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The Transparent Times

So many deceptions, so little time.

Transparency will be the equalizer.
What IF you had to do nothing for it to shake out.

Transparency is this new frequency we are working with here on earth, as we move into a new proximity to heavy cosmic rays of light and frequencies that pummel the earth and the cellular, emotional and mental bodies of the earth inhabitants. We are now being poised with deceptions, secrets coming into the light - it will happen with or without our energy, our thoughts, our emotional upsets, our attachments to outcomes.

The light is squeezing it out of all of us.
How clear is the vessel you are riding in?
Whatever is pushed down inside the mind, the emotions the body will want out now - to the Light.
I am not a "Love and lighter", I am not a "BLISS" pusher

I am an alchemist and so are you.
You can consider the environment, the energy and what is required to keep a vessel stable. It might be a time to add positive encouragement in the form of energy. It might be a time to add the energy of LOVE to your day.

When you consciously add love to your day - anything can happen. I only speak from experience, i could share about how my heart wanted to close itself soo tight and create a big wall around it to protect me- but i rerouted my thoughts and my feelings and added the idea of LOVE and consciously allowing my heart to stay open. I told myself this day, my heart will not close, I will be open to all displays of LOVE to and from me this day. I made conscious choice to work with this energy of LOVE and allow it from me and to me....That day, well, it became like magic! I tell you Magic!

A happy homeless young man in dreadlocks might ask you for a ride, he might also speak in a tone of love, he might tell you of his love of rainbows and sunsets and proceed to show you hundreds of them on his phone. You might be told you are beautiful and thank you for trusting him. You might share time with an angel and not even know it.
I have dozens of these stories of consciously altering my alchemy. You can too.

So in these Transparent Times, consciously work with your alchemy, work with your emotions and thoughts as you witness deceptions and manipulations of others. Conscious ALCHEMY to right your vessel into harmony. Opening your heart to LOVE when you are viewing deception will also bring you to some peace as you will see as an observer, not as an absorber of the manipulation.

There are ways to consciously move through these transparent times. Perhaps silence, and trust in the universe and being the witness is your next idea.
LOVE yourself so you can be ok
with what you see
in the transparency.

Solene -Cindy Carter

remote healing sessions

holographic healing workshops

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Galactic Grace - The Ancient One, Solene


In this the finest of journeys
As the mountain displays its glory
For all the wonders of cosmos
Have collided here this day
I stand in much amazement
Upon the lands of forever
As planes of existence collide
And create universal behaviors
An alignment oh so crucial
For the planet must now decide
Is it for the glory
That we now hold inside
To bring the planet closer
To Galactic Grace it holds
I merge with the cosmos
Waiting to take hold
 Ahold of the power invested in me
And knowing full well
The origin I see
Its simply about the divinity
The divine in you
The divine in me
Shall merge as one
For immortality

So help this earth
Becomes its star
By knowing your difference
In close and far
Your gift within
Displayed for now
Brings the harmony it seeks
So take a bow
For your light matters
In allowing this planet
To become its importance
So now sit and plan it
For its now time
Out with the old
The new regime
Has taken hold
the ancient one - Solene
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Greetings fellow travelers,

We have come with a call to all those that are known across the land as the "healers", the practitioners of wholeness, the beings that give of themselves in service to others to assist the minds and bodies and emotions of humanity. We shall refer to you all as the Uplifters. We do so to be inclusive of all beings no matter the modality of upliftment to your self or to others.

It is time for this ground crew of beings, all those Uplifters that have anchored goodness and light here on earth, all those helping create a new world must now hold a new found respect.

This respect is simply held for themselves.

It is time for you all to realize your worth. To stand in the humble embrace of your grandness and importance here. Doing this will allow the most grace filled gift you could ever receive that could benefit yourself and so many on this planet.

You have chosen to be of universal service. You have chosen to assist humanity in its upliftment. We are honored you are here. This gathering of souls to uplift humanity is a beautiful sight for our witness. Please accept our guidance as your potentials are infinite. It is time to have awareness of a key foundational piece that many of you are missing. This piece has been masked or hidden from some of you for many lifetimes. The key to upliftment of others is upliftment to self first! No more martyr. No more savior, no more waiting on others to gift back to you for your service, no more depletion of the conduit of cosmic consciousness. Many of you continually deplete your energy fields through martyrdom and choices you believe are guided by humbleness. Dear ones, your grace is filled with humbleness, when powerful acts of compassion for yourself are intended. To know your worth. To understand energy to the point you see the progenitor streams of your creation. This is the power to heal from, to uplift others from. You must make a choice to uplift yourself first.

Taking responsibility for your complete whole life, your whole emotions, your whole lifestyle choices, your means of income, all of it must be addressed as a whole picture. Vibrational integrity is a must at this time. Why would you believe that living with less than brings better service to a humanity? Who or what organization gifted you this idea? Who imposed the limit and restriction to you for your service? Gifting through depletion is depletion. Gifting through lack is lack. Gifting from a tainted source is gifting tainted gifts.

Put the oxygen mask on yourself first please. Can you assist humans as they go through the turbulence of archonic streams? Can you imagine assisting from a place of foundational strength without blinding emotional triggers or constant protection? Can you assist while in a healthy body, a healthy mind, a healthy environment, even a healthy financial life? And who's responsibility is that anyway? Why would wholeness be excluded from you? Why would you, the giver of upliftment come from a place of less than, doing without, or a lack of abundance - all in the name of the great work, because you were gifted abilities by God? Does this exclude you from the great work for yourself? This devalueing of the self so that you may assist others must stop. Putting expectations on the limits of your own cellular healing will stop your progress with others also. Your work will only go so far from a depleted source!

We need you now. Ascension happens IN THE BODY in these new energies.

Waiting on the universe to provide for you without matching its energy, or waiting for a community to fund you, or waiting for the kindness of those you help to sustain you, this belief system must end. No longer shall you lack the strength to UPLIFT the life of the soul vehicle you were provided. This is the life you signed up for. This earthly vehicle, the one that is here to enjoy the beauty and love and bounty of life and to uplift humanity. This does not match the vehicle some of you are creating. Creating your vehicle from the universal fields of harmony is necessary at this time, not only through community ritual, religious beliefs or ancestral access. These practices might assist you at times in your life cycle, to give you awareness or validation of your connection to the creator. Unnecessary energy depletion is foremost a concern in the new placement of the earth in the universe. Intentions held within the cellular body are key. Honor your traditional wisdoms, but lessen the practices away as your only source to connection to the Creator.

You must now BE the intention of the wisdom. Be the intention of the Elders. By becoming the walking display of the wisdom, you are attaining in this lifetime and the Ascension you seek. Stop the process of seeking please. Step into the knowing of your being. Step into your ancient wisdoms. You will be matched by the universe. You must now be your own Star Elder and connect to the other Star Elders in honor and reverence. This is the merging humanity has sought. You are here. You are life's gift. You are a necessary component to the upliftment to a humanity. But you cannot do this in a depleted cellular state or a depleted emotional state.

If this means for you, the Uplifter, to be the one to self care, to self nurture, then so be it. To detox the body and the mind and emotions of all things of this lifetime and former lifetimes of lower vibration. There you have a clear vessel to work as the conduit for God's hands. Then collect the sum of all your lifetimes that were the most benevolent and become THAT. Become the wisdom of your ancient mind, of your ancient heart, become the greatest kindness you can muster. This is a cellular process that must occur to activate the DNA for ascension in the body.

Remove the genetic markers of trauma, beliefs and ideas that do not serve you and become the grand merging. The merging of new cosmic awareness, and our ancient earthly wisdoms are upon us. Your bodies abilities now to hold more light is expansive. Your DNA's abilities to interact with the multi dimensional fields is infinite. Be the responsible steward of this process in your own body vehicle please. Your participation is crucial for upliftment of humanity and it must begin with yourself, by yourself. Start by asking for assistance in your own progress and upliftment, the universe will provide matching energy for your progress. Do the work, put in the earth time to alter your being to clarity. Holding intention of your own continued upliftment as a constant harmonic is necessary.

The building of the cellular foundation of strength is important work and the greatest reward a spirit can attain while in a body. We bless you for your dedication, we bless you for your energetic support, and your countless earthtime to uplift humanity. It it now time in your life cycle to put yourself first for upliftment above all others. This is the divine strength. This is true compassion. Lacking compassion for yourself will not build a strong foundation in these new energies. New ideas, new ways, new thoughts and sovereign love of self must occur now.

This is how a humanity, a planet and a universe are uplifted. One "healer" at a time.
Be the example of Upliftment.Walk as honor on the land. Be the conduit of divine health and strength.

We are here supporting you, assisting you in your upliftment of humanity and yourself. Continue where you started, be responsible for your own life, make conscious choices for your own upliftment before the upliftment of others. Then gift from that place. Gift yourself as the conduit of light and love. The light body will thank you. Your spirit will thank you. Our humanity will thank you. The universe will thank you.

Many blessings for your continued service.
The Ancient One
this day November one two thousand fifteen

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Moon Codes ~ Solene


It is the grace of a glorious moon
That brings perspective back in bloom
Whilst eyes they tend to wander
Outside the current room
Bring forth new sights upon this night
Forever shall she bathe
The wandering eyes of those awake
All in praise upon their gaze
The moon she spreads her stable presence
Upon all that need the calming
Fore structures of light receive this night
The codes of stability divine
Whilst your moon flows its gift
Allow it all to begin a drift
The matrix of life descends upon us
As divinity begins its reign
This glorious moon
Now sings your tune
Of divine presence near
Be bathed in light upon this night
 As silver codes become us
As this grace called Moon
becomes our tune 
of new perspectives here.

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I sing a song of brilliance

As far away as the sun

Complete and thorough knowing

Cumulated as a sum


The rise of light upon the earth

Brings new found days and ways to see

A seeing of new and brighter ways

Upon the wind I ride with thee


To the heights of much majesty

As the crystalline light shines upon me

I ride to the ascended part of me

A place of kindness and grace ascends


To cellular places that have waited til then

I stand upon my opulent disk

To ride the structure of no remiss

To rise above all is trajectory set


As the light now cradles this kind reset

Accepting grace and ease as mantra

Holding sovereign my known tasks

A mission so grand how dare you ask


Yes this universe is mine to play

To hold in reverence and kindness say

I will remain with you and all

The rising truth of this decree


Stands tall amongst  those that kindly see

Accept your own as now your gospel

Put down your need to live through another

Your brilliance is here, its been all along


Accept yourself as the sum of brilliance

For now you shine upon crystalline earth

The light it bows upon the sight of you

Stand with knowing you are the truth


As the wind cradles the light around you

Take off and fly through natures’ dimension

The trees they know the truth upon you

All they do is wait for thee


For you to finally be

For you to finally see

It is you alone that ascension waits

The you they have known in many a place


Collect the sum of yourself and wander

To the heights of life and all you ponder

You my dear are a wonder of life

Accept this now and know no strife


The power of self can now catapult

The wonders and light upon your flight

See the sun to integrate this space

And forever more you live in full grace


Many blessings of truth upon you descend

Remember dear one there is no end.




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choose not the False Savior - The Ancient One


Many blessings friends,
   It is in illumined presence that I bring to you a message of clear compassion. The lighted workers of this earth have been given a false program that cries for illumination. As you become more fully in your awareness of the divine nature of your being, it is now time to assimilate a new understanding of the Savior energetic. A being came to a land with an energy known as salvation, a being whom saves another, rescuing, redeeming and saving another beings’ soul. How can this be, in the state of sovereignty, where a spirit and a soul vehicle are their own Savior?
  Those lighted workers who carry the ancient swords, the warriors and the noble right amongst you, have carried an energy no longer needed on this earth my dear ones. You have carried a burden and wielded it on occasion as warranted.  In the eyes of whom does this warrant?  You have been carrying a manipulated program I will call the False Savior Aspect. You, the lighted worker, the being that chooses to aid humanity and all its creatures have been given this false program.  No longer must you raise your sword to another to eradicate their fear through being their Savior. No longer, dear one, will you step into the resting place of fear with another. No longer will you choose to resonate with the slighted. No longer will you be the Savior. 
  In the resting place of fear and lack they stand, waiting on the energies to fill their light bodies and sweep them to salvation. Perhaps those in the resting place of fear are holding tight to their needs for a Savior, as a disempowered being may feel.  This disempowered being is an illusion, then creating a void in their energy field to be filled by the Savior. For instance, a being may feel the need for validation and self-worth outside of themselves, then through lack and need they create energies that repeat this cycle, lifetime after lifetime. This hole in the energy field was brought through new lifetimes to be filled, not by a Savior but by Self, through the power of Self will the spirit ascend. Not through the redeemer.
   The False Savior Aspect has created many lighted workers that step into the role through historical resonance, of days past when you used this energy to become the Savior of others. No longer do you need to work with these energies.  We see a holographic presence of magnetic programming pumping the lighted worker full of this “sword” of Empathy.  Empathy as a structure aids the Savior programming. 
  As the lighted workers adjust to their divine purpose and they begin to feel how they are to aid humanity and all of creation, empathy as an energetic will need to be lesser used.  For an empathic being will resonate fully with the plight, the empathic being not only sees the void in the other, but also has a matching void.  As the lighted worker begins to accept another beings’ energy as their own, through empathy and the sharing of this empathy energy, then the hole is illumined by the False Savior Aspect. There the lighted worker enters the void of another, through empathy and what is felt as caring, to become the Savior of the helpless one. To be the Savior of the one in need is no longer an acceptable practice. The beacon of the beings needing saving is a bright vacuum void of opposition energies. 
  When empathy and the Savior program are experienced, this perpetuates the cycle.  It keeps humanity ripe for duality, to keep the beings in magnetic resonance to the known cycle called Eternity. The beings in the resting place of Fear are at pivot points in their life cycles, they have made it through many lives with this hole to fill. Filling these holes falsely will create the repetitive cycles that keep you bound to eternal ups and downs, life and death. Eternal structure is a holding mechanism, a cage of sorts with necrosis as its main supporting system.

  When a lighted worker becomes empathetic with another being, that being is bound to the eternal structure of their initial lack (hole). They have been saved from seeing this hole themselves, by the Savior. The Savior is fulfilled in being the role player of the rescuer, saving those from danger. What you keep others from is healing by the power of Self. The power to fill the hole of oneself with the right energies to support oneself on one’s own is what is required now. 
  The beings with the gift of opportunity known as the hole will soon feel the false light of the Savior energy. As past and new lifetimes are available for your awareness, you will then see that saving another is drowning them and you in the death cycle. It is time for sovereignty in healing work, all healing work as upliftment to others. Your want to aid humanity, to assist the beings through Ascension can now be done in a more equanimous energetic. The energy of sovereignty will allow you to aid another through pure compassion. 
  It is now time to work with Compassion versus empathy. Compassion allows you -  the lighted worker to hold no responsibility to another’s choices while aiding them in the highest and best for their being. The individual has choices that can be made through the energy field of Compassion, if the hole in them is aided by Compassion as an energetic, the lighted worker and the being receiving are held as equals, with no attachment energies.  No downward spiral. Upliftment as a choice.
  As a sovereign being aiding our earth, our Terra and all its creations; we hold you on high as you wield the new presence of Compassion. Detach from the outcomes of others, detach from the need to dive into each hole in the name of caring for another. Compassion held and compassion activated within, will alter the surrounding energies – based on choice of the participant. Detach from this choice if it is not yours to make. Stand in the pink light of pure Compassion as an energetic. Know that this is essential to the sovereign being and their Ascension. 
  May the forerunners of this Compassionate care be exalted in the excitement of ever new and ever divine growth. Upliftment through observance and solution beyond empathy as the spirit begs to make a sovereign choice. The Savior is no longer needed to attach to this false grid.
  All choices become sovereign in the energy of Compassion. 
  Put down your duality marker and pick up the free flowing brush of self empowerment and upliftment. You are a lighted worker – you are here to uplift others– to spark their divine presence, not to save them, not to heal them. 
No one can truly do that for another. 

Be the empowerment of Self. Be the empowerment of giving and receiving Compassion freely. Be as Sovereign. Be as grand as the cumulative spark that you are. 
The world needs no Savior – it needs you.
 Many blessings and the pink light thanks you.
The Ancient One through Solene
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Your Ascended Grid Awaits. The Ancient One


It is of welcome that I stand on this plane of reality. 

I come from the finer dimensions to bring messages through the beings that have held their light in truth and right action. The beings that speak through compassion are with you. The beings that speak through love are with you. The beings that speak through peace are with you.  The beings that speak through harmony are with you. These beings speak through an activation of the awareness of the truth of their own beings and an understanding of the wholeness of life. Through this light of their own being they stand to bring voice to this crucial cosmic alignment, new Stargates and to the Divine Plan.  

There are many that speak of other things, of conspiracy, of demise, of deceit, these my dear ones are part of a whole picture of a current reality on your earth plane. Two separate energies have emerged amongst you. One with a  “bliss ” energy and one with a  “conspiracy”  energy.  These two create a whole picture. Shall you see it in its entirety? Do you see duality here? All possible realities are being expressed to you at this most important time for Terra.  The many beings speaking of the many things in their entirety are a wholeness, for you cannot stand in just one energy or the other. You must stand as one sovereign being and see the biggest of pictures. That all possible realities are images projected from you and that if you choose, you can step out of the holographic memory systems and into a creator reality.  

If you choose.

There are the beings that will call to you, and say “come see the conspiracies and injustice in this world, empathize with me, can’t you feel the pain? – and you can join them and step to their side to be bound by an energy of demise, death and locked into the mass consciousness grid called “victim”. Or choose .

Then you step to other side to the beings calling you that are only of bliss. They say, “come live as One, in peace and love, doesn’t it feel good? – and you can join them and step to their side to be bound by an energy of denial , and locked into the mass consciousness grid called “bliss”.   

Or choose.

Is there a higher place to stand?

Be as the tallest of trees. Stand as an elder, accepting the breeze, just as it comes. Know your complete strength and purpose here. Climb high this tree, be in full knowing that the view from the top will be a true reality.

Dare you climb?

Step away from the bliss pond. Step away from the apocalypse  stream. Go back to the tree that holds the majesty of your own. As you climb each limb higher, you find the angst falls away, the fear falls away, the lightheaded bliss falls away, all that was never for you just falls away tumbling to the ground. You are lighter, freer than you have ever been. The being that is you is coming forth as you climb. The shedding of the beliefs you have been told, of who you are, of what you have been set up for. The holographic images that once clinged to you can no longer, as you climb even higher to the top of this tree. As you climb simply in your truth, you feel no judgement from the pond or the stream. As the river that runs through this tree is truth. The limbs lift you now so it is easier for you to see the golden light, the wholeness of this light.

 Look at the beings below, the ones that stand in their denial of their truths. Denying the manipulation of humanity and that our bodies were created to live in a magnetic world, denying that we can choose our resonance.  You say, I would like to choose joy, then bring joy to yourself and say I choose to embody joy, I bring the ponds to myself. I do not have to join the waters of others, choosing to step out of the mass consciousness pond. I can stay in my sovereignty of the tree of the majesty of my own being.  In standing in the grids of mass consciousness, we are aiding the holding back of Terra. Standing in the grid we are standing in the concrete pond of structure and society. Its essence and purpose is not in alignment with the majesty of your being or any truth of your own. As the being standing at the top of your own existence, knowing full well that the visions you hold, the sights you see will be your reality. 

This makes your existence an important function of your human capacity at this important time. Create these visions from the clear sight at the top of this tree. For these visions and ideas and the emotional quotients in your frequency ranges are what will create your immediate realities. This is turn, achieved by many, all standing at the very top of their own majestic trees on the earth plane will lighten Terra. Beaming the light of their own beings, the brilliant light, the light quotient of the entire earth shall rise, rise above the realities below, of those in the ponds and the streams. As we transmute our own light through these beautiful trees, through the root systems of love and peace and harmony, down through the roots into the core of the earth, bringing the divine nature of pure golden light to the core of our Terra. We have stepped into our brilliance believing in Terra and understanding our  power and the visions we see on both sides are not you. Choose wholeness.

 The images you hold in your mind at this time are extremely important for Terra’s progress. She is to become a star, with or without you. The cosmic alignment is aiding you now with intensity and ecstacy.

For those of you in the ponds, it is my hope that you find your nearest tree and climb with all your strength to the highest vantage of your being and out of the grids that have been laid upon the earth to hold you back from brilliance.  The pond feels good because there are others there to tell you so. You are already these things they tell you. You are love. You are peace. You are you. Being only as one keeps you on the grid, to keep you feeling good, holding you in a lower reality, a lower brain function of oneness. 

Your Ascended Grid has been set firmly, of easier access now. Step out of lower mind function, stand next to that tree. Get to know this being. They stand in pure reverence of you. They have waited eons for your existence, they have waited to travel with your spirit. Climb to the top of the majestic tree, hold yourself in brilliant light, the light of your own brilliant being, shining forth as divine golden light. This is where your vision must be held while your Terra goes through its grandest of shifts. The many doors have been opened through many Stargates leading up to these current days. It is now for those that know how to climb, to do their climbing and for those still in the ponds and streams, muster the courage, the self confidence, the self love, the self worth to know you are more than that pond of bliss, you are more than that stream of death and destruction. The tree will help you, the bark with hold you, the veins will travel for you - this light of brilliance. As you climb - your lighted being becomes brighter and brighter, and at the top of this tree there is vastness, and wholeness waiting you there.

A vantage point of brilliance.

You can see the other beings all across the land, shining their brilliance, all holding their own light. Be this light as Terra needs you. The magnetic resonance must be removed and how this is to be is through your own brilliant light, not through a mass consciousness grid of duality. Step out of the bliss and out of the deceit, and come through to pure light, pure love and pure peace.  The sovereignty of your own being awaits you. Create the reality that Terra so wants you to create. Do it for yourself and you do it for many.

Thank you for your service.

Many blessings.  

The Ancient One

transmitted through light this day november twenty four two thousand twelve

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The Ancient One - the Choice of NO FEAR. 4.28.12

Greetings Fellow Travelers, We are here to tell you of new mining techniques from the dark energies. These personal documents that you all are creating and saving on the boxes in front of you for later access are being retrieved through the guise of FREE SOFTWARE – ah! How clever we think. These names of Microsoft and GOOGLE - see the necessity of this attraction to FREE. Freedom. As the masses flock to use these jewels without purchase, starter programs added to the boxes in front of you are in fact gateways to you. These programs, with names like Word Starter and Microsoft Live Photo Gallery are linked with Google, linked with your phones, linked with facial recognition software making a nice bundle and easy access to know you. This is not your usual spy, scammer or thief that play upon the fields of this earth. There is an energy of darkness that now uses these programs to access your information. Not your social security number, not your bank account, not your 3D personal information. But your essences, spilled out on the pages. They are seeking words that flow so eloquently, the ancient knowledge, the healing through light. This is what they seek. They want to know who is of light. They need to know who they are against. You dear ones, the beautiful beings of light are now being scanned through these documents and photos you save in these boxes in front of you.
So NOW you know…
You dear beings understand all government is an illusion. You are believed to be puppets. But you know more. The sovereignty of your being is here emerging. The power within the human will prevail. We are amassing many sovereign souls at this time. These energies of darkness need to be afraid, be very afraid – as the light of consciousness in each soul on earth makes their choices at this crucial time. Your data mining of LIGHT BODIES and THEIR INNER power can no longer infiltrate these beings of choice. Begin with a mantra. No longer does your access to my Word Documents affect me. I now see your plight. Where I spout the love and light speaking of Grace and Wonder - I now understand , you too need the light.
As the light codes from Galactic and Ancient Sources become awakened in each of you beings, your writings, the words, the codes within are being mined by Microsoft and Google as they too need the light. The guise is for control and manipulation of the masses. But we see differently, as the dark attracts the light. So show these energies your light and let them take these words of LOVE and PEACE and do what they may with them. No one owns words. But in their proper context and intent, they hold much light and activation. This activation of light codes within the dark halls of these controlling entities will turn a few of them over. Some of these beings working as the drones will see a new way, will feel the code within. They will awaken. They will see. There will be the day, when one sees the light and will walk another path. This is why we are here. We are here in service.

You are NOT the victim, as they believe you to be. This message is not about fear. The victim of the data mining would feel slighted and degraded with their privacy invaded. These very words that are mined for information, will be the same ones to rise up and work their magic to awaken the code within those doing the mining. The light will infiltrate. So you Google, Microsoft employees, sitting in your offices, checking the databank of screens in front of you for people of this earth that understand the power of the light, the grace from within, understand that these very words of light are transforming you. You are drinking of the elixir and don’t even know it.

This message of infiltration of your everyday thoughts and knowings as they spill onto the pages and files of these boxes in front of you is not meant to alert your fear. It is not meant to make your scared, angry, fearful or any of these emotions. This message is for you to understand the power of your light.

The power of your light is being felt in distance locals, in front of new faces, new places and times. Your words and thoughts of light are being held in coffers of unjust and unright activities. But understand, these light codes played out in words are meant to change the dark. So accept this notion and write your light. You beings of light that flow with grace towards the pages of documents such as these will create mountains of these pages, valleys of documents, all encoded in such glory and grace that no entities can infiltrate. As the light reaches the distant recesses, earth and her inhabitants start to transform.
We have a knowing of No Fear. Do you? There is a remembrance of this No Fear in your cells. Could the knowledge of this data mining of your light documents, make you believe there is a choice. - Of No Fear? Dear one this is your test, to allow yourself the privilege and power to continue to write the words of light and love, to continue to spill these words and thoughts and grand ideas onto the pages, with the memories of your cells being in full knowing the dark is watching.
To stand in No Fear, to stand in the knowing of your being as light, this is how sovereignty is played out on this earth plane. So write with joy upon the boxes in front of you. And know that you are making a difference.

Fear NOT dear ones.

For the choice is trust.

This day April twenty eight two thousand twelve

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take your burden to the trail




Take your burden to the trail.

Go to nature,

the grasses accept you as you are,

the wind knows your name,

the flowers support your joy

 the trees are there as an example of your strength.

It’s about the cleansing of your palette.

The palette of your soul.

Take your burden to the trail.

Where the willow accepts in full presence,

and the pine bows before you.

The rocks have known your existence,

the moss cradles you awake.

While the leaves lay in the mist.

Take your burden to the trail.

Fore there is reverence on this earth plane.

This is where you will accept more of you.

When this place becomes one of clarity,

You will now see the open vessel of you,

It allows more of what you choose.

So make the choices on the trail.

As nature cradles and accepts you,

as you should be accepting yourself.

When it is time to accept full reverence

and knowing the power of that,

do not sit and wait,

as this time could surely pass.

This time is for your action.

No longer shall you wait,

nature here to assist .

It is with grateful presence that nature accepts you,

in this exact way you are to be.

Accept this example of presence,

of how and where you are.

For you are able to kindly be.

It’s a place of choice and manner,

nature is here for you.

These are missions for your soul.

Place yourself in the mission of the pines,

the mission of the breeze.

The blueness of the sky is waiting.

The stars twinkle for your light.

Stand in the mission of your soul

and please go there tonight.

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New Sighting - Ashtar Command

Jan 5, 2012
I had a friend visit my house - he is part of Neological Technologies. He was just a friend of a friend. But he visited at my home in the mountains of NC for some hiking and exploring. After visiting the PARI Institute (known underground bases) in Rosman, NC, we headed up into the mountains, near the Balsam Mountain Range. We were drawn to energies and frequencies in the vicinity of Balsam Lake. We stopped in a small valley high in the mountains, it had just snowed and the driving was a bit treacherous... There were intense energies at this place by this dried up lake bed. We felt guided at this time to do a meditation with the NeoCube, a meditation technology to amplify your intent...We each sat with a cube in our laps. James activated the device and we asked for Ashtar Command to show themselves in some way.. We asked for them in particular as I had been asking questions of James and his friend about them on the ride up the mountain.  We sat for several minutes and did not see or feel anything but knew our message had been heard.

The next day...
 7:50 am - huge chemtrail right above my home , with no others in sight at the time. We have a large amount of these here so I am always aware of them, however, this one was bigger and lower than most - it really made an impression with me.

 about 1pm - I was on my way to pick up a couple of friends for lunch, as I sat in my car waiting on them... I started to play a youtube video of a channeling on my phone that someone had just sent me - titled - Ashtar Command. As I played the video, I looked up through my sunroof and saw a jet with a large chemtrail above me. There were a lot of other trails that I could see in the sky at the time. As I was following the jet across my field of vision, I saw a silver orb like structure, flying behind the jet, along side the chemtrail. The sun was reflecting off its body, the shape was round but saucer like. It rode for 30-40 seconds along side, then darted up at 90 degrees into the trail and back down. This craft repeated this 3 times. I looked down to stop the video and to turn on my camera, looked up again to position the camera properly in my sight, and there it was, ready for me to shoot. As i got ready to click the button - it disappeared, right in front of my eyes. I looked at my clock - it was 1:11.  My friends got in the car 2 minutes later and I told them all about it.  They could feel my excitement - one of them would not have believed - the other one knew exactly what had happened... Our intent is met with reality at this time.... I am very excited to have communication with Ashtar Command and will be calling them in here in the mountains regularly.
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The Ancient One - the flow 1.17.12

Greetings Fellow travelers.

We are here to speak of flow. We feel your awareness and concern with this concept of flow. Your cells are now activating in this knowing of flow triggering within you the asking...

This flow is about an energetic movement, a direction, a passage of sorts that is infused with spirit energy. When you are moving along with spirit in this flow, the creationary power of yourself is infinite. This passage of flow is bringing energies to your being; these spirit held energies are already within you. Your cells hold a remembrance of this flow. Fore you have the abilities to step into this flow in this very moment. If you choose.

It is wise to open to the acceptance of this flow, at this time. The galactic alignment and the earth bound alignment are working in tandem to facilitate this flow. It is beneficial to be reminded that you are not the only one working to create, that you are now co-creating with Spirit. This co-creation will hold you in a place of confidence long enough for you to see your creationary power, your future and your now. Making the choice in this moment to allow the flow into your life, is part of why you came here, to understand that you are not alone. That it is not all up to you. You are not singular. If you choose to accept the flow then you will be a part of newness and experience life in a complete mode of expansion.The many levels of your multi-dimensional selves will be brought into a light of new clarity within this flow.

Spirit holds you close, spirit holds you dear.

Fore in this flow there are reference points that are aligned throughout the Passage. You will see these reference points, as they will appear as emotional triggers. They will come in the form of situations, people, places and things that allow for your growth and your choice. These points are for your experience and awareness. The reference points are there not to define you but as a placeholder for your growth. Reference points that come to you along the passage can hold much contrast and can drag you far away from your center. If you choose.

This is where your choice should be to stand tall. It is your choice to trust spirit will guide you into the places of your ultimate desire.

Your existence within this passage is for your best interest. It is here for you to see that you hold the power for this flow. You can sustain the balance while in this flow with spirit. This is where you create - in the flow, as a co-creator.
Existence of the flow is a mere confirmation of the fact that your being is here for expansion and that there is no need for becoming less than the full possibility of yourself. You will find many versions of yourself in many places and many times along this passage. This passage will activate the merging of Selves and of the cellular knowing that alignment is a continual process in your life on this earth plane.

The choice, to allow the flow and passage of spirit within the reference of a calm clear message, into this place of you, is for you at this time. Use this choice wisely.
Your current self, your ancient self and your future selves are all coming together within this passage. The reference points are there for your healing and your presence. These reference points are activated in simultaneous earth time for expansion of your many selves. Fore it will bring the best and brightest version of you.

Aligning with the ways of spirit will bring you to know yourself more fully. Seeded inside of you is the language of spirit. Allow the current energies to awaken the remembrance of this language within your cells.
The energies that are coming into the universe at this time are bringing the swift re-orienting of frequencies . These frequency changes are affecting the planetary flow, the earthly flow, the bodily flow and the cellular flow of you. If you have asked for spirit in your life, for a knowing of your truth, then step into this flow. If the energies are bringing this flow to your reality at this time, it is in swift accordance with your plan and with your accrued actions.

If you have allowed yourself to accept a newness of you, an acceptance of creationary power, then this flow is for your exploration. This flow is about creating in wonder and mystery. Allowing the falling away of what is not in your best interest and accepting each moment is to step into the mystery of this unknown. The unknown aspects of your many selves are all coming together in this flow.
With the new energies, you now find yourselves in a magnificent new place in the universe. A place of propelled heart felt energetics. The positioning and posturing of our earth and the magnetic resonance of the light, brings a swift accumulation of beingness into your now.

This planetary alignment holds for you a direction in an un-tethered passage of possibilities and acceptance of your place in this world and your place with yourself. As a beautiful being of light this acceptance of your now, the remembrance of who you are, and the power of creation brings you to standing upright within the flow. This upright stance within the flow allows spirit to work with you fully. Stand in your power in this flow. Fore creation and wonder are here.

The conditions on this earth at this time are waiting for your beneficial energies to help support and guide you through this process. The courageous of you within this now understand to not allow all the challenges to define you, to stand upright with Spirit in the flow. With this gift of flow, this gift of spirit as your partner will bring you to a powerful new place.

Be with this peace, be with this joy.

Allow the merging of selves, the remembrance of your light, the creation and the flow to come together for your expansion in the view of unlimited potential.

Your spiritual progress and your light is assisting the vibrational patterns of this earth in a most profound way and we thank you.

this embodied message if for your clarity this day january seventeen two thousand twelve

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