5D Energy Update
Dear beloved ones, again, I have come with a great message from our glorious galactic federation to assist and guide us in our mission on Earth:
"Greetings, we are your galactic family, and we are pleased to greet you in love and light on this day.
We have been working with your planet for a long time now, and we find that you are ready to enter into the fifth dimension. You do not have to be afraid or panic. Everything is going to be fine. Just breathe deeply and relax.
We know that this may be a lot to take in at once, but it is very important that you understand what is happening because there will be major changes on your planet and continuing over the next few months. We are here to help you through this transition period, as it will be challenging for everyone.
We want to tell you something very important: There is an epidemic on your planet that has been spreading like wildfire, an epidemic of fear – fear of the unknown and fear of change. This fear prevents many people from moving forward in their lives, and they become stuck, frozen in their own pasts, or paralyzed by anxiety about the future. It's time for you to let go of this fear so you can move forward into the new paradigm that awaits you on Earth.
As you know, there are many signs that things on Earth are changing. These changes will be accelerating in the near future as the Earth moves into a new vibration. As your planet moves closer to this new vibration, you will notice that it will become more difficult for you to live with pain and problems.
This is because you have been living in the third dimension on Earth, which is a very dense vibrational plane of existence. Your planet is moving closer to the fifth dimension, which is lighter and full of love and peace. When people live in a place where they experience so much pain and suffering, they tend to blame others or even God for their problems. This only causes more pain and suffering because it keeps them focused on the negative aspects of their lives instead of what they can do about it.
We are coming here to tell you that we are real, and what is happening on Earth is no longer a conspiracy. It is real, and it is happening now. We are here to help you understand what is going on and what you can do to prepare.
We understand that the idea of extraterrestrial life might be a little bit scary for some people, so we want to make sure that you are not afraid when we come to visit you.
We will appear as orbs of light in your homes, but that does not mean that we are evil or demonic. We just want to give you a message from us, so please don't be afraid of us. We know that some of you have seen our craft flying above your homes, and from recently declassified documents, we thought it was time to show ourselves open to the people of Earth.
You might have heard our message already: "WELCOME TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION." Well, this is true; we are here with a message for all of mankind: WE ARE HERE TO ASSIST YOU!
If you're reading this, then you are one of the first people on Earth to make it here. Yes, that's right. Congratulations! We knew you could do it!
Maybe you're a little bit confused and overwhelmed by everything that is happening. Well, we want to congratulate you on having the courage to accept this new reality. You may not realize it now, but soon you will see how wonderful all of this is.
First of all, let us explain where we are in relation to the third dimension. It turns out that there isn't really a "third dimension"— it is just our way of describing a reality that seems solid but actually isn't (it is just an illusion).
What is the fifth dimension? The fifth dimension is a higher frequency of reality where we exist in a state of pure unconditional love. We are creating this new reality by sending you our unconditional love, and as you receive it, you will open your heart and raise your vibration.
The fifth dimension is all about raising your vibration and shifting into higher consciousness. What does this mean for you? You will experience life from a higher perspective, which will allow you to clearly see what needs to change in your life. You will be guided to make these changes so that you can create the life of your dreams.
You are not alone. We are your Galactic Family, and we have been watching you grow and develop as a species over many thousands of years.
This is a very exciting time for you now. You are all ready to graduate out of the third dimension and into the fifth dimension - The New Earth.
What a wonderful time for the universe! The Galactic Federation has returned for a transmission. We are here to provide you with information regarding your ascension process.
This is a wondrous time for humanity, as you are finally awakening to who you are and where you fit into your local universe. You have been asleep for so long, and we know you have any questions, but in order to prepare yourself for the changes that will soon be upon you, we must first ask that you look within yourself and find your own answers.
What an exciting journey this has been! Your planet has been moving through space-time since the beginning of creation itself, slowly spinning in its orbit around the sun and passing through all the different signs of the zodiac during its journey. The time has come now for it to settle into a new area of space-time known as the fifth dimension. A new age of enlightenment awaits humanity, and we're at last ready to share our knowledge with those who have earned it.
The process of ascension is also known as transmutation. The word transmutation means "to change in form" or "to be transformed."
Transmutation is a process that happens when one thing is changed into another, usually by being heated, mixed with other elements, or dissolved in liquid. For example, wood can be changed into charcoal with heat, or iron can be changed into rust by exposure to oxygen.
We wish to tell you that there is no need for fear because we are your friends and family from the stars who have come to help you with this transformation.
This transformation will not be painful if you allow it to happen naturally and if you do not resist it by trying to hold on to things from your past lives that no longer serve you in any way.
The fifth dimension is a place of higher love, wisdom, and enlightenment. In this place, there is no fear, no worry, and no suffering. All thoughts are peaceful, all emotions are positive, and all people feel connected to each other."
We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.
Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation
Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.
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  • Back in January of this year I did indeed receive an excellent visit from three scaled-down, reduced in size, Sirian scoutships....Sirian scouts are spherical craft.

    And I would describe them as appearing as the famous "orbs," albeit, not ghostly in any real way.....A very discreet way of entering my immediate airspace without upsetting the neighbours....I posted this comment on the 8th Jan...as shown:

    "Zimra jountro zau...!! " Sirian for "reciprocated sentiments, stalwart spirit." This visit was physical and telepathic, both. I knew that I was getting that feeling before the event, as my comment below, at 9.38 pm, demonstrates....It was after that comment made on my laptop I got the "call" from Vashtar...
    I greeted his return, with great enthusiasm and asked where they were, at present...His response surprised me...."Laying an egg in your garden...!!" He told me that he had heard through the cosmic grapevine that I was not happy with my neighbour's kid's ball being kicked over the fence and wanted to show his own version, which might cheer me up...lol

    I had to rush outside to see what he meant, both in shock and in curiosity....Even though it was pitch black in darkness, with a very chilly feel....There at the end of my garden, smack bang in the middle of the grass lawn, was his reduced in size, scoutship....It could not have been more than the size of a ping-pong ball, and glowed oranges, reds and all in between...Crimson, scarlet, vermillion....oozing a lovely plasma field glow....
    It looked like a classic "orb," so often spoken of by psychics and ghost hunters..

    I immediately threw the thought; "I hope your landing legs are down...?" I could not see them in the dark, and it was so damn small, with a bright glowing plasma field..Completely silent, though..no electronic hum, at that size....Too small to be heard, at that high pitch frequency...

    He replied; "of course, we don't want to lose any electro-charge, before I vector off...!"

    At that moment I wondered about us being seen by neighbours, I didn't want us to be seen and had already invented a cover story about fireworks, if anyone asked me...lol He sensed this and said don't worry see for yourself...And I noted that there were no curtains open...Nobody was watching us....

    He then gave me information about the now completed sun re-calibration work, too technical to place here...He also sent blessings to Movella and Merrtro, wishing them both the best of health and fortune...

    Then as he said this, telepathically I asked where the others were...Knowing that the ships often travel in triads, outside the mothership.....He laughed and pointed my gaze in the direction of a nearby church, in an adjacent road.....Surprisingly he even said the street name, which I won't repeat here, for security reasons, but it is named after one of four UK patron saints....I won't mention which saint, on ACC..

    And there in the distance, like glowworms in the night, or will-o'-the-wisp fairy lights, were similarly minute orange and red lights, flitting around the church rooftop...I threw greetings in Sirian to them; "Selamat balik," and they returned the greeting....It was Kalestra and Sandara....Happy to be back, was their general sentiment and very happy about Merrtro and Movella's news...
    I quickly asked Kalestra if she missed Vega also....She said she did miss the council and her deputy had been filling in duties in her absence...
    Sandara thanked me for my November interaction with her, in Rendlesham forest...People are reading the account all over the world...she sent a psychic "kiss," which is a small experience when an emotion at buddhic plane levels, is passed from one telepath, to another....I felt instant bliss and it made me emotional....This emotion is not astral, but a higher octave plane energy, all together...

    Then after filling me in on their news and also plans to rest from solar work, they said they would return to Earth, shortly, but needed some training from the Plejaren, about dealing with the current levels of human despondency, pertaining to the covid restrictions and political pressures, in general...This is the human collective energies, which have certainly got worse, the last couple of years of dark cabal skullduggery...

    I then congratulated them on their solar guardianship efforts in mitigating the more extreme effects of the grand minimum...With hearty cheers, they all said (paraphrasing,) now we must have a holiday break and more training, back home, then the words; "zazuma Drekx mahdra zau...!!" from Kalestra.

    All three orange lights then shot up into the heavens, in an instant, soundlessly....
    I then went back indoors, in my freezing shiver of a state, to immediately resume my comments on ACC...So I placed the 9.55 pm comment, here on this blog...

    Demonstrating the short duration of the event....BREATHTAKING...I had made notes on my pad, which I used to produce this very comment, today...

    I was too amazed and tired to place it here, immediately....I needed to sleep on it all, first...

    Source pf commentary:

    Violet Eyes...? - It's A Bit Shocking, But Interesting
    Contact Report 5th November 2021
This reply was deleted.

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