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Jan 5, 2012
I had a friend visit my house - he is part of Neological Technologies. He was just a friend of a friend. But he visited at my home in the mountains of NC for some hiking and exploring. After visiting the PARI Institute (known underground bases) in Rosman, NC, we headed up into the mountains, near the Balsam Mountain Range. We were drawn to energies and frequencies in the vicinity of Balsam Lake. We stopped in a small valley high in the mountains, it had just snowed and the driving was a bit treacherous... There were intense energies at this place by this dried up lake bed. We felt guided at this time to do a meditation with the NeoCube, a meditation technology to amplify your intent...We each sat with a cube in our laps. James activated the device and we asked for Ashtar Command to show themselves in some way.. We asked for them in particular as I had been asking questions of James and his friend about them on the ride up the mountain.  We sat for several minutes and did not see or feel anything but knew our message had been heard.

The next day...
 7:50 am - huge chemtrail right above my home , with no others in sight at the time. We have a large amount of these here so I am always aware of them, however, this one was bigger and lower than most - it really made an impression with me.

 about 1pm - I was on my way to pick up a couple of friends for lunch, as I sat in my car waiting on them... I started to play a youtube video of a channeling on my phone that someone had just sent me - titled - Ashtar Command. As I played the video, I looked up through my sunroof and saw a jet with a large chemtrail above me. There were a lot of other trails that I could see in the sky at the time. As I was following the jet across my field of vision, I saw a silver orb like structure, flying behind the jet, along side the chemtrail. The sun was reflecting off its body, the shape was round but saucer like. It rode for 30-40 seconds along side, then darted up at 90 degrees into the trail and back down. This craft repeated this 3 times. I looked down to stop the video and to turn on my camera, looked up again to position the camera properly in my sight, and there it was, ready for me to shoot. As i got ready to click the button - it disappeared, right in front of my eyes. I looked at my clock - it was 1:11.  My friends got in the car 2 minutes later and I told them all about it.  They could feel my excitement - one of them would not have believed - the other one knew exactly what had happened... Our intent is met with reality at this time.... I am very excited to have communication with Ashtar Command and will be calling them in here in the mountains regularly.
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  • Oh Sue, I too have that vision of them knocking on my door, or hovering above my house. I feel a weird sensation about the time just before disclosure, that I may be contacted to help calm those in my community... Im a very real person with a real profession and maybe the message can be received with calmness through me... I dont know Im just spouting off what Im feeling.. I like being able to share that here - I havent shared that with anyone til now... Thanks Sue, keep playing!

  •    I love that story, I want to hear or read more of those. Love and light Janet

  • Just to also say, I am in no way affiliated with this technology - i just feel if this technology can help us amplify our intent - then I will share that with others.

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"Helen, this is a lovely post and just as I feel. We have to embody all things of earth and sky! to get by in this difficult time. I have a cupboard full of 'magic' tricks including homeopathy and am pretty good at self healing. Thank you for this."
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"There is no such thing as unbiased site. Main Stream Media is 100% propaganda. only intuition and discernment are capable of knowing truth"
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Just got my crystals, wand, sage, etc. Already pumped up on Scalar Energy AND I feel GOOOOOD 2day.
what a blessing
Peace, love, and light
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