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So I am beginning this blog without anything specifically planned to say. As I write the words are flowing. I feel though, a need to write something, to share SOMETHING, like there is a message in my being waiting to get out. With a pause it feels like people need encouragement to keep going, keep pushing, keep fueling their visions with more juice. So do that! Keep trusting that your life is indeed moving forward (really, as long as time is flowing, that is the only way it can go), and trust that you are moving with your divine purpose, because that is built into the very essence of who-you -are. Your purpose is built into your physical/emotional/spiritual makeup, so it doesn't need to be forced out, just let out. ;)

Also I want to point your attention back to your essence. Not to necessarily become so immersed in it that one is blissed-out and unmoving, but just to re-call attention to that source where all awareness comes from, where all creations come from, where all appearances/forms pass through. That thing is you!  A quick way to experience your essence is to quiet down and take a moment to shift your attention to your breath. As you watch it rise and fall, you notice thoughts/emotions/bodily sensations and all kinds of things pass through your awareness. You will notice that these things have no "hold" on you; they are not essential to who you are. 

If your attention gets too caught up in any one of these passing things, just notice it, and gently remember to return attention to the breath. You may also notice that ideas you have about yourself like "man/woman, old/young, happy/sad, good/bad, etc. etc" are also not-essential to your existence, to "who you are."

So what remains? (This is not something you can answer with an idea, but something to be recognized and experienced)

You've just re-established contact with the very essence of who/what you really are. Use this however you please!



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"Still waiting; note the current pres. is illegetimate and much of the brass is corrupt -it's rumored many of the brass have been bought off by the chicoms and or they are woke jokes-
§502. Enlistment oath: who may administer

(a) Enlistment…"
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"RL-star gates-regular doorways and as large as air plane hangars-Musk can roll his rockets, etc. onto Mars and assemble there-then mine Phobos and Deimios -roll all equip needed to mine for water for oxegen and hydrogen bring other gasses from earth…"
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"The infowar on Twitter is real. I come across people I know and they are now selling government propaganda. Perhaps without realizing it."
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"The concept of interstellar travel using the orthodoxy science, is as impractical as navigating the world's oceans in a coracle."

...so goes Von-Neumann Probes, frozen crews, nuke powered rockets etc.😆"
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"We are winning the info-war, but the military remain as the last resort, as the real and current CinC, Trump has confirmed....

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Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"The concept of interstellar travel using the orthodoxy science, is as impractical as navigating the world's oceans in a coracle.......

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This drawing has a limited useful life of one year, so to heck with it ... make it available to the public .... I decided that I do not like the Saturn presentation regarding zodiac sign changes while in transit. I like the Pluto representation, as…
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"I find the ideas of 'interstellar travel' that are based on the physics as understood today to be all ridiculous!😆
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