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The "GOD of LOVE", A message of LOVE: Channelled from the Higher Self . by Rev.Joshua Skirvin

Photo: AA Michael ~ We Are Doing Everything We Can To Get Your Attention ~ 25 January, 2013 Synchronicities, feathers, coins, and signs of all kinds abound at this time. We are doing everything we can to get your attention. We are here and we are working with you in every way we are able. If you are open to the possibility, ask and you will receive all the signs you need that we are indeed with you.There is much, much more to reality than you know or even imagine. You have spent over a hundred years searching for the ‘missing link’. Did they but know it, it is at last beginning to be acknowledged by your scientists. Consciousness is that link. Consciousness is everywhere. Energy is everything. At its core, matter is no more solid than thought is. All is love.How much is understood now that was totally foreign to the thinking of mankind so recently. Of course in many places only the very few think of these things at all. But that is changing, as well. In your quiet inner moments, dwell on these things, dearest ones. More than things to pass through your mind, what do they mean? Could it be that nothing separates you from any other thing? Could it be that nothing really separates you from me? Could you possibly know what I want you to know before you read these pages? Is there a level at which we are indeed all One?What would that mean in the context of daily life? All are equal? Indeed, dear ones. All are worthy? All are loved? All are precious? No one and nothing is less than? Most of all you, in your being, are precious, worthy, and loved beyond measure.You are exactly as you need to be at this moment. It may take some time for you to allow this become your true belief and feeling, but we assure you that it must be and will be your truth at some point. Claim it now, it has never been untrue, even when you have felt so.All of the pain, all of the suffering, exist because you have allowed the belief of your being less than, of being undeserving, of being unloved and unworthy to live in your hearts. It is time now for you to awaken from that nightmare.Ask! Allow! Listen! Learn to love yourself as the son or daughter of the One. There are those of you who will feel these words deeply. We tell you that from the moment you realize this, we will walk with you and hold your hand as you find your way out of the dream. Your Creator has no interest whatsoever in seeing you suffer and never has had. You are deeply loved.Good day, beloveds. We will speak again shortly.

I have been receiving info for some time now about what "God is".And I was told by 'Spirit" to write this down. That it is from my Higher Self. The last time this happened to me was 25 years ago in Nimben Aust. When I was doing the Chinese water treatment with the Healing waters there. And of course this was just after the Harmonic Convergence of Oct.87. But I didn't write the messages down,so I lost them. This time of Ascension, I am writing them down, not only for me but for everyone. After all thats what this Ascension is all about,Sharing with others our experiences as we begin the Ascension process of leaving 3D and now we are into 4D and some even into 5D. So here goes.

God is the mind with which I think (ACIM) God is all that there is, so Love is all there is. But to define him is almost impossible to the human mind. But the soul knows or did know what God is. And what the soul knows is, that God is LOVE. And the word Love can be understood in certain terms by both the mind and the soul. So Love is the greatest aspect of God that we mortals can understand. And to do that we must look at what the aspect of Love is. Love is Light. Gods light shines on us so that we turn to the light to see where it is coming from. We follow he source of light back to God, Known as Love. So light is Love, Love is light. Love then is, all there is. All is Love. God is Love, we are Love and we are Loved. Love is Joy. Love is Peace. Love is Happiness and Love is  health or wholeness.

Now the mind can understand these things as logic or logical. But the soul wants to know them as feelings. For the soul not only records this process of life but wants to feel them to record them. And nothing else matters to the soul except to feel that which it is not but was and is only but to be remembered as to who or what it is and was. The soul is the primary aspect of the 1st trinity of the I AM. God is the "I AM" . And the Trinity of the Body, Mind and Soul forms the essence of who we are ,coming from the "I AM". So Love is a aspect of God, his personality. The God of Love. Love being a aspect of God then must be the Truth. The Heart of Heart speaks for the soul that logic is not enough. It wants to feel Love, it wants to feel God, the "God of Love". To know God, is to know Love. Sence all things created are of God, then all things must contain what God is, as Love. So Love is a feeling , a means in which we come to know God and what God is. That then must mean that the Greatest aspect of God then is Love. So Love must be Gods personality or at least a great part of it that we can understand as Truth, that has logic as well as feelings that penetrate the very essence of our soul being.

What then of the third Aspect of our "I AM" trinity. That of the Spirit, Spirit must be the true body of our "I AM'' and the body must be the true spiritual body containing the essence of all three, Body Mind and Spirit. Therefore logic would say that we are the manifestation of Love as the personality. And to know oneself is to know Love.Andto be able to Love ourselves, then Love must first come from withen, the God of Love must be then withen us as part of us.And when we learn to tap into this higher self of God, we also tap into Love. So then to know Love, is to know God and to know God is to know love. Love like God can be said to be in everything and everyone. Love as a energy, is in all things. Logic would agree with that as God then is in all things as all things come from the source of creation or rather all things come from the source; The Great "I AM". But knowing this with our minds is not enough, even for the mind , who has ran out of logic to understand how all of creation works. The Master plan so to speak.When logic is finished with the mind, the heart steps in for the soul and says ,I want to feel this knowing, the Truth is in the feeling, not in logic of words or thoughts. The proof is in the pudding.

The Proof is in the pudding? Yes, all knowledge is not Wisdom ,until it is experienced as Truth. And Truth can only be experenced. It is something that must be applied, from our higher selves to ourselves. For the "God of Love" is withen us, not just outside of us. The Kingdom of God is withen, go withen, there you will find not only the "God of Love", but also its home, we call heaven. The "God of Love" must be felt to be known, words and thoughts are not enough. When words are finished and we realize that to know is to feel. But we or they(DC) have shut down our feeling centers, But as the holy sons of the "God of Love", we have withen our power the gifts of God, ours for the asking. As co-creators we are re-creating our own programing. To feel again the Gifts of the "God of Love". To feel Light and Love, as Peace and Joy, as happiness and health or wholeness. Re-Creating ourselves in the image of the "God of Love" is our Divine right, our truth of who we really are as a Holy Son of God ,not only gives us the right to do this, but the power to do it. But it is not forced upon us, we must ask for him to do it for us, or rather ask for this gift from him, to help us to do it, For we have Free Will, therefore we must ask for it. And doubt not that it is so, but put the mind at Peace by feeling through the heart of hearts, our soul united with the Trinity of Trinities, also called the triad of Trinities.

Photo: Today let us all take a moment of reflection together. Being a minister to the universe and that of light I am so overwhelmed by gratefulness to have had so many that have been touched by the way spirit has and does move through this site. When you look at a seed that has been planted, its growth sometimes astonishes. The seed of love that has been planted in my heart and in this site has grown with every view and every vibration raised. In a state of stillness of absolute beauty I find myself in awe at the joyful goodness and beauty of spiritual growth. My heart overwhelmed at each of you that see this, for in a way, I AM a part of you, that is if you believe that these seeds of love have raised your conscious awareness in being a more realized individual. This reflection isn't about one person or one persons point of view. It certainly isn't confined to a book or a singular perception. It is a testament that we are at the very core of our beings all connected to one another by an echoing of love. Let this love echo in your heart today and send it on in a way you have been been blessed with. Sing a song, paint a picture, write a poem, or just send your love in a word action or deed. Smile at a traveler passing by and be the light in a dark place. We reflect to gain a greater understanding of the natures of ourselves. I reflect to see myself in you. To walk in your shoes with my love ever abiding by and with you. In this reflection I am still this day and I send this to you who see it with peace, love and inspiration. May this echo in your reality and shine forth into all to bring about a greater realization of our interconnectedness. In peace always

The "God of Love"

We have been sent some help from the second trinity. It is called the "Spirit of Truth". The Father, our Creator Michael, and the only begotten Son and the third is the Holy spirit. The Holy Spirit is our personal guide who translates our thoughts and feelings to the Father and son. But he also helps us to reach the higher self known as the Adjuster , he adjusts our thoughts to the Divine thoughts of our Creator. The Adjuster is our true Twin Flame we hear so much about. He is not only our guide and higher self but someday with the help of our Holy Spirit Guide, we will someday fuse with him and become one. Never more to be separated through out eternity. He is our perfect guide and consort to lead us back home to the first 'I AM" This fragmentation of the Original Creator Father , the first "I AM" and also the first Triad of Triads. We are the Great grandsons of him ,created by his Grandson,Michael. Who was Created by the Eternal son, the second Triad of Trinities,Father ,son and universal mother spirit. All of these Gods may be called the "Gods of Love" For that is what Love is, the personality of God.

All of this can better be explained by the Urantia Book as it is a bit complicated at first. The book is a free download on the net. What we are concerned with here is the process as all truths lie within us, we only have to ask  the "God of Love" to explain it for us and this will be done with the help of the Holy Spirit. "Ask and you shall receive". So sense we are the manifestation of the thoughts of our God. Then we are in his mind, our mind is part and particle of his mind. Our thoughts then are also in his mind and his thoughts are in our mind, when we lift the vail by asking in our meditation and waking state from our heart of hearts. The "God of Love" has manifested himself in us, he is a part of us and we are a part of him. He wishes to experience his Creation in all levels and Dimensions. And he does this through us, we are a conscious particle of his mind, therefore we are an extension of God, a baby God, the Son of God, a fragmentation of God. We are then a part of him and he is part of us, we are One, all is one. Love is the greatest aspect of God that we can now perceive, therefore we call him the "God of Love"


A story was given to me several times by Spirit to help explain this relationship of us being separate but connected to this "God of Love".  Here is the Analogy.  The "God of Love" is like a vast ocean and we are a drop in the ocean. So to be able to experience himself separate but still connected by Spirit, God then became vaporized and was lifted up into the clouds in a different form but still connected to source.But In doing so he became unconscious as to who he was and the adventure began to see if he could remember who he was by himself through he help of Spirit. In other words God wanted to experience all that he was not. Coming from the form of the ocean by forgetting who he was, as he was now separate from source, then one day find his way back to source. So as he traveled the world in those clouds he decided to see what was below, so he became a rain drop that fell on the trees in some vast forest. He traveled down the tree to then join other droplets who were like himself but separate. As they grew and became more and more alike and together, they moved from the water puddle to a small stream, others joined in on this ride. Where they were going they weren't sure but they all felt or knew they had to return to something grander than all there separate drops of water. Many had different theories of how this was done but no one could agree on what exactly this trip was for, how long it would take and how they would get there. But one thing was for sure that they all could agree on, and that was that they were on a journey to a distant shore, without distance.

Meaning it was the journey itself that was to be experienced in joy, peace and happiness and to learn what Love is. This Cosmic Consciousness grew as other raindrops joined them. They soon became a creek and other creeks joined them as they now became a roaring river, moving fast to there journeys end, wherever that was. And just when they realized how big there movement of oneness was, they came upon the vast ocean and all of the never ending river emitted into it and they were home again. After awhile being at home got boring so many of them decided to leave again, not that the hive mind wasn't grand but some sought the pleasure of being separate and to begin another journey. Even though they knew they would then forget source and would take on a different form again. They decided to do it, so they vaporized and up into the clouds they went. This time they came down as snow flakes and each had a different form, no two were exactly alike as they flew in the wind. But as fate would have it they didn't turn into raindrops as they had done before but had forgotten it. This time they got stuck as ice for thousands of yrs and could not move or start the journey again. First they complained then they put the consciousness together and began to pray to there higher consciences  of "All that is" to come and get them as they were tired of the journey that had stopped and wanted to go home again. So the " God of Love" heard them and had the sun melt the ice , so that they could continue on there journey once again.

BY Rev. Joshua Skirvin

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Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on February 28, 2013 at 5:54am

FW, the Divine Mother is the doughtier or offspring of the Universal Mother. As concerns us , she is the one responsible for creating and sending down the Holy Spirit that indwells all of us. Most of the universe beings have a Adjuster but not all. The Holy spirits job is to lead us to him or her depending on our s**,and is our guide until the Adjuster takes over. Then the Holy Spirit returns back to the Divine Mother to be reassigned. If no fusion takes place with our Twin Flame the Adjuster, he also returns, when death of the body happens, to be resigned.

The Divine Mother was Created by our Father Michael and the Universal Mother.The Divine Mothers role is to guide us and nature us as a mother takes care of her children. But the actual Creation comes from the Father and not the mother, like we have it down here, its reversed but the roles are the same. The Divine Mother is secondary to the Creator Father who created both her and us. Its a bit complicated. I hope I remembered it correctly. Best is to go to the Urantia book or get a free download on the net. Her role has become stronger in the last yrs. I now include her in my meditations, she sits on the right hand side of Lord Michael and Jesus sits on the left. I hoped this helped. Adonai


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