The Souls Commitment


My Dear Friends,

Prior to receiving the gift of a physical placement,
your Soul completes a vow to God, The Angels, and Itself.
However (and ironically) it is through the passage of time
that the clarity of the Souls commitment becomes blurred.
As the physical distractions and interruptions of this world take over.
With this as an understanding, I humbly present the following:


Today my Father I stand before you,
Renewing my commitment to walk with you.
I understand that my time here is finite,
But this experience will be everlasting.

I promise to laugh hard every day,
And value life in every way.
I promise to hold onto the beauty of your creation,
And let fear and hatred fall away.

I will not allow disappointment to pull me down,
I will look for Angels to pull me up.
I promise to forget the events that bring me harm,
And to remember the touching kindness of others.

I will do my best to run to Love,
And walk through life.
Without fear I will face adversity,
For I know I have God and The Angels by my side.

I promise to share hope, Love, and faith with all that will listen,
And even those who won’t.
I accept that while my time here is brief,
My actions and influence will last forever.
And while I may at times find it difficult to talk to others,
I will never feel hardship in talking to God.

And when my time here is through,
My Father, I will return to You
Finding Loving comfort as we become one;
Then you will in-turn hold me,
Offering peaceful tranquility,
With the words “My Child Well Done”.


May the week ahead offer you Peace, Love,
Hope, and Spiritual Growth.

Love and Blessings,


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  • Thank You
  • Always like your messages Michael,

    I feel like it's really important to get things right this lifetime... And am always trying to make it to where I am supposed to be.....

    I also try and take things as lightly as I can, because there is a divine humor in alot of things, but yet we still exist here..... seeing some things that happen, some amazing, some horrible....And we take that and learn as much as we can from it....

    This life is like school, and I assume the "afterlife" is as well.....

    But this time around... I feel like it's different....

    I feel like we are all ready for the next step... and I can't wait to see where we go!

    ~Blessingz~ :-)
  • Thank You xx Namaste
  • Peace
  • Wow!! That's exactly what I needed to hear today!!

    Thank you very much Michael.
This reply was deleted.

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