A letter to.......

I have not sat down or felt the need to write in this way for a very long time.... 2 nights ago during a storm, I sat on my bed and was going through some old stuff I wrote.... then I had this urge to write a letter to someone.... I still don't know who I wrote a letter to, but the need to so so was important.  So here is what I wrote

8109189295?profile=originalMaybe some day it will be found....

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  • The symbols were never stolen, but removed because he has lost his way.  The gifts given to him was removed when he fell into dark.  He manipulated the laws of the mother and all father.  What is given can be removed when you as receiver abuse the gifts placed in your responsibility.

    Go back to your symbol you had made KingJeff... the Yin-Yang one.... the answer to what you seek lay in that... I wrote of it a long long time ago...

    I am not special my friend, am just myself.... How are your Aboriginal friend, he has been in my mind a few times in recent times.  My heart seem to be pulled to the red rock..... and a very deep wanting to sit on that rock right in its center and write to the mother and sing...  The White snake want to drink form the pool of tears.

    I am planning to visit the White spirit bear in the Great Bear mountains, in Canada.... next year.

  •  Anush I have always known you are a special being and to read this language as you express and feel it is absolutely sublime and amazing is a trite word. Those symbols were the ones stolen from Solomon and here you have been gifted with the Language of Mother as it is all energetic, frequency, wave, motion. You are linking the right and left hemispheres of the brain, intuitively, not knowing together again..... I will work on this for the rest of my incarnation and will catch up once more. Cheers Hugs and Cuddles Kingjeff

  • Maybe turtles

  • I like your letter. maybe it will activate those who read it??

  • I have been doing this since I was a child.  I always know what I am writing, but its a very old language.  Its understood by the soul... my guides called it the language of creation. A language all souls understand.  One that has been forgotten, it is said to be older than time... I never paid attention to why, I wrote like this, and sing in strange tongues.  It was just something that was me, it need not be explained.  In that i have peace.

    In this it hold the truth of a soul and the message are understood different by each, as the language has a lot of nuances, to one symbol and just a dot out of place make it an entire different content.  Depending on the spiritual level your soul vibrate, the more you will hear it. as its love and love is light and in itself it has a vibration, a song....

    In a way I was writing this to all souls, to all hearts, and to one... one that has yet to be found.

    Its a map, a love letter, advice, longing, beauty, hope, and so much more, its dimensional and layered in many frequencies, that is how this language work....  its as changeable as a ray of light... as strong or as loving or as powerful as your soul need..

    Take from it what you need, and pay it forward to those that need.

  • Thank you Caitlyn

    As always good to see you KingJeff ((((hugs)))))

    there is a few more pages to come, I have been writing these since I was young.  and yes I dont never intend to be disconnected.  I have pages of this type of writing.....  Thank you for your kind words

  • I kind of understand what it is saying. 


  •  Hello Anush. I am so glad to see that you are still totally connected to Spirit.

    I believe I can shed some light on that above as we have 41 names and you

    41 Symbols. There is one more symbol to get to 42 which will come to you

    Blessings some time no chat May a 100,000 Rainbow heart bubbles burst

    all around you 36/7 healing all you come in touch with leaving your own fragrance

    as a memento.       kingjeff

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