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                                                               REVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOLOGY


The Teachers of Schools, Colleges and Universities, should study deeply the REVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOLOGY that teaches the INTERNATIONAL GNOSTIC MOVEMENT.


The PSYCHOLOGY of the REVOLUTION in progress is radically different from everything that was known before with this name.


The retard and reactionary Psychology of these modern times, to the great misfortune, has sadly lost its sense of being, and all direct contact with its true origin.


In these times of degeneration and total deterioration of the mind, it is no longer only impossible to define with exactitude the term PSYCHOLOGY but also the fundamental subjects of Psychology are not really known.


Those who wrongly assume that PSYCHOLOGY is a contemporary science of the last minute, are really confused because PSYCHOLOGY is an ancient science that has its origin in the old schools of the ARCHAIC MYSTERIES.


To the type of SNOB, to the ultra-modern rascal, to the retardant, it is impossible to define what is known as PSYCHOLOGY because, with the exception of this contemporary era, it is obvious that PSYCHOLOGY never existed under its own name because such or such reasons, it was always suspicious of subversive tendencies of a political or religious nature and for that reason it was necessary to disguise with multiple clothes.


Since ancient times, in the different stages of the theater of life, PSYCHOLOGY always represented its role, intelligently disguised with the clothing of philosophy.


On the banks of the Ganges, in the Sacred India of the VEDAS, from the terrifying night of the centuries, there are forms of YOGA that at bottom, come to be pure EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY, of high flights.


The seven YOGAS have always been described as methods, procedures, or philosophical systems.


In the Arab world, the Sacred teachings of the SUFIS, partly metaphysical, partly Religious, are really of a totally PSYCHOLOGICAL order.


In old rotten Europe to the bone marrow with so many wars, racial, religious, political prejudices, etc. still until the end of the last century, PSYCHOLOGY disguised itself with the costume of Philosophy to be able to go unnoticed.


Philosophy, in spite of all its divisions and subdivisions such as Logic, Theory of Knowledge, Ethics, Aesthetics, etc., is beyond all doubt in itself, EVIDENT SELF-REFLECTION, MYSTIC COGNITION OF BEING, COGNITIVE FUNCTIONALISM OF AWAKENING AWARENESS.


The error of many PHILOSOPHICAL SCHOOLS consists of having considered Psychology as something inferior to PHILOSOPHY, as something related only to the lowest and even trivial aspects of human nature.


A comparative study of Religions allows us to reach the logical conclusion that the SCIENCE OF PSYCHOLOGY was always associated in a very intimate way with all the RELIGIOUS PRINCIPLES. Any comparative study of Religions comes to show us that in the most Orthodox SACRED LITERATURE of different countries and different eras, there are wonderful treasures of PSYCHOLOGICAL science.


In-depth research in the field of GNOSTICISM allows us to find that wonderful compilation of various Gnostic authors that comes from the early days of Christianity and is known under the title of PHILOKALIA, still used in our days in the EASTERN CHURCH, especially for the instruction of the monks.


Out of doubt and without the slightest fear of falling into deception, we can emphatically state that PHILOKALIA is essentially PURE EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY.


In the OLD SCHOOLS OF MYSTERIES of Greece, Egypt, Rome, India, Persia, Mexico, Peru, Assyria, Chaldea, etc. etc. etc., PSYCHOLOGY was always linked to Philosophy, Real Objective Art, Science and Religion.


In the Ancient Times, PSYCHOLOGY was intelligently concealed between the graceful forms of the Sacred Dancers, or between the enigma of the strange hieroglyphics or the beautiful sculptures, or in poetry, or in tragedy and even in the delicious music of temples.


Before Science, Philosophy, Art and Religion separated to turn independently, PSYCHOLOGY reigned sovereign in all the Ancient Schools of Misteries.


When the Initiatory Schools were closed due to the KALI-YUGA, or BLACK AGE in which we are still, the PSYCHOLOGY survived between the symbolism of the various ESOTERIC SCHOOLS and PSEUDOESOTERIC SCHOOLS of the MODERN World and especially between GNOSTIC ESOTERISM.


Deep analysis and research, allow us to understand very clearly that the different psychological systems and doctrines that existed in the past and that exist in the present, can be divided into two categories:


First.- The doctrines as many intellectuals suppose them. Modern psychology belongs in fact to this category.


Second.- The doctrines that study man from the point of view of the REVOLUTION OF THE CONSCIENCE.


The latter are truly the original Doctrines, the oldest, only they allow us to understand the living origins of Psychology and its profound significance.


When all of us have understood in an integral way and in all LEVELS OF THE MIND, how important is the study of man from the new point of view of the REVOLUTION OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS, we will understand then that the Psychology is the study of the principles, laws and facts intimately related to the RADICAL and definitive TRANSFORMATION of the INDIVIDUAL.


It is urgent that the Teachers of Schools, Colleges and Universities, fully understand the CRITIC hour in which we live and the Catastrophic state of Psychological disorientation in which the new Generation is located.


It is necessary to channel the "NEW WAVE" on the path of the REVOLUTION OF CONSCIENCE and this is only possible through the REVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOLOGY of FUNDAMENTAL EDUCATION.




                                                                PSYCHOLOGICAL REBELLION


Who have devoted themselves to travel in all the countries of the world with the purpose of studying in detail all the human races, have been able to prove for themselves that the nature of this poor INTELLECTUAL ANIMAL mistakenly called man, is always the same, either in old Europe or in Africa tired of so much slavery, in the sacred land of the Vedas or in the West Indies, in Austria or in China.


This concrete fact, this tremendous reality that astonishes every studious man, can especially be verified if the traveler visits Schools, Colleges and Universities.


We have reached the time of mass production. Now everything is produced in successive and large-scale tape. Series of Planes, Cars, Luxury Goods, etc., etc., etc.


Although it is a bit grotesque, it is very true that the Industrial Schools, Universities, etc. they have also become intellectual factories of mass production.


For these times of mass production the only objective in life is to find economic security. People are afraid of everything and seek security.


Independent thinking in these times of mass production becomes almost impossible because the modern type of education is based on mere convenience.


"The New Wave" lives very satisfied with this intellectual mediocrity. If someone wants to be different, different from the others, everyone disqualifies him, everyone criticizes him, it is put on ice his work is denied, etc.


The desire and urgent to achieve success in life, the search for security, economic, the desire to buy many things to show off to others, etc., mark the stop to pure thought, natural and spontaneous.


It has been proved completely that fear dulls the mind and hardens the heart.


In these times of so much fear and search for security, people hide in their caves, in their burrows, in their corner, in the place where they think they can have more security, less problems, and do not want to out from there, they have terror of life, fear of new adventures, new experiences, etc. etc. etc.


All this so vauted modern education is based on fear and the search for security, people are frightened, they are afraid even in their own shadow.


The people, they are afraid of everything, they fear to leave the old established norms, to be different from the other people, to think in a revolutionary way, to break with all the prejudices of the decadent Society, etc.


Fortunately, there are a few sincere and understanding people in the world who really want to deeply examine all the problems of the mind, but in the great majority of us there is not even the spirit of nonconformity and rebellion.


There are two types of REBELLION that are already properly classified. First: violent psychological rebellion. Second: Deep psychological rebellion of the INTELLIGENCE.


The first type of Rebellion is reactionary, conservative and retardant. The second type of Rebellion is REVOLUTIONARY.


In the first type of Psychological Rebellion we find the REFORMADOR who repairs old suits and repairs walls of old buildings so that they do not collapse, the regressive type, the Revolutionary of blood and brandy, the leader of the barracks and blows of States, the man of rifle on the shoulder, the Dictator who enjoys taking to the wall all those who do not accept their whims, their theories.


In the second type of Psychological Rebellion we find BUDDHA, JESUS, HERMES, the transformer, the SMART REBEL, the INTUITIVE, the GREAT paladins of the REVOLUTION OF CONSCIENCE, etc., etc., etc.


Those who only educate themselves with the absurd purpose of climbing magnificent positions within the bureaucratic hive, climb, climb to the top of the ladder, make themselves felt, etc., lack real depth, are stupid by nature, superficial, hollow, a hundred percent rascals.


It is already proven to the point that when in the human being there is no true INTEGRATION of thought and feeling, although we have received a great education, life is incomplete, contradictory, boring and tormented by innumerable fears of all kinds.


Out of doubt and without fear of error, we can emphatically state that without INTEGRAL education, life is hartful, useless and harmful.


THE INTELLECTUAL ANIMAL has an INTERNAL EGO composed unfortunately by distant ENTITIES that are fortified with WRONG EDUCATION.


THE PLURALIZED EGO that each one of us carries inside is the fundamental cause of all our complexes and contradictions.


FUNDAMENTAL EDUCATION must teach the new generations the Psychological DIDACTICS for the DISSOLUTION of the ego.


Only by dissolving the various entities that together constitute the Ego can we establish in ourselves a permanent center of individual consciousness, then we will be INTEGRAL.


As long as there is the PLURALIZED EGO within each one of us, not only will we make life for ourselves bitter but we will also embitter it for others.


What good is it if we study law and become lawyers, if we perpetuate the lawsuits? What good is accumulating in our mind many knowledge, if we continue confused? What good are technical and industrial skills if we use them for the destruction of our fellowmen?


It is useless to instruct us, to attend classes, to study, if in the process of daily living we are destroying each other miserably.


The goal of education should not only be to produce new job seekers every year, new types of rascals, new louts who do not even know how to respect the Religion of others, etc.


The true objective of the FUNDAMENTAL EDUCATION must be to create true INTEGRAL men and women  and therefore conscious and intelligent.


Unfortunately the Teachers of Schools, Colleges and Universities, in everything they think, less in awakening the INTEGRAL INTELLIGENCE of the Leaners.


Anyone can covet and acquire titles, medals, diplomas and even become very efficient in the mechanistic field of life, but this does not mean being INTELLIGENT.


The INTELLIGENCE can never be mere mechanical functionalism, the INTELLIGENCE cannot be the result of simple bookish information, the INTELLIGENCE is not the capacity to react automatically with sparkling words before any challenge. INTELLIGENCE is not mere verbalization of memory. INTELLIGENCE is the ability to directly receive the ESSENCE, the REAL, what truly IS.


FUNDAMENTAL EDUCATION is the science that allows us to awaken this capacity in ourselves and in others.


FUNDAMENTAL EDUCATION helps each INDIVIDUAL to discover the true VALUES that arise as a result of deep investigation and COMPREHENSIVE UNDERSTANDING of HIMSELF.




 FUNDAMENTAL EDUCATION is only concerned with awakening in each individual THE CAPACITY to understand itself in all areas of the mind and not simply to surrender to the complacency of the wrong SELF-EXPRESSION of the PLURALIZED EGO



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