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Many blessings friends,
   It is in illumined presence that I bring to you a message of clear compassion. The lighted workers of this earth have been given a false program that cries for illumination. As you become more fully in your awareness of the divine nature of your being, it is now time to assimilate a new understanding of the Savior energetic. A being came to a land with an energy known as salvation, a being whom saves another, rescuing, redeeming and saving another beings’ soul. How can this be, in the state of sovereignty, where a spirit and a soul vehicle are their own Savior?
  Those lighted workers who carry the ancient swords, the warriors and the noble right amongst you, have carried an energy no longer needed on this earth my dear ones. You have carried a burden and wielded it on occasion as warranted.  In the eyes of whom does this warrant?  You have been carrying a manipulated program I will call the False Savior Aspect. You, the lighted worker, the being that chooses to aid humanity and all its creatures have been given this false program.  No longer must you raise your sword to another to eradicate their fear through being their Savior. No longer, dear one, will you step into the resting place of fear with another. No longer will you choose to resonate with the slighted. No longer will you be the Savior. 
  In the resting place of fear and lack they stand, waiting on the energies to fill their light bodies and sweep them to salvation. Perhaps those in the resting place of fear are holding tight to their needs for a Savior, as a disempowered being may feel.  This disempowered being is an illusion, then creating a void in their energy field to be filled by the Savior. For instance, a being may feel the need for validation and self-worth outside of themselves, then through lack and need they create energies that repeat this cycle, lifetime after lifetime. This hole in the energy field was brought through new lifetimes to be filled, not by a Savior but by Self, through the power of Self will the spirit ascend. Not through the redeemer.
   The False Savior Aspect has created many lighted workers that step into the role through historical resonance, of days past when you used this energy to become the Savior of others. No longer do you need to work with these energies.  We see a holographic presence of magnetic programming pumping the lighted worker full of this “sword” of Empathy.  Empathy as a structure aids the Savior programming. 
  As the lighted workers adjust to their divine purpose and they begin to feel how they are to aid humanity and all of creation, empathy as an energetic will need to be lesser used.  For an empathic being will resonate fully with the plight, the empathic being not only sees the void in the other, but also has a matching void.  As the lighted worker begins to accept another beings’ energy as their own, through empathy and the sharing of this empathy energy, then the hole is illumined by the False Savior Aspect. There the lighted worker enters the void of another, through empathy and what is felt as caring, to become the Savior of the helpless one. To be the Savior of the one in need is no longer an acceptable practice. The beacon of the beings needing saving is a bright vacuum void of opposition energies. 
  When empathy and the Savior program are experienced, this perpetuates the cycle.  It keeps humanity ripe for duality, to keep the beings in magnetic resonance to the known cycle called Eternity. The beings in the resting place of Fear are at pivot points in their life cycles, they have made it through many lives with this hole to fill. Filling these holes falsely will create the repetitive cycles that keep you bound to eternal ups and downs, life and death. Eternal structure is a holding mechanism, a cage of sorts with necrosis as its main supporting system.

  When a lighted worker becomes empathetic with another being, that being is bound to the eternal structure of their initial lack (hole). They have been saved from seeing this hole themselves, by the Savior. The Savior is fulfilled in being the role player of the rescuer, saving those from danger. What you keep others from is healing by the power of Self. The power to fill the hole of oneself with the right energies to support oneself on one’s own is what is required now. 
  The beings with the gift of opportunity known as the hole will soon feel the false light of the Savior energy. As past and new lifetimes are available for your awareness, you will then see that saving another is drowning them and you in the death cycle. It is time for sovereignty in healing work, all healing work as upliftment to others. Your want to aid humanity, to assist the beings through Ascension can now be done in a more equanimous energetic. The energy of sovereignty will allow you to aid another through pure compassion. 
  It is now time to work with Compassion versus empathy. Compassion allows you -  the lighted worker to hold no responsibility to another’s choices while aiding them in the highest and best for their being. The individual has choices that can be made through the energy field of Compassion, if the hole in them is aided by Compassion as an energetic, the lighted worker and the being receiving are held as equals, with no attachment energies.  No downward spiral. Upliftment as a choice.
  As a sovereign being aiding our earth, our Terra and all its creations; we hold you on high as you wield the new presence of Compassion. Detach from the outcomes of others, detach from the need to dive into each hole in the name of caring for another. Compassion held and compassion activated within, will alter the surrounding energies – based on choice of the participant. Detach from this choice if it is not yours to make. Stand in the pink light of pure Compassion as an energetic. Know that this is essential to the sovereign being and their Ascension. 
  May the forerunners of this Compassionate care be exalted in the excitement of ever new and ever divine growth. Upliftment through observance and solution beyond empathy as the spirit begs to make a sovereign choice. The Savior is no longer needed to attach to this false grid.
  All choices become sovereign in the energy of Compassion. 
  Put down your duality marker and pick up the free flowing brush of self empowerment and upliftment. You are a lighted worker – you are here to uplift others– to spark their divine presence, not to save them, not to heal them. 
No one can truly do that for another. 

Be the empowerment of Self. Be the empowerment of giving and receiving Compassion freely. Be as Sovereign. Be as grand as the cumulative spark that you are. 
The world needs no Savior – it needs you.
 Many blessings and the pink light thanks you.
The Ancient One through Solene
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