June 15 Japan will completely fall into and under the ocean. It will fall deep to the bottom of the ocean and connect into the plates of Atlantis. I will give the details of why all this is happening later. Minutes after Japan sinks there will be a 1000 foot tsunami wave hitting the Western Coast of Alaska, Canada, Washington, Oregon, California, Mexico and on down to South America.

The tsunami wave that hit Japan was a 30 foot tsunami. This will be a 1000 foot tsunami. The speed of this wave will be 1000 miles per hour. The wave will hit Washington hardest at Seattle. There will also be a 10 earthquake in Seattle and in Northern California. The waves will hit all of the coast lines. The waves will hit Los Angeles once, twice, three, and maybe more times in a row. San Francisco and L.A will be gone. The waves will go as far as Santa Rosa and Sacramento from the San Francisco waves.

The waves could actually go as far inland as Las Vegas the first round. By the end of the year, Las Vegas will also be under water.All cities that are not 1000 feet elevation are in danger.Also, those of you taking a vacation in Hawaii at this time, Hawaii and all Pacific Ocean islands will also be hit with the same waves and the same conditions. If you choose to stay in Hawaii to the high mountains and wait there until July.

All of the islands around Australia will sink under water. Mexico will be under water; that includes Baja, Equador, Panama.Later this year New York and the East Coast will go under water as well. Next will be all of Europe, later India will be completely flooded.This will also be the time period when the Great Intimidation begins of all space ships becoming activated that have been waiting under our oceans for many eons. They are here to help us be free from all tyrants of our governments and to seek out and save the star seeds that are theirs. 

They will be with us guiding us and protecting us. But, remember, they do not have the right to interfer in our affairs unless we ask them to. They can take us on their spaceships for protection until 2013 if we ask them to.



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  • Interesting prediction.
  • attention seeking people love the rush of the drama makes them feel alive, i guess started even when they were a child telling big stories to amase so they think at that moment or like to bellieve. well most of us know we are not alone and the world is not flat, at least in sites like this one, we are aware or suspect somethings up. but i suppose we are not in agreement on the intentions of the many E.T.Races that have taken an interest on mankind. some  of us would say they are here on a site seeing vacation just visiting a zoo planet with a animal //human who rules this kingdom, others say with the opinion that it is the days of rapture, (our D.N. A, has been rewireing up the 12 strain latley and my e.s.p. is improving in many ways now !!!). and of course there are others with the opinion  that think in gloom and doom in that we will be eaten by monsters just like the drama action movies that  love to show us this type of  behalivor in the E.T. races to be real (seeing is believing?), go figure. the truth of what is to happen, is not real clear, at least not yet.  however my feelings are telling me that we are loved like the children who have learned to play with matches (atom bombs, etc.) that now mankind  has progressed and is ready to be rewired from the old hard wired animal instinct// human to a galactic human, and then must  be memtored on how to behave, for our own good, as well for the good of all the races involved. i could be wrong, but this keeps comming up, that makes any sense to me. i.m.h.o.

    so all is good for most of us, maybe not all us  will be given grace for our hard wired animal instincts and actions of our quick reacitng emotions. forgive them for they know not what  they do.

    i feel the events  also is getting close, lets not go into all the history preditions mentioned by many  so far.

    i like watching sohc naza and the floating fleets of objects orbiting the sun lately, there is so much going on it's hard to know the real truth, but i think it will be soonner than we think.

     many say that some of the E.T. Races are many millions of years advanced in intel, and tools, etc. than us.

    good times are here for most of us. so hold on to your hats, this will be a true rush, so to speak.!!!!

    bless you all in the light of joy.

  • Like the Peacher in the United States, failed in his prediction for Rapture day twice.

    And the last one was 21th May 2011, and he went hiding.

    There was a video about his hiding and I send in my comment like this :-


    "He is not hiding, he is preparing a new prediction on a new date".


    And I was right, he did it again - this time on 21th Oct 2011 claiming that GOD is merciful and delay the rapture day.  I bet the next one will not happen.  And the same applied to this Japan stuff.  The light brother and sister cannot allowed such event to happen with the degree from the Divine Creator, it is enough.




    May the LOVE be with you always.

    Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Player.

  • I agree that Japan has taken a real beating but I also believe that mass consiousness really need to re-evaluate the way they project they're thoughts. We know and believe a body with various dis-eases can be helped and cured then with Gaia being a living being herself surely healing and positive thoughts can work the same for her. Things could kick off daily and do in this world atm but I for one am not ready to keep seeing japan as sinking in my mind everytime I think of it. I would much rather see healing and positive thoughts go to the areas that have been weakened and see everyone happy and safe rebuilding their future. As for having a supply of your own food etc incase of anything ever happening sensible but really put it to one side and lets get on with restructuring our minds to think in a positive and way that we could all really do with atm. I do believe we are creators in training and what happens is going to be what has been put out there the most and I hope we all wake up to this before anything like whats been suggested and focused on by yourself and others happens. I have researched a lot believe me and have lived in fear at one point like I said for many years but it is not getting anyone anywhere. I am totally with the masters on this one and will have faith in the belief of what we put out we get back, and what we think we create. I choose love and positivity a world without fear and  where everyone has at least one good meal a day, receieves love and compassion and has the chance to live, learn and grow through joy and not sadness or fear. Like I said earlier too what will be will be but these are the visions I will hold and hope others do to as EVERYTHING starts with the thought first. Regards to you Louise. 
  • He didn't have the date right but that doesn't mean its not going to happen, Too many people have envisioned this scene including my self. But I like to back visions with fact. Fact is, Japan broke in the big quake when Planet=X,ELEnin was here. One plate is overlapping the other and there are quakes every day now and a big one every other day ,4.5 or better. Also it has been confirmed by GFL that the Dark Cabal is using the HAARP weapon there causing half of the Quakes. Then Planet-X will be back 27th June, then 7th July and then even closer on Aug.3. and then about every 2-1/2 wks. until 1st of March 2012. Each time getting closer until in late Oct it will be only 21,000,000 miles from earth. In the beginning of that time period Japan will most likely go.Causing a great Tsunami to hit the pacific coast and some time after that ELEnin Quakes will cause the Los pal-mas island of Cananery Islands to split in half and fall into the ocean and cause another huge Tsunami, to hit the east coast of the Americas

    .Around this same time frame the Super Volcanoes in Yellow Stone Park and others will go off. That is why there is a rescue plan by GFL and inner Earth folks. These things are based on facts not just visions. But Visions get us to dig up and look at the facts, Go look at the USGS Navy Maps. Look up Atlas Google on the plates and NASA for ''Coment Elenin''. And while your at it go to my site 2012-NEW-EARTH-SURVIVAL.COM. & my blogs FOL,time to get Food,Fuel,& supplies ready.Be Safe,Adonai

  • Fear fear fear at one point this would have really affected me and I would have got myself in quite a state thinking I would have to watch my children go through this. Well I have now lived through two doomsday predictions this week and did not flee to the mountains to camp and wait for this ending. I am so glad to be now living and trusting my own intuition but there are others that will read this and believe it and live in fear for days or weeks which really is not nice for them as I have been there. I'm seeing the beautiful ascension that I would like to live through and thankful to all others that see the same. Then what will be will be but living in a state of fear will really not help and I'm beginning to get fed up of people posting these horrendous outcomes for the planet it's not good and it's certainly not helpful at this point in our evolution...
  • Hmm....


    No intense tsunamis... I can safely say for now, that this did not happen...

  • Yes Dripley21. Time for bad predictions pass away years ago.
  • well looks like whoever posted this prediction was wrong :) thank god :)
  • @The resistance

    It happens in all kinds of communities, but that's the beauty of individuality and free will, you don't have to think the way they do.
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