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I love you guys!

I just wanted to say that I love everyone here, It feels like I have grown alot spiritually and I want to thank everyone for there posts that has contributed to my spiritual evolution!

From the depths of my heart I thank you for this fantastic knowled

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Thunderstorm Energy?

Is it normal to feel very energetic when there is a thunderstorm?

It  seems to me that people think me thinking that a Thunderstorm is comforting is weird.

Does this mean I have a dark soul or something?

I would love to know what this means if any of yo

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so now?

I just had a thought and I would like your perspective on.When the 12.12.12. Mass meditation for the light spreading love was taking place.Do you think the dark was also doing the same but for negative things?please share what you think.Namaste:)

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