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A little rewording of a reply to another post...

I am a little concerned about this site and a more than a few others I visit (or try to) daily, if not more often. (and therefore concerned about all those, or all of us that visit said sites.) There is something going on that has "dampened" a lot of the emotion, love and compassion I used to feel/sense here and on many other sites. The Love IS still there (and here), but... There is also a problem or a dampening being attempted on the "over all", the real love and anticipation of the great things coming, the changes and the building up of the light and energy. The changes we all KNOW are coming and the advances we are all making. I have no factual, scientific or other physical evidence that "I" have changed over the past few months, but I KNOW and FEEL that I have. We are all in that same boat, I'm sure, but in the past few weeks the joy of that knowing has been put down or "dampened" by someone(s) or something. The information coming through this site (and others) has slowed down and the few that have continued their regular, clockwork type postings (OK, a few OF them, not all) are the ones I tend to shy away from and not trust as much for one reason or another. We all need to keep up the love being sent to ALL and the gratitude and compassion, even to those that we have a great dislike or mistrust of. While I dislike using words from the old days (when I was a bible thumper), we need to be discerning and let our higher selves have full access to all the information we get, whether it be here, through Blossom's or any others channeled messages/web sites. ( "I" felt at perfect peace with the channeled message from Blossom on 4-23-09, in case you were wondering.) Before you close your eyes to sleep at night, picture yourselves "channeling" (If you use and send your own energy rather than channeling the universal energy you'll feel drained rather than refreshed when you awaken.) all the love, gratitude and compassion you can to everyone possible. Whether it be someone you know and like, know OF and dislike or even that face that frowned at you in/at the market/store/library/gas station/where-EVER. If we ALL keep this up, the love WILL win and consume all the other/darker emotions, thoughts and parts of any darkness. As an empath that can sense a lot, even and especially through the written words of others, I say the above to assist and not to threaten, scare or otherwise worry any one or shadow anything.
This is NOT meant as an affront to anyone, but rather as a (warning is not the right word, but) notice, light, finger pointed in the right direction, idea, thought or even a whisper to watch out for what's going on around us. Be Aware...

This video tells me that we ( " I " ) need to send the love, thoughts and light to ALL we possibly can. The line about having the whole world against you as long as you follow your soul really got to me. Even if and though we can't "go out and DO", we CAN send the love, light and proper energy to the entire world. Being part of a mass meditation is a great thing, but to keep that love and caring up the rest of the time, when ever you can is greater yet. Our loving energy can and WILL change the entire world and I excitedly await the day I wake up to the massive changes we're created.

Namaste (in EVERY sense of the proper definition of the word), Light and massive amounts of LOVE to ALL of you!

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Comment by Anush on December 15, 2010 at 10:40am

I guess this is all i need to say on this:


Life without love and souls to love you in return, mean nothing at all, it is empty and filled with suffering. A home is where love resides! That is all that truly matter in the end.

Real and unconditional LOVE, from those you love.

Comment by Dan on April 23, 2009 at 9:54pm
Thanks for your reply. I agree that fear can have no part in what's going on and the "Eye of the Storm" analogy does seem to fit a little too. My only concern with that is that it would make it a smallish storm and we need THIS storm to cover the world for a long time. :-)

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