Angela Barnett (Mary Magdalene)

 Mary Magdalene Ascension Portal Project you tube. On this you tube, we are talking about the algorithims, the angles, the consciousness of Mary Magdalene and I am telling Elaika my understanding of the Vortex technology that I call the Merkaba technology and using it from the Cosmic Level.

My last dialog with Yeshuwa (Jesus Christ) clarified a piece of information that I had placed in a previous newsletter. I said the Shift would shift the Earth 45 degrees and then immediately back 23 degrees to align us into a new future. Yeshuwa reminded me that if the Earth was to shift 45 degrees, we would have a great tragedy. The shift between the Higher Earth of Harmonic Universe Two must shift exactly and identically into the Earth of the Lower Harmonic Universe. Each Harmonic Universe would shift 45 degrees in opposite directions to bring them into a MORPHING of At One Ness.

The old Nostradamus predictions about the Earth shifting into a dangerous future would be the 45 degree shift not being in absolute perfect balance with the lower and higher harmonic universes. This is why all of our Starry Families who are using their technology to shift and balance and align Earth into the most perfect moment of balance and alignment so that the shift could be so perfect that we won't feel it at all.

Yeshuwa said that they are considering many possibilities of the perfect timing of the Shift and for the perfect timing of the Time Lines intersecting in order to help and save as many from danger as possible. We would all like to wait for a time when every single person on Earth would move through the shift unharmed, but that is probably not possible. However, the Starry Families are doing their best.

They change their technology continuously to give us the best angles to stop as many tectonic shifts as possible. However, Yeshuwa said that the only way the Pacific Coast could be saved is if the race line called the Keia can move their technology to Earth before the Coast falls in the Ocean. The Keia race line is 1 billion light years in our future. Elaika said the Keia are even a few thousand years beyond his race line. So, this gives us an idea of how advanced Elaika is. Elaika is helping us with his technology as much as possible. And I am the most important piece of his technology. I am the one that he guides through Astral travel to work on the Grids and the Portals with the Dolphins and Whales when I am sleeping.

The conversations that I've had with Elaika and Yeshuwa have clarified my understanding of who Mary Magdalene is more and more in each dialog. The importance of my understanding of how this same Mary Magdalene Frequency Signature that is known through out the Universe is the same Frequency Signature that is in my Soul at this time, will become more and more clear to others on Earth as time passes. I do not expect most of you to understand what I understand at this time, but that understanding will come to you in the future This Mary Magdalene Frequency Signature that I have been working with and developing through my music for three decades has been the greatest help for me learning more and more about who I am and how the Music of the Spheres contains the spin rate of my Frequency Signature at each of the dimensional angles.

When I first started Breathing my Frequency Signatures together with my Twin Flame and with the Elohim of Hearing and using the God Language, I started to hear something that I had never heard before. I heard a type of music that could be layered infinitely and never become out of balance. That is the difference between the Music that is based on the Frequency Signatures of the Souls of the Universe and the Solfege Music that is based on certain aspects of Souls in the Solar System.

This last level of meaning became clear to me when I told Elaika and Yeshuwa that I have chosen to create this Ascension Portal at the Cosmic Level. That was not their decision. It was my decision to create this Portal from the Cosmic Level.

They were just having me create it from a Solar Level. Elaika re programmed my frequency transmissions into the Cosmic Level when I spoke with him last.

That is what the conversation is about on the Mary Magdalene Ascension Portal Project you tube. this you tube, we are talking about the algorithims, the angles, the consciousness of Mary Magdalene and I am telling Elaika my understanding of the Vortex technology that I call the Merkaba technology and using it from the Cosmic Level.

The you tube begins with Elaika explaining to me that I am actually Mary Magdalene in the Flesh, as the answer to my question about how I feel in my insecurity at this time of having this great identity and this great mission to accomplish. (Don't be so quick to judge me. You might have a little bit of a shock if you learned that you were actually someone other than you thought you were, and then realizing that there so many people in the Universe counting on you.) Elaika is comforting me, because this is what I need at this time. Some have offered their opinion that I do not need to convince anyone that I am Mary Magdalene.

I am not convincing anyone besides my self. I am sharing an event that is taking place at this time that will be of such great importance to your own understanding when you are ready to understand it, that some day you will look back, and realize that you actually got to experience this event of Mary Magdalene remembering who she is. Elaika told me that my desire to create the portals from the Cosmic level would make the Portal much more precise. This event will go down in history that I asked to recalculate the Ascension Portals through the Highest possible calculation of the Cosmic Realms. I already knew this would make the Portal much more precise because then it is based on the exact mathematical proportions of the image and likeness of God, instead of an angle that becomes a little less exact in the Universal and then in the Galactic and in the Solar angles of preciseness.

Elaika told me that I already know how to create these Portals and that everyone in the Universe known that I know how to create these Portals and they have absolute knowing that I will accomplish this. They know this because the reality exists within my Soul, within my Akashic Records.Cosmic Frequency Signature of Mary Magdalene Everything that I have recorded on my albums has always been this Cosmic Frequency Signature of Mary Magdalene and that Frequency Signature is my Frequency Signature of my Soul at higher and higher dimensional angles. This is how my higher self has been training me to get ready for this Ascension Portal re activation for the past thirty years. Each recording that I have created over the past thirty years has become more transparent because the frequencies in the music represent the exact replication of the frequency alignments of the five harmonic universes growing more and more harmonic over the past thirty years.

Each year I have noticed the need to find a way to record frequencies that are no longer recordable on old technology. I have needed to out smart the Earth's technology more and more each year, and lately each month to keep up with frequency signatures that are aligning at a more etheric and transparent level because our Sun has shifted into Positronic Frequencies that allow us to actually see dimensional layers because there is no time and space in the positron. If I were to continue to record hertzian frequencies, that people are now just calling audible frequencies with specific hertzian rates such as 542 or 547,that would be recording one tiny little aspect of an entire Soul's Frequency Signature. This is what is done when someone records a channeling session with the higher self of Mary Magdalene or the sixth aspect of Mary Magdalene or the Love aspect of Mary Magdalene.

They are recording a piece of my Soul at a higher dimensional level. However, I asked Yeshuwa this specific question about the recordings that have been made by Tom Kenyon for several decades. He has always claimed that he channels Mary Magdalene and that is who is singing on his recordings. He has become a very popular and wealthy musician simply by making this claim that he is recording Mary Magdalene. This was the exact question that I asked Yeshuwa, because I wanted to know how these people are recording my frequency signatures.

Yeshuwa told me that it is absolutely true that Tom Kenyon's higher self connects with or channels into Mary Magdalene's Spirit Self. Yeshuwa said that Tom Kenyon is only able to replicate that frequency at a third dimensional level. He said that this is very different than the Frequencies of my own Soul who carries the complete spectrum of the Frequency Signature of Mary Magdalene breathing her own Frequencies into the Music recording. He didn't say that one was better or worse. Because there are many who have been helped by Tom Kenyon and by those who record Solfege Notes. He just said that my Frequencies are Mary Magdalene because I am Mary Magdalene in the Flesh.

The Soul in my Body is the Soul of Mary Magdalene. The reason that I keep making this point as clear as possible is because we are now in a time when we all need to understand what a Soul is and how it contains the Akashic records of all that we have ever been and we use what is in these Akashic records to complete our missions that we came to Earth for. I am telling you these things for you to use as a model for your own Soul Understanding. Many have tried to proove that Mary Magdalene's Soul is some huge abstract untouchable phenomena.

Well, that is true, it is. However, all that is created by God is created through the same divine template over and over and over again through out the Universe and in the level of density of those on Earth. While my Soul is presently in this density of reality, it also exists at all levels of dimensional reality. My Soul's name is Of the Breath of Light. It was given this name from God when he created me. My name has changed in each life time. The name Mary Magdalene is just the name that is most common on this planet, even though I have been on this planet in many life times besides the Mary Magdalene story. This is what each of us learn when we go through our Akashic Records. This is the story that I am telling about the Akashic records of every one on Earth.

We all came back from a series of lifetimes on this planet and on others where we were known by many other names. We came back at this time, because it is now time for us to Ascend. I am the one telling this story, because I am the one who is creating this Ascension Portal with Jesus and Elaika. Elaika is actually a more important part of the Acension of Earth than anyone else. However, since no one on this Earth has heard of him, he says it is better to tell the story with the names Jesus and Mary. If you listen carefully to my you tube recordings, you will realize that Elaika is doing most of my work for me. And I give him all credit for my part of this mission. He could make me successful even if I just passed out or went to sleep for the next three months. This is a fact. This is why I am not longer worried about successfully completing this mission. He is the one keeping my Energy in alignment and shifting my energy where it needs to be. Jesus is doing this at a spiritual level, but Elaika is with me in this Energy level of Consciousness.

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