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My dear brothers and sisters,

We all know the 3D ego must go. But there is another type of ego that has emerged. The spiritual ego,
The light-workers have become split because of this spiritual ego.
What is spiritual ego?
Spiritual ego is were you hold on to a fantasy. The the stories you make up in your head to tell people of, this ascended master, or that archangel, or that group of ETs. Knowing that you are spreading false witness. There are however some channeling or scriptwriters who are staying true. But lately they are fewer in numbers. This is lying to yourselves and others. Leading the newly awakened down the wrong path and away from the light. There are many out there who have spiraled downward into their own lies. Now believing them to be truths. They have continued to keep light-workers divided from spreading their false information, They on many occasions have given false dates, causing the newly awaken to to follow them down this fantasy path, they not only hold these lives in there hands but they also are fooling themselves.
Spiritual ego is also holding on to the 3D way of thinking. Clinging to the illusion that you can be saved by believing in this way or that, or that Its all going to be done for you. All belief systems are ego. And must be released for the real truths to be understood.
Another form of spiritual ego is charging money for services to awaken people. If you are charging, to help people awaken then you are doing the cabals work by limiting those who ascend, to people who can afford it. The poverty level of people around the world cannot afford your sessions, Wake Up, all sessions should be free, or under donations, for all to be able to awaken and ascend.
Spiritual Ego is also holding on to beliefs of any kind,
They're are many belief systems out there not only in the religious communities but amounst the light-workers as well,
For example
the belief that you can activate another person. This can only be done yourself. No one can activate you. You must do this on your own. And this is done by releasing all ego.
The belief that your way to the light is the only way. This is not opening your heart and letting the truth be shown, you must remember, all belief systems were constructed by the cabal to separate us. They have manipulated or burned every piece of ancient text on this earth. Why do you still hold on to these writings when we know who, was in control. The Truth is within.
The belief that you are from this planet or that one, which by the way is still separating yourselves. We have all been incarnated as many different beings. These connections are, you remembering those lives. But we are now humans, and We are the Graduates of Earth School. And graduating into our birth right, godhood. We are all royal angels, embedded with the spark of source. And we have all come here to ascend Mother earth and her occupants to 5D.
The belief that you need your ego. The ego cannot survive in the 5d. The belief that you can balance with your ego is ridiculous. Ego is part of the illusion and all illusion will dissolve and All belief systems must also dissolve.
The belief that everything is honky dory and there is no more work to be done.

How do you spot a spiritual ego?
They will defend their belief system.
They will take a fight or flight mode when confronted. Meaning they will cause a fight or they will run from the truth.
They think they are the only one right.
They do nothing for free.
They promote others who are in the spiritual ego.
They make up excuses why things didn't happen the way they said.
They claim to be from a particular planet.
They hold to fear of what others might think.
They believe all is done for them.
They make ascension hard

I wish everyone to understand its okay to be wrong. But now is the moment to step up to your true light work and let go of the ego. I was here once right along with all of you, arguing and allowing my spiritual ego to control me. But then I found a place where it all is, free. Free from the spiritual egos that try and mislead. Free from the fantasies of illusion and free from all belief systems that cause you to judge others. The true place of Unconditional Love and ascension, In my Heart. Dear sisters and brothers let go of separateness. Let go of your spiritual egos. We are one. Love to all.

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Comment by Walter Hill Chaffee on September 17, 2013 at 6:43am



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