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a story about trust, intuition, and a teenage daughter

This one comes from the heart. In a way each of these blogs I write are acts of intuition, but generally I decide what seems topical or interesting, then write with a plan towards that. Tonight I have no idea what will happen since I’m determined to abandon my intellect.

Having set my stance I’ve waited a long few minutes, during which nothing of enormity has pierced my deliberate mindlessness. Fortunately this echoing silent din within is broken by the stormy entry of the compelling feminine flurry I know as my daughter who spoke to the effect as follows.

 “Sometimes when you have a plan and an intended destination, things don’t work out the way you wanted. Sometimes people who have aimed accurately whilst adding effort still miss their target, repeatedly hitting their head against a unseen ceiling”.

“It seems unfair when it happens to you. You can feel like giving up and taking it as a defeat. Yet”,


my inspirational daughter continues,


“You can’t give up on life. You have to treat every bad situation as an opportunity to learn. Adapt your plan, but don’t give up on it, or yourself.”


I’m feeling a little relieved right now. I made a commitment in the first paragraph that has been vindicated. I had no way of knowing that my heartfelt faith would be rewarded with this gift of angelic wisdom from my teenage daughter whom, by the way, has had a bad week.

Heres what I’m going to take from this experience.

Trust that living leads you as much as you lead it. Let go of the heavy detailed plans you carry at least sometimes. Allow your heart the higher ascendency and let the lovely logic of intellect follow the lead.

Sometimes you may not know what to do next as the plans you had made fall asunder. Slow down and still yourself, breath out, don’t panic, just listen with your heart for the simple smiling miracles that will very likely arise. Oh and listen to teenage daughters carefully. They know some very good things, and can get a little snappy if ignored.

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