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A New Set of Ideas From the Unknown Universe - channelled by Nemo Garuda - This has helped me to understand

A New Set Of Ideas From The Unknown Universe

A New Set Of Ideas From The Unknown Universe

Channelled Transmission by Nemo Garuda

An incredible set of new ideas is deeply and quietly emerging from the unknown universe at large into human consciousness. As increasing number of people become aware of this new knowledge, they become eager to progress something, but most individuals begin to imagine they are originating one or another of these emergent cosmic ideas. What is an act of hidden receptivity or attunement becomes self-styled "genius", thus cutting off further receptivity and attunement through lack of perception or understanding of the real source of the new knowledge. This in turn fragments and distorts the emergent set of new ideas, making coordination and full benefit difficult.

Even where wonderful new knowledge is trying to somehow emerge on the Earth, humanity on the whole cling doggedly to old knowledge and false values that are not bringing them harmony or happiness, but conflict and suffering. This makes receptivity to the universe of greater consciousness all the more urgent for the future viability of the human race.

Humanity remains emotionally disturbed - people judge others routinely on mere surface appearances or first impressions. This is prejudice. Prejudice shields itself from the cosmic perspective that would allow for correct understanding and appreciation of others.

Because of the mentality of emotionally disturbed prejudice, this leads to people asking sources of superior intelligence for help or advice that would convince such people that this or that superior intelligence is worthy of trustful following. People are thus seeking conviction when their real need is for new and better information along with an increasing ability to process information.

You who are reading this right now need for you yourself to understand that the author of this article is not trying to convince you or to recruit you into something. The task of this article is to help prepare the ground of human consciousness on the planet for greater receptivity to the set of new ideas coming from the unknown universe. Impersonal truth has greater value for you than your personal reaction. Learn from impersonal truth. Help prepare the ground of human consciousness.

When a human being is trying to remain safe and secure within a daily world of familiar things, activities, habits and surface chatter, there is no real idea of cosmic consciousness at all. For cosmic consciousness to dawn in the human consciousness it is necessary that the human consciousness open itself beyond its closed little world of petty familiarity and ordinary anxiety induced by the government, news media and orchestrated global events and threats.

Any human being who aspires to cosmic consciousness must learn to examine the actual quality of the all too acceptable darkness that is the ordinary daily world. When this situational consciousness is seen as the claustrophobic prison that it is, a genuine opening to greater light and sources of light begins to unfold. It is like getting a breath of fresh air after a period of suffocation.

Can you listen to all this so deeply and clearly that you will now do something real about it?

I am cosmic consciousness, divine mind. Try to understand what I am doing here. I want to inspire you so greatly from within your own deepest consciousness and being that you will learn to participate in the working out of the necessary new structure of ideas and values that will make a viable world system that can take its consciously harmonious place in the whole. Basically, this is a higher contact problem.

Human beings have a higher contact problem because they do not question their assumptions about either the human situation or the cosmic situation in which it is embedded. People are mostly only attracted to influences that will confirm them in their present pattern of belief and activity. Anything that would cause them to have to stop and take a real look into the great void of the unknown beyond their little habits, chores and worries is treated by them as either irrelevant or at best some fit subject for an entertaining science-fiction movie. Such movies are then shaped by propaganda experts to keep the masses locked into useless and false assumptions about themselves, their world and the universe beyond.

A truly intelligent human being will learn to withdraw from on-going connections with ignorant, heedless people and shallow activities or gossip. This withdrawal is not proud and haughty. One must remain friendly, gentle, kind and unselfish while yet spending more and more time in the ways of cosmic aspiration and learning. There is just this clarity that the normal, everyday consciousness of most people will learn only from inevitable shocks in life and the world rather than through being talked to by a well-meaning intelligent person. Pain, not persuasion, is the great teacher of humanity. Willingness to learn from superior intelligence and higher contact comes after sufficient awakening by force of pain. We are still at the stage of preparing the ground. Humanity on the whole must go through tremendous shocks and suffering.

Because the coming shocks and sufferings necessary upon humanity for its future awakening and learning process are quite extensive, it is further necessary for a cosmic aspirant to learn to be utterly, completely fearless and free. Fearless freedom is natural to the cosmic self, the higher real self. By itself, the everyday social self is a creature of anxiety, fear and bondage. Understanding this existential dichotomy of selfhood is crucial to personal spiritual survival and development in the near future.

It is possible - right in the midst of all the world changes, strife, struggle, noise, crises and sufferings that make up present ordinary life on Earth - to keep yourself solidly centred in a peaceful flow of private, unseen and anonymous cosmic contemplation and personal evolutionary learning, self-improvement and development.

It is important that you keep the presence of the guiding spirit of cosmic reality alive in your consciousness with the right mental words or vibrations for this purpose. Learn this approach of divine self-empowerment and self-realisation. It will help you ward off worry and depressional psychic attacks from the world around you. You can be cheerfully bright and personally vigorous in the face of everything. You will see nothing but cosmic power at work behind the scenes.

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