A rude awakening

While i was looking for answers in the occult section of the bookstore, I came across a misplaced book.

Saint Germain on Alchemy, Formulas for Self-Transformation. recorded by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.  This class-structured book taught me to think big thoughts, and have big plans.  I have become philosophical because of this book, and because my psychiatrist told me to read Aristotle The Golden Mean.  Being well-read means nothing if you cannot practice it. I still can't comprehend how a book from ascended masters popped out at me.  The word alchemist seems to be big in hipster culture. I know i am only a student, but feel this book has caused me to view time differently.  Many times it feels like a vortex, and adventuring outside is always a revelation of time, space, elements, and cooccurences. I feel somewhat that my vibration level is rising, and it feels rather different in a very light way. I sometimes take the imperfections in life to heart a little too much. why do i have to take lithium; and out loud "lithium helps keep me grounded here on planet earth; please god; let the lithium have only positive effects for me; i pray for others who take medication,etc" Anyways; I have a good friend that believes in alchemy as welll.  I often tell him that I do not feel that I have an age. I do not feel bound to any time frames; time continuum never ends, etc.  I am understanding, but as far as I know, I feel prepared if I do ascend; physically. 

So far, I have learned to change what I think; how I feel; and how others view me. I believe we all are changing our light, or molecular structures. It is weird, but I'm going with it.

I trust in the violet flame.



ps; it says to read this book 3 times.  I'll let you know if anything weird happens.


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  • Yes Bonnie.. and enjoy every moment while you're at it .. books have popped out at me in bookstores a few times, I generally used to just ignore it.. lord knows what I was missing .. oh well ..  I should pay more attention the next time it happens to me ..

    Here is a gift for you - the Violet Flame :-)



  • Sounds good, keep us apprised :)  Have fun in your research!
  • Sending you much Love on your path!
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