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PART 3:  4 Easy Ways to Release Needless Thinking

Are your thoughts having their way with you? 

In Parts 1 and 2, we discussed remembering that the process for releasing needless thinking will vary by individual, but basically comes down to understanding that wayward thinking patterns are just past programming we’ve allowed to go on long enough and can easily choose to release.

Below are 4 real-life, technical approaches that you can use to stop thinking too much.  I invite you to try one or all of the approaches that resonate with you.

Moving from the needless thinking of Mind-Centered Living to the joyful freedom of Heart-Centered Living is as easy as choosing, course-correcting and connecting.  Remember, you and your I AM Presence are one.  You, as your I AM Presence are the navigator of your ship though life.

To stop the needless thinking, we can step up to the helm, take control of our ship (of which thinking is just one part) and navigate to a greater connection with our Hearts and Divine Wisdom – which will in turn give us greater joy, empowerment, fulfillment and freedom out of life.


choice-150x150.jpg?width=150TIP 1.  Choose

Exercise your Divine Power and Make a Choice to Release Needless Thinking

We’re in charge our life and attract to ourselves experiences that match up with the vibration of the energy we put out through our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and feelings.  Spirit stands by at the ready (just like the crew on ship) to support us in changing and uplifting anything in our experience of life - but that process can’t and won’t start until we decide and choose for it to do so!

The good news is that we are divinely powerful creators and making the choice to release needless thinking from your life is easier than we might think!

Remember, needless thinking is just past-programming we’ve let go on long enough.  We can set our intent and make a choice to release the repetitive thinking that’s not serving us and our I AM Presence that is us will step in and manage the process for us?

Try this:  Just say to yourself as often as possible “I am enlightened and live through my heart.”  Then just breathe and allow the deprogramming of your mind process to occur without a doubt of its success in your mind. [1]

By residing within that knowing and by stating "I am enlightened" with no doubt, our experiences automaticallybegins to match up with that inner knowing.  Remember, the perceived battle between the heart and mind is just that – a perception.

Our I AM Presence joyfully steps to the forefront when we allow it.  We can step into our Power by exercising the power of choice and allowing our I AM Presence to manage the mind deprogramming process for us. If you’d like to release needless thinking, try this choosing-it approach.  Let’s accept and love ourselves to freedom from needless thinking!

shiphelm-150x150.jpg?width=150TIP 2.  Course-Correct

Notice your Thinking Process and Reshape It. 

Course Correcting is about noticing your thinking process and reshaping, or course correcting it, to serve you instead of dis-empower you.   

Here’s an example of the course-correcting approach to reduce needless thinking, this time from beloved Archangel Michael:

Consider each moment what you are focusing on. Is it what you are afraid will happen? If that is so, immediately infuse those thoughts with the light and love in your hearts and wash the fear away with your new perspective and inherent knowing that you are now leaving that illusion behind you. Bless it and fill the space with an abundance of love energy. Take it one step further and create in that newly cleared space your image of what is burning in your heart to be a Reality.”  [2]

So, to summarize, for the course-correcting approach to reduce wayward thinking, we would:

  • Pay attention to what our thoughts are focusing on – our perceived past… the feared future… what we DON’T want or what we DO want.
  • If you find yourself focusing on fear or what you don’t want – send Love and Light energy to those thoughts, bless them and release them (the Violet Flame of Transmutation is great for this  [4] ).
  • Invite more Love and Light energy into your being.
  • Focus on envisioning what you do want as if it’s already occurred.  Be sure to allow your thoughts, feelings, emotions and senses into this love and light sacred space of imagining and this can help bring what you’re envisioning into manifestation more easily and quickly.

Remember to be easy on yourself during this process.  Many of our thoughts are not even ours.  Did you know that?  As we’re all raising our vibration at this time, many are now able to telepathically pick up the thoughts of others, whether those other people are immediately around us or halfway across the world.

So if you find yourself having thoughts that are not yours, ask yourself “is this thought mine” and, if it’s not, drop and release it like a hot potato.  It’s that easy and simple.

Also remember that many of our thoughts are also carryovers from other lifetimes buried within our genetic structure simply awaiting release during this most special time of ascension on Earth. [3]  These thoughts are merely energy packets and we can easily release them by persistently following some of the approaches listed herein.

nature-150x150.jpg?width=150TIP 3.  Connect with Nature

Allow Mother Earth and Nature to Help You Release Needless Thinking.

Another easy way to step out of the mind rule and into heart rule is to take long walks, preferably out in nature.  Spending time in nature around the trees, grass, dirt and other elements of Mother Earth will enable us to release stuck energies and incorporate more high vibrational light energy into our bodies.

The process of incorporating more New Energy into our being automatically re-aligns our energy bodies in ways for our highest and best good.

Discuss your problems with Spirit

As you walk, you could try actually speaking out loud to Spirit and your guides and discuss a problem or situation that’s been bothering you.  Open your heart to the answers and guidance you receive and then take action on the guidance received that feels right to you.

 Resolve to release the thought energy that’s no longer serving you

If you have a particular nagging set of thoughts rumbling around in your head that you’d like to release, set your intention for that release to occur on your walk. Then ask for help from Spirit, open your crown chakra during your walk and envision the nagging thought energy being lovingly released from your head out into the air through your crown chakra as you walk.

Next, envision golden, love and light energy gently flowing into your head (and entire body) filling the empty space just vacated by your thoughts.  Before you know it (and most likely before the end of your walk as so often happens with me), you’ll have a creative solution to your problem and no need to continue repeatedly mulling it over in your mind.

De-Stress by Moving and Stretching the Body while you Walk

Often stress comes on when we have stuck energy to release from other parts of the body and our mind can start churning unnecessarily as it tries to find a logical reason for the discomfort we’re feeling.  So you could also try stretching as you walk or doing a walking meditation to release old, stuck energy from your entire body.  This reduces stress and increases the feeling of peace within the body, which will often thereafter result in reducing the trivial mind chatter going on in the head.

These walks in nature can help us get out of the rut of needless thinking and will, instead, help our minds to actually expand into greater expression of our true, Divine Nature – that of a joyful, peaceful, calm and loving energy and nature that easily connects with creative solutions to any problem we might face.

sacredheart-150x150.jpg?width=150TIP 4.  Connect with your Heart

Connect to your Sacred Heart/Sacred Heart Center daily to reduce needless thinking.

We can set aside the time to practice going into and connecting with that deepest part of ourselves, our Sacred Heart, and then ALLOWING that to express in our lives.  We can give our Sacred Heart our time, focus and attention and intention.

As you connect with your Sacred Heart, whether through meditation or conscious intent, know that this part of you will always answer and provide you with helpful guidance and suggestions for the next most beneficial step on your path.

[NOTE:  If you’d like help with learning to meditate or connect in with the Sacred Heart or Violet Flame of Transmutation, just ask your Divine Self for guidance on this, Contact Me and I'll help you, or simply Google “connecting to the Sacred Heart” or “violet flame of transmutation” and your Divine Self will lead you to lots of online information on these topics. [5] ]

My experience with this connection approach, both in my own energy work and with clients, is that when we make a practice of consistently connecting in with our Heart, our Sacred Heart eventually begins to energetically connect in with our Sacred Mind, not the brain mind, but our Sacred Mind.

Thereafter, our Sacred Heart Center is activated and the Sacred Heart and Sacred Mind begin a magical process or working together perfectly in tandem, naturally, like they were meant to do all along.

One way to find joy out of life is by living as a true expression of That Which We Are!  Our Sacred Mind is connected to the One Mind, All That Is and when we work through the Sacred Heart and Sacred Mind together, that’s working through our Divine Wisdom and we’re unstoppable!

All of the approaches listed here for releasing needless thinking come down to choosing to consciously course-correct our thinking patterns for greater connection.  In fact, you can apply this same process to any area of your life you’d like to improve upon, in addition to using it help you release needless thinking.

Achieving this greater connection to our Sacred Heart, Divine Self and ultimately Creator, can help us accomplish magnificent, real-life change in your life and I encourage you to spend time working with any of the approaches that resonate with you.

joy6-150x150.jpg?width=150PART 4:  You Can Do It!

We are each Divine Creators living a divinely unique and personal experience on this planet.  If we’re faced with needless thinking that just brings us down and dis-empowers us, we can recognize that we’ve previously allowed our minds to rule and decide through choice and intention to course-correct and go a different route – one that connects us back to our truest nature where the Sacred Mind and Sacred Heart work in tandem through a fully activated Sacred Heart Center for truly conscious, joyful and empowered living.

If you’re tired of the endless circling of the brain mind, consider trying one or more of the 4 approaches listed above to allow your I AM Presence to take control of the mind deprogramming process for you and release circular, endless thinking with ease.

Lastly, if you know of someone who could benefit from this information, be an angel and share this article with them! (You can use the share buttons at the top/bottom of this post.)

Feel free to leave a comment and share your experiences with either the approaches listed here or other approaches you’ve found helpful in managing the thinking process for more joyful, conscious and empowered living.


Love, peace and blessings to all,


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Sources/ More Information:

[1] Crimson Circle, December 10, 2011 Shoud, “Life Designers”.

[2] Message from Archangel Michael ~ 1.12.12 ~ CREATE!

[3] Hilarion's Weekly Message - Marlene Swetlishoff - January 15, 2012

[4] The Violet Flame of Transmutation is a wonderful tool to use to transmute lower vibration energies, thoughts and feelings (anger, hatred, jealousy, fear, etc.) into higher vibration energies (joy, peace, compassion).  Google it to learn more or if you’d like a private session working with the Violet Flame of Transmutation, Contact Me Here.

[5] The 15Chakra Energy Blast System can help you activate your Sacred Heart Center (includes several chakras) and connect with your own Divine Wisdom for more heart-centered living.  Learn More Here.

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