After the blind belief, behind incredulity and skepticism, many shades of false morality hide many misconceptions and false respectability, at whose shadow the Ego is strengthened.


Let's begin our cathedra. We could call it intuition.


First of all we must start with the basics: the Man . Where we come from? Where are we going? What is the purpose of our existence? Why do we exist? Why do we exist?

Here was a series of questions that we must clarify and resolve. A child is born and in fact the physical body receives free, obviously. A wonderful body with some 100,000 million of neurons at your service. Nothing has cost.


As the child grows the sensual mind is opening gradually. The latter, in itself and by itself, reports by external sensory perceptions. And it is precisely with the data provided by these perceptions, as the sensual mind always elaborates its concepts of content, reason for which she can never know something about the Real. Their reasoning processes are subjective, they move in a vicious circle: the external sensory perceptions, that is obvious.


Now you will understand a little better what a subjective reason in itself is, but must be done full differentiation between Subjective Reason and Objective Reason.


It is obvious that the child has to go through all educational process, Kinder, School, College, etc. The Subjective Reason is nourished with all the data that the various scholasticism institutions bring him. But it is true that no Teaching Institute could give the child or young, or adolescent, accurate data on That which is not of time, about that which is Real.


Truly that the speculation Subjective Reason come as lead, to the intellectual, to the absurd ground, were, of utopianism. Or in the best case, the simple opinions of a subjective type, but never to the experience of the Truth, that which is not of time.


Instead the Objective Reason, which unfortunately does not receive any instruction, for which there are no schools, remains ever abandoned. Indubitably the reasoning processes of the Objective Reason obviously lead us, we would say, to exact and perfect postulates. But the child, from site to site, it is subjectively educated; for him there is no way to higher education.


The data that the senses bring to the subjective mind of the teenager to the sensual mind all scholastic issues, family, etc., are merely empirical and subjective, and that is regrettable.


In principle the child has not yet lost the sense of wonder. Obviously he is amazed at any phenomenon. A beautiful toy awakens in him the wonder and the kids have fun with their toys. As it grows, as his sensual mind is receiving data from the school, from college, his/her sense of wonder disappears and, at last, comes the moment when the child becomes young and the young man has completely lost that capacity .


Unfortunately, the data that one receives in schools, in schools, in educational institutions etc, only serve, as I said, to nourish the sensual mind, but nothing more. In this way and with these current education systems, all that is achieved is really forge at school, in academia, in college, a contrived personality.


Note that actually, really, knowledge studied in Humanities will never serve to form the Psychological Man. In the name of truth we must clearly say that the subjects currently being studied in Teachers Institutes have no relation to the different parts of the Being. That is why only serve to:


First distort the five cylinders of the organic machine.(Intellectual, motor, emotional, instinctive, and sexual centers)

Second, take away the capacity for wonder.

Third, develop the sensual mind.

Fourth, build in us a false personality.


And that's it. Thus, it clearly understood that the sensual mind in any way could produce in us a radical transformation. It is useful to understand that the sensual mind, however cultivated it may seem, can never get one out from automation and mechanicalness that everyone is find in. everybody.


One thing it is the merely animal man, ie, the "Intellectual Animal" and other very different and something else indeed, certainly, is the true Psychological Man. Citing the word man, I include also naturally to women and this should be clearly understand.


We were born with a marvelous physical body but really, of real we need to do something else. Form the physical body is not difficult, inherited, but form the Psychological Man itself is difficult. To form the physical body does not need to work on himself, but to form a Psychological Man, yes we work on themselves, and that is obvious. It is, therefore, to organize the psyche that is disordered to create the Psychological Man is the true man in the fullest sense of the word.


 Organize this psychology within the "Intellectual Animal" is urgent, cannot be put off, so pressing, if we want , indeed, create the real man that is the Psychological Man.


Distinguish therefore between the Intellectual Animal mistakenly called Man, and the true and authentic Psychological Man. We need to work on themselves, if we want to create such a Man. However, there is struggle in us, the Sensual Mind is declared enemy of the superior mind.


The sensual mind is identified with any circumstance. If for example, we suddenly find ourselves in a sumptuous banquet and if we identify with the viands we become gluttons or we identify with both the wine we end up drunk, if we find our way a person of the opposite sex, fascinating, interesting, so we identify with that at last we ended up in fornicators or converted in adulterers. In these circumstances and this way is not possible to create the Psychological Man.


If somewhere we begin the work to create the Psychological Man, it will actually be really working on themselves, never identifying with any conditions and observe ourselves from instant to instant, from moment to moment.


Some people make mistakes along the way, there are societies, schools, orders, lodges, religions, sects, seeking to organize the human psyche by certain maxims would call "Golden" communities that pretend through this or that core idea get something they call purification, holiness, etc. All this is urgent to analyze.


It is obvious that any core idea of ethical, religious type, could never serve as a pattern for the various events of life. Higher maximum structured as superior logic as the logic of Ouspensky, for example, could ever truly create a new Cosmos, neither a new nature. Strictly depend on ourselves to a maxim with the purpose of organizing our psyche would be absurd, it means becoming slaves, obviously.


So we should reflect on many ethical catalogs and moral codes taken as "maxim of Gold". In addition, there is so much to be analyzed before we could get one at work to organize the psyche, which unquestionably a demonstrative statement, for example, no matter how rich he was and perfect, could be false and what is worse, intentionally false.


So when trying us a transformation of themselves, we have to become a little more individual. I do not mean selfish, understand this as learn to think better and in a more independent and perfect form that many sacred sentences form, "maxims of Gold", aphorisms that everyone considers perfect, but they could not serve as a pattern measure to achieve a genuine transformation and organization of the psyche within us.


It is about to organize the Internal psyche and we have to leave much of a subjective rationalism and go, as they say, to the point, to the facts. Confronting our own mistakes as they are, not wanting never justify not try to run away from them, not trying to excuse them. It takes us to become more serious in analytical, we must be, we would say, more thoughtful, more comprehensive.


If you really do not seek loopholes, then we can work on themselves to achieve the organization of the Psychological Man and stop being mere "Intellectuals Animals ' as so far we are.


The Psychological Self-Observation is basic. Need is in true to Self-observe ourselves from moment to moment, from second to second. For what purpose?; Which one? Discover our psychological defects. But discover in the realm of facts, observe them directly, judiciously, without apologies, without evasions of any kind.


Once a defect has been discovered, then and only then, can we understand it, and in trying to comprehend it we must, must be severe with themselves. Many when trying to comprehend an error justify or evade or hide from themselves. That's absurd. There are also some Gnostic brothers at time to discover  this or that defect in themselves begin with their mind, we would say theoretical, to speculate. This is very serious. Because as I said, and I repeat it now at this time, the speculation of Mind merely subjective will lead, inevitably, in the field of utopianism; that's clear.


So, if you want to understand a mistake, purely subjective speculations must be eliminated, and to be removed need to have observed the error directly; so only through a correct observation, it is possible to correct the tendency towards speculation.


Once one has entirely understood any psychological defect at all levels of the Mind, then we can afford to break it, to disintegrate, to reduce it to ashes, to cosmic dust. However, we must never forget that the Mind, by itself cannot radically alter any defect, ever.


Mind, by itself, can label any defect with different names, can move it from one level to another, hide itself, hide it from others, but never disintegrate it.


Many times is said we need a power that is superior to the mind , a power that can truly reduce to ashes any psychological defect.


Fortunately, this power exists in the depths of our psyche, I clearly referring to Stella Maris, the Virgin of the Sea, a variant of our own Being, but derivative.


If we focus on this variant force that exists in our psyche, that force that some people called it Isis, and other Tonantzin and those Diana, etc., we will be assisted; then the defect in question can be reduced to cosmic dust.


Any Added Psychic, living personification of this or that error, once it has been disintegrate, it releases something, that's called ESSENCE. It is clear that within any of those "bottles", known as psychic aggregates, there is Essence or Animic Consciousness bottled up. To be broken this or that error, the percentage of Essence deposited there or bottled is released.


Whenever a percentage of Buddhic Essence is released, increase in fact and by own right the percentage of Consciousness. And so, as we go breaking the psychic aggregates, the percentage of awakened consciousness will multiply it, and when all the psychic aggregates are reduced to ashes, consciousness will have awakened in its entirely.


If we have only broken 50% of undesirable inhuman psychic elements, obviously we possess 50% of Objective Consciousness awake.


But if we get breaking hundred percent of the undesirable psychic aggregates, we will in fact and by own right, one hundred percent of Objective Consciousness . Thus, based on incessant multiplications, our consciousness will be shining more and more, that's obvious.


Achieve absolute awakening is what we want. It is possible if we march on the right track; otherwise, it would not be possible to achieve, that is clear.


In any case, as we go breaking the undesirable psychic elements that we carry within ourselves, different SHIDDHIS or Luminous Faculties they will outcropping in our psyche, and when it has achieved the Buddhist Annihilation, then indeed have achieved the most absolute Lighting.


This word "Buddhistic Annihilation" bothers certain organizations such pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist. To us instead of hassling us such word we really like, get one hundred percent of Conscience is something to yearn.


There are many who would like to have enlightenment, there are many who feel embittered, those suffering from Darkness, those who suffer from various bitter circumstances of life.


Lighting is something very yearn, but the Illumination has a reason for being. The raison d`etre of the Enlightenment is the DHARMADHATU. This Sanskrit word type sound a little strange to the ears of those present. DHARMADHASU comes from the DHARMA root.


Could someone disintegrate the undesirable psychic elements that we carry within ourselves, however, this does not achieve enlightenment radical. Here comes into play what is called the Third Factor of the Revolution of Consciousness, The Sacrifice for Humanity.


If we do not sacrifice ourselves for humanity would not be possible to achieve absolute enlightenment because, I repeat, the raison d'etre of Enlightenment is the DHARMADHATU.


Obviously, if we disintegrate the Ego, we are paid. It is true and all truth, that if we create the Superior Existential Bodies of the Being, we are paid. We cannot deny that if we sacrifice ourselves for our fellowmen we are paid, all that is indubitable.


To achieve enlightenment absolute is needed Work with the three factors of the Revolution of Consciousness: To be born, that is, create the Existential Superior Vehicles of BEING; Die, disintegrate the Ego in its entirety, and Sacrifice for Humanity. Behold the three factors of the REVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS.


But as I told you, we have to know how to work on themselves, that is obvious. We need to organize the Psychological Man within themselves. First of all, before we get absolute enlightenment, the Psychological Man must be born in us. And born in us when is organize the psyche.


We must organize the psyche within themselves, here and now. If we work properly we organize the psyche. For example, if we do not waste the energies of the emotional center if we do not waste the energies of the mind, or of the Motor-Instinctive-Sexual center, it is obvious that with such a reserve we come to create, to give shape, the second psychological body in us, the Body of Emotions, let`s called EIDOLON.


It is indubitable that if we liberate us from the sensual mind we get really, and by true, save intellectual energies by which we could nourish the third psychological body or INDIVIDUAL MIND.I want you to clearly understand the brothers not stop to recognize the usefulness of the sensual mind we need to live in perfect balance, know how to handle the Superior mind and know how to use the sensual mind.


Because if you do not know how to use the sensual mind, you forget you have to pay rent, he forgets to eat to exist, forget that you have to dress, walks the streets in complete disarray, does not meet one their duties in life. Then, the sensual mind is necessary. But you have to know it intelligently manage with balance; that is, the superior mind and the sensual mind must be balanced in life, that's obvious.

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