Chapter 46

                                                            Sophia's regret is not yet accepted.

                                                                The Archons make fun of her.

And Jesus said: "Well spoken Mary."

And Jesus continued his speech by saying to his disciples: "It happened, when Pistis Sophia finished expressing her sixth repentance for the forgiveness of her transgression that she returned to the height to see if her sins had been forgiven, and to see if it would lead her out of chaos. But by mandate of the First Mystery, she was not yet heard so that her sin would be forgiven and she would be driven out of chaos. Turning to the light to see if her repentance was accepted, she saw all the rulers of the twelve Aeons, mocking her and rejoicing for not having accepted her repentance. Seeing them mocking her, she suffered greatly and raised her voice to the height, in a seventh repentance, saying:

(The First Mystery subjects the Initiate to multiple tests for the good of the latter.)

(The initiate is unceasingly tested.)

(The rulers of the twelve Aeons understand the need for esoteric tests and cooperate with them for the good of the Adept.)

(The Rulers of the twelve Aeons are within ourselves, here and now.)

                                                                      Sophia's seventh regret.


- Oh! Light, I have raised my power towards you, my light.


- In you I had faith. Do not let them mock me, do not let the twelve Aeon rulers, who hate me, rejoice on my behalf.


- Well, everyone who has faith in you will not be put to shame.


- Oh! Light, show me your ways and in them I will be saved; and show me your ways that I will be taken out of this chaos.


- And guide me in your light, and let me know, Oh! Light, that you are my Savior. I trust you all the time.


- Hurry up to save me, Oh! Light, may your mercy last forever.


- As for the transgression that I committed from the beginning, in my ignorance, don't put it in my account, Oh! Light, save me through your great mystery of forgiveness of sins because of your goodness, Oh! Light.


- Well, the light is good and sincere and that is why it will give me the way to be saved from my transgression.


- And as for my powers, which have diminished me because of the fear of the material emanations of Obstinate, he will take them out shortly after your mandate, and will show those powers in me, which have diminished due to the impious, in his knowledge.


- For all the knowledge of the Light are means of salvation and mysteries for all those who seek the regions of their heritage and their mysteries.


- For the mystery of your name, Oh! Light, forgive my transgression that is great.


- To everyone who trusts in the Light, she will give the right mystery.


- And his soul will inhabit the regions of the Light and inherit his power, the Treasure of the Light.


- The Light gives strength to those who have faith in it; and the name of her mystery belongs to those who trust her. And this will show you the region of the Inheritance, which is in the Treasury of Light.


- But I have always had faith in the Light, for she will free my feet from the bonds of darkness.


- Take care of me, Oh! Light, and save me, for in chaos my name was taken away.


- Due to all the emanations, my afflictions and my possession have multiplied excessively. Save me from my sin and from this darkness.


- Look at my sorrow and my anguish and forgive my sin.


- Watch the Rulers of the twelve Aeons, who hate me for jealousy.


- Take care of my power and save me, and do not let me remain in darkness, for I have had faith in you.


- They have mocked my power, for having had faith in you, Oh! Light.


- Now and therefore, Oh! Light, save my powers from the emanations of Obstinate, for whose fault I am distressed. "

Now then, the sensible that be it. "

When Jesus said this to his disciples, Thomas came forward to him and said: "My Lord, I am sensible, completely sensible, and my spirit is ready. I am extremely glad what you have revealed to us. I have certainly been patient with my brothers so far, so as not to irritate you, I have let each one come to you and say their solution to every regret of Pistis Sophia. Now and therefore, my Lord, I will say that, as regards the solution of the sixth repentance of Pistis Sophia, your light power prophesied already, through the Prophet David, in his Psalm Twenty-Four, as follows:

(We need to raise the sexual power towards the Great Light.)

(The Initiate has faith in the Great Light.)

(It is never put to shame who has faith in the Great Light.)

(The dark ones who seize power from the initiates remain in darkness.)

(Those dark ones are the undesirable psychic aggregates, living personification of our psychological defects.)

(The Great Light has its paths and its secret path.)

(Narrow is the door and narrow the path that leads to the Light and very few are those who find it.)

(Difficult is the path that leads to the Great Light.)

(From side to side only horrifying chasms are seen.)

(Many are those who start, rare are those who manage to reach the goal.)

(Sometimes the road is lost among the desert sands.)

(Sometimes the road is cut by some dangerous abyss.)

(Sometimes you have to go down and then re-ascend later.)

(No moral code, no precept of ethics serves the difficult path.)

(In this difficult path you must always take an inventory of yourself to know what is left over and what is missing.)

(You have to eliminate what is left over, you have to get what is missing.)

(Sometimes a beautiful maxim or a precious virtue can be an obstacle in the difficult way.)

(You have to know the good of the bad and the bad of the good and move beyond good and evil.)

(We need to free ourselves from the powers of good and evil.)


(We must wield the sword of Cosmic Justice.)

(Not everything that is believed good is good.)

(Not everything that is believed to be bad is bad.)

(There is much virtue in the wicked, there is much wicked in the virtuous.)

(Virtue, comes from the particle "Vir", "virility".)

(Only with virility are the precious gems of virtues achieved.)


(Sexual virility, sexual potency, are necessary to achieve virtues in the Vulcan burning Forge.)

(Every time a psychic aggregate is dissolved, a precious virtue arises in us.)

(The deep inner Savior is light and in him we must trust.)

(Only the Intimate Christ, who is light, can save us.)

(The sexual transgression occurred when we ate the fruit of which we were told: "You shall not eat.")

(Christ, being supreme obedience to the Father, opposes Adam's supreme disobedience of sin and saves us.)

(The Great Mystery of the forgiveness of sins is related to sex.)

(Dissolved such or such inhuman elements within ourselves, we deserve forgiveness for these or those faults.)

(Certain psychic aggregates are related to the Law of Karma.)

(Obviously, they can be disintegrated paying their price.)

(Indubitably, such aggregates will be disintegrated based on conscious work and voluntary suffering.)

(The Light gives us the way, the means, the system or method to be saved from the great transgression.)

(The material emanations of the ego have damaged human faculties.)

(In ancient times, humanity perceived the aura of the worlds and communicated with the other inhabitants of the planetary spheres.)

(On the Lemur continent, once located in the Pacific Ocean, human beings could perceive the mysteries of life and death directly and themselves.)

(With sexual transgression we fell into the animal generation and the ego arose within each of us.)

(The ego is a compound of various psychic aggregates.)

(When the Essence was bottled among the psychic aggregates, the faculties of internal perception of the human being atrophied.)

(Thus, the material emanations of the stubborn ego damaged the inner faculties.)

(Since then human beings were trapped in this painful world.)

(By dissolving the psychic aggregates, our inner faculties will resurge victorious.)


(All knowledge contained in the Light corresponds to the Mysteries.)

(The Mysteries of the Light lead us to the final Liberation.)

(The Lost Heritage is the Treasure of Light hidden within ourselves, here and now.)

(The Mystery of the Name is the same Mystery of the Word.)

(Each of us has his sacred name.)

(Whoever trusts in the Great Light will receive initiation into the Mysteries.)

(Blessed is He who through initiations in the Mysteries manages to become an inhabitant of the regions of Light.)

(Those who dive into the Ocean of the Great Light possess the Power and the Treasure of the Light.)

(Only Light can rid our feet of the bonds of darkness.)

(Whoever has faith in the Light will be delivered from darkness.)


(In the Chaos below, even the Sacred Name was forgotten.)


(Due to the psychic aggregates the afflictions multiplied.)

(Only the Light can save us from sin and darkness.)

(The Rulers of the Twelve Aeons are very jealous in the spiritual sense.)

(This means, very demanding of us; in no way can they accept any undesirable psychic elements.)

(Only the Great Light can save us and fortify the powers of the Soul. The Initiate has faith in the Light.)

(The Aeons Regents, within ourselves, make fun of us and scold us when we are working or starting to work on ourselves.)

(The Regents of the Aeons tell us: "Ah! Do you finally want to return to the Light? Are you going to want to disintegrate in an instant what made you enjoy for so many centuries? Etc., etc., etc.")

("How do you want them to help you disintegrate in an instant of regret what you liked for so long?" Etc.)

(This is how the Aeons Regents speak when they make fun of us; this is how Pistis Sophia suffers.)

(Only the Great Light can save our intimate powers from the emanations of the Obstinate ego.)

(Being sensible means being understanding in the full sense of the word.)

(Thomas is that part of the Being that relates to the intimate sense of understanding.)

(Many analyzes, reflections, and above all, meditation and evident self-reflection evident of Being, are indispensable for understanding.)

( Any Psychological discovered defect, through psychological self-observation, it must be previously understood at all levels of the mind before proceeding to its disintegration.)

(When one accepts that he has his own psychological idiosyncrasy, in fact he begins to observe himself from moment to moment.)

(Only by the self - observation possible self - discovery.)


(In all self-discovery there is self-disclosure.)

(Thomas is thus cognition, understanding and infinite patience.)

(The Brothers of Thomas are eleven and even more, all autonomous and self-conscious parts of Being.)

(Unquestionably, all parts of  Being are required to provide what is called understanding.)

(Tomás' work is very patient because he is obliged to provide what is called understanding.)

(Each part of  Being gives its solution to the repentance of the Soul, but only Thomas gives the last word.)

                            Thomas interprets the seventh repentance according to Psalm XXIV.


- Oh Lord, even I have lifted my soul, Oh! God.


- I have abandoned you; don't let me be put to shame and my enemies make fun of me.


- Well, everyone who waits on you will not be exposed to ignominy. Let those who commit injustice without cause be put to shame.


- Oh! Lord, show me your routes and show me your paths.


- Lead me on the path of your truth and teach me, for you are my God and my Savior, and in you I will wait all day.


- Remember your mercy, Oh! Lord, and the favors of your grace, for they come from eternity.


- But do not remember the sins of my youth, and those of my ignorance. Remember me according to the fullness of your mercy, due to your goodness, Oh! Sir.


- The Lord is kind and sincere, and therefore will teach sinners the way.


- He will guide the tender of heart in the judgment, and will teach the kind ones the way.


- All the paths of the Lord are grace and truth for those who seek their virtue and their testimonies.


- By the mercy of your name, Oh! Lord, forgive my sin, for it is great in the extreme.


-Who fears the Lord? He will restore the laws according to his will.


- His soul will remain in good and his seed will inherit the earth.


- The Lord is the strength of those who fear him, and the name of the Lord belongs to them to make them know his will.


- My eyes always rise to the Lord, for he will remove my feet from the trap.


- Look at me and give me your grace, because I am a pariah, a miserable one.


- The afflictions of my heart have increased; Get me out of my misery.


- Look at my humiliation and my misery, and forgive all my sins.


- Look at my enemies, how they have increased and how they hate me with unfair hatred.


- Preserve my soul and save me; Do not let me be put to shame, for I have waited for you.


- The simple and the sincere have met me, and I have waited on you, Oh! Sir.


- Oh! God, lead Israel away from all its afflictions. "

(We must raise the Soul to God.)

(We must give ourselves totally to our deep inner God.)

(The enemies that mock us are inside us.)

(Whoever works on himself waiting for the Intimate Lord will not be exposed to ignominy.)

(It is obvious that those inner enemies who commit injustice will be put to shame.)

(The Intimate Lord will show us the routes and the paths.)

(There are four paths, namely: 1st.) The direct path, 2nd.) The Nirvanic spiral, 3rd.) That of those who separate from the cosmic scenario without having reached the adept state, 4th.) Those of those who fail.)

(The Direct Way is the greatest, but since the sufferings are greater, the triumphs are also greater.)

(In the spiral, the triumphs are minor, and therefore the sufferings are minor.)

(The inhabitants of Nirvana are rarely reincarnated.)

(The inhabitants of Nirvana live in constant happiness and when they take body they step forward and return to happiness.)

(Those who renounce the cosmic manifestation, immerse themselves in the Universal Spirit of Life after dissolving the ego but without having manufactured the superior existential bodies of Being.)

(However, some of those who renounced to manifestation will return in the Golden Age of the future sixth race, will enter the Mysteries and become Adepts.)

(The latter, the failed ones, are those who, after having completed their three thousand cycles or periods of manifestation, failed to achieve the Adept state.)

(Each manifestation cycle contains the passage through the mineral, vegetable, animal and human kingdoms.)

(In the human kingdom, one hundred and eight lives are assigned to each Soul.)

(It is obvious that the cycle of the one hundred and eight lives is over, comes the descent into the Hell Worlds and the involution until the second death.)

(The Hell worlds are located inside the Earth, in the submerged mineral kingdom.)

(After the second death, Essence resurfaces to the surface.)

(When Essence resurfaces, it initiates new evolutionary processes that begin again from the lowest step which is the mineral kingdom.)

(So each time it is restarted by the mineral, a higher turn is made according to the spiral of life.)

(The laws of evolution and the involution of life constitute the mechanical axis of all nature.)

(Those who fail in the three thousand periods of manifestation, after the second death in the last life of the cycle or period of three thousand, dive into the ocean of the Great Light, converted into simple elementals of nature.)


(Obviously, these failure ones miss every opportunity.)

(However, such elementals class knows good and evil due to the experience lived.)

(The bliss for such elementals is well earned because of the infinite pain they had to go through on their pilgrimage through matter.)

(The intimate Self-realization of Being has nothing to do with the laws of evolution or involution.)

(The intimate Self-realization of Being is the path of the revolution of Consciousness, the path of the Great Rebellion.)

(Only our Intimate God can lead us to the experience of Truth.)

(The favors of grace are the Intimate Christ and come from all eternity.)

(The Great Merciful can pity us and help us.)

(The secret path is taught by the Merciful who dwells in our Being.)

(The Intimate Lord will guide our steps if we are kind and tender in heart.)

(The virtue and the testimonies we seek will be found in the path of the Lord.)

(We need to be forgiven.)

(The laws of the Deep Inner Lord are perfect and must be established in the heart.)

(But it is necessary to love and fear the Lord.)

(Blessed is he who remains in the Light.)

(The Intimate Lord is the strong force of all strength.)

(The Name of the Lord, the Word within us, the real Being of Being, belongs to those who possess it.)

(Only Christified men possess the incarnate Word, the Verb, the Name of the Lord.)

(Only the Lord will remove our feet from the abyss of perdition.)


(Only the Lord can free us from miseries and give a precious balm to heal our aching heart.)

(The enemies of the Soul have multiplied within ourselves.)

(Only the Intimate Christ can save us and get us out of pain.)

(Only those who know how to be calm, work and be patient can be saved.)

(Only the Intimate God can lead to Israel, that is, to all independent and self-conscious parties, far from all afflictions.)

(However, it is necessary to dissolve the psychic aggregates before arriving at the Port of Supreme Happiness.)

                                                                         Jesus praises Thomas.

When Jesus heard the words of Thomas, he said: "Well and finally you have spoken Thomas. This is the solution to the seventh repentance of Pistis Sophia. Amen, Amen, I tell you, all generations of the world will bless you on earth, for I will I have revealed this that you have received from my spirit, and you have become understanding and spiritual, and you understand what I am saying. From now on, I will fill you fully with the light and power of the spirit, so that from now on you can understand everything that you it will be said and you will have to see. Soon I will tell you about the height outside the interior and inside the outside.

Jesus continued in his speech, saying to his disciples:

(Those who intend to reach the final liberation without having previously eliminated the multiple undesirable psychic elements that we carry inside go through the path of error.)

(In the East, great hermits or Anchorites were known living in solitary caverns that by force of multiple disciplines achieved ecstasy, but since they did not dissolve the ego, they failed.)

(Those Anchorites got used to momentarily release the Essence of its bottleneck, the Buddhi. Then they experienced the Sartori, the Shamadi, after that mystical experience they returned as the genie of Aladdin's lamp, to the bottle.)

(Some of these Saints disembodied in the middle of Maha-Shamadi. However, today such beings have returned as vulgar, ordinary and common people.)

(Strong in Shamadi, but not working the ego, the result is failure.)

(The experience of the Illuminating Void does not mean the self-realization of the Illuminating Void.)

(What Thomas knows he has received from the Intimate Christ.)

(The summary or synthetic Sumum of the doctrine of Thomas can be summarized as follows: "Do not depend on ideas or outside concepts, within yourself is the real Wisdom.")

(However, before we can absolutely depend on our Inner Being, we must be totally obedient to the Guru.)

(Every authentic Guru speaks out against fornication and adultery.)

(Every authentic Guru is twice born.)

(Every authentic Guru is sacrifice itself for humanity.)

(Birth, Death and Sacrifice for humanity are the three factors of the Consciousness revolution.)

(The Guru who spills Hermes's glass is a false Guru, a false Prophet.)

(The Guru who does not teach his disciples to manufacture the superior existential solar bodies of Being is not an ideal Guru in Knowledge.)

(The Guru who does not guide his disciples on the path of dissolution of the ego is a wrong Guru or a black magician.)

(The Guru who does not know how to sacrifice himself for humanity is not a true Guru.)

(There is the space above and the interior space.)

(The space above is exterior with respect to the interior.)

(Furthermore, there are more exteriors of exteriors and interiors of interiors.)

(Any outer space located in this or that dimension has, by opposition, its corresponding interior space.)


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