Are You A Lightworker? We Were Seeded for These Times

2020 was the Years of the Great Parting

When we look back through history, as we rest on 5D beaches some day, we’ll most likely recount the year 2020 – the year of the pandemic, the parting of the waves. Plenty will no doubt head into the synthetic reality being created in the name of the 4th Industrial Revolution. As sad as this is, nevertheless, I encourage all lightworkers to accept the choices that some people are clearly making.

Not everyone is ready for the shift into 5D. Plenty are a long way from it, and if somehow they were forced into that tremendous metamorphosis in just a short period of time, it would be for them highly destructive. Plenty are willingly choosing the synthetic reality to manifest and express something in their karma to unravel through.

And that’s entirely necessary for them.

The most important thing lightworkers can do is to embody your soul, shine the light, and walk your path. No matter what. It is not your responsibility to drag people along with you. No matter how much you love and care for them, and even if they are biological family. Their path is theirs to walk, just as is yours. As they witness your shining light, yes, they’ll no doubt be encouraged to wake up, but you can’t force that on anyone. It will happen to the soul when the timing is right. And let’s be clear, no one can be carried into the 5D. That’s a path each has to walk by themselves, when they are ready.

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2021 is the Years of Eagle Eye Focus

There is still much shenanigens going on around us, and no doubt for some time to come. The external situation is confused and confusing, the mainstream media little more than propaganda for the shadowstate. It’s essential therefore to turn inwards and to shift your orientation in life.

How do I mean exactly?

Whereas 2020 was all about reclaiming sovereignty, now it’s walking the path with spiritual alignment. It’s time to shift how we create reality. Rather than struggling to fix the outer world in some way, which merely contracts you into it, instead, it’s about focussing on the inflow of your soul and paying attention to that. The outer world starts to shape from the inner flow of soul consciousness itself.

As you witness more signs and synchronicity, as you feel the subtle perceptions and nuances of interrelation, then the outer landscape weaves itself miraculously from what you’re perceiving. All you have to do is now step into that new shaping reality as a path of light is forming under your feet.

This is what I meant by having Eagle Eye focus in 2021 – focus within, feel the soul, make aligned choices accordingly. Focus on the path of light.

Flying with Eagle-Eye Spiritual Focus in 2021

Becoming the Genie

It’s time to take the lid off your bottle and become the spiritual genie. If you’re reading this, you can do it. You’ll be amazed at just how alchemical and powerfully creative your soul consciousness is. But you do have to trust, like never before, and commit – commit to the feeling sense that now wants to illuminate your world and the next step.

My friends we have a golden opportunity unfolding before us. Release the grief you might feel for those who will head into the synthetic reality. That might well be their path and what their karma chooses. But YOU don’t have to go that way. And assuming a strong wave of humanity does wake up to challenge the state narrative, as I believe it will, then they’ll be enough 3D freedom for us to function and operate. We’ll be able to move around the planet and connect with each other in the field, to uplift us to ever greater heights.

I wish you all well at this pivotal point. Open the bottle on your consciousness. Let your soul out to express freely and without limitation – with joy and uplifting lightness. Shine your light out into the world. Watch for the universe sending you loving reflections of signs and synchronicity. Bathe in those and ripple that light far afield for plenty more to experience. I have a clear sense, that when we look back in years to come, we’ll say, “yes, that’s when the battle for the feedom of a new humanity was won”.

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