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The Souls Commitment


My Dear Friends,

Prior to receiving the gift of a physical placement,
your Soul completes a vow to God, The Angels, and Itself.
However (and ironically) it is through the passage of time
that the clarity of the Souls commitment becomes blurred.
As the physical distractions and interruptions of this world take over.
With this as an understanding, I humbly present the following:


Today my Father I stand before you,
Renewing my commitment to walk with you.
I understand that my time here is finite,
But this experience will be everlasting.

I promise to laugh hard every day,
And value life in every way.
I promise to hold onto the beauty of your creation,
And let fear and hatred fall away.

I will not allow disappointment to pull me down,
I will look for Angels to pull me up.
I promise to forget the events that bring me harm,
And to remember the touching kindness of others.

I will do my best to run to Love,
And walk through life.
Without fear I will face adversity,
For I know I have God and The Angels by my side.

I promise to share hope, Love, and faith with all that will listen,
And even those who won’t.
I accept that while my time here is brief,
My actions and influence will last forever.
And while I may at times find it difficult to talk to others,
I will never feel hardship in talking to God.

And when my time here is through,
My Father, I will return to You
Finding Loving comfort as we become one;
Then you will in-turn hold me,
Offering peaceful tranquility,
With the words “My Child Well Done”.


May the week ahead offer you Peace, Love,
Hope, and Spiritual Growth.

Love and Blessings,


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My Dear Friend,


I often get approached by people who ask “Why is it that I pray, meditate, and try to carry myself in a positive light and yet I do not feel my Spirit ‘awakening’? “
They will go on to suggest “It seems that everyone else around me is evolving on such a higher platform”
These questions are very genuine and carry a concern that many have. You see, in today’s fast passed media world, we expect things to occur on demand. To make matters worse, we will read stories or watch programs that highlight someone fast ascension to a Spiritual Awakening.
Well my friend, if these questions have been bouncing around in your own head, you are not alone. You see , most of us will not receive a late night Angelic visit, visual intervention on behalf of the higher spirits to bring us back from death, or even have a physical conversation with God to ensure that our feet are on the right path and to signal to us that our Soul has “awoken”.

So then, what are we to do?

First, I humbly suggest that you do away with the concept of ‘awakening’.
I realize that this is a popular phrase and that there is some level of attachment to it, but honestly…

You Are Awake.


What does transpire through the alignment of your mind/ego to your Souls spiritual path is a “Remembering”. That is why when you begin this process things seem to click with you and you find yourself saying “yeah, that finally makes sense!” or “that feels right to me.”


But you need not travel your path alone, for you have some amazing partners, Angels and Spirit Guides that have chosen to be by your side throughout your journey here. However you do need to reach out to them, acknowledging their presence and opening up to their communication and their Love.


As you go forward within this amazing journey, understand that the foundation of your Spiritual path is laid one brick at a time and these bricks are held together with the mortar of Love and Faith
Each positive thought, action, and vibration you send out is another brick within your walkway. Your Spiritual path.

Sending warm Blessings and Love,



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The Angels Invocation to you...

The Angels Invocation to you

*Carry no burden*
Fear not the trials that run though your time here.
For within the strife and hardship, your soul will gain strength and understanding.
Cast aside the weighted emotions of greed, regret, loathing, and envy
For these are the chains that bind you down.

*Value life*
You have a finite time to gain infinite experience.
Appreciate all that there is.
Promote kindness with a smile.
Let your own legacy be Love.

*Call to us*
Ask for us by name and we will be with you.
Do not worry about ceremony or formality when doing so.
Understand that while it is your words that will draw us to you,
it is your will and intent that keep us there.

*We can help*
In the great expansion of creation you are our Spirit Family.
Through accessing your own Spiritual Path you will find Love,
Peace, happiness, and understanding.
We serve as guides to assist you in identifying your path and walking within it.

*We are here*
Remove the burden of your adulthood.
And converse with us with the Wonder and Amazement of the child within you.
You need not look around to see us; instead allow your Soul to feel our presence.

*You can feel us*
Like your Soul, our energy comes from the Creator.
You will feel our presence as a warm vibration.
Allow this to pass through you.
This is our language.
This is our energy.
It is Love.

*Accept who you are*
Stand tall.
For you are a blessed Soul of creation.
You are of Gods Love, there is no stronger force.
Claim your rightful place within the Spiritual consciousness of the universe.

Offered with Love, Blessings, and Spiritual Growth,

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"I Asked God..."


I asked God for absolution,
He offered forgiveness.

I asked God for sympathy,
He offered understanding.

I asked God for compassion,
He presented his Love.

I asked God for strength,
He gave me courage.

I asked God for a purpose,
He showed me my path.

I forgot about God when I lost my way,
He sent the Angels to find me.

I asked God for a miracle,
He gave me another day.

I doubted Gods existence,
He remembered mine.


And God said:
“My Love is not offered as a convenience to your life
But a conviction to it.

While it may be possible to turn your physical back to me,
the face of your Soul can never hide.

Go forward with your experience here and as your mind accepts
your Souls knowledge you will come to the realization that
matter doesn’t matter and time is of no consequence.

For the truth that lay within is the truth that surrounds you . . .
That truth being Love”


May this message find your week abundant in Love and Blessings.



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"I see The Blossom of Your Soul"

Even in seclusion a flower will bloom
Showing its strength. Its resilience. Its beauty.
For its faith is with the understanding that
Somehow, somewhere, someone . . .
Will reflect upon its presence and feel inspired.

The same can be said about your Soul.
For even though you might feel alone at times,
Surrounded by immovable objects, or limited by your environment.
You have within you such immense strength, resilience, and beauty.

Existing within you is everything necessary to move past these obstacles.
Consider this;
God gave such strength, resilience, and beauty to a flower
Imagine what he has placed within you.


Have Faith in Yourself. Your Essence. Your Divinity.
Of what your being here represents.
Allow your Soul to bloom . .
And be the beacon of Light. Inspiration, and Love you are meant to be.

Offered with Love, Blessings, and Gratitude for the Being of Light in You,


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Thanksgiving for the Soul

My Dear Friends,

As you gather around with friends and family today,
Offering thanks for those things that bring joy and meaning to your life.

Do not forget to offer thanks for the one blessing that has changed everything. . .
Your Life.

And the time you are offered here.

For it is only within this physical realm, your Soul will gain this experience.

Treasure each breath,

Honor all life,

Respect the beauty of the beautiful,

Release passion,

Value each Friendship,

Hold tightly to those whom hold you
and reach out to those who do not,

Understand that it is within you to decide
How you perceive the world.

Offer what your Soul wants in return,
And you will never be anchored by disappointment.

And above all honor the Love of your presence...

With Love.

Sending Prayers of Peace, Love, Hope,
And Spiritual Growth.


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"The Suffering of the Soul"

"The Suffering of the Soul"

Rest well my broken heart ...
Let not the tear within your fiber become an insurmountable valley.

Speak softly my worried voice ...
For it is not the choice given, but the words offered that will carry you forward.

Walk strongly my weakened body ...
know that your time of balance will come.

Remember fondly my shaken Spirit ...
Of the times, moments, and energy once shared. Knowing that this to will come again.


And I cried unto the starlit night …
“ O’ Lord why is it that the blessed souls are sent here, only to suffer within this existence?”

To which I heard the reply;
“It is not the path of the Soul to suffer, only to experience.
The suffering perceived is merely the ego as it wrestles with fear …
For the soul knows not of fear, only Love, as it is always connected to me.
Through the passing of time and the crossing of the Veil, only Love and the higher wisdom gained through this experience remains.
By letting go of fear, all fear, particularly the fear that your existence is finite,
you allow for your experiences here to explode in depth and quality.

Let not the remembrance of yesterday be a burden for tomorrow
Cast out that which places weight upon your own Spirit “


“Seek the help of Archangel Michael by name to remove the unwanted, unneeded,
and encumbering weight of experiences that do not serve your higher self.

Know that your time here is not based on time,
but Love;
It is through this Love that you are inertly connected to all beings of light,
These beings have been placed here to assist you along your own path.
They are around you even now.”


“Feel their presence within you, feel their Love surround you…
let their wisdom in… by reaching out…
No pomp and circumstance is required or expected..
Just whisper with Loving intentions… and they will be will you …”

Offered with Love, Gratitude, and Appreciation
For the Being of Light in You.

~ Michael

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The Creators Message of Love

The Creators Message of Love

Within you I have placed my essence
I have offered my Love to you
To have your Love returned, completing me.
There is nothing greater then that which already fills your Soul
I Offer my Love to you, without condition.
You are of my essence.
And I Am of yours.
Hear me, See me, Feel Me.
Close your physical eyes and let go of the thoughts that keep you from me.
I have and always will be with you.
Throughout time I have been called many names
And worshiped on different levels
However the greatest gift that can be offered
Is for you to see each other as you see me
And in this Light you will understand
That it is not your differences that separate you
But the perceived separation that does.

Offered with Love

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The Angel by Your Side

******* I Am The Angel by Your Side *******
When you arrived here, your physical body cried while your Soul rejoiced and it was I who calmed your Spirit, allowing your ego to begin its journey.

******* I Am The Angel by Your Side *******
When you met your parents, it was I who held your Spirit, sharing with you a moment of Love unparalleled in the physical world

******* I Am The Angel by Your Side *******
When you started to crawl, I too guided you, encouraged you, letting you see my own joy in your eyes.

******* I Am The Angel by Your Side *******
When walking became your goal, I held you up to get there. This was the time we played, learned, and Loved together

******* I Am The Angel by Your Side *******
As you began to age and learn of the physicality of this place
It was I who stood back and allowed your wings to grow, knowing full well as your
mind developed, your memories of me would fade.

******* I Am The Angel by Your Side *******
As you grew, I was always there, never more then a whisper away. Sometimes you would hear me, other times my words seemed to drift away. I would often leave a sign for you, in my own attempts to reach out and bring you in.

******* I Am The Angel by Your Side *******
I also learned with you. I learned that my best chance to talk with you often came while you were asleep. It was within your dreams that we would share stories, play, and unite in the Creators Love.

******* I Am The Angel by Your Side *******
A few times, you fell in Love and then were hurt; I stayed up with you all night, holding your tears as they fell softly to the floor. Allowing my Love to flow freely though you.

******* I Am The Angel by Your Side *******
Sometimes you would cry out in spite, questioning your own existence and self worth.
I would whisper in your ear… You are Loved, you exist in Love, You are that which is of God.

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******* I Am The Angel by Your Side *******
When you lost you way, I guided you home. When you felt betrayed, I offered my strength. When you gave up, I stood by you, knowing that for you giving up never meant giving in.

******* I Am The Angel by Your Side *******
Occasionally, you would forget me, we would not talk for months or years, but I would always remain with you. Protecting you. Guiding you. Offering Love and remaining a conduit for your Spirit.

******* I Am The Angel by Your Side *******
But now the passing of time has caught up and your journey is coming to an end.
The physical body you so much enjoyed has no more days to offer. I know you are scared, but that is just your mind. As the coldness of deaths touch sets in within your body, take solace in knowing that when the moment comes to leave it behind, it will be the warmth of my Spirit that will carry you back home.

To you I offer this message as a reminder...

Your Angels are with you.
Always have been
And always will.
Let not the passage of time become a bookmark for your experiences with them.
Reach out.
Have Faith.
Show them you remember.

To your Angels I send this message...

Thank you for the unwavering commitment you offer
Within you exists the strength, compassion, and Love of our Creator
Stay strong in your position as caretaker over this Soul
And carry Faith in knowing that the Soul whos eyes have read this message are now prepared to see you again.

As always, I send my Love and Blessings,

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