21st December 2012 : How will we feel on "The Big Day"!

I'm just wondering, all else aside, how it going to feel on the big day and the following days. Are we going to feel a big shift, or will it be more subtle? Energy poring in from the centre of the galaxy sounds quite epic.

I also wonder what part the stone circles, new grange, other sites and the Giza plateau if any will play in this.

I don't know if anyone's been following the Giza Geo matrix theory (the great pyramid being a technological device for free energy and/or Earth protection shield).

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  • Just wanted to add one thing, of course a lot of us to like to shift dimensions, done a bit of that myself already. But I don't hate 3D, just the current matrix and control system.

    Our Mother Earth is so beautiful, just the way she is! Beautiful Gaia, we love you XXX

  • there is a time and a place for everything... you can't give Light to people who are still stuck in the Matrix. but there will be a time where everyone has broken free from the Matrix and only then will they accept the Light we have to offer. :P

  • if you want a better world than make it a better world. all I'm saying is you better know how to survive on nature. how to start a fire with only sticks and some string, and how to hunt and trap animals.

  • hey man, hands in the air, all i'm saying is that i'm not sure what's going to happen and when, that's why I started this to find out what other are thinking/feeling and to get some inspiration. but like I said, whatever happens I pray for a better world.

  • If you can Bring Light to the darkness of the world than you have served your purpose.

  • there will only be more chaos, destruction, pain, and suffering in the future. our Job and our purpose is to bring the Light in the darkness.

  • Well, at the risk of repeating myself, I hope whatever happens we all see a better world in the very near future. If ascension doesn't happen for a few years, bring on free energy, and abundance for all. Looks like this discussion is dying down now. So, thanks for everyone's input and points of view :)


  • plenty of free engergy also

  • It's not only that so much has been said about this date, it's the whole time period we are now going through. Much of the internet seems to be a circus of information: Drake, David Wilcock, Channels, Benjamin Fulford, ancient prophecies, Nibibu, David Icke, Alex Jones, Project Camelot, Michael Tsarion, Giza Geo Matrix, not to mention our great leaders being shape shifting Aliens... Need I go on. This information seems to contradict itself but luckily there at least seems to be a common thread to it all. But I don't mind admitting, I a little confused! 

  • I'm glad I have horses... May come in handy!

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