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When you make the commitment to order your own personal Eternal Life Album, the first thing that I do is make contact with your Higher Self. You are giving me permission to heal you when you order your Eternal Life Album. The fact that you are investing $350 means that your Higher Self has directed you to order the Album. Most people don't know why they are ordering the album. Many people do not understand it after they order it and then they want an explanation.

The explanation is a Quantum Science paradigm that you could not possibly understand. However, I recently found this you tube that shows where I take my consciousness, when I work with your Higher Self, and how that Consciousness that is out and around your body as your multi dimensional selves are being pulled into and through all of the cells in your body as I create the album for you.

I highly recommend you watch this while you are listening to your Eternal Life Album. Try to imagine the frequencies that you are hearing in your music streaming from the spaces that are being shown in this you tube. This is exactly how I use my consciousness when I create your album. This you tube will be helpful in listening to any of my music. They reason that you need the album is so that you can continuously be repeating this process of this Consciousness being pulled into the body from your Spiritual Consciousness field around you.

This is how the VEIL is removed between your physical and spiritual bodies and you have the polarization removed from your Consciousness. When you place your order, your Higher Self is giving me permission to heal you. However, I don't actually do the healing. What I do is open your connection in Consciousness to your Higher Self. Once this flow of Consciousness of your Higher Self is plugged back into your DNA at the physical level, you are no longer functioning on the double helix two DNA, which are the linear physical part of you. You are now functioning through the INVISIBLE DNA of the Spiritual body. You are being reconnected to 12 etheric invisible sets of DNA within each Chakra point in the body. The physical DNA have almost nothing to do with the reconnection of the Etheric Sets of DNA. The Etheric Sets of DNA are your Multi Dimensional Selves plugging back into you.

These Multi Dimensional Selves have been with you since birth. Your Innate has been with you since birth. However, there has been this Veil of Unknowingness on Earth that is being melted away more and more each day. The year 2015 is the year of the Catalyst. That means enough frequencies will be flowing through the Crystalline Grids of the Earth to completely remove that VEIL of Unknowingness. Your Higher Self is your INNATE.

The Innate connects and hears through the Frequency Specific Mid Brain ( pineal and pituitary gland functions in the body). The Innate is being awakened in everyone on Earth for the first time in the History of Mankind. There will be a Mass Awakening. However, most people have never made a connection to their Inner Self or Innate Higher Self connection. Most people wouldn't even believe there is such a thing. However, the potential has been placed here on Earth to make it easier than ever before to connect with your Inner Knowing, your Soul, your Innate, your Higher Self. All of these Selves have been invisible and unknown to most of the world for a very long time.

The Eternal Life Album uses the Consciousness of your Innate, your Higher Self to reconnect your cellular memory back into the Divine Substance, the Divine Intelligence, the Divine Manifestation Template that is within your Spiritual Self on the other side of the Veil. The Eternal Life Album actually removes the Veil between the Physical and Spiritual Self. The Eternal Life Album reconnects all of your Consciousness of all of your Multi Dimensional Selves who are who you are. These selves come with you into the Parallel Physical at the time of your birth.

However, most people just assume that God is watching over them and when they pray they make contact sometimes. This is an old belief. This is not reality. The reality is that our Multi Dimensional Selves from all 15 dimensions of parallel realities are with us from birth. They are within our Light Body and Crystal Body and our Physical Body can reconnect with them. The area that is eight meters or 24 feet around the body contains these multi dimensional selves in the Universal Merkaba. An even more Cosmic Set of Multi Dimensional Selves are within the 100 foot Merkaba area. However, on the Personal Level, all Cosmic, Universal and Galactic Multi dimensional selves are in the area that is three feet above your head. If you ride your cosmic elevator up thirty six inches you break free from the physical and pop out of the VEIL between the physical and spiritual.

I talk about Consciousness in the spectrum of distance and connections and spectrums of light energy because I learned the Quantum Physics of the entire Spiritual Reality from the Cosmic Guardians channeling through Ashayana Deane in Keylontic Science and from Ramtha in his Legacy Teachings. For those who are very interested in the Complete Scientific Understanding, these are the sets of teachings that I most recommend. Recently, I have been listening to Kryon's explanation of the same set of Physics. What is new from the perspective of Kryon, is that he is telling us that even his own partner, Lee Carrol, could not understand what he was talking about 20 years ago. Kryon is still telling us that he must continue to speak in metaphor because his listening audience can not understand the True Quantum Science of reality. I was one of the ones who could understand the Quantum Science of Reality thirty years ago. I understood it when I was four years old. I remember choosing my parents before I came to Earth.

I chose parents who would make sure that I went to the Christian Science Sunday School and combine that with the Infinite Way Teachings. And that I would begin that study at a very young age. Some of us come to Earth already knowing these things. It wasn't like I was learning anything new from Christian Science or Infinite Way teachings. When I went to Sunday School I always had this angel standing on my shoulder and speaking my ear. I recently learned that was my Innate speaking to me. I was being told a reality that had something to do with what was being read in the Christian Science textbook, and yet it had some bigger meaning to it. I remember arguing with my Sunday School teacher when I was in elementary school. I continued arguing with Christian Scientists all of my life trying to explain to them that the Christian Science textbook has a very brief outline of the truth of all reality, but it is still very brief. I knew inside of me that there was much much more to know about this Infinite All Knowing Mind of God than just a set of definitions such as Divine Mind, Divine Love, Divine Truth.

My higher self directed me to search for the new teachings being brought to Earth. When I returned to the U.S. from Japan in 1999 I found the teachings of Ramtha. The first thing that I noticed was how he was always talking about back ground knowledge and cultural belief systems holding people into this old belief of how the body was mortal. His teachings sounded identical to what I had written in my Masters Thesis as a Multi National Communication Trainer who taught in International Schools and Companies. My Dissertation that expanded this study into how the teachings in our school systems create a Veil over the minds of children and adults to make sure they never expand their consciousness beyond their immediate social environment were also included in Ramtha's teachings.

When I searched Ramtha's teachings I found THE LEGACY CDs. These teachings taught everything about how the human race was created and how to reconnect the human cellular memory of the DNA into the NEW INNATE who reprograms the body into the New Eternal Life Body. Ramtha used the pure scientific language of electrons, protons, photosynthesis, the transformance of the seal in the DNA through a photo plasma process. I learned this method by writing every word he said and then trying to re write it in my own understanding little by little until I could re write the entire lecture in my own words. This is how I learned Quantum Physics

. I did the same thing with every single DVD of the Keylontic Science Teachings. I listened, wrote, drew diagrams, looked up unknown scientific terminology and re wote it again. I completely understand why there will never be anyone else who goes through the process that I went through. I became this way by going to school much longer than anyone else, writing more masters thesis than any one else, changing my major more than any one else, changing schools, changing committees, changing my dissertation over and over again, changing jobs ever year, and writing teachings from multiple recorded lectures until writing fifty pages a day was as normal for me as eating breakfast. I do not consider myself normal. So, I can understand why most people run from the words that I say.

If I had not kept my knowing silent until this time I would be in a funny farm with all of the other enlightened ones who can see through the veil. This process continued in channeling information from several entities including Kuthumi, El Morya, all of the Elohim Teams, my Sirian Brother Zaurak, Devas, Aquafarians and even my own multi dimensional selves. I out grew that process very quickly because I knew it was a part of an old system. I am reviewing these items because there were a few of us who did understand everything that will be understood by a few more in the near future. I have a very bad habit of becoming very angry each time I see a written document posted by a channeler who is finally transmitting realities that I had posted as blogs ten years ago. This is why they became famous while I became UNKNOWN. I have been removed from hundreds of websites by administrators who claim that I start wars.

All I do is post the truth and the commenters are the ones who start the wars. I just refuse to participate in their wars and so the administrators say that I can not use their website because I do not participate in discussions. Well, there are no discussions. There are only those who want to try to prove that I am a liar because they do not understand what I am saying yet. And then, a few years later, someone says what I said and every one glories in the new understanding. Since I am not one of those who promotes the very old outgrown belief in the NESARA fund, I am not very popular. Yes, there will be a new funding system. It will be based on your own INNATE, your own Inner Knowing, your own ability to manifest any thing that you DESIRE.

I have already explained this in detail in my MANIFESTATION WORKSHOP. There will be no need for any funds of any kind by those who are truly in communication with their higher selves. It will become one of the natural processes of the body as will instant healing. Those realities will not come true until a few of us begin understanding and promoting the Innate to become attached to our Cellular Memory. The fact is there was no one who could understand what I was talking about ten years ago or twenty years ago. However, there are a lot more people who are understanding now. And more people awakening into being a person that they were not before 2012.

I am way beyond my time. I am pretty sure that most people won't understand the things I am talking about until 2020-2040, however, for those few blessed ones who keep reading my newsletters, there will be a group of us who can lead those others on Earth who will just begin their awakening and have many questions just like you have many questions now. That is why you are here. That is why you are learning from me. I'm attaching this you tube by KRYON titled NOT YOUR FATHER's NEW AGE.

MOST followers of the New Age Movement have actually been teaching an Old Age teaching, and they continue to do so. They do not realize that those teachings were not the real thing. The true Quantum Science teachings of our complete reality of our Eternal Life Reprogramming was never mentioned in any of those old New Age Teachings. I could tell those teachings were incorrect the first time I glanced at them. The very term heirarchical was always misunderstood. The term Angel was always mis understood. That heirarchy of the Galactic, Universal, Cosmic becoming One Grand New Frequency is what the new teaching is all about. It has nothing to do with a group of entities who channelers think they have to continuously go to for direction.

It is about learning that the multi dimensional selves within you already know everything that is in the Mind of God. The reason that most people cannot understand what I'm talking about is because I'm talking about a future reality that I understood before I was born. I am not expecting you to understand everything that I write. I am just explaining processes that I have gone through to gain the understanding that I needed to have to create the first album of consciousness music that reconnected my husband's cellular memory into his Higher Self. However, in the case of my husband, he was already in his Higher Self and I was bringing his Physical self back into the body that his Higher Self was possessing while his body was being transformed.

My higher self began directing me to find the Keylontic Science teachings the moment that they were delivered to Earth. I was being told that they were being written before they were published in the Voyagers 2 book by Ashayana Deane. I was told to go search for these teachings as early as 2000. I was looking through new age book stores every where. Finally, in 2002 I found the Science of the Stars. Now, this all leads us back to what Kryon has said. Most of you were not able to understand those Quantum Science teachings 20 years ago. And most of you do not understand them now. However, in 2017 there will be a new awakened raceline who is able to begin understanding these things and seeing that the Invisible Science is as real as the old Visible Science.

Those few of you who come to my website and try to put the pieces of the puzzle together now and who have already awakened their Innate within them through the Eternal life album and use of the Candle Technique awakening you to the reality of your Frequency Specific Mid Brain are beginning to experience all of the wonderful Quantum Science teachings that I studied twenty years ago. For those of you who are more comfortable with the way Kryon uses metaphors to explain those things that he knows you are not yet ready to understand, I recommend beginning with this synopsis of where we are in our Ascension Process at this time.

I'm attaching this you tube by KRYON titled NOT YOUR FATHER's NEW AGE.

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