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The Weather and our Connection to Gaia - Listen and Love

Started Aug 6, 2010 0 Replies

The weather around us is part of us and reflective of our own consciousness. We are meant to be part of our planet; aware of its movements and to take part in them also. Take notice of the weather…Continue


Started this discussion. Last reply by Being Jul 13, 2010. 2 Replies

HumanityThe Good - Bad - …Continue

The Present Moment

Started Dec 1, 2009 0 Replies

Here is a story I discovered about the present moment - I would like to share. Enjoy!There was once a king who decided that if he knew who the most important people to be with were, and what the most…Continue



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I am Being and I exist with my Twin Flame and wife who goes by Water Being on A.C. We are multidimensional beings who stand strongly with peace, love and compassion.

Bless you! Bless us All!


Love is the key to unfolding the universe. Surrender to the force off love and it shall set you free. Life does not have to be a state of suffering but can be filled with joy. We can revert to a state of love at anytime. Love is a choice, a choice to push the mind aside and cast of the worldly shackles and just be. Nothing can take this inner state away from us.

May Love Overflow Every Heart Each Moment.


Affirmation of the true nature of Being.

My best advice is very simple (yet easy to forget). Let it be. Surrender to the formlessness of each moment. You are existing. That is enough. What you are on this level according to societal things is irrelevant. Don't try to understand what you know... just let it be. What you know is only a small part of what you are and what you are is happening all the time despite what you know ;).

Who are you? You are not your mind or your thoughts. You are not you societal statuses. You are not something that can be defined. You are simply being. As the universe is. Being able to describe what the universe does or is does not change it or make it any better. It simply is, and you simply are. That is enough. You are consciousness. The being-ness behind your thoughts, your body and the forms that are imposed on you. You are neither a leader or a follower. You are a flow of energy. There is no need to worry about the future or the past. All that is, was or will be, is meant to be. You are everlasting. You are inherent truth, life, love and wisdom and you need do nothing do access or achieve these qualities.

Let your mind have its quandaries. The mental state and emotional feeling of being like "i don't know" is a sacred place to be in yourself, for the universe is truly indescribable. Allow your not knowing to flow over you and simply be. There is nothing more to know or to do. There is no challenge or need for achievement. You and the universe are fulfilled in each moment so don't let the mental hologram hold you back from this truth i am sure you already know.

May the fulfillment of each precious moment grace us all ware ever we are, what ever we are doing.


Reincarnation Relationships and Ascension

It is truly amazing that people may find and connect with each other here on this plane, however I feel this is far from coincidence. I believe that beings work there way to greater and greater awareness so they may become stronger creator beings. We start from the simple state of being as is the universal energy in a mineral and work our way up through plant and animal kingdoms until we have more and more awareness. A later stage in this development of spirit becoming aware of its own nature through reflecting it in corporeal form -is to become a higher sentient. As a higher sentient (such as a human) it is our jobs to have strong self awareness; the awareness of our awareness. But being self aware can be a heavy burden as it is our own free will and mind that can determine much of our state on this plane, it is up to us to know all that we do with our minds, but to decide to let go of all our knowledge and ego attachments and revert to the state that the animal, plant and mineral kingdom teach us of. This state is simply being. We must choose to be innocent and free from all that we know. For in truth we are the same as the animal mineral and plant kingdom... we are all one in the ocean of divinity/light. Letting go of all our human constructs and simply existing is our greatest and most rewarding challenge.

Along this journey of existing through many forms we create bonds of light with other energies in their existences, and as we grow we often are re-incarnated alongside these energies we have made connections with. Some of these bonds grow so very strong and will lead to very intimate lives where two lives may live intertwined with each other. These deeper connections may begin when we are animals with our mates and offspring and later on become relationships in higher sentience. With my wife and twin flame I know I have existed in many previous times and spaces with her along my journey. I believe that here on earth some souls have chosen to play out many human lives on earth in this mode of strong duality in order to progress themselves along there journey of existence. I do not feel as much part of this particular incarnation cycle but more here to experience this particular time with my twin flame and we incarnated here specifically to take part in the ascension.

There is one other part I wish to talk about in all of this and that is the other bodies other then the corporeal form. At all times we are also our higher self energies and merge back into the timeless formless being of our higher self energies after experiencing each life. We have many other bodies from most gross and dense to most ethereal and light so there is much movement along these levels as well during life and after it.

During the time of ascension we are becoming fully integrated with all of our energies from past, present, future moments as well as along our central strand from lower to higher selves. Now is the time to become whole... to put it together on all levels.

May we all see ourselves and each other for all we truly are!


On Healing

I have started to realize that it is not always the best thing to send higher love energies to people's lower selves. Sometimes it is hard to see that people cant feel the love that you see in them. But i have realized that this is what they wish to experience. The best i can do for people is to work on their higher energies and reinforce the truth of love with my love. They may not be able to feel it as much as if you send their lower self the love, but in the end their higher energies is where they will ultimately create a new home for themselves. So reinforcing this is a good thing. And also less painful for the healer.

Also people can only be healed if they wish it and are open to it. Often people don't really believe that it is possible and block themselves off. I have grown to except this. Its not for me to judge their moment. The better thing for me to do is to just except that wherever they are is the experience that they have attracted to themselves that they need to grow from. So now I concentrate on seeing through people to their higher selves. And to see them for what they truly are...simply being (source energy) and inherently divine and perfect. Ultimately i feel this is the true nature of all beings. On a 3D level it is not always easy to see. But if you look past the 3D you can see the inner light being within all beings.

Being empathic can be hard as you may become bombarded by other peoples energies. So it is important to maintain a strong sense of your own self and the energies you carry. For the most part i just stay in happy/love energies within myself and don't look into people to much. But when i do, i try to see through their emotions and circumstances to their true nature. I see them as their higher selves as much as possible. At the same time, I stay in my bubble and don't let anyone bring me down on a 3D level. But i dont do this in a judgmental way, it's more just of a self- preservation of my own happy state.

In my belief, i believe that it is not so much important to heal others as it is to heal your own consciousness because we are all linked and connected in consciousness. So if you can stay in a good place yourself, then that will be good for everyone - as peace energy radiates outwards through each cell to the universe. And it is not usually all that necessary to heal people on an individual level.

When it comes to other people i find the only ways i can help them is by loving them from a far and knowing the truth about their true nature (that we are all one and an expression of love and light etc) and on this 3D level i let them know what i believe and feel without holding back. Most people won't understanding or be willing to listen. But some will and it will support the changes they are making in their own consciousnesses. And it is good for myself to simply affirm my truth.


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At 6:05am on June 18, 2011, gabrieli said…
yo bro...thanks for the 100 monkeys info etc...collective conscientiousness, quantum physics...the plot thickens...dave
At 2:49am on November 15, 2010, Sonita said…
Thanks for sharing these words of wisdom with us. You describe beautifully where and what I aspire to be, and so I thank for for inspiring me in a powerful way to follow and life my truth.

Namaste, Sonita
At 10:49pm on October 21, 2010, Ranthom said…
Thankyou for being an outstanding being,Being(smile)!May the love of The Father be with you always.
At 2:11am on October 21, 2010, Water Being said…
I Love You Always and Thank You for the Nice Reminder :)
At 1:53pm on October 19, 2010, Ora said…
Hi Being,
hope all went well yesterday for you ... if you like let me know. Much LOVE and many Blessings
At 6:33pm on September 26, 2010, g99 said…

At 1:08am on September 20, 2010, Delilah7777 said…
Being ~ Keep spreading your love and light - it really touches people on a deeper level and makes the world a better place to be in :)

Thanks for all of your kind & good energy!
At 5:24am on August 30, 2010, Water Being said…
Formless Beings We Are Together Yet We Are One Together :)
At 10:16pm on August 19, 2010, Water Being said…

As we weave together our love we unravel the illusion
Love you always
At 11:07pm on August 15, 2010, John Payne said…
Thanks for accepting my friendship.........this is for ALL Indigos crystals and starseeds all over our planet now.



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