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12 Steps to 4D Awakening and Ascension for the 2nd Wave lightworkers and Starseeds; from Higher Self


I was told to write this outline for those who are about to awaken or has already begun to Awaken, {2nd Wavers}. The 1st wave probably already knows this info but it could be a refresher for them. This guide line is not complete, it could go into great detail and be a book in itself. For it was taken from many resources but mainly from the book '' A Course In Miracles'' [ACIM] and the Urantia Book and many other New Age Books and of course from my Higher Self and the Holy Trinity.

1st Step; PRAYER

Prayer is the very 1st beginning of the Awakening Process.One day we realize that something is very wrong with the World, we are not Happy, hardly no-one is and then we remember what JC said, that the world is an Illusion, be in it but not of it. With that remembered we then turn inward for the 2nd part by JC , go within for the Kingdom of God is within you. That's when we start to talk to GOD, we make our plea about how Crazy and Evil the world is and what we don't want. Then with some practice in prayer we begin to ask ourselves the age old questions of who am I, why am I here, where did I really come from, where am I going to and what am I going to become, what is the Grand Master Divine plan?. Then we hear this very gentile voice telling us, now you are asking the right questions, What do you want? go within and be silent for the answers will come to you, for As Above, So Below.


Awakening is a process, we have been programed from birth into a negative world and this has been going on for thousands of generations, sense the fall of Lucifer. So we need to change this negative programing to slowly Delete it and to reprogram ourselves to the Positive Programing from the Spirit Realm, As Above So below. To do this properly we need to learn to use Affirmations,Contemplation  Meditation like the one JC used or pick one of the hundred that is out there that feels right for you and practice, practice. New age music helps to meditate much easier and faster from 432hz to 741hz is the most popular. One can also mix all of this things together, Censer Prayer, Affirmations, Visualization of what you want and then create a Silent Mind into Meditation , then to Allow the Holy Trinity to come in and give you then, Answers to your Quest or Questions but it may take some time and it usually comes after one has done all this but it will come as asked. You get out what you put in, the more you put into it the more you will get out of it. The Holy Spirit will direct your Questions to the Father or the Son or to the Over Soul called the Mystery Monitor or 1st Adjuster, H.S. is the 2nd Adjuster.

This is the 1st two steps,follow them, the rest will be posted here in the next weeks.

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