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A Voice Recorded Message For All My Friends On ACC!

Hi folks, this is John Jancar here. I was out tonight, and I felt inspired to record a voice message for all of you. I basically talk about this site, and Disclosure, and Ascension, and the Golden Age. So if you have windows media player or some other type of media player, I'm sure it will be no problem to listen to it.


I also ask all of you guys to record a voice message for all of us here, so we can hear your voice, and get a more personal sense of....well you lol I think it will help bring all of us closer if we do this, because I think that most of the time, we tend to view each more as personalities....rather than persons. We tend to see each other more as characters, with an avatar and a name which is usually isn't the real name....and that makes things less personal. I feel that if we can hear each others will give us a better sense of the person behind the screen. So I ask all of you do this, it's easy, all you need is an mp3 player or a ipod, or cell phone, or some type of recording device. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


Here is my message, I hope you all can enjoy it!


My Message To My Friends On ACC


(Tip: Upload your Own "voice recording" on )

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Comment by drago kulic on December 1, 2011 at 4:36pm



Comment by Butterfly on November 30, 2011 at 6:48pm

It works instantly if you have iTunes on your computer.


Everyone ought to have iTunes. It's unreal. iTunes can be downloaded for free. It's like a blank library, full of shelves. You decide what to fill it with.  When you sign up, you can buy a song for 1.69 anytime you like. I love it.  I found iTunes to be much better than sites that have free music. It's just easier.

Comment by Danny B on November 29, 2011 at 4:33pm

Thank you John for the message! That is exactly how I feel and it inspired me to join AC instead of just reading posts.

Comment by Louise on November 28, 2011 at 7:10am

My system won't play it shame :(

Comment by Rune. H on November 28, 2011 at 12:35am

Thanks a lot Anita (Aly). You have a soft and warm voice. Love you to !


Comment by Rune. H on November 28, 2011 at 12:33am

I have listening to you John, and the message you share was so true. Thanks a lot..


Comment by John Jancar on November 28, 2011 at 12:05am

Wow, you have a real cute voice Aly lol I really enjoyed listening to your sharing of love. And here is Alys video with her voice, for those of you who are...too lazy to go to her page lol I hope it's okay if I post it here Aly. So..there you go people...and it's your turn to share your voice with the rest of us!


Comment by John Jancar on November 27, 2011 at 11:54pm

No I didn't Aly but I will check it out! Thank you for posting, and thank you to everyone for's your turn to post a voice message! lol

Comment by John Jancar on November 27, 2011 at 9:57pm

Well thanks Ben, but unfortunately...I don't really like the audio quality of soundcloud. That's just me I guess lol I like better the QuickTime plugin, so for the best quality sound, you guys should listen to it with QuickTime. But, it's your choice, and like Ben said, you can go to the website and login with your Facebook or make an account, and upload your recording there to just embed here. I am looking forward to hearing you, so come on!

Comment by AshtarCommandTribe [Admin] on November 27, 2011 at 9:38pm

Great Idea! Thank you for your Kind Energy and words. Im humble <3
Really great message! <3

A tip =) Use if you upload Sound files.
You can embed all your recorded messages in "one player" at any website.
it will be a library of recordings where people can share with eachother.
(This will also save "disk-server-space".)

Jancar, you can "add to your" blog that people can join:
and create their recordings from there, and then share on AC.

You can also upload your recent recording to Soundcloud if you want to.



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