Dr. Angela Barnett Crystal Magic I would like to share with you how my personal Angelic Family has been preparing me to understand what is REALLY happening between this historic week of Pope Fracis world campaign, the blooming into the Year of Illumination when world currency will elevate into a new higher level stage of being, and how a new corroboration of world leaders will prepare for the Fall of 2016 when EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE.

My higher self told me to check the news on September 25 about two months ago. I didn't even know the Pope had been speaking all week. I just kept it on my schedule to check the news this morning. I had already been told that there have been Entities from our Star Families already meeting with certain Leaders of our World, and the instructions that have been given through the Higher Mind Frequencies would IGNITE this new Consciousness in all who listen to the Speech, even if they don't agree with this agenda at this time, all world leaders are being transformed through the Frequencies of Consciousness from our Guardian Races.

There was a SYNCHRONICITY that my higher self wanted me to prepare for before I listened to anything that was said. One piece of the puzzle that I needed to hear was a statement that Ramtha had made in his Legacy teachings over two decades ago. :Last night at 9 p.m. I reached into a pile of my Ramtha CDs and started listening. I remembered hearing some of the things he said before, but there were a few items that popped out that I don't actually remember hearing before.

He said that wars that were created between the gods of nations such as those who worship Jesus as their god against those who worship Mohammad as their god and those who worship Buddha as their god were based on PERSONALIZATION agendas. He was reminding his class on Manifestation that ANYTHING that comes from the Neo Cortex Thinking Brain is a Personalized Agenda. He said that the Personal Agenda will give way to the Mid Brain Frequency Specific Agenda that does not PERSONALIZE.

He said that is how the World's agendas will be changed. Ramtha said that there are a group of leaders in the world who do not believe in the Personalization of world agendas. He said that group will begin to appear in the Fall of 2015. The Pope just began this new Illumination that will bring us into a brand new way of non- personalization- non judgement- non-separation. Ramtha said there will be no walls of separation between countries and religions after everything changes.

It was Bashar who gave us the date of when Everything Changes-- Fall 2016. I was also given another piece of the puzzle two days ago that clearly explains WHY everything will change Fall 2016. The reason is the Comet that will circle very close to Earth at the very end of our Spring 2016. That Comet, and all Comets are actually Space ships that carry the actual consciousness of our original complete 12 Stars of Consciousness. The Comet that comes in Spring 2016 will bring the completion of the 12th Star of Aramentana. That is why there will be a huge surge in Consciousness in the summer of 2016. This matches the date Bashar gave of everything changing prior to the ELECTIONS in Fall 2016. It will be the Elections that SHOW us how the Consciousness of the World has shifted into the Agendas that were given in the Campaign of Pope Fracis this week.


Please look at the statements made by the Pope.

He called on often warring lawmakers to honor the example of their greatest national heroes, like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Abraham Lincoln. Ramtha told us in some of his earlier teachings that Abraham Lincoln was an absolute channel of God Consciousness. He truly did plan to create a government that was FOR THE PEOPLE.

Ramtha told us that everything that Lincoln tried to create was taken away by the British Rulers demanding that the U.S. pay them taxes for anything that had made profit in America. It was the British Rulers who changed the U.S. from the original intent. Martin Luther King was the other absolute channel of God who had removed his judgement loop of thinking. Pope Francis commented on the racial violence over the past year and prepared a debate over the place of Muslims in U.S. society that arose in recent weeks.

Pope Francis challenged America Thursday to embrace millions of undocumented immigrants and join a global campaign against climate change and poverty, wading undaunted into the nation's volatile politics in a historic address to Congress. Francis also called for a fairer world economy, the abolition of the death penalty, the protection of ethnic and religious minorities, the outlawing of the global "blood" trade in arms and the protection of the family in a speech sure to please liberals.

If you look closely at each of the items on the Pope's campaign, you will see that each one of them demands the removal of JUDGEMENT. This was the first step into our year of Illumination. I have already shared the predictions that the Sirians informed me of a few days ago. It is easy to see how the Pope's campaign was the first step into the fulfillment of these. There was another Piece of the Puzzle that was given by Kryon in 2012. He told us that the Catholic Church knew that the younger members would not put up with their agendas any longer. They knew then that the Church would crumble if it did not CHANGE.

There were already several older Pope's stepping down from office and allowing Young Priests to step into their places. This agenda has been taking place from WITHIN the church structure for a decade already. I was surprised to hear that it was Pope Fracis himself who declared the new agenda. I was expecting to see one of the Young replacements come forth.

So, the good news is, the minds of the older generation have already had the Walk Ins of the new Consciousness take over. It was always prophesized that their Consciousness would be transformed by their Higher Selves Walking in and taking over their minds. What this means is the Neo Cortex has resigned and the Mid Brain has been connected to the Mind of God. This phenomena had to be shown to the world by Strong Leaders first who would create a DOMINO EFFECT for all world leaders.


These are the ABSOLUTE PROMISES made by our Universal Guardians. IN 2016 there will be a Change in Consciousness regarding the WORLD's CURRENCY. The more that our Minds reflect Oneness, the more Money reflects Oneness and Attunement. CHANGING THE MEANING OF MONEY Our currency will elevate into a new higher level stage of being. Reflecting a Higher Consciousness.

Reflecting Light instead of Emotion. Based on the Principles of the Mind of God and Instant Manifestation of the Hearts Desires Removed from the Neo Cortex of judgment of what a Value is NO JUDGEMENT No Evaluation- UNCONDITIONAL LOVE OLD MEANING OF MONEY- Created through forms of Control, Manipulation, the root of all evil, greed, jealousy, working instead of living, always needing more, never enough NEW MEANING OF MONEY based on a NEW Consciousness. Exchange of Value, infinite supply, gratitude, synchronistic manifestation


Dr. Angela Barnett

Crystal Magic


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