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I go about my day with my head down when I walk by people, Im not trying to be rude at all im just shy. I feel like if I look into someones eyes is like im looking into there soul without permission. I got to get to know someone before I smile and joke around with, especially with women I don't know whether to smile like I would smile at another guy like whats up you know. I don't know how to distinguish what an Im attracted to you or your good looking smile is?

I need help how can I smile friendly without being creepy? (im not a creep by the way)

I would like some tips or tricks to get over this obstacle I have, what are your views, opinions, etc...


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thanks for the advice!

...Im The Same.....:)....Im Quite Shy....When It Comes To Peoplelll.....<3...........x...

im glad im not the only one:)


Sincerity ... which comes from the Heart ... ;))

well put thanx:)

I always just say hi or how are you to everyone I see on the streets. I do that to make them comfy . I dont have to have a large smile just intention of being nice and polite. people like that.......................

I had the same problem as you when I were younger. I came over it when I stopped caring so much about how other people would perceive me. :)

I look people right in the eyes and just smile...  they usually smile back and this creates a lovely feeling of mutual friendliness and makes you feel happy,,,  

now and again, very rare the other person looks at me with a suspicious look but like I say this is very rare.......

hi Shawnzie,

 I was just like you, if i have eyecontact it just feels weird with people i dont know..

exspecially with girls ;P.

I think u have to just make a lot of eyecontact with the people u do know and love, practice it i know it feels weird to just start a conversation to practise eyecontact but thats the way i learned it. Its not like im that super confidend guy, in fact ( opposite lol XD ). 

just try to make you aura happier and then the rest of your smile will come. (if that makes sense :? ;)

and remember we are all NOT perfect.



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