son of David, King of Zion)

(It is clear that the Christ is the Teacher of the world.)

(Christ is the Master par excellence, the Venerable Grand Master.)

(Christ really expresses himself through any Self-realized and perfect Man.)

(This is how the Christ has always instructed humanity.)

(Christ is the Master of Masters.)

(Christ lives within any Man prepared the same Cosmic Drama.)

(This means that the Four Gospels are always pulsing actuality.)

(The Four Gospels are not of time.)

(The Christ triumphs over temptations every time he plays the Cosmic Drama.)

                                            Peter interprets the narration with the Odes of Solomon.


- Lightning struck and became a great flood.


- He knocked everything down in his path and turned to the temple.


- Dams and buildings could not resist it, nor those who had built them.


- It passed over the entire earth, flooding it.


- Those who were on dry sand drank; his thirst was quenched and quenched with the gift poured from the hand of the Most High.


- Blessed are the ministers of those gifts to whom the Lord's water has been entrusted.


- They have refreshed chapped lips; those whose power was taken from them rejoiced in their hearts and have revived souls by pouring water on their breath, so that they would not die.


- They have raised fallen limbs and have given power to their sincerity and light to their eyes.


- For all of them have known themselves in the Lord and have been saved through the water of eternal life. "

Let me, therefore, my Lord, express myself frankly, because your power has prophesied through Solomon: "A thunderbolt came and became a great flood"; that is: The ray of light has poured out into chaos over all regions of Obstinate emanations.

And again the word that your power has spoken through Solomon: “He knocked down everything in his path and turned towards the temple”; that is: He drew all the light powers from the obstinate emanations, which they had taken from Pistis Sophia , and poured them back into it.

And again you, by his mouth, have said: "Dams and buildings could not resist it"; that is: The obstinate emanations were unable to retain the ray of light within the walls of darkness and chaos.

And again your words: "It passed over the entire earth, flooding it"; that is: When Gabriel and Michael brought him to the body of Pistis Sophia , they poured into her all the lights that the obstinate emanations had taken from her, and her material body shone.

And what you would say: "Those who were in the dry sand drank"; that is: Everything in Pistis Sophia, whose light was previously taken from her, obtained light. And then: "His thirst was quenched and quenched"; that is: Their powers ceased to lack light because their light, which had been taken from them, was given to them (again).

And again, as your power said: "With the gift poured from the highest"; that is: The light was given to them through the ray of light that came from you, the First Mystery.

And as your power said: "Blessed are the ministers of that gift"; This is what you have said: Michael and Gabriel, who administered, brought the ray of light into chaos and also brought it forward. They will give the Mysteries of Light and of Height, they to whom the ray of light was entrusted.

And again, according to your power he has said it: "They have refreshed the chapped lips"; that is: Gabriel and Michael have not taken the lights of Pistis Sophia for them, those lights that will remove the emanations from Obstinate, but they poured them into Pistis Sophia.

And again: "Those whose power was taken from them rejoiced in their hearts"; that is: All the other powers of Pistis Sophia that had not been taken away by the emanations of Obstinate, were infinitely glad and filled themselves with the light of their companions of light, because they had poured it into them.

And the word that your power expressed: "They have fanned souls, pouring into their breath, so that they do not die"; that is: When they poured the lights into Pistis Sophia, they fanned the material body from which they had previously taken their lights, and which was about to perish.

And again the word of your power expressed: "They raised limbs that were fallen or should not have fallen"; that is: When they poured the lights on them, they raised all the powers that were about to be dissolved.

And again, as your light power said: "They received their light again and returned to what they were before": and again: "All of them have known themselves in the Lord? this is: All the powers of Pistis Sophia knew each other through the ray of light.

And again: "They have been saved through the water of Eternal Life? that is: They are saved by the ray of light.

And again your word: "The ray of light knocked down everything in its path and turned towards the temple"; this is: When the ray of light had taken all the light powers of Pistis Sophia in the power of the Obstinate emanations, he poured them into Pistis Sophia, turned on itself, came out of chaos and came to you, you who are the temple.

This is the solution to all the words that your light power could express through the Ode of Solomon. "

And it happened then, when the First Mystery had heard the words of Peter, who said to him: "Well said, blessed Peter, this is the solution to the words that have been said."

(The Christic Ray falls into us causing a great flood.)

(Babylon the great falls, the mother of all the abominations and fornications of the Earth; the psychological city that we carry within ourselves.)

(The transmuted geneciac waters flood everything within us.)

(The Christc Ray causes the inner catastrophe.)

(Everything is knocked down; the false structures created by the psychic aggregates fall, cannot resist the Christic Ray.)

(The entire philosophical earth, our body, is transformed within it.)

(The various parts of the Being drink, quench their thirst with the gift poured out from the Most High.)

(The ministers of that gift, to whom mercury water has been entrusted, are those parts of the Being related to the transmutation science of " Yesod - Mercury".)

(The different self-conscious and independent parts of the Being refreshed the chapped lips, filled with joy with the waters of life.)

(All self-conscious and independent parts of the Being, through conscious work and voluntary sufferings, come to know themselves in the Deep Inner Lord and are saved by the mercurial water of the Sages.)

(The Ray of Light penetrates into Chaos over all emanations or undesirable elements of the ego.)

(Through the Buddhist Annihilation , the Intimate Christ releases the Essence , to  the powers, to pour them into the interior of the Initiate.)

(Thus the Christ knocks down all the useless and then goes to our Inner Temple.)

(Emanations of the ego cannot hold the Ray of Light within darkness and chaos.)

(The Sulfur and the Mercury of the Sages, represented by Michael, the Solar Spirit, and Gabriel, the Lunar Angel, produce the total transformation; the luminous powers are recovered and even the physical body of the Initiate becomes the vehicle of the Lord.)

(Thanks to the Intimate Christ, the different self-conscious and self-independent parts of the Being receive the Light. )

(Michael and Gabriel, agents and ministers of the Sulfur and the Mercury of the Sages, bring the ray of Christ light to our sexual chaos to totally Christify us .)

(Michael and Gabriel are two self - conscious and independent parts of our own  self Being skillfuls in the science of the Alkimia . )

(Just as Michael and Gabriel exist in the Macrocosm, they also exist within the male Microcosm.)

(It is obvious that through Sulfur and Mercury we always receive the Mysteries of Light and of Height. )

(Sulfur and Mercury are essential to receive the Ray of Light.)

(Michael and Gabriel carry the Ray of Christic Light.)

(Miguel and Gabriel, the Sulfur and the Mercury, cross incessantly with each other to give rise to the Philosopher's Stone.)

(Sulfur and Mercury would never steal the Light, since these two Alchemist substances are only the fundamental elements of the Great Work. )

(It is obvious that those parts of the Being, whose power was taken from them by the ego, rejoice in their hearts when the light has been returned to them.)

(All the other powers of Being, which the ego cannot take away from the Initiate, rejoice with transcendental achievements.)

(The Light is reflected in all parts of the Being and fills the whole with happiness.)

(The Word of Christ revives suffering Souls.)

(Michael and Gabriel, the Sulfur and the Mercury, pour the lights into Pistis Sophia.)

(Pistis Sophia's entire body is charged with light.)

(All parts of the Being come to know themselves in the Lord.)

(Christ dwells in his temple and the powers of Pistis Sophia are integrated with the Intimate Christ.)

(Peter, the Hierophant of S**, always explains the Mysteries.)

(Those who believe or think that s** is dirty and unworthy insult the Holy Spirit.)

(Those who claim to know the Mysteries, excluding the power of s**, are in fact doomed to the submerged involution of the Hell Worlds.)

(It is absolutely useless, sterile and absurd, any pseudo -esoteric teaching away from the Mysteries of s**.)

(S** is the real esoteric path leading to FINAL LIBERATION.)

(The sexual path is advanced as we disintegrate the ego.)

(Those who abuse s**, or those who curse it and yet think of reaching liberation, are illustrated ignoramuses, misguided people unaware of the Mysteries of Pistis Sophia, sincere misguided who enter the Abyss.)



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