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This is pretty big news....I can't believe nobody's posted this yet lol

Russian Prime Minister claims extraterrestrials live among us


On Friday, December 7, the current Russian Prime Minister and former President, Dmitry Medvedev, made some startling off-air comments to reporters while his microphone was still switched on. He was asked whether the President is given any secret files on extraterrestrials while in office. In his responses, Medvedev not only confided that extraterrestrials are visiting the Earth, but that some are actually living among us. He went even further to say that the Hollywood comedy, Men in Black, depicting a secret government agency monitoring extraterrestrials on Earth, has a factual basis to it.

While the comments appear to be playful responses to a reporter’s off-beat question, they raise questions over exactly how much truth was being revealed by Medvedev. Given that Medvedev’s responses were given off-air, without him realizing that his microphone was still recording, they at face value give credence to claims that extraterrestrials are not only visiting our world, but are even living among us.

After completing an on-air interview with five television reporters, Prime Minister Medvedev continued to respond to reporters and made some off-air comments without realizing that the microphone was still on. His off-air comments were more frank about his real feelings on recent political developments in Russia where authorities were reigning in civil liberties. He was then asked by one reporter if “the president is handed secret files on aliens when he receives the briefcase needed to activate Russia's nuclear arsenal,” Medvedev responded:

Along with the briefcase with nuclear codes, the president of the country is given a special 'top secret' folder. This folder in its entirety contains information about aliens who visited our planet… Along with this, you are given a report of the absolutely secret special service that exercises control over aliens on the territory of our country… More detailed information on this topic you can get from a well-known movie called Men In Black… I will not tell you how many of them are among us because it may cause panic.

Medvedev’s comments are not the first time a prominent Russian official has spoken out about extraterrestrial life while giving television interviews. In an extraordinary television interview aired in May 2010, the Governor of the Russian Republic of Kalmykia, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov who was also President of the World Chess Federation, claimed that in 1997 he was taken from his penthouse apartment on board an extraterrestrial vehicle. Ilyumzhinov claimed that the extraterrestrials he met were humanoid and gave him a tour of their ship, and even took him to another world.

There has long been claims that not only have extraterrestrials been visiting our world, but have actually lived among us. A well documented case in Italy called Amicizia (Friendship) revealed that more than 100 individuals, including senior public officials, had met with a group of extraterrestrials with bases in the Italian peninsula and the Adriatic Sea over a 22 year period from 1956 to 1978. Significantly, these extraterrestrials were secretly monitored by NATO authorities who did not interfere with private citizens meeting with and providing supplies to the extraterrestrials. The Friendship case, if genuine, suggests that something like the official agency created to monitor extraterrestrials on earth depicted in the Men In Black movies, is based in fact. Certainly, Prime Minister Medvedev appears to think that such a “secret special service” exists.

While it can be claimed that Medvedev was giving a playful response to an off-beat reporter question, the full context of his off-air remarks suggest he was being candid on a range of topics, including extraterrestrial life. Plausible deniability certainly comes to mind when trying to analyze Medvedev’s frank off-air comments. This raises the intriguing possibility that Medvedev’s comments were orchestrated with prior approval to reveal facts to the Russian public that authorities are not yet able to officially announce to the world – extraterrestrials live among us.

© Copyright 2012. Michael E. Salla, Ph.D..

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What do you guys think of this

I remember watching this a few years ago, and I thought it was pretty performed...there wasn't enough authenticity in the way the people were acting, it seemed too much of a production. It's pretty well done though. Maybe it's just a reenactment...or...maybe it's absolutely real. Whatever it is, it's pretty compelling to watch....I thought I'd share it with you guys, and see what you guys have to say.

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This is a message I think everyone would benefit from reading, and it's a timely message for me personally, because lately, I've been feeling, what I call "all too human" in terms of, feeling like I'm small, and ordinary, and just a regular human...instead of feeling great and divine. It's not a good place to be lol So here's a message from Archangel Gabriel that really helped me get some clarity, and hopefully, it'll help you guys out too, in some way.

Greetings Dear Ones! How pleased and honored we are to be in your presence today. We honor you for setting aside the time in your busy schedule to come be a part of the energies of the group and, of course, when we say group, we mean not only those who are in this room at this time, but also those who will be enjoying this transmission on your internet at a later time.

We are so excited for the times that you are in right now! You have worked hard, so hard, to be part of this amazing energetic shift of consciousness that you and the planet are moving through together.

In your humanness, many of you tend to make things more complicated than they need to be. You understand with a deep knowingness, that there is something very important going on. In your humanness, you strive to understand it, to control it, to move it along faster, if you will. You complicate matters, Dear Ones.

As you know, we have told you that there are vital aspects to moving forward with this shift of consciousness that are not dependant upon any certain belief system or healing system. Surrender, faith, flow, trust and gratitude are all of the aspects that will move you forward, as will embracing who you really are, remembering what you know and applying it to your human experience. Many of you have been in your learning process for centuries of your linear time just to apply what you know, what your soul has gathered as knowledge, in these now moments.

So many of you are feeling a tremendous pressure because you understand that what’s going on is of great importance. Many of you can feel a great sense of excitement. Some of you feel fear. Some of you feel like you must hurry up and do something and yet have no idea what that may be. You are right, these are pivotal and important times. These are the times that your soul is here to experience.

To add to your pressure, a great number of you have attempted ascension before and had it not work well on this planet. So, many of you are here saying, “This time, this time, it’s going to happen! This time I will make sure it happens!” You are feeling a tremendous responsibility. Dear Ones, it does not rest on your shoulders alone. It is a collective process. Any large load is made easy when there are many involved with a common purpose. It is not only those of you who are awakening on the planet at this time who are participating in this shift. Your guides, the helpers, the ascended masters, the angels, the entire universe is in this dance with you. So throw out the idea that it is a tremendous burden that you must carry on your own! Instead, replace that with the idea that you can dance with joy in the light energies that have become yours. Because you are just that - a beautiful dance partner with the universe in this process.

So what it all boils down to, in many ways, is freedom. Freedom is what you imagine nirvana to be. You imagine going to the other side. You imagine being freed of the density of the body and you see that as being freedom. When your loved ones pass on, what helps you heal from your human pain is the idea that they are free - that they are free of their bodies, they are free of their pain. That is what the ascension is, Dear Ones. It is embracing the experience of being Home while on the planet, and that includes the freedom.

Now many of you are so terrified of making a mistake that you are afraid to do anything. Freedom scares the pants off many of you. What if you do it wrong? What if you make a mistake? Dear Ones, the fact that you worry about that tells you that you will move forward mindfully. Do not allow yourself to be stuck in the illusion of your fear.

Many of you have kept yourselves in tiny little boxes. You have not done what your soul has wanted to do because of what family expectations may be or what society says you should do. Many of you have kept yourselves small to conform. Many of you have paid dearly for doing just that, with your physical health and with your emotional health. Those days are done, Dear Ones.

You are not here to conform to anything. You are here to expand beyond the box that you tried to wear. In fact, most of you can no longer stay small. It has become too uncomfortable to do so. You simply cannot. A great number of people have created crisis in their life by trying to stay small, and have had to learn that that is no longer being supported for them. So for example, jobs that didn’t honor who they really were, that didn’t give them joy, suddenly disappeared in order for them to move into something that is a better match.

Relationships with others that involved giving their power away have also disappeared because, you see, the entire universe is helping you in this process. The sun is sending massive mounts of light to you to move out what’s keeping you small, what is keeping you from embracing your freedom.

Freedom doesn’t mean being irresponsible, Dear Ones. It means giving yourself permission to live your life expression in the way that best honours you and allows your spirit to soar. How beautiful! Why would you keep yourself from such an experience?

Many of you have been conditioned that imagining you are bigger or greater than your small, boxed-in self is falling into ego, so you shy away from it. Ego is false power. Authentic power means allowing yourself to shine exactly as you are and knowing that that is a thing of beauty to behold.

Much like caged animals that have been kept confined for many years, now that the doors are open, you are afraid to venture beyond what has become your comfort zone. Do not be afraid! The energies are supporting you. The energies are encouraging you. In fact, the energies are insisting that you expand into your soul selves and experience the freedom that comes with that while you are on the planet. Do you see? Do you see what a glorious thing that is?

What about the freedom to live without disease? What about embracing the freedom to have a career that allows you to shine in your highest purpose and help others remember who they really are? What about the freedom to do absolutely nothing at all, knowing that your energy by itself is more than enough? What about finally allowing yourself to travel and go to the ends of the earth, if that pleases you, because you’ve always wanted to do so and never had that experience because somehow not doing it would please others or make you feel that you were a better person? Perhaps, just perhaps, you feel called to that place because your energy is required in that part of the world. Did you ever consider that? What about trusting that if you follow your highest purpose you will always be lovingly provided for? What about the freedom of stepping beyond the illusion of poverty?

I think you are starting to see what your soul has been craving all this time. It has been that freedom. Freedom to love unconditionally without fear. What would that feel like? What about giving yourself permission to be in the flow at all times knowing that everything will work out just fine, if not better than ever, from doing that? It is time to shrug off the old illusions and to know that you are prepared, that you are ready and it is through embracing your freedom that you will be the ambassadors of the New Earth. You will be bringing in the Christed energies of the Golden Age because that by itself is an energy of expansion and freedom and unconditional love. Do you see?

We would like to give you an analogy because it is through analogy that many of you can embrace what we speak of. We have used this one before but it is so fitting we would like to present it again. When you have a group of children in a classroom and it is suddenly announced that there is no school for the rest of the day, that they are suddenly released from the classroom, you don’t see those children staying at their desks in fear. You don’t see them wondering why. You don’t see them asking, “Oh, am I ready for this?” Those children leap up and run out and enjoy their newfound freedom with open heartedness and joyous expectation. They immediately embrace the opportunity and go straight into creator mode, deciding what activity would bring them the most joy. If you can relate to this analogy it is because you have already had that experience as a child and that tells you that embracing the moment is a skill you already have! That is what the times you are in right now can be feeling like for you, Dear Ones. Don’t let the old conditioning keep you small. Leap up and run as a child would in the joy of the moment that you are in right now. Those children never stop and wonder will they be provided for. They don’t wonder if they’ll be okay. They don’t wonder if it will be safe, in fact, it would never even occur to them to doubt their good fortune. They simply embrace the moment with all of their hearts and they shine with it. This is what is available for you and this is what we wish with all of our hearts for you to experience in these now moments. This is what we wanted to share with you today.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young
Facebook: Trinity Esoterics
Twitter @trinityesoteric

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(I'm glad I have my long hair!)

                                                           THE MYSTICAL NATURE OF HAIR

Over this last 10 8108760055?profile=originalyears I have strived to eliminate all chemicals from my world, diet, toiletries and environmental. One of my last remaining chemical dependencies was hair care. I have spent a small fortune in this last 10 years trying to get a decent natural shampoo and conditioner, but I have yet to get one I liked, most left my hair in a dry frizzy mess, and despite their claims of being “organic”, and totally natural, most still contained industrial detergents and other dangerous chemicals.

Six weeks ago I read an article about Native American Indians, and how during the Vietnam War their trackers were recruited by the US military for service in Vietnam. When they got to Vietnam they all claimed that their 6th sense left them. They all claimed that after they were given their GI haircuts, their psychic and other “superhuman” abilities left them.

The US government then conducted a survey on the Native Americans, to try and establish the connection between hair and the sixth sense. The link below gives more details about the study and its findings.


 Given the findings of this study it shines a new light on Holy men of old, seers and prophets who are all depicted with long hair. This was clearly more than a fashion statement.

It also makes you wonder about the religious institutions that impose shaved heads on the devotees. I am a big fan of the teachings of Shakamuni Buddha, but shaved heads are compulsory for Buddhist monks. If the hair does have a purpose, as this study would suggest, and that purpose is to act as some kind of antenna that heightens our psychic abilities, then it is a little disconcerting that so many so called religious orders demand that the hair be shaved off. Nuns also start their journey with the church by having their heads shaved.

After I had signed all the vows, Mother Superior whacked off all my long hair with the scissors. This was to be sold to the highest bidder, for human hair brings a good market price and they commercialize on everything.”


Six months ago I began researching the British Royals, and their claim that they rule by divine right, this research oddly led me to more information about the importance of hair. The biblical Samson was from the Israeli Tribe of Dan, he is just one of the Israeli Messianic characters. His Mother was baron, and an Angel visited her and told her she would have a son, and she was never to cut his hair, and he would save Israeli from its then enemies, who at that time were the Philistines.
I’m sure we all know the Samson and Delia epic, she is paid by the Philistines to find out how Samson had such superhuman powers, and she finds that his strength lay in his long hair, she cut it, he was immediately disempowered, and the Philistines captured him. Once the hair was cut, Samson felt totally cut off from his God and his powers.
After a few months in captivity his hair grew back a little, and gave him enough strength to push apart two pillars in the Philistine temple, which brought the temple down, killing all in it including Samson.

                                                          The long haired Merovingian Kings

The Merovingians

This research also led me to study the Merovingian’s. Princess Diana was descended from the French Merovingian’s, and so Prince William when he becomes King will be from that line.
The Merovingian’s were famed sorcerers, and were said to be gifted psychics and magicians. The Merovingian’s believed their powers came from their long hair!

They are historically known as the long haired Kings, and they set a trend, that for hundreds of years French Kings had long hair, long after the last Merovingian King, later dynasties held onto the Merovingian belief that long hair in some way denoted magical powers.  In later centuries, if a non Merovingian Kings went bald, or the hair went thin or grey, they feigned the effect by wearing elaborate wigs.

The Merovingian’s were telepathic, and famed because of their remarkable longevity. They were also said to be great healers. Excavations on graves of Merovingian Kings have yielded crystal balls, and other paraphernalia associated with the occult or esoteric practices.

The last Merovingian King was Childeric III, who was deposed by Pipin the short, on orders from the Pope, Childeric’s hair was ritualistically shorn by the new King Pipin. Given the importance the Merovingian’s attached to their long hair, this would have been the ultimate act of dis-empowerment.

                                                         The Ritualistic shaving of Childeric III's hair    

The Merovingian’s also believed that the soul rested in the human scull, which brings a whole new understanding of the term “Head Hunters”.  Corpses of Merovingian’s have been found with a bore hole on the crown, this was to allow the soul to leave the body and travel to the afterlife.

The Sikhs 

This link details the Sikhs belief in the sacred nature of hair.
Excert “Kesh is the Sanskrit word for hair. Keshava is also one of the names of God in Hinduism, which means “having beautiful hair.” In Hinduism, hair has been attributed as the most important part of the body, which could be sacrificed instead of offering sacrifice of the self. Now a days, hair is kept to be sacrificed at the occasion of pilgrimage of temples.

 “Basically, hair in yogic theory affects your perception of subtle energies, vibrations such as mantras and shakti, or even Dhikr as in Shaivism and Sufism. Hair is an extention and heightened instrument of perception of your mind, not unlike a cat's whiskers. Most modern people are completely disconnected from their own body and not in touch with traditional phrases such as "My hairs stood on end." Your hairs are a form of the skin's perception as well as a part of the spine and brain. Most modern people shave their armpit hairs and slather deodorant which blocks the pores, not realizing that the sweat which naturally trickles down the armpit hairs acts as a wick to draw out the waste products from the body containing viruses, bacteria, hormones, etc to regulate and keep everything in balance. It is also ignored that 80% of all human breast cancers first occur in the upper outer quadrant, which is directly below the armpit. So the wisdom of modernity fails to impress me. It is what it is... disconnection and absence of fine tuned perception of the natural phenomena and the body's instinctive perceptual wisdom. And this is precisely what these forms of yogic practice intend to enhance... perception and intuition, either of inner silence through shaven head, or energetic attunement through uncut hairs”.

The Rastas

This is an interesting link which discusses the “antenna” nature of hair, and its ability to transmit and receive energy and signals.  Excert:

Hair is the receiver and transmitter of divine emanation ­it makes you receptive to spiritual forces. Saints and sages instinctively let their hair grow. Rastafarians regard dredlocks as a quality of Black people: they regard dredlocks as "high-tension wires" which transmits divine energy and inspiration from Jah (God) the creator, to Rasta, the mirror. Within our body which is the temple of God, our head, the "holy of holies," is the highest point, while our hair, its natural crown, is like the spire of a church, our vertical connection with God. Representing our strength, it forms an antenna through which the SPIRitual force may descend. SPIRitual force, rather than "descend," will SPIRal through SPIRaling hair. Since Nature does nothing without a reason, what is the purpose and effect of spiral-hair?”

“Crystals have the power to receive and transmit energy waves. The earliest radios used quartz crystals and were called "crystal sets." The main composition of quartz crystal is silicon. Silicon is also a key mineral found in the hair, and undoubtedly contributes to its antenna ability. It is no accident that silicon is also the most essential component of computers; silicon enables computers to have mind-like properties including "memory." Silicon is also an important mineral found in the brain, which is the seat of the mind.”
Most of this information I literally stumbled on while researching other things, but it got me thinking about the importance of hair. The global elite who control our world have devised thousands of ways to dis-empower us all. They poison our food to keep us dumbed down and not question anything. Vaccines, pharma drugs, television and religions are just some of the methods they use to separate us from our divine selves, and our true potential. This led me to question the hair care industry.
The Pharmaceutical and hair care/toiletries industries are joined at the hip; it is a trillion dollar marriage. They have invented and promoted ranges of hair care products which totally destroy the hair, then they profit further by offering more products to correct the damaged caused.
Our bodies produce a chemical in the hair follicle which decides our hair colour, this agent is called melancytes. Our hair colour is decided by our genetics, and these melancytes decide our hair colour and skin tone. This link explains the science better than I could.
I cant find any studies on this, but I would be keen to know what effect high chemical shampoos, dyes and conditioners have on the Melancytes. Its my guess that if a study were to be done, the chemical cocktail that we put on our heads would kill the melancytes. Dead melancytes equals grey hair, and we have all been conditioned to think grey hair is a big no no, not attractive, sign of age etc etc. This leads most people to run to the nearest chemist and buy a dye to colour the hair!

Get my drift, they invent shampoos that kill the melancytes, then they get to profit even further by selling us dyes to artificially colour our hair! Cha-Ching, quids in for them.

I do not expect they will be conducting studies on this any day soon. Those of us who understand how big pharma operates know only too well that near all research facilities are dependant on funding from big pharma and cosmetic companies, and they do not fund anything that might be damaging to their profits.
Incidentally a deficiency in copper also causes grey hair. I remember some years ago a friend had an illness and was told it was caused by a copper deficiency, after a few months on high dose copper supplements his grey hair miraculously became jet black again. Of course the pharmas bury basic information like this, God forbid the masses should realise there was such a simple solution to grey hair!

This last few years the cosmetics industry has boasted about using nanotechnology in cosmetics and toiletries, the masses get blinded by their pseudo jargon about these new technologies. If people had half a notion of the real effect of this nanotechnology, they would not want these products anywhere near them.

In brief, nanoparticles have the ability to penetrate the skins natural barrier, which protects us from dangerous chemicals going into the blood stream. If you think of HRT or nicotine patches, if we were just to put nicotine or HRT on the skins surface, it would just sit there, but if they are combined with nanoparticles, the HRT and nicotine ride on the backs of the nanoparticles, and penetrate the skins defensive barrier, and so travel straight into the blood stream.

These nanoparticles are used in sun creams, moisturizers and a whole range of other toiletries, including many shampoos and conditioners.
If you look at the ingredients list on your shampoo, you generally find a very dangerous cocktail of lethal chemicals. Nanoparticles will not be named “nanoparticles” on the ingredients list, they have various patented names, but they all have the same function, they carry the other very lethal chemicals straight into your blood stream.

 Our bodies are amazing things, and we have all been fooled on a grand scale. We have been trained to delegate responsibility. With an adequate diet our hair has the ability to keep itself healthy and clean.
The scalp secretes sebum, which lubricates and cleanses the hair. Sebum is also an anti viral, and if we were not so fixated with washing this valuable oil from our heads, it would offer us protection from germs and viruses.

To combat the fact that we have just stripped our hair of its natural cleaning conditioning oils, we add conditioner. If the hair is still a mess after this process we have waxes, gels, hairsprays, mousses and hundreds of other products to combat the damage that the shampooing and conditioning has done to our hair!

The Truth About Hair and why Indians would keep their hair long

Reported by C. Young

This information about hair has been hidden from the public since the Viet Nam War .

Our culture leads people to believe that hair style is a matter of personal preference, that hair style is a matter of fashion and/or convenience, and that how people wear their hair is simply a cosmetic issue. Back in the Viet Nam war however, an entirely different picture emerged, one that has been carefully covered up and hidden from public view.

In the early nineties,  Sally [name changed to protect privacy]  was married to a licensed psychologist who worked at a VA Medical hospital. He worked with combat veterans with PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder.  Most of them had served in Viet Nam.

Sally said, \” I remember clearly an evening when my husband came back to our apartment on Doctor\’s Circle carrying a thick official looking folder in his hands. Inside were hundreds of pages of certain studies commissioned by the government. He was in shock from the contents. What he read in those documents completely changed his life. From that moment on my conservative middle of the road husband grew his hair and beard and never cut them again. What is more, the VA Medical center let him do it, and other very conservative men in the staff followed his example.  As I read the documents, I learned why. It seems that during the Viet Nam War special forces in the war department had sent undercover experts to comb American Indian Reservations looking for talented scouts, for tough young men trained to move stealthily through rough terrain. They were especially looking for men with outstanding, almost supernatural, tracking abilities. Before being approached, these carefully !

selected men were extensively documented as experts in tracking and survival.

With the usual enticements, the well proven smooth phrases used to enroll new recruits, some of these indian trackers were then enlisted. Once enlisted, an amazing thing happened. Whatever talents and skills they had possessed on the reservation seemed to mysteriously disappear, as recruit after recruit failed to perform as expected in the field.

Serious casualities and failures of performance led the government to contract expensive testing of these recruits, and this is what was found.

When questioned about their failure to perform as expected, the older recruits replied consistantly that when they received their required military haircuts, they could no longer \’sense\’ the enemy, they could no longer access a \’sixth sense\’ ,  their \’intuition\’ no longer was reliable, they couldn\’t \’read\’  subtle signs as well or access subtle extrasensory information.

So the testing institute recruited more indian trackers, let them keep their long hair, and tested them in multiple areas. Then they would pair two men together who had received the same scores on all the tests.  They would let one man in the pair keep his hair long, and gave the other man a military haircut. Then the two men retook the tests.

Time after time the man with long hair kept making high scores. Time after time, the man with the short hair failed the tests in which he had previously scored high scores.

Here is a typical test:

The recruit is sleeping out in the woods.  An armed \’enemy\’ approaches the sleeping man.  The long haired man is awakened out of his sleep by a strong sense of danger and gets away long before the enemy is close, long before any sounds from the approaching enemy are audible.

In another version of this test the long haired man senses an approach and somehow intuits that the enemy will perform a physical attack. He follows his \’sixth sense\’ and stays still, pretending to be sleeping, but quickly grabs the attacker and \’kills\’ him as the attacker reaches down to strangle him.

This same man, after having passed these and other tests, then received a military haircut and consistantly failed these tests, and many other tests that he had previously passed.

So the document recommended that all Indian trackers be exempt from military haircuts. In fact, it required that trackers keep their hair long. \”


The mammalian body has evolved over millions of years. Survival skills of human and animal at times seem almost supernatural. Science is constantly coming up with more discoveries about the amazing abilities of man and animal to survive.  Each part of the body has highly sensitive work to perform for the survival and well being of the body as a whole.The body has a reason for every part of itself.

Hair is an extension of the nervous system, it can be correctly seen as exteriorized nerves, a type of highly evolved \’feelers\’ or \’antennae\’ that transmit vast amounts of important information to the brainstem, the limbic system, and the neocortex.

Not only does hair in people, including facial hair in men, provide an information highway reaching the brain,  hair also emits energy, the electromagnetic energy emitted by the brain into the outer environment. This has been seen in Kirlian photography when a person is photographed with long hair and then rephotographed after the hair is cut.

When hair is cut, receiving and sending transmissions to and from the environment are greatly hampered. This results in numbing-out .

Cutting of hair is a contributing factor to unawareness of environmental distress in local ecosystems.  It is also a contributing factor to insensitivity in relationships of all kinds. It contributes to sexual frustration.


In searching for solutions for the distress in our world, it may be time for us to consider that many of our most basic assumptions about reality are in error.  It may be that a major part of the solution is looking at us in the face each morning when we see ourselves in the mirror.

The story of Sampson and Delilah in the Bible has a lot of encoded truth to tell us.   When Delilah cut Sampson\’s hair, the once undefeatable Sampson was defeated.

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Michael Jackson said it best, the purpose of art is to merge the physical and the spiritual, the human and the divine....this song does just that....beautiful! Only watch if you appreciate art!

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Hi folks, this is John Jancar here. I was out tonight, and I felt inspired to record a voice message for all of you. I basically talk about this site, and Disclosure, and Ascension, and the Golden Age. So if you have windows media player or some other type of media player, I'm sure it will be no problem to listen to it.


I also ask all of you guys to record a voice message for all of us here, so we can hear your voice, and get a more personal sense of....well you lol I think it will help bring all of us closer if we do this, because I think that most of the time, we tend to view each more as personalities....rather than persons. We tend to see each other more as characters, with an avatar and a name which is usually isn't the real name....and that makes things less personal. I feel that if we can hear each others will give us a better sense of the person behind the screen. So I ask all of you do this, it's easy, all you need is an mp3 player or a ipod, or cell phone, or some type of recording device. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


Here is my message, I hope you all can enjoy it!


My Message To My Friends On ACC


(Tip: Upload your Own "voice recording" on )

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Channeling of Abraham Lincoln on Obama?

I read this channeling some time ago, I thought it was interesting. I am always very cautious about throwing my entire belief into something like this. I just thought it was interesting. It also is very much aligned with my thoughts and feelings about Obama, and is something I'd like to share with everybody here. So enjoy, and make of it what you will, or take nothing from it, if that's your will.


Abraham Lincoln on Barack Obama’s Presidency

Channeled by Ariana Sheran


Abraham: Yes, it is I who used to be Abraham Lincoln, one of those presidents of the United States of America, who is now in spirit, anonymous and loving it.


I come purely because of Barack Obama, who is a part of my soul, and I do energize him in ways, guide him in ways and love him in ways, for we are soul family.


As you know, this one has a huge job in front of him and he is tackling the issues one by one; there is no stopping him. He is definitely heavily guided. I want you to know he is very well protected and there is no danger that he will run into a fatal bullet. In this time of your life, there are protections that are put up from the spiritual side of life because of the situations that are beyond the usual amount of protection. We are confident that we will keep him safe.


Not only am I connected with him on a soul level, but also on a mind level for he knows and understands that we have a relationship. He has studied my story. He has taken a page from my book, and he has learned through my successes and my failures what it takes to be a president. I think you will all agree that he has stepped up to the task willingly and ably.


I want you to understand that he is in a very extreme position, because he is juggling many balls. It has to do with having the old regime on one side of him and the new regime on the other side. Because of the various reporters, you will see some thinking he is on the right track and doing everything absolutely perfectly and others thinking the opposite. It will look to some as though he has befriended the dark, and I want you to know this is not so. He is wearing that dark hat for the reasons of others. He actually wears a white hat. It is very white, very bright, and he sometimes disappears into the galactic worlds, because that is his third hat.


He is very much a universal person and he knows it. He is in touch on subconscious levels that are becoming more and more conscious. Sometimes he is confronted with situations that are beyond his wildest imagination and that says a lot for him because Obama is very, very broad minded and wide open, so to surprise him is not too easy. Ariana likes the latest name she heard, describing him as "No Drama Obama". I want you to know that in juggling all those balls and wearing all those hats at just the right time, his wife is a great help. She may not have a designated job or pay check at the White House, but she is assisting him tremendously in the juggling that he had to take on.


Justice Will Be Served

Indicting certain people from the last regimes is definitely part of Obama's agenda; to bring the correct rule of law into focus for all that was done in misdeeds and in intentional criminality. He is very well guided in this and you will see more and more truth coming out. It will be little by little at first until the large events are fairly investigated including who actually perpetrated 9/11. That will come out.


When the truth comes out, there are many people of the Light, such as those of you present in your circle today, that I wish to put on notice. Some of your neighbors, your family and your friends will be in a huge amount of confusion, having believed the lie as it was told over and over and over and over again. This is where your Lightwork is going to come in, both through your mind and in your personal conversations and compassion with others.


I am putting you on notice, and I am hoping that Ariana will be able to share this message in her usual ways so that more and more Lightworkers will know there is a need coming up, a need of compassion. That is the main reason why I am here this day, to connect with the Lightworkers on a heart to heart level, to let you know that all is well with the United States government now. All is well and guided around the world because of this. All is well with Mother Earth because of this.


This is a huge plan, and we, in the finer dimensions, are very, very seriously working, not only with Barack Obama, but also with members of his family, cabinet, government and people in high offices to bring peace to the world and justice to the system of law. Understand that Mr. Obama has had a tremendous amount of training in order to undergo what he is doing. Lifetime after lifetime, he has been gearing for this. It is no surprise to him, and you can tell by his demeanor how self-assured he is, how he knows exactly what to do and carries it out. He has wondrous guidance. The books that he wrote previous to his presidency would be interesting for you to read in order to see his background thinking, if you are at all politically minded.


Saint Germain's Role


Saint Germain, who is an Ascended Master from a finer dimension, sometimes comes and goes from your planet physically. He was present when the Declaration of Independence was signed into law way back, and he is present again because of the situation of the culmination of third dimensional activity on the planet. He comes and goes, walks through walls, not bothering to open doors and sits with people in their political meetings in full materialization. So by now, politicians are not too surprised at his presence. Well, sometimes they are! Sometimes he gets quite the reaction! Well you know, a purple jacket with gold buttons and dark leggings with high boots, is not exactly what men are wearing in Washington government offices these days.


So of course, Barack Obama and Saint Germain are on very close terms. This is what I mean by your President being heavily guided and that all is being looked after. Some of you might wonder how your President gets so much done when he's working with a new team and all the members are not his choice. I have to tell you that he does not get much sleep, but we have ensured that he will remain healthy and happy despite the pressures of his office. He is still playing basketball. He is still doing his exercise, as much as he can around his schedule. The family is endeavoring to keep balanced, centered and normal within this new environment that is awesome for anybody to imagine. It is very awesome to live in the White House. I know it. I did it. You know, it is a little bit like living in your office and yet the President's apartment is separate, contained and of course, private.


The ones that are needed to satisfy the law relative to the past presidency are scared, and they have a right to be yet it is more those behind the scenes that were the problem. Very recently, when the situation came up about the handling of prisoners in Guantanamo, Cuba, Obama was not in favor of indicting those who did the jobs. He wishes to go after the executives who commanded the jobs be done. It must go back to the source of the orders, because the hands-on people were just doing their jobs.


So, to sort all that out takes a mind like Obama's, and he has very much help. He has what I would call a very pono attitude. Because he is from Hawaii, he knows very well the meaning of pono and about the necessity of setting things right. He feels he is in office to set things right. He wants to make sure that in times to come, people will be able to respect the United States government and all the governments around the world. He is working toward this, because governments should be by the people for the people, not for the government.


I am very pleased that you have carefully, quietly listened to my message, but at this moment, I would like to hear some of your opinions. I would like very much to hear some of your thoughts with regard to the things I have told you. I have shared with you from my heart and from my knowing. I come from a space of wondrous love and pure intent. It has been sad for me to know how grossly the United States has been handled in the past many years, and so you know how proud I am of Obama and his family. Thank you for listening.


Inquisitiveness and Gratefulness


Darda: Thank you Abraham Lincoln. I so appreciate what you have shared. We know that Obama is the man for the world right now, and we will certainly support him in every way we can, upholding him spiritually, mentally and physically. Thank you.


Lincoln: Thank you so much. That is so sweet of you.


Petra: Thank you for coming today, Abraham. I’ve known that 9/11 was an inside job, and I wondered when it would come to the light. I have also been hearing that our whole economic system is going to change, and there are groups ready to do their good works. I don’t know if we can address you with questions about that right now and how soon the changes will come. I’ve just read that our income tax was illegal and that it was never ratified by the states.


Lincoln: It is so. It is so. It is.


Petra: Is this all coming to the light, so that we all may benefit from this new awareness?


Lincoln: It is lightening every day.


Petra: Thank you. Thank you. I think there are many people that are waiting for these revelations to occur.


Lincoln: Indeed there are and believe me, there are billions upon trillions of spirits working toward this. I cannot even find the words to explain how many. It has all to do with the entire shift of consciousness on your planet.


Zarah: Aloha, Abraham. Perhaps you could comment on this. I have heard that one reason why Obama can be so efficient and take on what he is doing confidently, is because he’s up to supposedly 43% brain capacity, where most people are between 12 and 16% at this time.


Lincoln: People are guessing, but it is true that he is being assisted in this.


Zarah: Quick question. Is Obama more from the Pleiades or another planet, or is it both, since we have all been to many places?


Lincoln: He has indeed been from many places. Other channels have mentioned Star Sirius. He’s been, more recently, from Star Sirius. All of you have been from many places, and you have had much guidance in all that you have done in order to bring you to where you are today. That is exactly what has happened to him.


He’s been in many, many places and learned many things, all geared toward this job he has now. The joy and the beauty of this is that he is so thrilled and so humble in accepting this position. He is so excited about it. He knows he can do it, and so there is humbleness there.


Zarah: This cannot be mistaken in his eyes. You can see it and feel it


Petra: I have a question on increasing DNA strands in the indigos, crystals and older people with the new energy.


Lincoln: This is all occurring. It is happening in shifts. Some of you can feel these energy shifts, and some of you just blindly go your way. It is happening, and you don’t feel it. It is happening to everybody on the planet. It does not matter if the person is living as an Aboriginal person who has never seen a city or read a metaphysical book. It is happening to all. This is a worldwide thing. It is totally under the direction of God and the angels. Every cell of every human person on the Earth is involved in this change. When I speak of God, I do not speak of somebody sitting on a throne. I speak of the God within you and within everything that is all working together through God's messengers. These are all of you and all of the invisible beings you work with. It is all occurring by soul agreement. It is occurring.


Petra: I am happy to hear it is happening to all, regardless of their awareness and consciousness. Also, I understand that because the planet has already increased its vibratory or frequency rate that is why we're feeling a lot of symptoms that I have heard called ascension symptoms.


Lincoln: Yes, because all of your cells are changing there is a manipulation happening inside of you that is strange and sometimes parts of you are a bit uncomfortable, even quite uncomfortable. When that occurs, it is best to go into meditation where you are directing the cells in your body. You can help them along with your mind. You can do that!


Lisa: Would you comment on David Icke’s material and the information he is bringing forth?


Lincoln: He is a blessing to the planet, because he has brought through the weird, the wild, the wonderful, the unexplainable and the unbelievable. There is certain ego there, but he is on a mission.


Lisa: He is throwing some serious doubt on Obama’s validity.


Lincoln: It is fine. It is all in Divine Order. His main spiritual work has been to show the ordinary Lightworker or person who picks up his books that all has not been in order on the planet.


Lisa: So the fact that he is continuing that and extending that to casting some real shadows of doubt, suggesting that maybe Obama has been planted here and may not be what he seems is okay?


Lincoln: Eventually all will come to light. It is nothing to worry about.


Zarah: I’m really interested in Obama’s preparation for this lifetime. Could you say anything about his other lifetimes or even his last one? What it was like, how he was prepared, what he went through?


Lincoln: No different from what each of you is experiencing now. It was simply a lifetime of emotion, of episodes, of situations. That is how anybody is prepared for great works. It has to do with your bodies, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual bodies and the soul growth that comes from your experiences, building up on a spiritual level for you and so I am not going into definite past lives. I am just telling you in general that it is not as if he was a baby that was coddled or anything like that. He was just an ordinary Joe in past lives, an ordinary person, learning the things that he had to learn over many lifetimes.


Zarah: So he did not necessarily stay in the limelight or in politics.


Lincoln: Oh, no.


Zarah: Even though you are part of the Obama soul, have you come back since the time you were here as President?

Lincoln: One day, I will come and I will tell you my soul history after death, if you wish, now that I am getting to know you.


Petra: What has come to me is that Obama is somehow connected to Edgar Cayce and that he does have some healing potential in that sense. Can you say if there is any truth to that?


Lincoln: He has some of that in him.


Marion thanking Abraham reflects on the importance of his monument and government of the people by the people.


Lincoln: Dear ones, love is with all of you. I have enjoyed this visit, and I am looking forward to coming back to be with you again one day. Thank you so much for accepting me. Thank you so much for supporting Obama. Don’t put too much stock into the negativity that comes from various reporters. It is all part of that two-hat, three-hat situation. So, until everything comes out into the light, you will hear conflicting reports. Thank you."

Read more…

I used to chant this song every day for years. There is no real translation for the phrase, but it is generally accepted to mean ''I honor the divine within myself''.  In the Himalayan tradition, Shiva represents the one true reality, the supreme reality of the Inner Self, which survives even after everything ends. It represents the realization of the one true consciousness which dwells within all. In short, it represents the honoring of God as ourselves, and ourselves as God.

OM, of course, is the primordial sound. It is the sound of the Universe experiencing itself. It is vibrating within everything. When you sing or chant OM, you are simply participating in something that always is. OM has always been considered to be the ''sound of God'', the one and all.

OM: contains within it all beginnings, every end, and all things in between. AUM is another way to write it. There are three parts to it: The ‘Ah’ sound signifies creation, or beginnings. U, or the ‘oooh’ sound is the sustaining factor, while ‘mmmm’ is the dissolution or end. So these three parts are contained in each moment, because OM is always present. The fourth aspect of OM is silence.

NAMAH: is a deep honoring. It means to bow, yet it is a bow like no other – one that comes fully from the heart. It’s the awe you feel when you see great beauty like an ocean sunrise or a sparkling mountain lake. It is the gratitude within divine love, or the wonder and miracle of a perfect starlit night.

SHIVAYA: comes from the word Shiva, which literally means ‘auspicious’. Shivaya describes the intrinsic goodness that exists within all things, because it is the nature of the energy that pulses and penetrates, creates and absorbs, all that is. Truly, at the essence of every being and every part of creation, there is this auspiciousness. That is Shiva.

OM NAMAH SHIVAYA, then can be described in many ways, but here are some of my favorites:

  • I honor the goodness in myself and in the universe.
  • May I reveal and express the highest part of my heart.
  • I bow to God – I bow to all of creation
  • I bow to the goodness within myself
  • I honor the goodness of my True Self
  • At its essence, everything is good
  • I respect myself
Read more…




"The Event" ended with a blatant attempt to scare you into thinking Ascension will be a catastrophe that kills everyone except ETs. This is actually a good sign, as it again shows they know what is coming -- and are desperate to cling to their power in the face of it.


We are still at a point in history where it is possible to believe, strongly and completely, that we are somehow "alone in the universe", that the human form has only ever evolved on Earth, and that we are already at the highest level of potential human evolution.

I do not expect this religious belief to hold up much longer.

There is ever-increasing evidence that the world's media is building up to a major announcement of ET life that has proliferated throughout the galaxy -- and has been visiting Earth since before we ever reached our "modern" level of evolution.


Within a short time after Disclosure, we would be publicly confronted with the notion that advanced ancient ruins have been left behind -- not just on Earth, but also on the Moon, Mars and elsewhere.

Those assets should have been freely disclosed and shared with the public when they were first found -- some 40 years ago now.

A lot of people will be very unhappy when they realize what this technology could have done for the earth -- and how many deaths and how much environmental damage could have been avoided in the process.

However, the level of inspiration the announcement itself will create, in so many, will be literally off the charts.

The vast majority of people believe in UFOs to some degree, but until you truly know it's true, and that there are people in there, not scary creatures, you haven't experienced the full transformation it creates in your life.

This incredible announcement may be coming only a short time before a spontaneous human evolution becomes possible -- for the first time in our recorded history.

The Disclosure itself -- and how it changes consciousness -- may in fact be part of what helps create the evolutionary event.


When I did the homework, I was astonished to find out how many different ancient cultures predicted this evolution -- and said it would lead to us becoming "light beings" who can levitate, teleport, read minds and even travel through time.

I've now put the very best scientific data I've found, in over 30 years of research, into a single resource -- The Source Field Investigations, due out August 18th and available for pre-order now. There's well over 1000 unique references in this book!

Humans are everywhere -- and we have definitely not reached the final stage of human evolution, in the galactic sense. These big "Family Reunions" appear to be a very common element of the human evolutionary process.

It appears that mass, public Disclosure, and the arrival of benevolent ETs, will occur before our "light body" transformation becomes possible -- what I and others have been calling "Ascension".

The ETs may be coming to help teach us how to Ascend -- for those who are ready for it.


Interestingly, the mainstream corporate / media hierarchy appears to be making blatant preparations for open ET contact with messages about Ascension -- by seeding powerful disinformation as a last-ditch attempt to make people afraid of this process... and fear the transition.

They are working like crazy to make you think that good ETs must be bad -- and that anything these ETs tell you must be a lie, hiding a hideous and horrifying body of secrets.

I consider this to be a wonderful sign. As impossible as it may seem to believe that Disclosure is really going to happen, we cannot deny that anti-extraterrestrial propaganda is at an all-time high -- as this article from last August revealed:

Do you enjoy movies and TV shows about alien invasions? Great news, then: There is a ridiculous number of upcoming movies and TV shows about alien invasions!

That includes (deep breath): Falling Skies (Steven Spielberg alien invasion); Super 8 (secret Spielberg-indebted JJ Abrams alien invasion); Battle: Los Angeles (pro–U.S. Military alien invasion); I Am Number Four (James Frey YA alien invasion); Cowboys and Aliens (period-piece alien invasion); Monsters (romance/alien invasion); The Event (Lost-replacing alien invasion); Skyline (human-tornado alien invasion); Men in Black III (franchised alien invasion); The Thing (prequel alien invasion); Battleship (childhood-toy alien invasion); Iron Sky (dark-side-of-the-moon Nazis alien invasion). And exhale.


Some of these products have already come out, and most of the rest of them are due to appear this summer... almost like there is a frantic deadline in place. With the film industry in such financial straits, it is astonishing to see the same basic story being re-told so often.

Even "I Am Number Four," which focuses on a positive ET teenage kid who discovers he has magical powers, features some very frightening ETs who are planning to take over the Earth -- and can use denture plates and makeup to blend in and appear human.

By analyzing the propaganda, it seems clear that the Old World Order sees a very significant threat to their plans from these newly-emerging players in the game. The old guard are desperate to maintain power throughout a process they probably will have very little control over.

I obviously do not believe they will succeed. If I did, I would probably just sit around and do six to eight hours of guitar practice a day for a while -- but after a few weeks I would bounce back, and never stop fighting for a better outcome for everyone.



The "problem" with the Internet Chicken Little approach is I know too much. I know who we are, why we're here and the real reason why all these seemingly scary things are happening.

I've known it and lived it since 1996.

Benevolent, positive higher intelligence demonstrated its existence to me -- far beyond any possibility of "coincidence" or "random chance."

That is precisely why I have such confidence. I would be a fool to ignore the gifts I have been given and indulge in faceless fear.

I worked hard to make that contact, including four years of documenting my dreams every morning before it ever started -- and the fruits of my practice have transformed my life in every possible way you can imagine.

I do my best to communicate the essence of what I have been shown. I tend to focus in on current events and provable facts, rather than philosophical concepts -- but you can apply this perspective to any area of our lives and see the truth poking out.


NBC's "The Event" has been a most astonishing television saga to watch.

Ever since the very first episode, "The Event" had stunning correlations to what Project Camelot and I had been saying ever since July 2009 -- namely that a Disclosure announcement was planned where Obama would introduce us to benevolent human ETs.

The exact date was leaked, though I wished it hadn't been, and the whole event never came to pass. Only later on did we find out the big announcement got thrown off by lethal threats from rival factions.

This is exactly what happened in the first episode of "The Event" -- a black President was about to introduce us to a human ET, only to be thwarted by a massive threat. I do not believe NBC got their story ideas from us. The intel on this planned Disclosure event was excellent.


I have heard from my highest-level sources that "The Event" was 60-percent financed by the US military-industrial complex -- as a way of preparing the public for Disclosure. 'V' and "Battlestar Galactica" were also apparently created and financed for the same reasons.

This, of course, made "The Event" a most fascinating study -- and in some ways I'm sad to see it come to an end. However, the ending itself certainly did not disappoint -- in terms of the bigger picture.

In the beginning, it was publicly revealed that the secrecy around this show was incredible. The actors themselves were not told who their characters really were, what the plot points or scripts would be, or even what they would be doing from week to week.

This, of course, also means that the script could be edited and rewritten in real time -- possibly including dialogue changes snuck in right up until the very day of shooting. It is not uncommon for writers to be on set in movies and television productions.



One of the most blatant examples of real-time rewrites in "The Event" to fit current events occurred in episode 10, "Everything Will Change," which aired November 29, 2010. It was the last episode of the first half of Season One -- the big cliffhanger.

Just 20 days before this episode aired, the world was shocked when a huge missile was launched directly off the coast of Los Angeles:

11/9: Massive Missile Launch Occurs Off LA Coast, Still Unexplained
11/10: Mystery Contrail May Have Been An Airplane (Not)
11/10: Rocketry Expert Confirms It Was a Solid Propellant Missile


It wasn't hard to see who was behind this missile launch. A Chinese military exercise had blatantly surprised the US on the same exact day,  three years earlier:

11/9/2007: Chinese Sub Appears in US Navy Exercise -- Huge Shock and Embarassment (Same Day as 2010 Missile)


I wrote all this up in an article at the time, from December 5th. Here is an excerpt:


As I suggested on the phone with Richard C. Hoagland last night -- and he agreed with me -- part of the reason why the actors in "The Event" are not told any plot points in advance is because the show itself is being written as they go, dynamically responding to world events as they happen.

I saw this last year with 'V' as well, where emerging things like the swine flu vaccine controversy suddenly manifested in the episodes -- with very little change.

I do not believe in coincidence and in this case there is a very plausible explanation. You have a general outline and structure for the plot, and you also do rewrites on the fly to work in current events -- and change your episodes at the last minute.

Richard also pointed out that the executive producer of this major hit TV series has no prior credits whatsoever. It is therefore very likely that he is just a figurehead for others who are writing and producing the show.

Episode 10 just featured a missile that went off, severely upsetting the President and his insiders, who watched helplessly as it went up into space -- not knowing if it would wipe out the West Coast in a nuclear blast.




This very likely seems to have been a real-time television response to the alleged missile incident off the coast of Los Angeles -- which definitely was not a jet contrail.

[Benjamin] Fulford is now on record saying three different Asian high-level sources told him the Chinese actually launched this missile -- as part of an ongoing show of force demanding the Old World Order folks stand down, just as I was independently told.



Twenty days was long enough to have put together a quick CG sequence of a missile launch that shocks the President and his cabinet, along with the rest of the world -- and rewrite and re-shoot the key scene before airtime.

The original beacon that called the ETs to Earth, in the script, could easily have been something that was a satellite dish on Earth. The missile could have been tossed in last-minute, without much difficulty, in order to fit real-world events into the show.

The quality of the graphics did suggest it was a rush job -- and remember, the actors themselves didn't know what they were going to be doing from week to week.

This was the first really blatant sign that "The Event" was being used to leak real insider knowledge behind the scenes, and attempt to steer the dialogue around ETs -- just as we saw before with 'V'.

It was also clear that China's efforts to defeat the Old World Order were being presented as the actions of a negative ET group.

This was definitely not the first sign that "The Event" was being used in an attempt to mold public perceptions about events that are associated with Old World Order skullduggery.


In the first episode of "The Event", entitled "I Haven't Told You Everything" from September 20, 2010, ETs were responsible for hijacking a passenger airliner and using it as a weapon.

They literally tried to fly an airplane directly into the spot where the president was standing -- right as Disclosure was about to occur, with the president introducing the world to a female human ET.

The plane then warped through a 'portal' right before impact -- and the whole story was then covered up by the mainstream media.




Everyone who watched the show could obviously feel, on some level, that this was a significant nod to 9/11 -- but it wasn't entirely clear why this connection was being made.


The 'synchronicity' became a lot stronger in Episode 6, "Loyalty," from October 25, 2010.



In this episode, the same ET portal technology was used to collapse a building into its own footprint -- just like WTC Building 7 fell at free-fall speed during 9/11.





Is this all a coincidence? Given the amount of money invested in this show -- both in production and marketing -- and the seriousness of the charges the Old World Order is facing, I think not.


In order to understand what is going on, you have to think with the mind of the people who seem to be planning all of this.

Let's say you are, in fact, responsible for 9/11, and are concerned that public hearings are going to emerge that will hold you culpable for it.

Let's say ETs are working with terrestrial governments -- i.e. the BRICS alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) -- to provide the necessary force to make you face the public.

[I have been documenting this in our China's October Surprise article series -- and there are very significant new things happening that I will be featuring in upcoming conferences and articles.]

What better way to cloud the legitimacy of the ETs, their inquisition and accusations than to put out propaganda that makes them appear to be responsible for having caused 9/11 in the first place?

This way, you confuse the public. People won't really think much about any of this until Disclosure happens. Now they will be faced with the reality of human ETs visiting and interacting with Earth as "sleepers" -- well before the official announcement was made.

Was 9/11 really an "inside job" from governmental forces here on Earth? Or, was it part of a vast, sinister conspiracy by negative ETs to discredit our elected governments -- our protection -- in their attempts to take over?



After Episode 10 aired, the show went into an astonishing three-month hiatus -- right in the middle of their season. No real explanation was given for why this occurred. I didn't know either -- but I was very curious to find out.

Once it came back on the air in March, major characters were quickly killed off, plot lines hastily tied up and the whole series finalized -- only to be officially canceled by NBC in late May. This was one 'leaked' announcement, right before it was made official:

NBC Cancels “The Event”
NBC has begun cleaning house as it prepares to add new series to its fall schedule.
The network has canceled the science-fiction thriller "The Event," a source with knowledge of the production confirms to TheWrap.
The cancellation isn't terribly surprising (particularly not to the readers who caught our early prediction of the show's demise).
The series, which premiered in September 2010, has been struggling in the ratings of late, and matched its series low on Monday, sliding 15 percent from the previous week with a 1.1 rating/3 share in the adults 18-49 demographic.



After the three-month "rewrite break," the motives of key characters were changed so hastily that it was quite embarrassing and off-putting for the average viewer. The ratings plummeted dramatically as people realized this had become yet another tired old "alien invasion" story. 

Sophia, the kind, loving female leader of the ETs, became a genocidal maniac who could give Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot a graduate course in Bastard School -- hoping to eradicate every human life on Earth with a hideous virus to clear the path for her own kind to arrive.

In earlier episodes, her son Thomas had been the bad guy, and Sophia had fought vigorously to protect the humans on Earth at all costs -- up to and including shooting Thomas' girlfriend in the leg, as a test of her loyalty -- after she betrayed Sophia's plans to save humanity.

Dempsey -- the ultimate Illuminati villain, secretly financing presidential elections, killing anyone who stands in his way, growing multi-million-dollar flowers for fun and draining children of life-force to stay young and alive -- became a peace-loving "Sentinel" tasked to protect humanity from the bad ETs.

"Aliens bad. Illuminati good. Obey. Obey. Obey. Obey....."


The name of the show was "The Event," but it wasn't until the very end of the very last episode that a few lines of dialogue, from one single character, revealed what "The Event" was actually supposed to be all along!

This was another blatant sign that the show had originally been intended to stay on the air for longer than one season -- but the timelines changed, and everything had to be embarrassingly sped up to fit with the new 'windows' they had to work with.

This was one of a variety of pieces of evidence that during those three months off, the entire show was dramatically rewritten and changed completely -- and many plot lines and twists had to be suddenly abandoned to bring it to a hasty conclusion.

Before we get to that, let me remind you that I had strong suspicions about what "The Event" would actually be -- which I wrote publicly last October, when the show first came out, as follows:


In the title, the second "E" in "Event" is reversed. This highlights the 'V' in the middle -- as in the previous show 'V', which was also about human-looking ETs. It also encourages us to pick out the word 'EVE.'

Remember that this is all part of a Processed Release of Information (PRI) program, and the underlying body of information to be disclosed has been in place for thousands of years...

I feel it is safe to assume that in this TV series, "The Event" will involve a certain amount of cataclysmic activity on the Earth. It should also upgrade our DNA at the same time -- leading to a new humanity.

A new Eve.

This would then allow the show to go in the direction of "Heroes" and other such programs where people begin developing 'powers'.

If that's really where this is going, then "The Event" may well be the most blatant, in-your-face, one-stop-shop Disclosure mechanism ever put out by the media -- at least thus far.


My first reaction was shock and anger when the true meaning of "The Event" was revealed in the final episode. I literally cursed at the television like a chain-smoking grandma watching Jeopardy.

My disgust soon turned into delight as I realized what the insiders were attempting to do with the entire show. More importantly, it told me what they believe is going to be happening on Earth -- by releasing propaganda in a further attempt to mold our perception of it.

In this final episode, "Arrival", from May 23, 2011, the ETs were never really explained that well -- except to say that "they were here first," they had to leave Earth for some unexplained reason, but now they are all coming back to be here -- so they can trigger "The Event".


Beginning at 31 minutes and 32 seconds into the final episode, we are told that "The Event" is some natural, cosmic process that will transform them into a new level of their own evolution -- as a direct result of their presence in and around Earth:

SIMON: Sean, what you need to know is our people were here before. We were here first.

SEAN: I don't understand.

SIMON: This place was our home before it was yours.

SEAN: Why did you leave?

SIMON: Because my people believe that if we stay here, something will happen. To all of us. We call it The Event. It's a rebirth. The next step for our people.

We'll change. Evolve into something else. Something greater. But your people won't survive it.

SEAN: Why not? What happens?


SIMON: Look. All the answers are hidden in that scroll [from Dempsey, the Sentinel]. About where we come from, and about how this all ends.


The big punchline was that if the ETs come here in larger numbers, they will trigger this "Event". It will turn them into Godlike beings, but will also end up killing everyone else here on Earth in the process.

The programming was finalized in the last scene when the ETs' entire planet -- already partly irradiated from their dying sun -- actually portals through and ends up sitting right next to the Moon in the Earth's sky.



Of course, the tidal and gravitational effects of this happening would ruin the Earth -- but that's beside the point.

Sophia, now captured and brought before President Obama's lookalike in the very last scene, said that her killing everyone on Earth with a hideous virus would have been "humane" compared to the deaths we will endure -- thanks to "The Event".

In this television show, Mother Nature apparently has a nasty sense of humor -- and a complete disdain for human life.


I feel there is undeniable evidence that "The Event" was originally slated to be a two-year series. It was abruptly terminated, for some clear and compelling reason -- and tons of plot lines were dropped in haste.

The first ten episodes ran from September 20th to November 29th, 2010. Then the show had an unprecedented delay -- and the final twelve episodes did not begin appearing until March 7th, 2011.

All of December, January and February went by without a single episode. The series finally concluded on May 23, 2011.


Sophia's son Thomas was the main genocidal bad guy up until Episode 15, "Face Off," on March 28th -- wherein President Martinez, a dead-ringer for Obama, suddenly killed him and his cohorts off with a missile while they were fleeing in a bus.

Then, in the next episode, "You Bury Other Things Too," on April 4th, 2010, Sophia suddenly pulled a complete reversal, apparently due to the death of her son -- and went from rigorously wanting to protect Earth humans to insisting they must all be eradicated.

Things got even weirder on April 18th, in "Cut Off the Head," Episode 17, when the ultimate Illuminati bad-guy Dempsey suddenly blew his head off in front of the main male character Sean, and his female black-ops assassin sidekick Vicky -- who we are continually taught to sympathize with.

We never found out who Dempsey really was, or what was really on his scroll. We were never told why he was extracting life-force from children to stay alive. All of a sudden we find out he's a good guy -- and then he kills himself.



Additionally, the ETs needed to steal nuclear fuel rods to power their portal device. The first time was Chernobyl, and the second time was on the West Coast.

Through most of the show, the ETs barely had enough power to warp the airplane in Episode 1, collapse the building in Episode 6 or take down the Washington Monument -- as hostilities reached their peak.

And yet, somehow they suddenly acquired enough fuel to bring their entire planet through... just a few episodes later!



A second example is Leila. She turned out to be a half-ET, half-human child. If "The Event" starts turning the ETs into Godlike beings while destroying humans, what will happen to Leila in this process?

Was she originally the big hero character, using her powers to save the day, and finding a way to confer them to everyone else on Earth? Remember -- this show was intended to be the new "Lost" and "Heroes" -- and "Heroes" was about people with extraordinary abilities.

Leila was on all the posters as if she were "it" -- yet in the series, her human/ET DNA was only used as a means to engineer a virus that would kill humans more slowly, as the original worked far too rapidly to be of use to the ETs.

A third example is President Martinez' wife, who he finds out is an ET. This conflict was never resolved. He confronts her, she denies it effectively, and he drops the ball. This obviously would have been developed much more if the time had been there.

Another example is Thomas's girlfriend. NBC said she was hired to be "mysterious". Sophia actually shot her in the leg as a loyalty test when she wanted to rejoin Sophia's pro-human alliance.

After this beautiful setup for an epic struggle between Sophia and the girlfriend, and all sorts of hidden secrets revealed, the girlfriend is hardly seen or heard from again -- except when she dies a fiery death.

I could go on and on like this. It is very clear that the show was built to go on into a second season, but was then abruptly terminated.



Think about it. The entire title of the show -- its Theme Statement -- wasn't even explained until one single, brief burst of dialogue in the very last episode.

If "The Event" had run for two years instead of one, it would have ended in spring / summer of 2012 -- months before the Maya Calendar end-date, which is mirrored in many other ancient prophecy systems.

It is probably a good thing that the show was ended a year early. I sense that the higher-level ET forces managing the planet, for the positive, had something to do with this show not succeeding.

Had it been given the two years it apparently was planned for, there could have been far more fear and doom generated around the whole concept of Ascension.

Instead, by the time "The Event" was actually explained, only slightly over a million people were still watching.

One brief burst of character dialogue is not enough to sway people on such a huge issue -- particularly when there are so many other pieces of evidence out there to the contrary.


Sophia and Dempsey's "do-si-do" character changes seemed ridiculous and out of place. It did not fit with the logic of the characters at all, and looked like a blatant, ham-handed attempt to manipulate the audience.

The viewership continued plummeting -- because people don't like to be made fools of.

Dempsey's games with draining people's life force were never really explained at all. The scroll he gave the hero was never explained or read. [Someone wrote in and said the scroll could be translated. If you have that information, please send it in and we will use it.]

And the title and theme statemnt of the entire show -- "The Event" -- got squashed down into a single burst of dialogue from one character at the very end.

Something happened. Something critical. They dropped the ball for an astonishing three months, mid-season, to change the game. The timetables have shifted. Summer 2012 would have been far too late to deliver the final message the show was built to produce.

Whatever real "Event" this show was meant to be preparing and disinforming the public for -- namely a true, open, honest meeting with ETs, and a message about human evolution -- appears to be coming our way before the summer of 2012.

'V' was canceled. "The Event" was canceled. All the big alien invasion movies are appearing this summer. Therefore, it may well be that the Powers that Were are preparing for something very big to happen -- sooner rather than later.



I have always said that Disclosure will not be possible until we see a dismantling of the Old World Order and their financial infrastructure, at least to some degree, first.

There are lots of new details to this story. I don't think any of them will impact fast enough to make it matter whether I talk about it in this article or in subsequent updates.

However, in summary let me say that the danger signals within the insider world -- for their own defeat -- are now at full red-alert. Even people who don't usually hear anything like this are now being told that the panic button has been hit.

I actually have had dreams warning me not to get too specific right now, as it could hurt my sources and possibly damage some of the plans that are in place to have this all turn out positively.



Let's look at what we do know, just from what "The Event" finally turned into. There is a clear, concerted effort to disinform the public about the meaning of the positive 2012 prophecies.

Project Camelot's first insider, "Mr. X", revealed that he saw documents dating back to the 1950s in which ETs told our governments that they would appear worldwide, on a massive level, in 2012 -- and there was nothing our 'leaders' could do about it.

This appearance would include giving everyone information on a mass human evoution -- what is going to happen and how to be ready for it. Those who went through with the process would be able to work with the ETs throughout the galaxy.

What we have just seen happen with "The Event" strongly suggests that Mr. X was right. And don't forget that he died of a sudden, massive stroke right before he was about to reveal his true identity and produce a lot more documentation and testimony.



The cool part is that this 'war' does not need to remain fictional. Propaganda in the form of television shows is one thing, but it's all fiction.

Here at Divine Cosmos, we deal in facts. And the facts are that come August 18th, we've got a new weapon in the arsenal of Truth that will effortlessly defeat many, many attempts to mislead, disinform and terrorize the public.

It is vitally important that you support this initiative by pre-ordering your own copy. So far only about 1 in 20 of our readers are doing so, and I am concerned that we may not reach our goal of 15,000 pre-orders in time.

I will now show you why this is so important. If we hit that critical watermark, we become a much more serious force in the media.

Efforts are already underway to smear and disinform the public about the contents of our book. We need to make it a strong enough political force that these negative reviews -- with no information to back them up -- do not dissuade people from reading it.

This is information everyone needs to know -- and I have humbled myself by taking multiple volumes' worth of information and presenting it all in one single, stunning masterpiece.



Our book was covered by CNBC -- obviously a division of NBC, who also produced "The Event" -- and the heading is the words "APOCALYPSE 2012 -- PROFITING FROM DOOMSDAY", surrounded in flames.



Of course, our Source Field book decisively rejects these end-of-the-world concepts as lacking credence. Abundant scientific and historical evidence is provided to reveal that there will be a positive outcome.

Nonetheless, here's what CNBC wrote about us:

If you happened to search’s [AMZN  195.81  watchlist_up.gif  0.74  (+0.38%)   realtime_icon.gif] bestsellers recently for “2012,” most of the top hits would have been guide books of various sorts – how to visit Disney World, how to ace the GMAT, etc.

The number one book, however, was by a little-known author and won’t even be published until August: “The Source Field Investigations: The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations Behind the 2012 Prophecies” by David Wilcock.

At 528 pages, the tome will be anything but light reading. And it will be the latest of hundreds of books, videos, conferences and related products tied to predictions about 2012.

The 2012-ers have pulled together archaeology about Mesoamerica, New Age spirituality, UFO stories about extraterrestrials, and left-field understandings about science to produce a prophecy that something Really Big will happen on December 21, 2012.

It's a confusing hodgepodge of ideas and predictions — so we've simplified matters. Read our FAQ — everything you need to know about Apocalypse 2012.


What’s special about the predictions about 2012?

Daniel Wojcik is a professor at the University of Oregon and the author of “The End of the World As We Know It: Faith, Fatalism, and Apocalypse in America.”

He’s been tracking the 2012-er phenomenon for a while. He says it shares qualities found in End Times predictions through the ages, but is very much the unique product of the Internet age where out-of-mainstream ideas can easily find an audience.

“The 2012 phenomenon is something new on a grand scale, as an eclectic and countercultural apocalyptic, in contrast to Christian evangelical apocalypticism,” he said.

“And while 2012 is similar to Y2K fears, it is distinctive, much more of a millennial smorgasbord, a kaleidoscopic array of ancient and new prophecy beliefs.”

Plus, he said, it’s fun.

“I sense that a lot of people who are interested in 2012 are just plain interested because it is entertaining and weird, a new and alternative apocalyptic angle, and the ideas are so X-File, esoteric, and all over the map of belief, that you can find whatever you want in it, and then add your own doomsday ingredients to the millennial stew,” he said.

“There is not only good old doomsday fear here, but also the hope of worldly transformation.”

The article goes on to shame Jose Arguelles for dying before he got to see the 2012 prophecies he discussed come true. No one contacted us to ask questions or get more information about what Source Field actually says.

The assumption is made that by discussing other 2012 concepts, we get covered under the same umbrella -- but this is decidedly not the case.



We do need your support to keep hope alive. This book is, I believe, the single most effective tool we have to give people a scientific education about these events that are about to happen.

For less than 20 bucks you can vote to stop the disinformation, lies and slander. You have my sincerest appreciation for doing so! If you've already ordered by now, thank you so much for your help!


My higher self asked me to disclose how others could achieve the same contact I first achieved in 1996 -- and though I questioned the wisdom of this at first, I've now done it with the Access Your Higher Self video.

Not a ten thousand-dollar elite course, but an affordable, well-produced video series with over seven total hours of footage to explore when you include the bonus material.

This is another key way you can help us out.

Lastly, our primary source of income is conferences, and we have quite a lineup. I will write more about it after tonight's event. We have Boston coming up, London England, a smaller and less expensive event in Holland, Tempe in November and the Rocky Mountains trip in Canada -- which I am very much looking forward to.

I'm breaking my articles up into smaller pieces so I can update more often even if I get hit with unexpected schedule complications.

Right now I have to dash out the door to do Ancient Origins with Michael Tellinger -- but we'll talk soon!

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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

2 Akbal, 1 Moan, 7 Ik

Selamat Jarin! We return! Much is happening! The Ascended Masters are working on finalizing the prosperity payouts. These payments are to commence shortly. Saint Germaine is having his World Trust finish up the accounting and disbursement of your prosperity funds even as we now speak to you. Further, our Earth allies are in a position of power regarding several of the required government changes. What remains to be done is for the leftover custodial tasks to be fully completed. With these done, our Earth allies can quickly implement the new financial system. This new system is to be based upon a sound number of selected hard currencies that are already in place at several designated depositories and ready to be distributed globally. The activation of this system depends on the prosperity payouts and Saint Germaine is currently seeing to it that these funds are released. These funds form the legal underpinning of the various scenarios that our Earth allies have in place. We also expect Disclosure to be announced by your new leadership no later than the start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

The new governments are to come to power with several common objectives. The first is to begin a complete reform of government. The former masters of your world were given to corruption, lies, and outright deceit. The countering steps are to abolish political parties and open up government to the general public. This is where we need your active support rather than mere lip service. We intend to ask you to learn about fluid group dynamics and to apply it to this cause. Rebuilding your governments requires an active relationship between citizens and their representatives. This can be the first goal of your new reality in which all of you can have a hand. It is an opportunity for you as a collective to forge an intermediary between the present types of governance and a fully functioning galactic society. The coming times are truly about contact with your spiritual and space families and the wondrous ride to full consciousness. This process is behind all that is now beginning to happen around you.

We the Ascended Masters of Mother Earth salute you, dear Brothers and Sisters! We come to inform you that the next brief period of your history is to be marked by the distribution of many different prosperity funds. These monies are being given to a variety of specially selected individuals who had the foresight to participate in programs conceived by us and administrated by individuals chosen at random by a number of secret societies dedicated to the Light. These programs, as they pay out to these selected individuals, have a divine purpose behind them. These monies are first of all being given to start a chain of events which create a legion of organizations focused on bringing to humanity the sacred message of Heaven. You are going to be returning to full consciousness. We have been instructing various Light-Workers on how to employ these funds to convey Heaven's desires to you. Our deepest wish is for these changes in your world to happen easily and swiftly!

As we have stated, the Divine Will of Heaven has decreed that your present reality collective be altered to a fully conscious one. This implies that those who now "control" you need to let go, and we have set up the framework to bring this about. We have received the necessary dispensation from Earth's heavenly tribunals to use our abilities to remove these dark ones from power. This is to be done once the funds, now held by our Brother St. Germaine, are primed and then released by him. Long ago, we all agreed that indeed a time would come when an Age of Light was to appear again on Earth. This is that time! We are therefore prepared to do all that is necessary for your success! We have instructed many Light-Workers on these matters. The time comes for many of these same Light-Workers to reveal what we have been telling them. We are committed to the victory of the Light! This triumph is here! We stand with our allies in the Light and welcome them all in joy!

We the Galactic Federation stand, as well, with the sacred edicts of Heaven! The Ascended Masters of Earth are fully dedicated to your return to full consciousness. Our fleet has worked with these amazing Souls since we first came here over two decades ago. The present scenarios for contact were originally conceived by them and immediately adopted by us. We have been in contact with your governments in one form or another since the late 1940s. These numerous exchanges until recently were largely ceremonial in nature and quite unproductive. Now we have their full attention. They listen closely and are quick to comment officially on what we offer them. Our intent is to follow the excellent lead of your Ascended Masters, and it is within this context that our Liaisons and Ambassadors are offering a means by which to effect government transition and a new political reality. We expect this new situation to manifest swiftly! The time for your destined freedom has arrived!

As you can see, much is transpiring to forge a new world for you. We expect you to participate in this process. Many of you have been privy to our messages for a while, and we wish a favor from you. Use your knowledge along with your innate and learned abilities to make your communities aware of what is going on around them. Come together to form a group. This can be either one or two, or many. Use the like-minded among you to create programs which bring these subjects to your community's attention. Here, 'community' can refer to a town or city, or even a much larger area. Whatever the case, be creative. Start by simply doing a service for the community, and then use this as a starting forum for the information you wish your community member, be creative. An art display or brief video can be very effective. The key is to express your joy!

The recent headway made toward transformation, dear ones, has got to a point where it requires you to come together and help each other. Each of you has some knowledge of how you are to morph into galactic humans. Share this with each other. Create a milieu conducive to talking about these subjects openly and freely. It is one thing to hear this information coming out of a television set, but it is quite another to hear it with the Love and caring that emanates from someone you know. There is no substitute for the personal touch, of hearing it from a friend or neighbor. We intend for this sacred transition to full consciousness to be filled with a touch of the Divine! This work is a sacred task. It is one that began nearly 13 millennia ago and we are now doing what is needed to bring Heaven back to you all. We are your Ascended Masters!

Today, we explained to you how close you are to your long-sought victory! The Ascended Masters (such as Count St. Germaine, Hilarion, and Paul the Venetian) are completing sacred tasks that are to ensure your freedom and prosperity. The time is upon you for celebration, and for the requisite for you to take on a whole new level of personal and collective responsibilities. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Jarin! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One and Be in Joy!)

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This goes hand and hand with the Laws of God and Creation. How do you know, if you yourself are deviating from Cosmic Law, and are trapped in the confines of the ''altered ego'' aka, the ANTI-CHRIST (that which is against God)? You will find your answers here. I know there will be some who chide the idea of an "Anti-Christ'' or any kind of adversarial energy to God and Creation. My friends, do not be fooled! There absolutely IS a dark force which seeks to keep you from spiritual growth into ONENESS with God and Creation, by keeping you BOUND to the illusion of separation, via your ''altered ego'' self.



Monitor your thoughts, feelings, words, deeds and actions for the following clues:



Feelings of inferiority or superiority over others will most often manifest as a two-edged sword, meaning both feelings may exist simultaneously. For example: One who feels inferior, perhaps in his performance of some action or deed, may feel inferior because he has failed to be superior in his own eyes. Somewhere within his ALTERED EGO exists the Anti-Christ setting for him levels of performance perhaps beyond his current capabilities. He then will fight for the rightful superiority he is given to believe he has over others and thus continues to set himself up for failure in his own eyes. This is where the term “Competition” defined as: Striving against another or others for some object has been distorted in society in such a way where one’s personal worth as a human being is measured against his performance against others rather than perfecting his “personal best”, which is striving in personal ability beyond self-imposed limits.

And so it goes that one who is chided by the Anti-Christ within to feel superior to others will draw from his feelings of not wanting to be inferior, which often times translates to him as rejection of his beingness and unworthiness. This is where fear enters the picture and brings us to our next point.



It is very simple how this is done. The Anti-Christ keeps your altered ego in PAST-GUILT ORIENTATION or FUTURE-FEAR ORIENTATION. This is how your reality manifestation abilities are controlled.

As you wallow around in your past, re-living experiences with regret and self-pity, you cannot work in the present moment to change or create more desirable circumstances. This is why many of you may have heard the great wisdom of FORGIVENESS and RELEASE of all past emotional and physical thoughts, words and deeds. One must forgive self and all others. (Remember that this does not mean that you don’t garner the wisdom of knowledge in Truth from the lessons of the experience, because that is why you created the experience in the first place—to grow in your awareness of THE TRUTH. The same rule about past-orientation is true for those who SPEND COUNTLESS hours in re-living pleasant past memories at the expense of living in and creating the “now”. A rather appropriate cliché along this line says, “It’s alright to look back, just don’t stare”.

Now, Future-Fear orientation is a big stumbling block for most all of humanity. Fear, in itself is a great separator of the human creature from his Creator. Fear is the biggest tool of the Anti-Christ within. Since the Highest Command of The Creation is to “Achieve the wisdom of knowledge inasmuch as this will enable you to wisely follow all the laws of The Creation,” then it stands to reason that recognizing the Truth in all things, including your IMMORTAL connection with God, will vanquish from your being any fear of some future experience, since you as an immortal-soul God Fragment ARE the MASTER of your destiny. You see, fear paralyzes the senses and only can manifest within the being if he sees himself as separate from his creator rather than a fragment of the ONE. It is this ILLUSION of being separate from the ONE that has trapped humans within the false bondage of fear. If one recognizes the Truth and is willing to see the manifested illusion as it really is, one will see the natural balance and inner peace that is achieved by TRUSTING the Father within, and wisely following the Laws of Balance given by God and The Creation.

This now brings us to the point of remembering and understanding THE LAW OF ONE. All beings and creations are equal in the reflection of God, only each is different in abilities, talents and beingness as an expression of the ONE. You see, there cannot exist any separation, all come from the ONE great source of all, THE CREATION and all will return to our source, THE ONE. Humans exist as individual fragments of the whole, a fragment of and, if you will, seeded with all unlimited potential of God-awareness and wisdom. When we LOVE the essence of Spirit within all there is no longer any illusion of separation. We are simply honoring GOD within ourselves and all others. We no longer are separated by our fears and unworthiness. We are God’s expressions of LIFE, we ARE the SPIRIT OF LIFE ITSELF.


For example, it is not your fault that your husband is an alcoholic and beats you, or that your parents abandoned you, or that you were fired from your job, or that your government leaders are corrupt, or that we have gone to war and on and on and on.

What the Anti-Christ within is actually telling YOU is that you are not responsible for the experiences in your manifested reality. This false belief causes you to cast BLAME on another or others and not take personal responsibility for YOU creating the manifested experience through the influence of the Anti-Christ within you.

Ones will often times argue with this truth and say, “Well, I cannot control the free-will of another who chooses to be angry with me, or steal from me, how can I be responsible for the behavior or actions of another?” It is true YOU are not responsible for the free-will behavior of another, BUT you ARE responsible for “buying into” THEIR games and making yourself a VICTIM to it. YOU choose how you will RESPOND in ALL circumstances. Remember THE LAW OF ONE? The Anti-Christ within THEM is the same Anti-Christ that YOU choose to allow to exist within you. The Anti-Christ is looking for a place to reflect itself, and YOU choose whether or not you will reflect back the Anti-Christ or whether you will recognize the trap and instead reflect back the Divine Love of the Father Within which therefore leaves the Anti-Christ nowhere to roost within YOUR temple of GOD.

You see, whether you are aware of it or not, you are unconsciously manifesting ALL within your scope of reality mostly with your “altered” ego. The beautiful thing about this truth is that when it is realized, one can become a conscious creator of a truly balanced manifested experience by surrendering his altered ego to the loving Divine God within him and so thereby balancing all of his creation within the Laws of God and The Creation.



Of course, you know by now self-punishment is encouraged for “past” sins (errors). Which is really your altered ego unworthiness (inferiority/superiority) which we discussed earlier, expressing itself in the following ways: Criticism of self and others, greed, lust, jealously, envy, guilt, shame, self-doubt, depression, helplessness, anger, hatred, resentment, impatience which leads to frustration, illnesses and diseases which lead to the death wish of the body. Self-punishment is the effect of the cause of believing the lies of the Anti-Christ. This may continue, life-time after life-time, the poor immortal soul becomes self-locked onto the wheel of reincarnations (Hatonn: Oh yes there IS! And if you believe otherwise, so be it for it is you who are the misinformed. Reincarnation does not necessarily mean that you return to this placement, even--but if you do not believe in reincarnation (re-experience of the soul in manifestation--somewhere) then by deductions taken further--you DO NOT BELIEVE IN GOD’S HEAVENLY REALMS, EITHER. You cannot have one without the other and because this is such a powerful Truth, it was deliberately removed from the books you, as humans, would call your Holy Books in the form of the Holy Bible as you label it. The fact remains in the ancient teachings and you ones, this day, are facing an enemy who DOES know of life experience after this one and KNOWS this is but a passing experience.) and seeks to punish himself for his perceived sins of the past in hopes of redeeming himself to his Creator God. If he just understood the power and importance of forgiveness and release of his “past” and adhering to the laws set forth by God and The Creation, he would be free of his bondage in an instant.

Yes, God created “Cause and Effect” so that each soul could grow in his awareness and become empowered with the true responsibility he has of his thoughts, words, deeds and actions. In other words, so that he could recognize his power and the importance of responsible God-Balanced manifestation.



For example, the law of God which says, “THOU SHALT NOT KILL”. This means in your THOUGHTS as well as your deeds you shall not wish death upon another human being of God. This rule does not mean you cannot defend yourself if your life is threatened, because that is suicide and also against the laws of God.

This also means that by becoming pregnant, which is being the vehicle of one of God’s new creations, and having an abortion because of YOUR irresponsible sexual behavior, it is still MURDER any way you look at it. Remember “personal responsibility”! There are definitely many possibly undesirable “effects” to illicit and wanton lustful sexual activity. Pregnancy and disease are two obvious results which do and have occurred more often than not.



Your desires for those things and “possessions” of the material world include not only physical manifested “things” of the material world, such as a television, house, car and money, but also emotional desires such as sexual conquest, marriage, children, friendship, acceptance, recognition and worship. The Anti-Christ within will keep you always seeking outside yourself for the false promise of fulfillment with more, bigger and better “things”. And as the poor soul readily jumps on the treadmill of unfulfilling work to make the money he now needs to fulfill his desires, his soul pines away for something more, something just beyond his reach-- if only he had more, money, a more prestigious job position, a bigger home, a newer car, more vacations--more, bigger, better. The false promise is never enough and it will not fulfill the cry of the soul to recognize and connect with the immortal spark of his Creator within. So the Anti-Christ will tell you to forget your problems, have some fun, relax, have a few drinks, take some drugs, you deserve it and can afford it now…. and before long the dear God Fragment is shrouded in the darkness of addiction and misery.

So does this mean it is wrong to have things of the material world which you manifested? Not at all; God is abundance in all Kingdoms, but the catch is you cannot become attached to things of the material world and to your emotional desires. You are borrowing this wondrous physical body and all of the “things” of the manifested world will NOT go with you when you leave your body in whatever sort of transition you earn. It is ONLY YOUR IMMORTAL SOUL THAT IS REAL IN THIS JOURNEY TO ONENESS WITHIN. All else is manifested illusion. However lovely and precious it is, it remains as the props and the backdrops for the players remaining. This is just ONE drama of billions fed by the Breath of Life from God and The Creation. And then again, it is really just ONE drama and we are but co-creators in the play of life unfolding.

So the key to releasing yourself from bondage to the material plane is to become DETACHED from it which is to disconnect from your attachments to “things” and emotional attachments as well. To become detached emotionally one must forgive and release (see #4) all perceived transgressions upon self and others. This is not to say you have no care or compassion or Love--you absolutely DO and MUST have unconditional love of all beings and creations of GOD--(that IS their essences as existing as a part of the ONE)--but you must detach from all manifested illusions and emotions which weigh you down in vibration much like wet wool garments on your body.



It DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Because again, remember THE LAW OF ONE? Humanity and the creations of God are all related as a part of the ONE. Your manifested world is a DIRECT reflection of what exists within each of you. You each are a part of the pool of mass consciousness, which means you each are responsible for your portion of the whole. For example, a comparison can be made between the pollution which exists in the air, water and ground of this wondrous planet and the pollution of the Anti-Christ which YOU each support within yourselves. So for each one of you who recognizes and casts out the Anti-Christ within, you are essentially healing a portion of the disease of mass consciousness. YOU make a BIG difference by committing your will to the knowledge and wisdom of TRUTH in God’s Kingdom. YOU become a part of the solution for healing the cesspool of darkness in mass consciousness, rather than remaining as a part of the problem. You see, you will then carry the Light of Truth and Wisdom of our Father within you and others are attracted to it, because it is the joy of the Spirit of LIFE itself and YOU become the vehicle for offering it to them. May YOUR candle of Love, Truth and Light deliver the Divine Spark of Understanding to ALL who await their call from HOLY GOD OF THE LIGHT AND OF THE CREATION! AMEN.

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During the course of my lifetimes, I have been guilty of literally every ''deadly sin''. Although I have done a great job purging and cleansing and getting back into balance, I am not quite there yet, my friends, I am not quite there yet. And I know none of us are quite there yet, or we would have ascended already. So, here is how to recognize this ''altered ego'' aka the ''Anti-Christ'' within you and others, and how to grow back into spiritual purity and perfection. Purging the EGO aka ANTI-CHRIST within is THE KEY to Ascension, so it is well worth the effort!




PRIDE as defined in your dictionary: “1. An undue sense of one’s own superiority; arrogance; conceit. 2. A proper sense of personal dignity and worth. 3. That of which one is justly proud.” As you see by this definition there seems to be two diametrically opposed “types” of pride. The one which is our focus as “sin” or “error” to the Spirit Within is what is also termed as “False” pride. False pride in itself refers to feelings of haughty superiority and “rightness” versus the feeling of self respect and honor for achieving an understanding or act which one has diligently and honestly “worked” for.

Now, healthy individuals submit themselves to the demands of their own conscience. Not so the evil ones, for in the conflict between their guilt and their will, it is the guilt that must go and the will that must win. Evil people are extraordinarily willful, determined to always have their own way and they have a most remarkable power in the manner in which they attempt to control others…and yet, a characteristic of all “great” people is that they are extremely strong-willed-whether their greatness be for good or for evil. I, Jesus, as you called me, was unbending and strong-willed; ah, but so was one named Hitler-could it be the difference in “willingness” and ‘willfulness’? Mine willfulness was that of our Father’s-Hitler’s was that of his own…It becomes evident, doesn’t it that the one whose will is of his own is threatened greatly by GOODNESS? It therefore leads to the need of (evil) destruction of goodness of that one which represents such. Thus MURDER is born. It is better, of course, if the evil one can cause the one of goodness to acquiesce in total submission and give through total abandonment of goodness into the hands of evil.

I think your psychiatrists might label this type of behavior of self-demand, narcissism (defined as, 1. Excessive admiration for or fascination with oneself. 2. Psychoanal. Erotic interest in one’s own body.) It is not strong enough a term for evil so let us call evil a disease of cancerous, or malignant, narcissism. Your church authorities have generally considered PRIDE first among the “sins”. “Pride goeth before the fall,” and so it is. Pride is actually the same as cancerous narcissism, but I want you to realize I can also speak your “hidden” languages.”

So if one is “proud,” defined as: “1. Actuated by; possessing, or manifesting “pride”; arrogant; also self-respecting. 2. Sense of honor and personal elation; generally followed by or by a verb in the infinitive,” one is either fooling himself by “false” feelings of superiority over another or others, or he is simply being “self” respecting by validating a worthy achievement of his own or of another. Since one can also be “proud” of another’s achievement or action, this “pride” in another many times is simply the judgment that the action accomplished by the other is one which THEY themselves would be proud to accomplish as well. It is supporting one’s OWN conviction of Truth, whether it truly be Truth or not.

For example, many parents believe that when their children are sent off to WAR ostensibly for protecting and defending “their country”, that even though war involves the murder of others, they (the parents) must feel “proud” of theirs sons for doing “their” duty for their country. Now are they truly proud or are they simply hiding behind their own “false” pride because they are terrified that their child may die, and if that were to happen “for no good honorable reason” they could not forgive themselves for being “wrong” and supporting their sons in the lie of War? Do you see? At some level the “false” prideful one KNOWS he is wrong but is afraid to face the perceived consequences of being discovered as mistaken, uninformed or ignorant. He would rather hide behind the superiority feelings of “false” pride than live with the consequences of believing and supporting a “lie” which could cause the “death” or “dishonor” of his child and make him “wrong” in his belief as well.

When ones are continually molded as to what “popular” opinion must be, though not based on the facts, they become powerless puppets of evil. They no longer are able to “reason” for themselves because they have become apathetic and lazy and would prefer to “believe” all they are told from those they perceive are “in the know”. Thinking for themselves is an effort they choose not to take precious time from their television sports and soap operas to accomplish. They watch their TV and take every opinion at face value by the human images presented to them who continually form and reinforce what “their” opinions must be. They adopt these “opinions” as their own, and will fight “tooth and nail” any who oppose “their” view. This control of their minds is known at deep soul level, and the soul is in agony from this deception. “False” pride can only be released when one is pried from his TRANCE of “believing” and seeks to KNOW the Truth and no longer fears, because he feels helpless and powerless, the consequences of his personal responsibility, which KNOWING Truth acknowledges and accepts.

So when you say to yourself or another, “I am proud of this job well done,” or “I am proud of you for a job well done” are you hiding behind the lie of a “false” belief and self-righteous superiority? Or are you acknowledging honest “pride” of self-worth and accomplishment of a truly worthy deed or action? You each must learn to KNOW the difference; otherwise you will continually perpetuate an “illusion” of truth and create for yourself the “victimhood” which you allow to manifest because of your own “stubborn” ignorance.

Such is the case with the TRUTH which our brother, Hatonn, is bringing to you in THE PHOENIX JOURNALS. Many can’t “believe” that this much Evil has permeated your world and exists now right before your very eyes. WE are NOT asking you to blindly BELIEVE these truths about your circumstances set forth. We are “waving a warning flag” and asking you to read carefully and reason within YOURSELVES with the gifts of reasoning intelligence given you, WITH GOD WITHIN YOU, so that YOU can get off your “Couch Potato” assets and find the “proof”. You need TO KNOW the Truth WITHIN YOU and then TAKE BACK YOUR GOD-GIVEN POWER AND DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE that which you find reprehensible AND against God. We are simply presenting the facts to you as our service to God, for HE promise that in the End/Beginning Time Cycle, THE WORD OF TRUTH WOULD GO FORTH to all who have ears to hear and eyes to see and it is going forth. And if you are “prideful” and think yourself so intelligent, wise and ALL-knowing (ALL-believing) that YOU could not be duped, because in your “opinion” space aliens don’t exist and YOUR government couldn’t be involved in an evil conspiracy, or this…or that…then you are a fool and tool for the Anti-Christ, and may OUR FATHER GOD have mercy upon you!

It is best to truly understand that it is the nature of your “illusion” that most everyone is exposed to and wrapped within someone else’s “false” illusion of truth. If you wisely learn and understand the logic behind the “Cosmic” Laws of Balance given of God and The Creation, you will unwrap these “false” illusions and claim your true “God” power and connection. So too will you each learn to reason out the Truth within you and as ye ask for the Truth and Wisdom of God and Creation to be given you in all circumstances set before you, so shall you receive and claim proof and the understanding as TRUE KNOWLEDGE within you, and not as BELIEF in what is the “opinion” of another.



Avarice is basically another term for GREED, define as: “Selfish and grasping desire for possession especially of wealth; avarice; covetousness.” Now one who is GREEDY or filled with AVARICE is then possessed with feelings of EXCESSIVE eagerness for acquisition or gain of some form of material object or wealth. They, therefore, are selfishly and excessively covetous and desirous of GAINING something, not because they need it, but because they must have it to BE worthy, or be a winner, OR ACHIEVE “superior” status in their “image” of what is worthy, what is a “winner” and what is “superior” status. It is the selfish covetousness of desiring MORE than one really needs of some material object, and in this time upon your placement, it is usually MORE money. One who is, therefore, possessed by his excessive greed will have many unfulfilled physical desires and will thus wish to fulfill them at whatever “cost” (physically or emotionally) to another or even self the acquiring or same, may be.

The seeds of greed are usually planted by at first the overwhelming feelings of “self-failure” for not “measuring up” to the “images” of success and winning which are constantly promoted within your various forms of MEDIA. It then become a feeling of “deserving" something without having done anything, or putting in the least amount of effort personally to earn or create same. It is this desire created by you Media programming that one can receive “something for nothing” through what is called “good luck” which again implies that it is random LUCK and NOT personal power and responsibility which allows you to create that which you need. It also often means ones refuse to take personal responsibility for creating their own perceived “lack” or “loss” of material goods. It is in this time frame of your history which greed is blatantly and expressly created, encouraged and nurtured primarily by those within your Justice system. Many ones who have become frustrated at perceiving themselves as the “have-nots” of society and who have also become the “victims” of their own lack of self-worth, are the easy prey of the attorneys who promote greed and no self-responsibility. It is no accident, dear ones, that your “Western” society has become the most litigious, meaning: “Inclined to engage in a lawsuit against another because of real or perceived damages to self,” in your entire world. Your system of true justice is nearly gone, and those who nearly always benefit in every case are the attorneys from ALL sides of a lawsuit. It is through this now created system of Injustice that lying, cheating and stealing from others is par for the course and expected behavior for ones who wish to “win” EVEN if it involves the total financial and physical ruin of the one/ones being sued.

How do you KNOW what YOUR true intent is when you consider suing another? You will first need to recognize what is your true MOTIVATION in your desire to sue. Have you truly been, whether it be unintentional or intentional, damaged? Have you recognized that YOU too have participated in the creation of this experience? You must confer with self and GOD within to determine WHY you chose the experience and what must be accomplished or learned by you in making your decision to enter litigation with another. If you KNOW that another has wronged you because of their own greed and selfish disregard for your feelings or property, then you, upon conferring with GOD within, may decide to restore to balance the WRONG committed willfully against you. With the true integrity of your intent firmly established within, then GOD will ASSIST to bring you the JUSTICE which you deserve and have earned. Do you need to lie to assist GOD? Not at all, if you have truly been intentionally wronged, THE FACTS WILL STAND ON THEIR OWN MERIT OF THE EVIL PERPETRATED AGAINST YOU. There are still a handful of attorneys who truly desire to serve their brothers and intelligently utilize the “system” to bring justice when THEY know it is merited. YOU must trust GOD to bring you the assistance which you need to bring the balance of justice which you have earned.

Sadly enough, on the other side of the “coin” there are actually MANY ones who find themselves truly “the innocent victims” of being sued, will discover that, EVEN though they KNOW they have been willfully wronged and falsely accused, it is “cheaper” both financially and emotionally “to settle” with the accuser, than FIGHT for the justice they deserve. They, the lawyers and judges trained and controlled through your ABA (American Bar Association) have created these tidy little shortcuts for you, friends. They call it a “business” decision to allow the least amount of “loss” to the accused. Well, of course the attorneys on both sides are PAID in full, the one wrongfully suing WINS, and the wronged one pays, one way or another. It is set up this way. It saves time for the attorney, he gets a tidy sum and he “saves” his client money. RIGHT? WRONG! The accused finds himself “guilty” of something he is not and his only other “choice” is financial and emotional devastation by continuing his case which could go on FOR YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS! Integrity? TRUTH? We are sorry, dear ones, only WINNING (stealing) material assets at the expense of another, and striving to save self from excessive loss of such assets are criterion for the LITIGATION game as set up by the ANTI-Christ.

Do you see that it is this idea that ones adopt, that they must be perceived as a WINNER in the “eyes” of your society, and they are encouraged to do so by WHATEVER MEANS at their disposal with total disregard for honesty, integrity and personal responsibility. Winning is the GOAL, and it is defined in a way through “competitive” molding that one must always strive to WIN at all costs because the only other choice is being a LOSER which is now defined as really being a WORTHLESS human being!

Dear ones, in God’s Kingdom, there exist ONLY WINNERS as each contains a fragment of the DIVINE PERFECTION OF GOD CREATOR/CREATION. Remember, you are not in competition with ANY other fragment, for each has unique and individual abilities and talents given of OUR FATHER. None is more or less in reflection of importance unto GOD. Each has unique creative potential for expanding the awareness and beauty of the constant unfoldment of GOD AND THE CREATION. You must recognize that when you feel “competitive” against another, that which is behind the illusion of “competition” is that you fear being unworthy in COMPARISON to the abilities of another. How can you COMPARE one expression of GOD with another? ALL expressions add to the unfolding discovery of THE ONE DIVINE SELF!

We would now like to discuss an activity which you ones call “gambling”. Gambling as defined in your dictionary, “1. To RISK or bet something of value on the outcome of a game of chance, etc. 2. To take a risk to obtain a result.” We, your brothers of God’s Cosmic Council, would like to point out to you, that for many of you, the biggest and most adventurous RISK or gamble you make is when you chooses to experience within “the veil of forgetting” here on 3rd dimensional Earth Plane. All other risks you may take in physical form PALE considerably next to this one, when you truly understand that you “risk” your soul becoming lost in the eternity of “illusion” of matter, and thus also you risk the spiritual freedom and SALVATION of your soul when you choose to experience here. What is the “gain” you are gambling for? The challenge of the opportunity through manifested experience to conquer and RISE above the “illusion” you have created of what is GOD and what is ANTI-GOD or “Adversary” to gain true unlimited GOD POWER and WISDOM. You have the challenge to SELF and to THE ONE ALL THAT IS of incarnating without memory of your DIVINITY and CONNECTION with GOD WITHIN YOU. You live in the “illusion” of separation to journey again unto the discovery of the GLORY of your SOUL connection to THE DIVINE HOLY ONE ALL THAT IS…CREATOR/CREATION.

You must know, dear ones, that GOD AND THE ENTIRE COSMIC LIGHTED BROTHERHOOD REJOICES when ONE of HIS OWN finds his way back HOME, through the muck and mire of “illusion”, to HIS FOLD OF ONENESS WITH ALL THAT IS!! This means, dear ones, that through the desire to KNOW self comes the recognition of GOD, then the recognition of UNITY with all, and then when the recognition of the FOLLY of ANTI-Christ is understood, then you can RECLAIM YOUR GOD-POWER and the Anti-Christ no longer can seduce and take away from you THE TRUTH OF YOUR CONNECTION WITH GOD AND YOUR DIVINITY WITHIN. You have reclaimed YOURSELF as THE SPARK OF GODNESS which YOU ARE and always have BEEN! OH, WHAT JOY THERE IS IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD!!

So all you “gamblers” out there may by now be wondering about whether it be “right” or “wrong” in God’s Kingdom to gamble your physical assets, such as money, for the opportunity of higher gain. What be your motivation, dear one? Is it the fun of challenge to self of the playing of the game? Is it desire to Win? Is it desire to Lose? Is it greed or desire for MORE than you need of physical assets which motivates you? Is it desire for “status” or recognition among your peers you seek? You see, gambling or taking risk, in itself is not “right” or “wrong”; it is the motivation and true intent of the one who gambles or takes a risk which defines the “rightness” or “wrongness” of the activity. And true intent can only be KNOWN by GOD within EACH one. We would say that every move or decision you make, whether it be in your relationships in your business, home or whatever, is in essence a “gamble”, since you can only weigh the outcome of gain upon what is your TRUE INTENT AND DESIRE within the choice or decision. Every choice is a “risk” if you do not KNOW what it is you truly desire to create.

If you are fulfilled by the fun and challenge to self of simply playing the game and it does not become obsessive need to win or lose, then enjoy yourself. If you truly learn to monitor the intent of WHY you play the game of risk whether it be business or horse-racing, then you will also learn how to monitor and balance the level of success you need to manifest, to keep in the playing, against the degree of “losses” which you can “afford”.



We will first define Gluttony by defining what is a Glutton: “One who eats to excess. 2. One who has a great excessive appetite or capacity for something.” They key to understanding what is Gluttony is that it is the act of having EXCESSIVE, beyond reasonable need, appetite or desire for anything of the physical state of being. It could be food or one could be what is termed a glutton for “punishment” by self or another. One could be a glutton for sex, for war or for power over others meaning he is hoarding unto himself, by expanding his capacity, a “perceived” physical pleasure because he feels UNWORTHY and, therefore, HE FEARS there will not be “enough” of whatever is the object of his excessive appetite.

Gluttony is a form of self-punishment because ANY excessive “intake”, such as of food, sex, or power, often proves to be the very things which leads to the destruction of the Glutton. It is this EXCESS, beyond reasonable need, which is not assimilated within the being, but is actually STORED, which then produces the EFFECT (remember the law of “Cause and Effect?”) of actually devouring and destroying its HOST. It is this HOARDING of ENERGY beyond the ability to ASSIMILATE and INTEGRATE it within his being, which the glutton has “trapped” and which, as is the nature of ALL energy, will seek to free itself from its “static” state in order to MOVE and remain ALIVE, even if it means the destruction of its HOST.

Yes, this excessive trapped energy becomes much as a “parasite” upon the glutton. You see, chelas, the INTEGRITY of the energy deteriorates if it is accumulated, stored and kept STAGNANT OR STATIC for an inordinate period of time. Just as it is the nature of stored FOOD or ENERGY, such as FUEL, to deteriorate, if it is not somehow preserved. And even though the life of the food or fuel energy is extended by your various preservation processes, the quality or integrity, because of the stagnation or dormancy state of the food or fuel, is still usually lessened.

If you KNOW GOD/ATON your Father will provide ALL that you ever need to sustain in HIS service, why would you need to excessively HOARD any energy WITHIN YOU which is a part of the SPIRIT OF LIFE? The correct answer, precious ones, is that you do not need to over-consume the needs of your spirit or being to sustain you, IF the FATHER WITHIN is acknowledged and accepted as YOUR TRUE UNLIMITED POWER. You must KNOW within your very being that you will ALWAYS have what you need to sustain in HIS service!

Now let’s please make this clear to you ones who may be now in a panic wondering if your “body”, which you “perceive” carries more weight upon it than you would desire, is the result of gluttony. First of all, many of you under-estimate what is YOUR IDEAL weight. The image constantly fed to you of “thin, thin, thin is in” has caused many of you much unnecessary pre-occupation with this desire for a “thinner” you. This is VANITY which we will discuss in depth later within your “deadly” sins. Each ONE of you is gifted with a different skeletal frame for your body. If you are small-boned and petite in stature, then naturally you will need to carry less weight than one who is large-boned and petite in stature. When not tampered with, most of you were born with excellent natural functioning metabolic-mechanisms for maintaining and “Ideal” weight FOR YOU. Many of you simply eat MUCH more than your body needs to sustain in healthy harmony. Gluttony, then is EXCESSIVE appetite and desire for the hoarding of MUCH more OF ANYTHING which is a form of energy, than what one can properly assimilate in his experience. YOU each must learn to recognize whether your transgression against self is because of vanity or gluttony, BOTH or NEITHER.

For example, when one is a “glutton for punishment”, this means he hoards upon himself, because of lack of SELF-honor and SELF-worth, continuous, excessive and consecutive experiences which cause him undue stress and unhappiness. He becomes a “glutton” of the excessive repeat of his own self-created experience of VICTIMHOOD.

Gluttony really becomes a “mindless” behavior in that the glutton experiences a state of trance or transfixation upon whatever is the object of his gluttony. He is hiding from his pain of feeling unworthy, and by the mindless hoarding he becomes numb to his feelings. This, as you may now see, is much the same desire to “hide” from one’s feelings of being inadequate, unlovable or otherwise undeserving of life of one who is addicted to drugs or alcohol. You now within your society have MANY young men and women who feel so UNWORTHY that they will repeatedly “mindlessly” gorge themselves and then in disgust with themselves, they will vomit it all away. Ones have termed this “addiction” behavior “bulimia” It has become the “new” dis-ease of your young people who strive to be, and can never “measure up” to SOME physical or other image of “false” perfection that either they have been given or that they themselves have adopted. What is the difference between one who is bulimic and one who eats more than he/she needs and retains the excessive weight upon the body? Both are eating to FILL an emptiness within, often of feeling unloved by self or others. The bulimic though can hide his/her food addiction from “the world” by maintaining a “slender” physique, thereby experiencing both gluttony and vanity. The one who overeats and gains excessive stored weight is experiencing an addiction to food for a variety of reasons, but most often the reasons revolve around “filling” the emptiness within and/or to give a protective “shield” (of excess weight) against emotional “attack” by self or others. This one too can feel vain, and get on a treadmill of overeating and thereby trying various “programs” of dieting formulas, diets, exercise, subliminal tapes and other so-called “miracle” programs to lose the weight. Until both (food addicted “types”) are able to recognize and come to terms with WHY they USE food to “fill” a need, and also learn what that “need” actually is, the one addicted will not be able to CURE his/her addiction.

Do you see, dearest ones, these “sins” we are defining for you are really the “symptoms” of the ANTI-Christ cancer within you, devouring, confining and limiting your creative SPIRIT OF LIFE. Your spirit is fighting the absolute AGONY of your self-created CHAINS of creative limitation. You must NOW recognize these symptoms and ASK the FATHER WITHIN YOU to give you HIS POWER, HIS WISDOM, AND HIS LOVE to help you cast off these chains of LIMITATION upon your creative spiritual unfoldment!



Lo and behold, precious ones, it has been this one “sin” upon yourselves and upon THE FATHER WITHIN which has brought your species to near destruction by the unmerciful ANTI-Christ. This one corruption of THE FATHER’S LOVE, WHICH IS THE LOVE OF THE SPIRIT OF LIFE WITHIN ALL OF CREATION, has brought to you dis-ease of your bodies and emptiness and unfulfillment upon your souls.

Lets us define LUST: “1. Bodily sexual appetite. 2. Excessive sexual appetite, especially that seeking of immediate or ruthless satisfaction. 3. An OVERwhelming desire: a lust for power. 4. To have passionate or inordinate desire.” Again, we are defining a behavior which is not only excessive and overwhelming but also depleting to the SPIRIT OF LIFE OF GOD WITHIN YOU. Lust is “adversial” to THE GODwithin you because it is an unnatural, excessive DESIRE allowed experience only upon your 3rd dimensional physical plane. The poison seeds of the feelings of LUST have been cleverly planted, molded, encouraged and harvested by the ANTI-Christ to replace and destroy what is true GODLY unconditional LOVE of THE SPIRIT OF ALL LIFE.

You ones have become so confused by what is your DESIRE for SEXUAL activities that you believe it now to be YOUR EXPRESSION of LOVE for your mate. Even those who know they LUST and that it is not LOVE, still eventually confuse their lusty desire as a part of their LOVE for one with whom they enjoy sharing companionship. LUST, for physical sexual release, IS LUST, dear ones, whether it be for a “ONE night stand” (oh my!) or done with one who you consider to be your “LOVE” MATE. For a more thorough description of the corruption of your spiritual creative potential through the abuse of “sexual” behavior, please READ OR REREAD THE LAWS OF GOD AND CREATION already set forth to print.

So then, the term “Lust” represents unnatural, excessive physical DESIRE, usually for “sexual” union, but also one can lust for POWER or MONEY or other “things” of your material “illusion” By holding unto yourself these unnatural (to spirit) desires you will simply become heavily attached to your darkness of your ignorance. If there is ONE thing that we might encourage you to DESIRE, and it need not be unnatural or excessive, that would be YOUR DESIRE TO KNOW AND SERVE THE LIGHT OF TRUE GODNESS WITHIN YOU AND ALL THAT IS!



WRATH is defined in your dictionary as: “1. Extreme or violent rage. 2. Intense anger; rage; fury. 3. Any action of vengeance.” AND Vengeance/revenge means: “1. To inflict punishment, injury, or loss in return for the same. 2. A means of avenging oneself or another.”

Now understand the difference between what is wrath and what is anger because the two are often linked, rightfully so, EXCEPT that WRATH represents a MUCH more intense emotional state of rage, and one who is WRATHFUL seeks to actively AVENGE his rage, in some way, against the one/ones who he perceives maliciously “wronged” him or ones he loves. So let us define ANGER: “A feeling of strong displeasure and antagonism directed against the cause of an assumed wrong or injury.” So you see, anger itself directed at self or another is an emotion of displeasure because of witnessing, experiencing or being the object of a real or perceived “wrong”.

To feel anger at self for actions taken (or not taken) against self or another, more often than not begins with simple impatience which, if not resolved or released, then becomes frustration, and finally will turn to anger and then possibly wrath if recognition of truth is not achieved through the Knowledge of Wisdom of THE FATHER GOD WITHIN.

For example, many of you ones become most impatient when you perceive YOUR time is being wasted by actions or delays caused, in your perception, by another. You oftentimes are so busy rushing around with self-importance, with the idea, “time is money” or some such thought, that any unplanned infringement upon your perceived “valuable” time causes you great distress and impatience. Many of you have become so caught up in your self-importance that you just find it hard “to patiently wait” for anything or anyone. Are there times when ones deliberately MAKE you wait on them because of THEIR perceived self-importance? Of course. But you see you must learn to know the difference and, in any case, you are the one who suffers when you allow yourself to feel impatient, because the longer you hold it, the more uncomfortable you become by getting frustrated and eventually ANGRY and possibly even wrathful.

If for example, one is continuously “late” when he makes appointments of time with you, or others, recognize first that HE has the problem, whether it be just inability to plan his time properly or deliberate infringement on another because of “perceived” self-importance. By understanding what the actual problem or circumstance is with the other, through accessing the knowledge and wisdom of the FATHER within you, YOU then can respond with INTEGRITY by bringing your observations about the circumstances of the delay directly up with the one who is excessively “late”. You may actually be surprised to find that they are most apologetic and thankful for the truth, and you may have assisted the beginning of their recovery from what is THEIR problem. This is also what is termed actual “constructive criticism” in that you wisely recognize a “problem” and instead of internalizing it within or condemning the other, you offer them the truth about the circumstances, and perhaps even suggestions of how to correct the problem.

Criticism, on the other hand, is one of the most common “negative” offshoots of holding to self feelings of impatience, frustration and anger. By being critical of another, one is essentially condemning THEM and the behavior, action or performance based solely on arrogant “opinion” if what is perfection, to elevate their own feelings of inferiority, and NOT to HELP correct a problem whether “real” or perceived. Also, many of you ones are YOUR OWN worst enemies by being entirely too SELF-critical about ALL you are and do, condemning self always to feeling inferior and “worthless”. STOP it, dear ones, YOU ARE EACH carrying within you THE SPIRIT OF LIFE, GOD/CREATION! If you are not pleased with how you handled a particular situation, whatever it may be, then DON’T condemn yourself, BLESS the experience, learn the LESSON, HONOR yourself and your courage, and MAKE the adjustments necessary TO CONTINUE IN JOY the discovery and utilization of your spiritual creative potential within.

Now, to feel angry because of a TRUE injustice perpetrated against you or one you love is a “signal” to THE FATHER within that you feel helpless (during those moments of anger), and perhaps you actually are, to set to right an action already committed against you or one you love. You must first release your anger to God within before it either internalizes and festers within you OR it turns up in DEGREE to what is WRATH. What you must do to “release” your anger is to recognize that the act against you or another is done, and that YOU participated in the manifestation of this act or crime against you for some LESSON you needed. So the quicker you are able to come to understanding about what is DONE, you can begin to confer with THE FATHER WITHIN to gain the Knowledge and Wisdom of Truth to find out WHY you have chosen to be a “victim” and WHAT must justfully and logically be done with the perpetrator against you. Whatever the degree of crime against the Laws of God and The Creation then, so too must the “punishment” be given ALSO within the Laws of God and Creation. If one murders or rapes another, then the verdict of punishment must be given in level-headed logic and wisdom according to THE LAW OF GOD AND CREATION, NOT wrathful VENGEANCE according to your will of fury or wrath.

For example, within the Pleiades star system, there are several planets occupied by your Pleiadian brothers and sisters. Although crimes against the Laws of God and Creation are now quite rare in The Pleiades, when they do occur, the ones committing same are actually sent to a “prison” planets of sorts, in separation from the GOD-LAW abiding ones, and also segregated by sex so that reproduction is not possible. This is the wise and logical punishment give by GOD’s directive to his beloved children of Pleiades. The rest of Pleiades society is thereby kept in relative peace, balance and harmony. The ones on the “prison” planet have freedom upon only the planet and must earn their survival without the more “modern” conveniences of Pleiadian society. Most spend the rest of that lifetime upon the prison planet, but a few are occasionally returned to society depending on the nature of their crime and how well they have recognized their “sin” and are willing to offer compensatory retribution to the “victims” of their crime or to Pleiadian society in general.

Does this mean it is “wrong” to feel angry and disgusted at the lies, deception and injustice which you may now recognize, witness and/or experience on your manifested illusion? NOT necessarily, IF the anger MOVES YOU to DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE IT. What will you do first? Confer and commune WITH MOTHER/FATHER GOD WITHIN YOU to find out just exactly what YOU have ability to do. Does this take days or weeks to know? YOU CAN KNOW IN AN INSTANT WHAT YOU MUST DO….IF YOU HAVE THE DESIRE AND NEED TO MOVE QUICKLY. Or it may take longer depending on your willingness to listen and intent to take action. Always it is your choice that which you are given of SPIRIT WITHIN, whether you are willing to accept and act upon it or not. If, for example, you have opportunity through the “speakers” to be introduced to “The Phoenix Journals”. You KNOW within that things are not right upon your place and you hear about and are angry and disgusted at the hideous lies and deceptions shared with you; in an instance of recognition that there is Truth here YOUR SPIRIT WILL MOVE YOU to learn more by reading the journals. That is your first step, become informed with Truth. Then what you do with it will be totally your decision. Hopefully you would be MOVED BY YOUR SPIRIT WITHIN by what you found to at least share with all who would listen. Whatever else you are given by SPIRIT to begin the change within self and upon your plane will be inspired within YOU by the gifts of talent given by CREATOR/CREATION!



We have already discussed what is ENVY under the Laws of God and The Creation previously set forth in this JOURNAL. It does bear repeating, though, for thorough understanding of that which makes it one of the “Deadly” sins of hu-man. Remember envy is a feeling of resentment or discontent over another’s superior attainments, endowments or possessions.

When one feels envious he actually feels INFERIOR because he has judged that the actions or attainments of another are, first of all, desirous for self, and secondly, BEYOND the ability of self to attain or manifest. Dear ones, you can spend your entire live (and have) searching outside yourself for what is “BETTER” than the lot you have created, but searching outside yourself for self-worth which exists within will only confine you to feelings of critical frustration for the lack of accessing your own spiritual creative potential. YOU MUST KNOW that ALL you “have and “are” within your experience is what YOU have chosen to have and be. Why need you feel envy, instead of honor and reverence for another of what is your “perception” of outstanding achievement? Why not instead define what is “outstanding” achievement for self, by the degree of JOY and SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM it offers you? How will you do this? Take back your GOD-given power by taking personal responsibility for ALL experiences within your manifested “illusion”. Ask THE FATHER GOD within you TO SHOW you that which YOU need to FULFILL HIS WILL in HONOR, BALANCE, HARMONY, JOY, INTEGRITY, and TRUTH. Then WAIT UPON GOD WITHIN to show you what are your unique contributions to the joyous, creative unfoldment of THE ONE ALL THAT IS!



Let us begin by first defining what is SLOTH: “Indolence; (which means: Adverse to exertion; lazy) idleness; laziness; disinclination to work or exert oneself.”

What we have witnessed most upon your plane is the sloth of your God-given reasoning MINDS. This MIND-SLOTH is what has made you easy target for lies and disinformation. The reason is that you have fallen into the habit of letting others THINK and REASON FOR YOU, and by this mind-laziness have found it easier to BELIEVE another’s projection or opinion of what is Truth rather than properly researching, by engaging your OWN logical reasoning mind with THE FATHER WITHIN, TO achieve KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM of what is TRUTH. You see, in this way do you also shirk YOUR personal responsibility by not recognizing your responsibility to SEEK AND KNOW THE TRUTH WITHIN. You ones then further your “sin” by complaining and criticizing bitterly and thus casting BLAME outside yourself when the “lie” or “deception” is later discovered by you.

You ones still believe IGNORANCE IS BLISS? GODLY KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM ACCOMPLISHED AND EARNED WITHIN IS TRUE BLISS, PRECIOUS ONES! Ignorance of Truth is an illusion that keeps you trapped within the living of a lie. You are NOT free and the truly sad thing is YOU DO NOT KNOW you are duped and trapped so then the chains can be brought about thee ever so tightly, and by the time recognition of Truth literally “slaps” your awareness awake, it is often most traumatic and too late for you to extricate yourself until finally the death of the body releases your self-allowed anguish and horror.


There is also what is physical sloth or laziness. This simply is often counterpart to Mind-sloth. If you cannot move your mind into awareness most likely your body will not be motivated either. It is simply inability to LIVE or take in LIFE. It is also unwillingness to take responsibility by taking action for making changes which would “better” your lot in life. Ones who are slothful would rather sin in quiet (or not so quiet) self-pity and blame ALL “out there” and therefore not take self-responsibility for his “perceived” lack.



We have also spoken of the “deadly” sin of feeling unnatural and excessive fear in the previous pages under, “How to recognize the Anti-Christ Within”. We discussed that the Anti-Christ traps you in the illusion of what is FUTURE-FEAR ORIENTATION.

Let us define FEAR: “1. An agitated feeling aroused by awareness of danger, trouble, etc. 2. An uneasy feeling that something may happen contrary to one’s desires. 3. A feeling of deep awe and dread.” And for fun, let us define what is AWE: “Reverential fear; dread mingles with veneration (respect or deference) and now we will define DEFERENCE which is yielding to the will or opinions of another OR respectful regard.”By keeping you locked in constant agitation or uneasiness about what could happen- you are robbed of the present moment of life which is the NOW of eternity. Generally speaking, one who is fearful of future possibilities/probabilities occupies much “time” in WORRY about possible consequences of a decision or an action and will also often procrastinate (delay) making the final choice. Let us define WORRY: “1. To be uneasy in the mind; fret. 2. To pull or tear at something with the teeth. 3. To cause to feel uneasy in the mind; trouble. 4. To bother or pester. 5. Worries- something that causes anxiety.” So many of you have expressed or heard the phrase, “I was worried sick!” It is true that fear and its handmaiden “worry” can and will literally make you ill. Simply by imaging in your mind a picture, idea or “horrid” consequence, you actually manifest the “realness” of that which you fear upon yourself. Whether the ACTUAL physical manifested outcome occurs according to your worst fears, or not, YOU have suffered in your moments of fear and worry as though it HAD occurred. Do you see? You are creating the worst even if it be only in your “mind” through the emotional REACTION of fear.

Often the question is asked in earnest, “Well, if we are told, for example, that the probabilities are high that we could soon experience a devastating earthquake in San Francisco and/or Los Angeles, are we not “feeding” the negative probability by believing it and thus insuring that it will occur?” We will answer in two-fold manner. First, you must recognize the facts of truth of your “present” circumstances…that the planet, Mother Earth, is a being who has been poisoned by YOU, HER GUARDIANS. She will need to cleanse herself, so this means massive earth changes will occur as a part of the process of bringing to the surface the poisons of nuclear detonations, pesticides, etc. which have been festering within her. Also, you have the “mighty” powers of Russian cosmospheres which unnaturally control the weather patterns, and which are able to detonate bombs already in place along your “fault” lines. So you have the agenda of your beloved planet who wishes only to be cleansed, and the agenda of the Dark brotherhood working through the “ELITE” few to control your planet and that means to ultimately destroy much of the population in order to manage THEIR domination more easily. Is information about lies, deception, and cover-ups perpetrated against you by these ones of THE ELITE, which is coming forth through the Journals, “negative” and therefore not worth your time to consider because you fear “feeding” the perhaps undesirable (to you) outcome of perceived “negative” probabilities? THIS MATERIAL IS INFORMATION GIVEN IN TRUTH, BE IT PERCEIVED “NEGATIVE” OR “POSITIVE” IN MANIFESTED REALITY. UNFORTUNATELY MOST INFORMATION PRESENTED SO FAR IS A RESULT OF GOD’S PROMISE TO EXPOSE THE “SATANS” OR “ADVERSARIES” WHO HAVE MANAGED BY FORCE AND ALLOWANCE TO HOLD YOU HOSTAGE IN “ILLUSION” OF SEPARATION AGAINST YOUR CREATOR WITHIN YOU BY DECEPTION OF TRUTH OF YOUR POWER OF ONENESS. WHEN IT BECOMES “NEGATIVE” UPON SELF IS WHEN YOU ARE NO LONGER IGNORANT OF TRUTH AND YOU STILL DO NOTHING TO CHANGE YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES BECAUSE YOU WOULD INSTEAD RATHER HIDE BEHIND YOUR FEAR AND SELF-PERCEIVED HELPLESSNESS!

Is it wrong to make “plans” for your future in your now? Not if it corresponds to the “positive” creative unfoldment of self-improvement and self-expansion of your knowledge and wisdom of Truth in your NOW. You see, YOUR DESIRE TO KNOW AND SERVE GOD will itself propel you ever forward in knowledge and wisdom of Truth. AND so too, (your desire) will demand the discipline of self to remain focused on your goal. Let us define discipline, “1. Training of the mental, moral and physical powers by instruction, control and exercise. 2. The state or condition resulting from such training. 3. Punishment or corrective action for the sake of training. 4. A branch of knowledge.” We would further add herein that there need not ever be PUNISHMENT of self or another to achieve discipline. Simple integrity of focused attention in gaining wisdom of Truth and recognizing and understanding consequences of thoughts and actions given in “error” are what are necessary to take corrective measures of action for successful training IN GODLY TRUTH to take place.

This scribe has recently heard it said, “In order to be a ‘winner’, (given in reference to a “karate” competition) you must develop the three D’s…DESIRE…DEVOTION…AND DISCIPLINE.” Well, we will ask you each to apply the beautiful simplicity of this statement to yourselves in your goal to overcome the false “illusions” of the Anti-Christ and become the “winners” of attaining your UNLIMITED SPIRITUAL FREEDOM by recognizing and reconnecting with THE FATHER/MOTHER CREATOR/CREATION WITHIN YOU. Remember, we discussed earlier how the “Anti-Christ” rules you by your desires-meaning for “things” or “attachments” of physical illusion. If your ONLY true desire is TO KNOW AND SERVE GOD, then where does that leave the Anti-Christ? Out the “door” of YOUR space on his behind!

Remember this too, precious ones, when you truly ASK the Father/Mother God/Aton within you FOR Truth, YOU RECEIVE TRUTH. This does not mean you will necessarily like or enjoy what you find, but as long as you remain devoted to the discipline of emotional detachment, such as from feeling paralyzing fear, you will become EMPOWERED by THE WISDOM of the GOD/GODDESS within you. Does this mean you will never feel fear again? Not necessarily, but you will by your desire, devotion and discipline learn to overcome your fear and take the necessary actions to bring about GODLY changes, whether it be within self or in “situations” or experiences put before you.

Here is another aspect of understanding fear which you must also recognize. You ones also can experience fear or alarm as a “warning” mechanism of clear or unclear present danger to you. Fear became the manifestation of your desire for “survival” on the physical plane. It was created by you because of the limitation brought about by your “veil” of forgetfulness about your soul immortality. And it was thus encouraged by the “deceivers” or “satans” in order to terrorize, control and enslave you through your fear of death of the body. Actually, even those of you who now KNOW your soul is immortal will still feel fear if you or your family is threatened in some way. You must overcome the fear by acknowledging the “warning” and seeking protection, counsel and guidance with THE FATHER WITHIN, so that you will be given instructions about how to best respond to the situation, whether it be defense of self and family or something other. Many ones simply fear physical pain and suffering more than death itself. So you must overcome the initial “fear” warning, and gain the counsel within to ACT in order to protect yourself or others. It is only when YOU are overcome and paralyzed by your fear that you will not listen to YOUR inner guidance and thus lose your power to change the outcome of the situation.

So in summation, when we say “your must conquer your fear”, we are speaking of future fear/worry orientation and that fear which paralyzes you into INACTION or feelings of HELPLESSNESS. Remember YOU are NEVER HELPLESS WITH GOD! You must learn to TRUST; you will ALWAYS be given whatever you need in ALL circumstances put before you. WHEN YOU SINCERELY ASK THE FATHER/MOTHER WITHIN, IT IS DONE!!



Now, we will also discuss in further detail that which is guilt. Earlier, we talked about how the Anti-Christ traps you in PAST-GUILT ORIENTATION as a way in which to rob you of the NOW or present Moment of LIFE. We will first define guilt: “1. The fact or condition of having committed a legal or moral offense. 2. A feeling of remorse arising from a real or imagined commission of an offense. 3. Guilty conduct. GUILTY defined as, “1. Deserving of blame for some offense. 2. Convicted of some offense. 3. Involving, pertaining to, or showing guilt.”

The first thing you must realize is that to FEEL guilt about some past thought, word or deed does not always necessarily mean you are GUILTY of a “wrong” against YOUR SPIRIT WITHIN. The “wrong” to the Spirit Within occurs when you assume unworthiness or blame upon self and thus punish self by self-condemning thoughts and actions. You must always ask yourselves: do you feel “guilt” because someone else has offered it or imposed it upon you and you have accepted or allowed them to blame you for some action or occurrence which you KNOW you are really not “guilty” of? Let us give you an example of a response of “false” guilt which many of you ones will relate with in experience within your “modern” western civilization.

Let us say you are a girl child of eleven-years-old. Up to this age you have enjoyed relative childhood security, love and dependence with your Mother and Father. Then, suddenly, you are told by your parents that THEY no longer love one another and cannot live together and will become DIVORCED. Please understand this carefully, precious ones; IN MOST ALL CASES of separation of parents, the child or children BLAME THEMSELVES. You see, the child often believes that, “If mommy and daddy can stop loving each other, they can stop loving me, too.” We would suggest to you ones that if a couple says they STOPPED loving one another, they most likely NEVER truly loved. Do you see how confusing this sort of drastic change and separation is to a child? Now in our hypothetical case, let us continue with the story in which similar circumstances have occurred with many. The Mother retains “custody” of the little girl. The father leaves town, he says, for other work challenges and opportunities. The child seldom sees him anymore; he is always so busy. The child’s Mother must go to work, let us say for the first time since she became married to the child’s Father.

Do you begin to see what this looks and feels like to the little girl? She feels she has been rejected, she begins to feel unloved and unworthy because she blames herself for her parent’s divorce by perhaps not being a “good” enough little girl. Her mother works and comes home irritable, resentful and angry at the little girl’s father, which only adds to the little girl’s soul-anguish and feelings of unworthiness. The two people she loved, trusted and even idolized the most no longer exist for her. She is alone. Do you ones realize that ALL most of you truly want is to be sincerely always LOVED exactly the way you are without conditions?

So the little girl begins to punish herself. She begins to seek LOVE and acceptance outside herself which she feels she no longer has at home. Throughout her teen years she walks the path of victim by self-destructive actions and by continuous rejection by others. You see, like so many of you even now in adult state, she only want to BE LOVED, but because she feels UNWORTHY of the true LOVE she pines for, she continues to sabotage herself by choosing relationships which dishonor her as she dishonors herself. She may become angry toward “male” humans, because she is angry with her Father “for leaving her”. She may not only punish self but also seek to punish all “men” who represent her Father. Eventually her heart is so hardened she feels nothing, no joy, no love, no caring. It is her against the world and she feels alone and bitter.

Now God, our Father, is most distressed when one of HIS become lost in “negative” response to his/her manifested experience. HE in His mercy will send help to the child or young woman to help her recognize that there are those WHO do love and care for her. He will send her “signs” of HIS LOVE so that she may forgive and heal the dis-ease within self. Will she recognize THE LOVE OF OUR FATHER presented to her? It is her choice, for God will never force any. He will, though, wisely choose the one/ones who will manifest HIS LOVE FOR HER, which He deems will be most acceptable to her. It will then depend upon her soul integrity how well she will recognize, forgive and overcome her self-imposed “guilt”.

Many of you ones who NOW serve faithfully within HIS service, have manifested for yourselves very difficult circumstances in your growing years in which you had to ultimately understand, forgive and overcome in order to serve HIS WILL as willingly as you do now. WHY? Mostly you ones have simply asked for difficult “testing” in order to gain the compassion and understanding of how and why your brethren have been so crippled, deceived and so lost for so long, so that you can “relate” with the circumstances of the deceived and thereby be the most effective in helping them see “THE LIGHT” of GODLY TRUTH WITHIN THEM! Be most grateful for the lessons offered, learned and overcome, chelas; you are spiritually MUCH stronger because of them.

Now we will discuss Past-Guilt Orientation a bit more. If you feel guilty for some past deed, you must determine WHY the guilt is felt. If you recognize an error against another, then by understanding and learning the lesson and then self-forgiveness, you will have released GUILT. Many of you instead wallow around in the “horrible” situation and wish only to feel sorry for yourselves so that you think you are not responsible for the “error”. Recognize your responsibility, learn the lesson, forgive AND RELEASE it. IT is done and you further the transgression against you SPIRIT by “relieving” the “dastardly” deed in your mind and not LIVING your moment NOW in fullness. This is PUNISHMENT of self and is not of GOD, but of the ANTI-Christ. Do you see? You walk around saying, “I SHOULD have”…well, you DIDN’T and it is over. The next time a similar situation presents itself, and it will, you will know how best to respond with GODLY integrity, right?



Remember Hypocrisy IS “The pretense (pretending to) of having feelings or characteristics one does NOT possess such as virtue or piety. We discussed under THE LAWS, number 17, that one of the biggest “signs” carried by ones possessed of “evil” is their Hypocrisy.

We will first discuss the Hypocrites of your “religious” Institutions who will carefully cultivate the “appearance” of Godly piety and high virtuous standards. And they will speak with “conviction” about the virtues of what they, in all their magnanimous goodliness or godliness, possess in order to LEAD you into the Righteousness of God’s Kingdom, where they themselves “reside”. So, while you deceived ones are crying tears of joy for being “allowed” the opportunity to be in the presence of one so great, you gladly fill the “hat” of this false one with all the “gold” you can spare, just so, perhaps, you too may be found “worthy” and allowed entrance into God’s Kingdom. But the hypocrite has you now. He will pass the “hat” again and again until you have no more to give…then he will abandon you and call you “unworthy”, and mostly many of you ones have believed yourselves unworthy and thus deserving of poverty. All the while he is seducing you and making you his “slave”, the hypocrite sits” mockingly” and smugly in his “false” splendor of hatred and manipulation, drooling lasciviously and covetously over the hoards of “wealth” he has STOLEN from you, the blind and ignorant sheeple.

After the “religious” Hypocrite has TOLD you what you must NOT do and what you MUST do to reach GOD’s Kingdom, and he knows you believe him, he knows you now BELONG to him and he will make you pay dearly. All along while the hypocrite is leading you into his slaughter house of deception, he will quite systematically, behind the doors of “secrecy”, himself break EVERY rule of Godly behavior which he has instructed you to follow. The Hypocrite’s motivation? POWER and CONTROL over others at ANY COST. He always believes himself superior in all things, particularly “intelligence”, when he is able to DUPE and DECEIVE others and also garner their GOLD for his OWN selfish interests. This one is under the spell of evil as is called false “pride” or also cancerous narcissism which we discussed earlier under PRIDE.

You, precious blind ones, now have allowed infiltration within most of you WORLD government systems and the “agencies” set up therein, of the evil narcissist HYPOCRITES at the lead or head, positioning themselves for the destruction of all goodness and freedom and ultimately YOUR enslavement to THEIR self-will of EVIL control. They are the ones, now without conscience, who will TELL you all you WISH to hear and THEN DO THAT WHICH THEY PLEASE to control you and render you “powerless” against THEM. The “bastard” seed of evil is now so insidious, it has infiltrated and possessed nearly ALL who would call themselves you “leaders”, and most of you ones know it not. That is how the narcissistic Hypocrite “satan” or “adversary” against GOD has come to now rule you; quietly, secretly and with extraordinary cunning. They have nearly accomplished your enslavement without most of you EVEN knowing the crimes of power-manipulation which have occurred before your very beings! Is it hopeless? NEVER! God WINS in the final confrontation with EVIL, but each fragment must choose GOD’S will by understanding and following THE LAWS OF BALANCE given in order to be allowed entrance into HIS HOLY KINGDOM OF LOVE, OF TRUTH, WISDOM and LIFE! What will YOU DO to EARN entrance into GOD’S Kingdom of LIGHT? GOD/ATON waits for your decision. ATON’S LOVE and PROTECTION and GUIDANCE is a breath away, precious chelas. HE awaits your sincere petition. Will YOU NOW take GOD’S hand of LIFE or will you fall into the trap of “illusion”, of darkness, destruction, ignorance and separation which is Evil?

We shall now briefly address hypocritical behavior practiced by you “common” folk. Are you kind and friendly with ones to their face and then because of jealousy, envy or prejudice denounce and criticize THEM in private behind their backs? This is commonly practiced among you ones, mostly without your “awareness” of same. We will set you to “awareness” now. You must not judge another human fragment as less or greater than you in God’s reflection; only judge their behavior which you know goes contrary to the Laws of Balance of God/Creation given forth. You honor ones when you extend your hand in honest love and friendship. But if you extend your hand giving the “impression” of love and friendship and secretly despise this human because he/she is black or brown or white or poor or rich or fat or thin, or, or, or…then you too, are a hypocrite. We will discuss more in detail on bigotry and prejudice lastly within your “deadly” sins.

So to discover or recognize the narcissistic hypocrite, you will need not BELIEVE what he SAYS he is or does or represents, but find out WHAT HE DOES in secrecy. Remember, “By their fruits, ye shall know them.”



First we will define vanity “1. The condition or character of being vain; conceit. (arrogant self-esteem) 2. Ambitious display; ostentation. 3. The quality or state of being fruitless, useless, etc. 4. That which is vain or unsubstantial.” Now we will define vain “1. Filled with or showing undue admiration for oneself, ones appearance, etc.; conceited. 2. Unproductive; fruitless. 3. Having no real basis; empty: vain hopes. 4. Ostentatious; showy. In VAIN –to no purpose; without effect.”

Vanity, then, is the preoccupation with admiring, changing or altering and displaying one’s physical appearance, image or form because the vain one feels unworthy or INFERIOR WITHIN and often hides behind an ostentatious (pretentious excessive exhibition) display of self or of “superior” arrogance. Narcissism, then, is one who unduly (excessively, unjustly) admires self inside and outside in self-elevated status and separation from others because he feels SUPERIOR to others in appearance, in intelligence and in importance.

Evidence of the obsession for “appearing” beautiful physically according to self-accepted or adopted societal standards is most prominent with both male and females primarily within your Western “civilization”. Many ones have become ruled by and preoccupied with their physical “appearance” which to them most often means being “acceptable” to others. WHY? Because the ANTI-CHRIST has told YOU and given precise limitations of what is “beauty”. For example, within your controlled advertising media you have lovely ones who “model” for products. This, to give you desire for these products by creating “images” for better acceptance value by appealing to you innate drive within, which they have corrupted and erroneously redefined as “SEX” drive, (remember “libido”?) and thus cause you to WANT the product which give the false “promise” of beauty, “sex” appeal, health, youth, wealth, status, etc., according TO THEIR LIMITED STANDARDS of what YOU must desire of what is beauty, sex appeal, health, youth, wealth, status, etc., which these “models” (you are taught) represent because they ”LOOK” good.

With all of the attention given from childhood on only to “physical” appearance, the spirit within shrivels and pines for allowance and acceptance and freedom. This, because the Anti-GOD, which they have now allowed within, slowly crushes and all but destroys the beauty and divineness within which is THE SPIRIT OF LIFE OF GOD/PERFECTION. Very rare it is indeed, this day in “time”, that ones who have become FIRMLY trapped in the “VANITY” game of the adversary, are able to recognize their folly, and thus seek to release this “false” unworthiness and limitation brought about by the superficial preoccupation of physical “image”. You must accept self regardless of physical form. If you recognize that you wear too much weight upon your frame and it is not “healthy” for you, then you must decide to change of it and then DO it. Until then, need you love yourself (God within) less because you look or don’t look a certain way? NO! Commune with your SPIRIT within and find out WHY you consume more than you are able to use. Learn to understand why you do something and then you can work for positive adjustment within. Your physical health represents your “inner” health. Dis-ease of the body is the physical manifestation of what began as DIS-ease in the mind. Clean up your thoughts and your body will be healthy and vibrant as well; it is really so simple, but most of you miss it. You need not miss it anymore now, RIGHT?

We would also like to speak a bit about what is termed “cosmetic” surgery (butchery). Your own statistics show that many women feel less feminine or less attractive if they have “small” breasts. WHY does this happen? Because the images of BIGGER BREASTS and VOLUPTUOUS women are thrust before them beginning when they are children in nearly all of the “controlled” media. These young girls/women feel if they had “bigger” breasts that somehow they will be more acceptable to MEN and thus also be envied by WOMEN. You ones often, on the one hand, do not wish to be considered “sex” objects, yet you desire to fit what you are taught (programmed) is THE “sexually” physically attractive female figure. Don’t you see, beloved ones, you allow doctors to cut upon your bodies and cause you pain and suffering, and often later complications, just to fit an acceptable (to you) physical “image”? Again mankind (adversary) has corrupted the purity of the woman’s “breasts” by making them into hideous “sexual” objects of LUSTFUL desire. The beautiful grace of the feminine body which was created in beautiful perfection of GOD, has been cut into “pieces”…breasts, vagina, mouth, neck, legs, buttocks etc. of PHYSICAL LUSTFUL DESIRE. Do you know WHY the breasts were given unto WOMAN? Not as sexual “objects”, but for the suckling and nurturing of her BABE, a New Creature of GOD. Remember this, women, the next time you think to make yourself bigger breasts! You dishonor GOD within by despising your GIVEN physical form, and wishing to cut it up to make it into some image of what is “appealing”. TO WHO? WHY need you allow imposed images of perfection thrust down your throat? THE answer, precious ones, is YOU MUST NOT ALLOW other’s opinions and “images” to make you feel self-unworthy. Here is a test for you, women. Upon awakening in the morning next, go to you “full-length” vanity mirror and look upon yourself naked. What do you see? Can you look within the vanity mirror WITHOUT your makeup and hairdo, your girdles and padded brassieres and fine garments and SEE GOD? If not, then recognize and UNDERSTAND your transgression, commune with God within, forgive self and do not look again into the mirror until you DO see and know THE LOVE AND BEAUTY OF GOD reflected back!

And the same goes for you ones who are of “male” form of human. You experience vanity somewhat differently than women, but most of you still suffer feelings of inferior unworthiness when you gaze upon your nude body and face. We have seen you! God has listened to YOU! The dialogue within goes something like this: “IF ONLY I was taller, had bigger shoulders, a larger penis, hair upon my chest and/or face, had a flatter stomach a thinner frame, more muscles, more hair, blue eyes, brown eyes, whiter teeth, tan skin, light skin, and, and…I would be accepted.” Then the dialogue goes something like this, “IF ONLY I had more money, a new car, a better job position, and, and…I would be accepted”. Do you recognize anyone here…you of the male species? Do you see, precious ones, you set yourselves up, by believing the lie of “images”, to always fail in some way or another. ACCEPT your SELF WITHIN, HONOR you physical body which has been loaned to you. For this is the wondrous, beautiful vehicle, given of THE FATHER for YOUR SPIRIT WITHIN OF GOD to experience the wonders of creative spiritual unfoldment upon 3rd dimensional physical illusion!

Now, within your Western civilization, nearly every little girl and boy wants to “look” like someone else they have seen in a movie, on the “street” or in an advertisement. They are taught, through the programmed media and advertising, not to accept themselves as a beautiful individual reflection of GOD, because their physical features, they are told, do not measure up to the “ideal” presented of what is acceptable “beauty”. It is not wonder that the cosmetic and related industries make billions of “dollars” off of you ones, because they (the Anti-God) create the “image” and feed the vanity which is the result of ones feeling “they” never quite “measure-up” and will thus seek to improve what is now THEIR perceptions of physical imperfection. Even many of the ones your society defines as “beautiful” while they are young are most often cast aside when they begin to show signs of “aging”. And those who depend only upon their “looks” while they are you, will find themselves FRIGHTENED OF AGING and will thus become EMPTY INSIDE and BITTER because of the rejection by the very ones who “molded” and “accepted” them while they were physically “young” in appearance.

WHAT can you do, parents, to help positively guide your child toward the path of INNER BEAUTY and SPIRITUAL freedom and away from societal imposed “limitations” of acceptance? You must encourage the child first to understand his/her ONENESS WITH ALL…GOD/ATON, other humans, the planet, the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms, other planets, ALL OF LIFE AND ALL OF CREATION. Teach the child about GOD and HIS LOVE for ALL of HIS fragments of self. Teach the child about the Natural Laws of Balance given forth to maintain order upon CREATION and WITHIN CREATION. Teach the child about the nature of God’s gift of Free-will and the PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY EACH ONE HAS to honor GOD within and to SERVE ONLY HIS WILL because He is our JUST and Wise Spiritual Creator/Ruler and KING OF WISDOM. Teach them about the ADVERSARY and HOW IT has fooled many of God’s children. Teach the child that what they may perceive as separation, is only “ILLUSION” of separation and that many other ones they will meet, will not understand this TRUTH because they are spiritually ignorant and duped by the “adversary” of Godness and so then not yet spiritually aware. Teach the child to honor and be tolerant of ALL other human fragments as fragments of THE ONESELF of GOD and THE CREATION. And yet teach the child that he/she must ALSO recognize and not tolerate THE BEHAVIOR (ignorant, prejudiced opinions, misperceptions, and actions) which blatantly break THE LAWS OF Balance of God and Creation. So, teach the child he must defend self within honor of God’s Laws if one of these ignorant/spiritually weak ones wishes to cause harm (in thought, word or deed) to him or another. Teach the child about HIS power to co-create with GOD, and why he must monitor his thoughts, words and deeds in order to recognize his transgressions so that he can create a GODLY world in service to GOD’S WILL. Then you must teach the child to always see, develop and honor the spiritual and loving BEAUTY WITHIN SELF and ALL OTHERS,- which is the BIRTHRIGHT of ALL of GOD’s children. Teach the child the truth that Spiritual Oneness, Beauty, Power, Wisdom and Love WITHIN can never age or die or be taken away from anyone because THE SPIRIT IS WHAT IS REAL, IT IS THE SPIRIT OF LIFE THAT EXISTS WITHIN ALL OF THE CREATION in continual unfolding blossom of JOY and LOVE.

And so, you beloved parents of GOD, must also then LIVE in accordance TO THE LAWS and WILL OF GOD which you have taught the child, to set GOD’s example of balance and truth which the child will surely follow. So when you have done your duty for GODas Parent and have given (to the best of your understanding and awareness) the child the Love and Discipline of GOD’S WILL and THE LAWS OF BALANCE and you yourself, too, have set the example by your actions and behavior, THEN you must release the child to God, that he may choose with his own free-will his experiences and learn about his personal responsibility in the manifestation of LIFE.

Is it wrong to want to look YOUR best? Not at all. You must simply and honestly understand WHAT truly motivates you. To be neat and clean in your “dress” and appearance gives honor to self and to GOD as long as you don’t secretly despise and are not ashamed of your appearance and seek to alter it or hide its reflection of beauty. If you are acceptable and give honor to self as YOU ARE in physical form, whether it be male, female, black, white, tall, petite, red hair or grey hair, you will be acceptable and give honor to GOD/ATON. All others? They are individual reflections of God as well; whatever their limited “human” prejudices and opinions are matters NOT at all to you. Remember, in the “big” picture YOU are not your physical body, YOU are GOD’S fragment occupying physical manifested form of your choosing to allow experience upon this wondrous creation. ALL are beauteous creatures of GOD, each is different. Isn’t that WONDERFUL?!?! God, too, enjoys variety of His creatures within The Creation. Why think you there be so many types of lifeforms on just your tiny planet? Do you not enjoy the varieties and uniqueness of all the creatures and creations within THIS Creation such as of each type of flower, each color of the rainbow, each season of climate, each insect, each animal and each human being?

Are we saying it is “wrong” to wear your “make-up” and have your stylish hairdos and wear upon your bodies fine and beauteous garments? Not at all. You simply must recognize WHY you do these things. If you LOVE WHO and WHAT you are WITHIN and WITHOUT in your nakedness, then enjoy playing your games of make-up and dress-up because YOU enjoy it, it is FUN, you can afford to and it gives you happiness to do so, not because you despise your body and countenance for its “perceived” imperfections”! Or because you wish to “impress” others as to the finery of your jewels and garments, that somehow you are “finer” too. For example, you ones have “designer” everything now. (Such as, cars, furniture, appliances, clothing, cosmetics). Well, some “designers” have generated more “prestige” and admiration than others. Do you know many simply copy other designs? And many of your more celebrated and prestigious designers, use the creative designs of their apprentices? Yes, and they place their own name upon the garment. A bit of “stealing”, we would say. What is the point? If it is a garment, enjoy the beauty, fine quality and fit of the garment, because you enjoy the garment, not because you want the prestige and snobbery, not to mention vanity, of the designer label to be noticed by and somehow make you “better than” or socially accepted by “others”. Do you see the difference we are pointing out, dear ones? You blindly run about seeking approval from any but yourselves. We simply want you to recognize your folly in the things you do and desire and correct of it FOR YOU and FOR GOD/ATON our FATHER WITHIN YOU! Free yourselves from the bondage of vanity and you will be one LARGE step closer to reaching GOD’S KINGDOM!

Are we saying it is “wrong” to return color to the grey hair upon your heads, and to otherwise cosmetically “hide” from view what you consider “signs” of aging? Not necessarily “wrong”, just simply fact that you create, but are unable to accept certain changes of body deterioration and MOST ALL OF YOU ONES are horrified of aging or being OLD in your physical from. Why? Because, you’ve been taught again by the adversary that somehow you are less a HUMAN Being and less “attractive” when you are “old” and you will be rejected (and often are) as unable to contribute to humanity. DO YOU KNOW, DEAR CHELAS, THAT IS IS THAT VERY FEAR (planted by satan) IN YOUR MINDS WHICH STARTS “THE CLOCK” OF AGING TICKING WITHIN YOUR VERY BEINGS? YOU ONES, BY BELIEVING YOU WILL LIVE ONLY UP TO 100 YEARS OR SO, BEGIN YOUR OWN AGING PROCESS WITHIN YOU when you are small CHILDREN. And because of the now created, by the adversary through you ones, harshness, pollution and poisons upon your plane you really have no desire within to stay longer, so your body starts its deterioration process. Why are some more vibrant and healthy than others throughout their lifetime? The ones who are vibrant and healthy are IN LOVE WITH LIFE AND HONOR THEIR SPIRIT OF LIFE WITHIN. Their bodies simply age because they, too, perceive limit of life-span from early indoctrination, only they age perhaps with more dignity and grace because of the degree of spiritual purity of JOY and LOVE which they have recognized and cultivated within themselves and have GIVEN graciously to OTHERS.

Do you know that you could create a body which would LIVE for nearly endless number of years in your counting, IF YOU BUT KNEW IT INSIDE YOUR MIND TO BE TRUE? Our brothers of physical form upon Pleiades live more than some 1000 years in your counting in their physical form. At one time in your ancient civilizations of Atlantis and MU (Lemuria), your ancestors also lived to be over 1000 years of age in your counting. REMEMBER, YOUR IMMORTAL SOUL NEVER AGES, CHELAS. Most “physical” manifested bodies, though, eventually deteriorate, not always because of FEAR, but often because ones simply tire and become bored with having the “same” form, so they create deterioration of the form and move on to “new” realms and forms within CREATION. In the “higher” realms of GOD’s kingdom, your form becomes high concentration of cellular “light” and you can change it at will since it is ONE with your SPIRIT WITHIN.

It has often been said, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” So BEHOLD, through the “eyes” of GOD the beauty of ALL of the glorious, wondrous varieties of creatures and creations within THE CREATION. Only the Anti-God, or Adversary, through cancerous “prideful” Narcissism, seeks to bring illusion of “ugliness” and define, limit and confine what is “beauteous” so as to impose upon you boundaries of SEPARATION from FATHER/MOTHER and THE CREATION. The adversary cannot do this if YOU DO NOT ALLOW it to let you dishonor yourself by buying its LIE of standard “beauty”.

So, in closing on Vanity we will share a form of vanity which is most interesting and somewhat humorous to us. We observe many ones who even choose their pets, in accordance to acceptable “beauty” standards set by the adversary. For example, ones often choose the breed of cat, such as Persian or Himalayan, not because they love the animal, but because they desire the “expensive” socially-defined “beauty” to match their carpet and/or their self-imposed “image” of themselves which they wish to “project” upon their “admiring” friends and associates. Ah well…it shows just to what ends you ones will go in your desire to give the impression you are something OTHER than who you are!



First we will define prejudice (to PRE-JUDGE), “A judgment or opinion formed BEFORE the facts are know; especially an unfavorable, irrational opinion. 2. Hatred or dislike for a particular group, race, religion, etc. 3. Injury or damage to a person arising from a hasty and unfair judgment by others.” Now one who is prejudiced is usually also referred to as a bigot, defined as, “An intolerant, prejudiced person.”

So one who is prejudiced pronounces judgment based solely on their own OPINION which has very little or NO basis in truth or fact. For example, in your current society, when Hatonn, within the “Phoenix Journals”, brings up and exposes THE TRUTH about what are THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION, what is the true motivation of the ONES behind ZIONISM, how the term “jew” was created and is henceforth revealed as a misnomer of incorrect “made-up” word, he and the publishers are called ANTI-SEMITIC. Well, this word anti-Semitic is also USED by the ONES who are NOT Judean, but come from the Nordic and Mongol tribes of Russia, who were then called KHAZARS who adopted Judaism as their religion, to allow shield from “identity” and thus CAUSE confusion and dissention to FURTHER their OWN ANTI-SEMITIC, ANTI-LIFE or ANTI-CHRIST means. The word, as you have learned in previous “Phoenix Journals”, “SEMITE” comes from the lineage of one of the sons of the one called “Noah”. His name was SEM (SHEM), whose ancestor was ADAM, the father of the white human race, who was conceived by union of the Heavenly son and guardian angel, SEMJASA and an “earth” woman. Sem (Shem) and his line wherefrom came Joseph, “earth” father to Jmmanuel, were seeded of HOLY GOD from HIS celestial SONS. So to call one an ANTI-Semite does not mean anti-“jew” or anti-other races, it means ANTI-GOD!

Yet, you ones, including the truly GODLY Judeans, have been programmed by “opinion molders” created by THE EVIL ONES of satan who now call themselves ZIONIST JEWS, to falsely believe that those who openly expose and oppose the ANTI-GOD activities of ZIONISM, THEIR AGENICES, SUCH AS THE ADL, THE MOSSAD and the state of ISRAEL are ANTI-SEMITES and, therefore, TO BE SILENCED! Clever indeed have been the ones who wish only to DESTROY GODNESS and control your world. So you see, dear ones, if you believe the lies of the “opinion molders”, you too are then PREJUDICED, and by your IGNORANCE you become a tool of EVIL and allow destruction of SELF and OTHERS who follow you willingly down the road to HELL. You’ve heard it said, “The road to hell is paved with ‘good’ intentions.” Make sure you “good” intentions are GOD’S intentions backed BY TRUTH and KNOWLEDGE, not by OPINIONS designed to allow YOU to HANG YOURSELF.

The evil ones are possessed by irrational pre-judgment, hatred and dislike for others which makes them intolerant or bigoted toward those who oppose THEIR self-will OPINIONS of how things are or should be. As was discussed under the first “deadly” sin of PRIDE, if the one possessed of evil first cannot seduce others into believing what is THEIR DESTRUCTIVE and manipulative false VIEW of things, they will then desire and seek to DESTROY the ones of “goodness” and “integrity” because of THEIR (the evil ones) own intolerant bigoted will.

Now we would like to give clarification unto ones struggling to understand the meaning of Hatonn’s statement of truth, “There are no victims, there are only volunteers.” I, Sananda, and MANY of THE HOSTS OF GOD/ATON were present this weekend past, with our speakers, Desiree’ and George Green. Our beloved chela, Desiree’, repeated that statement to the group attending the “seminar” introducing “The Phoenix Journals”. We observed a very precious one unto us and GOD struggle with this concept. He asked two questions which we would like to bring clarification upon. But before we start, please let us give understanding of intent and purpose of these two of GOD's speakers.

Our beloved George brings the sharing of his life experiences with intent to introduce and bring understanding of THE TRUTH he recognizes within the Journals. He has much experience with speaking before groups, and of being target for criticism. He is “THE SOLID ROCK” who gives strength to the others of our mission because he moves fearlessly ahead in FOCUSED DEVOTION for bringing “LIGHT” and “TRUTH” where there is ignorance, in spite of the slings and arrows thrust at him and Desiree’, Dharma and Oberli and all the others of our circle. He brings you his earthly perception of understanding which he hopes you ones can relate with and FURTHER investigate for yourselves.

Desiree’ brings the balance of the SPIRITUAL lessons that GOD has presented within her. She stands in representation and humble service unto TRUTH that you may relate to her humanness to allow further GODLY clarity and understanding of YOUR DIVINE HERITAGE. Will they occasionally err in their projections of facts given in the Journals? Of course, they too have “limited” memory and many volumes to study. We tell you this that you relate humanly with these ones and recognize that the “errors” of details are minor, as the INTEGRITY of these blessed ones is integrity of DIVINE Godness. THEY have come in humble service as GOD human physical messengers to introduce THE WORD and plant the seeds of awakening within you ones. IT IS THEN UP TO EACH TO READ THE JOURNALS FOR YOURSELVES, make your own discernment of Truth and thusly, make the changes within and without to change of the evil circumstances before you. DO not expect these ones OR ANY OTHERS to “spoon” feed it to you and “discern” it FOR you!

Desiree’, in her humanness, at times feels “unworthy” and struggles in agony with her responsibility of HOW to best reach you. We have instructed her, as has our brother, Hatonn, that SHE need not “prepare” for presentation to you ones because GOD/ATON will give her that which she needs to share. Her “ego” resists and is afraid that she will somehow “forget” or say the “wrong” thing or “not hear” our instructions and become flustered. She still believes that because she has had no earthly “training” on public speaking that she cannot possibly be ABLE. We will set her opinion to straight, and she IS releasing her fear and “unworthiness”. Please recognize HER PURE INTENT, as well AS GEORGE’S, is to bring YOU THE TRUTH in balance so that you can, through Godly empowerment of knowledge and wisdom, FREE YOURSELVES from evil “adversary” bondage. In time with “practice” she is BECOMING most ABLE to share within the SPONTANEITY of GOD’S WILL. And as THEY TOGETHER continue to gain balance and harmony as a TEAM, wherever GOD takes them (as well as THE JOURNALS) in HIS SERVICE OF INTRODUCING THE WORD, HE, too, will confront the “ANTI-GOD, ADVERSARY” until there are no more “dark” places for the ANTI-GOD to HIDE! The adversary will be EXPOSED for the PREJUDICES created of malicious lies, hatred and deception and STAND NAKED before GOD for SELF-JUDGMENT. Which “side” will YOU choose? LIFE or death? GOD or adversary?

Now, in addition, when Desiree’ shared the diagram of HER perception of CREATION, she told you it was HER perception of guidance given to help HER SEE and UNDERSTAND the ONENESS and UNITY of ALL. She wished only to bring you more understanding of ONENESS. Is the diagram she gave wrong? NO, it is simply LIMITED in FULLNESS of understanding by the limits of your languages and perceptions of what is an UNLIMITED state of BEING.

Now back to our precious brother who we will call “A”. You asked of these ones, “Are you saying then, that the “blacks” volunteered for slavery?” (because there are no victims, only volunteers).

Yes, precious ones, because they CHOSE to play the part of “VICTIM” by being born or cast into slavery by the white ones. Is slavery wrong? OF COURSE! As you have read, it breaks the 18th Law OF GOD and CREATION. NOW in order to see and understand from the standpoint of ONENESS OF SPIRIT, you must not see yourself as of black or white or male or female but as a fragment OF GOD/ATON. ALL of you, regardless of the body you now inhabit, have played (or are playing) the part of VICTIM or VICTIMIZER throughout your life-times of experience. WHY DID YOU VOLUNTEER FOR VICTIMHOOD? OR TO BE VICTIMIZER? Because you became lost in your illusion, and many have repeated, through cause and effect of continual PREJUDICED behavior and NOT understanding or remembering YOUR GOD-POWER AND THE TRUTH OF ONENESS, the same lessons over and over again. You become victims as a result of being “false” PRIDEFUL and PREJUDICED and you volunteer as VICTIMIZERS because you are “false” PRIDEFUL and PREJUDICED. Are you not tired of this illusion of separation from source, precious chelas? We hope so! Because many of you have been and still are playing the part of victim or victimizer BY CHOICE TO REMAIN IGNORANT OF TRUTH! So what will you have left to volunteer for? SERVICE TO what is GOD’s WILL in Love, Harmony, Balance and Freedom. We offer you choice by offering you truth of your folly so that you may leave your “illusion” forever and come HOME to ONENESS of GOD once again!

The one who feels superior to others because he is white, black or brown, male or female, is prejudiced. The one who feels “CHOSEN” of special-ness to God because he follows Christian or Judean or Hindu or Muslim or Buddhist RELIGIONS is prejudiced. Do you see, precious ones, it MATTER NOT to GOD what color be your skin, what sex be your form or what religious doctrine you follow. Those are labels of manifested illusion. WHAT IS REAL IS THE SPIRIT OF FATHER/MOTHER GOD AND THE CREATION WHICH EXISTS IN ALL OF YOU! It matters not to God if you call yourself Muslim or Christian or Atheist, what matters is HOW YOU THINK AND HOW YOU BEHAVE toward yourself and your brethren, regardless of what THEY label themselves. DO YOU SEEK the harmony and balance of LOVE AND UNITY? Do you live your life in accordance to the natural Laws of Balance given forth? OR do you seek to feel yourself SEPARATE and SUPERIOR OR INFERIOR to others, such as, by class, by color or by religion? That is PREJUDICE, friends. Do you openly disregard THE LAWS given forth as “outdated” or “false” which means you are PREJUDICED because you “don’t know” or refuse to understand THE FACTS of LOGIC which is the FOUNDATION of THESE LAWS GIVEN FORTH FOR BALANCE? You see, chelas, to be an “israeli” meaning CHOSEN of GOD, is to LIVE IN ACCORDANCE TO gOD'S WILL in light, unity, love, wisdom, truth, balance and harmony. Israel is NOT A PLACE, it is a SATE OF BEING (I AM) OF ONENESS AND BALANCE OF HOLY DIVINE GOD AND THE CREATION. The other question asked by my beloved brother, A. was along this line, “I was taught that Jesus was dark skinned and curly haired, yet in several of the Journals, there is a picture which depicts him as fair skinned with dark hair? WHY?” First beloved A., do not become distracted by images of appearance. I, Sananda, who you ones called “Jesus” was “born” of Judean parents of fair skin. My seed was of the lineage of Rasiel, a descendant of the Sons of Heaven. The guardian angel, Gabriel, then brought my seed and inseminated Mary. IT MATTERS NOT WHAT FORM I TOOK! Your concern from the confusion of images presented to you of my being, precious one, is that you fear you will not recognize me when I return in manifested form. FEAR NOT, BELOVED A., YOU OF MINE BROTHERS WILL KNOW ME! Not by my image, necessarily, but by MY BEING, MY ENERGY, MY ONENESS WITH MINE FATHER ATON!

Blessings be unto this precious one who asks in sincere intent that Truth be given unto him, for his questions were asked in behalf of the many and when ye ask of GOD, ye shall receive your answer in the TRUTH and WISDOM of THE ONE ALL THAT IS. I AM.

We will now close this document and this Journal that you precious chelas, our brothers and sisters, will have before you the wondrous tools of recognition of that which is LIFE OF GOD/ATON and that which is SEPARATION, DARKNESS, IGNORANCE AND DEATH OF SPIRIT WITHIN, the Anti-Christ, Anti-God, satan, adversary. May you NOW from this MOMENT OF ETERNITY, wisely understand and follow the laws laid forth herein, that you may witness and participate in the UNLIMITED SPIRITUAL co-creation and freedom which is YOURS, if you but align yourself IN the BALANCE of ONENESS which is HARMONY, LOVE, POWER, WISDOM AND TRUTH…THE WILL OF OUR FATHER GOD. So be it.


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Just in case there are those who are not quite clear about what the Cosmic Laws are, which maintain balance within Gods Creation, I give you the Universal Laws of God and Creation! These come from the Phoenix Journals. For those not familiar with them, I highly suggest becoming familiarized with them by researching and reading them. I am willing to bet there will be those who will chide these laws as ''too christian sounding'' or say ''there are no dos and don'ts in life'', but if you sit and carefully read through them, you will find these Cosmic Laws of Balance to be very sensible indeed. In fact, it is mans deviation from these Laws of Balance, and adherence to his own man made laws, that has resulted in the gross imbalance of our species, and the near destruction of our home planet, Mother Gaia. The ways of mankind HAVE NOT WORKED. Now it is time to adhere to the Laws of God and Creation, and come back into balance!








''Achieve the wisdom of knowledge inasmuch as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.''

This means to seek and demand the TRUTH be shown to you so that you must develop that ability to discern and judge all information, actions and behavior with self and others which go against the laws of balance given forth by GOD and The Creation. This also means that when information is put before your attention, you must ask the FATHER within you to show you whether or not it is true and ask for the Father to give you the verification you need for understanding the TRUTH in all information and situations which HE puts before you. THIS means you must have the courage and the determination to conquer the fear, apathy and ignorance within your altered ego to ACHIEVE THE WISDOM OF KNOWLEDGE OF TRUTH!




This means you must recognize that your soul existence and your life on this plane is only possible by the wondrous grace of God, your Creator. You must recognize and honor HIS HOLY PRESENCE within you AND ALL THAT IS, because it is by HIS HOLY GRACE that you shall be able to receive His guidance and instructions for WHAT your service is to God and The Creation to maintain the glory of light and love and life in constant unfoldment of the glorious mystery of the ONE. In other words, YOU will learn to understand and be always connected with the ONENESS of ALL THAT IS in Creation.

Now, to remember and understand this, THE LAW of ONE, you must realize that ALL beings AND creations are EQUAL OR EVEN in reflection of and importance TO THE ONE God, only that each is simply DIFFERENT in abilities, talents, and beingness as an EXPRESSION of THE ONE ALL THAT IS. Contrary to perhaps your own “opinion”, You as A HU-MAN(Higher Universal Man) are NOT superior or inferior in importance to the tree, the rock, the bird, or ANY other being or creation of THE ONE. You are simply ONE of THE HOLY FATHER’S vehicles of motion for expanding and experiencing the JOY of continuous unfoldment of THE CREATION. You see, there cannot exist any separation, ALL come from the ONE great Source of all THE CREATION and all will return to our source, THE ONE.

Also, you must understand the true nature of the laws of Balance given forth by our FATHER as it relates to HUMANS granted with the GIFT of FREE WILL. For example: If ALL humans were removed from this planet, do you think that the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms would remain in balance? The correct answer is MOST DEFINTELY YES! Because they belong to the kingdom of God which was created to maintain a wondrous Planet in Balance. You as humans who were given FREE-WILL and reasoning ability to choose to balance within the laws (or not), were also sent to God’s CREATION as Guardians. What have you done to her by choosing to live in the lie of destruction which is the ANTI-Christ? Are you proud of the pollution you pour into her waters, and soils and airspace? This is the very water, soil, and air-space YOU depend on for your physical survival. WHERE is the REASONING for this sort of corruption? Why do you crowd out and not honor the right to life of the others of God’s Sacred Kingdom, such as the trees, the minerals, and the animals? What have YOU CHOSEN with YOUR Gift of FREE-WILL? Most of the Mass Consciousness of humanity have chosen death and destruction to themselves and the planet because they BELIEVE and are blinded by the lies of the Anti-Christ. They are possessed by the blindness and ignorance of their own “altered” ego.

So now that you recognize that most ones have chosen, with their wondrous free-will, NOT to Maintain the Balance of the Laws of God and The Creation, you might ask yourself, “So what happens now?” There is a point which is reached when God must decide whether HE will preserve and RETURN BALANCE to a kingdom of His that is lost in the darkness and ignorance of the Anti-Christ, or whether He will allow the Anti-Christ to consume itself AND the planet it is sustained by.

We will give you the example of THIS kingdom of God, beloved planet Earth. She is called “The Emerald” of this universe; she is a most glorious creation and she is ALIVE, A BEING OF GOD’S LOVE. She is a part of the human experience, and the human experience is a part of her. All of the pollution of the thoughts, words and deeds from the humans here is now a part of HER, as well as existing within the humans who created them. She has been raped, pillaged, and plundered by those who were to be her guardians. SHE has ALLOWED you to make her your playground of HELL and she has CRIED OUT TO GOD FOR HELP AND MERCY. As have many of YOU who now KNOW your only HOPE will come from the LOVING Grace and Mercy of OUR Divine Father! And GOD has answered HER Plea in his infinite Love, Compassion and Mercy. The Promise: She will be allowed to cleanse herself from within and without of ALL the Anti-Christ pollution smothering her…SHE WILL BE REBIRTHED INTO A CHRISTED BEING OF PERFECTION! And so too, the humans WHO choose to align in balance with the laws of God and The Creation will also receive graduation into the Kingdom of God in the Higher dimensions of LIFE within the DIVINE CREATION. NONE will be spared the ultimate choice between the Kingdom of LIGHT and LOVE that is GOD’S kingdom, or to remain in the kingdom of THE ANTI- Christ…which is the desolate, hollow darkness of lies, deception and destruction.

What we are describing to you is that YOU each NOW have the opportunity to move your soul awareness from UNCONSCIOUS (Current 3rd dimensional experience) to CONSCIOUS ( New God 4th & 5th Dimensional experience) IMMORTALITY. Meditate on the meaning of that statement of Truth! May you wisely choose the glorious FREEDOM of the CONSCIOUS IMMORTALITY OF GOD, TRUTH, LOVE AND LIGHT!



This means that there is NOTHING in material manifestation for you to worship as your GOD. There are no temples or churches, deities or crosses that need be the places or images to worship in or of. Nor are there any priests, ministers, rabbis OR ANY OTHER HUMAN who may act as representatives BETWEEN you and God. You see, EACH and every one of you Human Beings carries with you the TEMPLE OF GOD WITHIN YOU! You are the temple. And so with this truth in mind you might ask yourselves, WHERE do YOU take God in your life journey?

So you must not place the attainment and hoarding of “worldy” treasures above the attainment of your spiritual wisdom and perfection lest ye “die” in the darkness of spiritual poverty. A good example of this false image of “worship” is quite prevalent now in your societies and that is THE WORSHIP OF GOLD. If you make the accumulation of gold (money) your first preoccupation for the sake of having more and better “things” and possessions, you are pushing God out of HIS temple and the Anti-Christ will become your constant bedfellow, urging you to consider ONLY your material desires, promising you greatness and importance ABOVE your brothers, so that eventually God within you becomes but a glimmer of what was once the flame of your eternal GOD EMPOWERMENT within. And if YOU allow your Altered Ego POSSESSION by the Anti-Christ to rule your being, the Anti-Christ will not stop until your flame of life is extinguished and your spirit is left ALONE and naked to stand before self and God in the agony of self-judgment of the transgressions against HIS HOLY PRESENCE.

So this means that you must become and remain “detached” from your “worldly” possessions, because they do not go with you to the kingdom of GOD, nor does the “amassing” of great “worldly” treasures bring you SPIRITUAL wisdom. Your preoccupation with “amassing” great worldly wealth brings you only the emptiness of spiritual poverty. You cannot serve your SPIRIT and serve The Anti-Christ. Serve only your SPIRIT WITHIN and the Anti-Christ will have no place to dwell within your temple.



This means that within the Christ circle of infinity, which is the Christ Consciousness of ONE, you must recognize the tremendous and Wondrous Love that our Lord God has for you to allow your experience in HIS kingdom of life unfolding. You and ALL THAT IS are but the reflection of HIS LOVE and JOY of The Creation before him. You are his co-creator in the infinity of The Creation and you are the co-creator of HIS jubilant Self-discovery within the unfolding manifestations of the mystery of the ETERNAL ONE. So when you despise yourself or another, you despise the very SPIRIT of LIFE ETERNAL and it all exists within YOU. You see, OUR Great Central Sun, The ONE Eternal Light is beckoning to you: I AM THE LIGHT, I AM THE JOY, I AM THE LOVE, I AM THE TRUTH, I AM THE ADVENTURE, I AM THAT I AM….AND SO ARE YOU! YOUR TICKET TO THE ETERNITY THAT I AM IS YOUR LOVE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT OF LIFE WITHIN SELF AND ALL THAT IS!

Also remember that in your physical world, you have a physical body which you are given to use to house YOUR SPIRIT OF GOD WITHIN. You must take care of the needs of the body with proper food, water, clothing, shelter, exercise and rest so that you remain vibrant, clean and healthy in order to perform with honor, the service of GOD. So too, you must not knowingly “poison” the body with the ingestion or inhalations of devastatingly harmful and addictive “drugs” whether they be of “legal” or “illegal” status by Earth standards. The spirit of God within you needs no “mind” altering to connect and commune with THE HIGHEST DIVINE LIGHT OF THE ONE ALL THAT IS.



This means you shall not cast BLAME against or curse another IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER in your thoughts, words or deeds. You must take full responsibility for your own errors or transgressions against self or others. And so when you blame, curse, resent and condemn another being you are ALSO blaming, cursing, resenting and condemning GOD your Creator, who exists as the flame OF IMMORTAL LIFE WITHIN YOU and WITHIN ALL OTHERS. So as you cast outward the blame of irresponsibility and denial, it must return to you UNTIL the lesson is learned by YOU who is the creator of the transgression in the first place upon THE ONE self.

Also, you must not knowingly and purposely deceive or lie to yourself or others in the name of YOUR HOLY FATHER. So when you say, “I swear this to BE the total truth in the NAME OF GOD”, you had better KNOW that to be a factual statement or you have dishonored GOD’S SACRED NAME for your own selfish altered ego means. This does NOT mean that with the tyranny that exists with the INJUSTICE SYSTEMS of the world, that you must sacrifice YOUR LIFE for the telling of a truth in a court of the unlawful. In this case (as in all situations you encounter) you must use your GOD-given senses and ask for HIS guidance and protection in your circumstance. This in no way means you will not tell the truth as you perceive it to be, but you must TRUST THE POWER OF GOD WITHIN YOU to always give you what you need for guidance and protection. This is what Immanuel told the Pharisees and scribes about “oaths”:

“Woe unto you, you blind leaders of false teachings who say, ‘If a person swears by the temple, that does not count, but if a person swears by the gold on the temple, that binds him.’ You fools and blinded ones, you are the offspring of evil; why do you let people swear knowing that an oath is not binding and is a worthless act? How can you say that if a person swears through sacrifice, that is blinding? You blind and false teachers, who gave you the right to demand an oath or to wear, since the Laws of The Creation state that oaths should not be given? Your speech should always be yes, or, no. Therefore he who swears by anything on Earth or the Universe, swears by something fleeting, which is without any substance and therefore, an oath is of no substance either. Therefore, he who swears by anything commits a crime with respect to the truth of his word and makes it doubtful.”

(Isn’t it interesting that in a court of “law”, ones are required to hold the “false” Bible and swear an oath of truth to the court? Where do you suppose that requirement came from? Perhaps from Freemasonry?)

It is important to remember that ignorance of the Truth is acceptable FOR A TIME, but remember GOD within YOU will give you many opportunities to turn your ignorance into THE WISDOM OF KNOWLEDGE OF TRUTH. And if you are truly a servant to the ONE ALL THAT IS, you will ALWAYS welcome THE LIGHT OF TRUTH to shine within and before you EVEN if you find the truth to be abhorrent within your very being. This means that you cannot hide behind the BLIND ignorance which rules you by fear and denial of responsibility. THIS is NOT acceptable ignorance in God’s Kingdom because you thereby become the servant of the Anti-Christ and have therefore GIVEN your life into the hands of evil.Here is an example of unacceptable ignorance: (This FALSE BELIEF applies to many who consider themselves part of the “so-called” New Age movement.) Ones are given the wisdom of TRUTH that says yes, “YOU are GOD and so you create your own reality.” Many ones have falsely interpreted that to mean, “I can now ignore the reality I have ALREADY contributed to the creation of and it will no longer be my responsibility because I am God.” This is a prime example of how the Anti-Christ will twist and alter the truth and maintain his playground of deception. Just because you choose to IGNORE the disease and corruption within your government, for example, that does not mean YOU are now exempt from responsibility. WHAT DO YOU THINK HAPPENS TO ALL THAT ENERGY OF ALL THE THOUGHTS, WORDS, DEEDS AND ACTIONS YOU HAD BEFORE YOU BECAME (In YOUR perception) A “MASTER” OF “POSITIVE” MANIFESTATION? Do you perhaps think that POOF! GOD JUST EVAPORATES IT FOR YOU AND YOU ARE NO LONGER RESPONSIBLE?!? Or do you think to yourself, “Well, this government corruption and war and economic crises and possible food shortage is all just Doom and Gloom Ugliness that others choose to acknowledge and it’s not my fault, so as long as I don’t bring it (doom & gloom) within my reality, it’s not true and doesn’t exist for me.” We have news for you ones, if you believe that nonsense, you have become a tool of apathy for the Anti-Christ POSSESSING YOU! ALL are connected to the POOL OF MASS Consciousness of Manifested ILLUSION on this plane. If you choose to only SELECTIVELY accept the “truth” which is comfortable for you and doesn’t upset YOUR illusion of reality, then you have also DENIED THE HIGHEST COMMAND OF THE LAW OF THE CREATION: ACHIEVE THE WISDOM OF KNOWLEDGE INASMUCH AS THIS WILL ENABLE YOU TO WISELY FOLLOW THE LAWS OF CREATION.



Now within the “so-called” Christian Bible, this law has been interpreted as “A” day and the day that was chosen by HUMANS was the one called SUNDAY and also called “The Sabbath”. This was the day which HUMANS said that NO work could be done and you must go to THEIR Church and pray, repent and give thanks because this was God’s day. We must tell you this is not correct because ALL days in the Kingdom of God and The Creation are HIS. This means you must keep ALL of your Days HOLY in reverence to THE DIVINE HOLY ONE PRESENCE OF GOD WITHIN ALL OF THE CREATION. EVERY day you must, as a part of your prayer, acknowledge and give thanks and HONOR unto God and The Creation for ALL the blessings of abundance, Wisdom and LIFE which THE FATHER WITHIN YOU has bestowed upon you. Remember this about the true purpose and POWER of Prayer and Meditation. PRAYER is Asking for guidance from the Father within for WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW IN ORDER TO SUSTAIN IN HIS SERVICE, “AND IN ALL THINGS, FATHER, NOT MY WILL, BUT THINE WILL BE DONE.” MEDITATION then is RECEIVING that information from the Father within to sustain in HIS service. Eventually, YOU will ALL be in a constant state of meditation and communion (mutual participation or sharing) with the Divine Father within.

Now, Sunday has also been called God’s day of rest. This is not logical. What about the farmer who has animals and his fields to tend? This is not to say that you cannot rest. But your rest may be on a Monday or a Wednesday or maybe just an hour or two each day. It will be different for every human depending on the condition of his service to God. WHEN the cycle of time comes when all is returned to the ONE of THE CREATION, there is a period of what might be termed as “rest”. This means that life as you know it in this illusion will cease to exist. It is one of the Great Mysteries which measures in cycles the ebb and flow of THE ONE DIVINE SOURCE OF ALL THAT IS. Until that time, GOD within you will guide you as to when the necessary times of rest are for you.


This wondrous law has most often been taken only in the quite literal sense. AND it is true, you must honor the ones who were the vehicles for your SOUL being sent here by the Grace of God, THE SAME AS YOU WOULD HONOR ALL THE BEINGS OF LIFE CREATED BY OUR CREATOR GOD AND THE CREATION. This means that as a babe and child you are dependent upon your parents, or others, to sustain you physically in the very least. There is also the tremendous responsibility that those who choose to be “parents”—defined as “A Father or Mother; or any organism that generates another; a source or cause” have. THEY are also choosing to be teacher and guardian for you, one of GOD’S CREATIONS. They are also entrusted by GOD our Creator (whether THEY know it or not) the responsibility of giving YOU the tools to become self-sufficient and sustain in HOLY GOD’s service for the remainder of this life-time. This is why in the more spiritually aware Kingdoms of God, ALL beings are NOT given the responsibility for the pro-creation of the species.

Firstly, it is an honor that is EARNED by the parents who completely understand THEIR responsibility to TEACH the laws of balance of God and The Creation. Secondly, Pro-creation of the species IS TAKEN VERY SERIOUSLY by your more spiritually advanced brothers on other planetary systems. (See Law #15.) The reason is that THEY recognize and honor the TRUTH of the LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATION. You see, THEY HAVE LEARNED THAT THE SPIRITUALLY WEAK WILL PASS ON THEIR DIS-EASE, APATHY, IGNORANCE, AND MISUNDERSTANDING TO THEIR PRO-GENY, thus spreading the insidious cancer and DESTRUCTION of THE ANTI-CHRIST throughout their species. THEY KNOW THAT THESE CHILDREN OF GOD ARE THEIR PROMISE FOR THE BALANCED CONTINUATION OF THEIR SPECIES. So it goes that the pro-creation responsibilities are monitored VERY carefully to maintain Balance of the species within the laws of GOD and The Creation. EVERY child is LOVED and carefully tended and instructed by ALL who have EARNED this, one of the most important responsibilities of any HUMAN, THAT OF BEING A “PARENT” FOR GOD!

Now the other purpose for and meaning of this law is that you shall honor the Mother and Father Principle of ALL THAT IS IN THE CREATION. A very wondrous example is that you must honor THIS beloved Planet Terra who represents the Mother “principle” in that she nurtures and sustains the lives of All Creatures of God who exist here. And you must Honor our Father GOD who gives forth the seed of the Spirit of ALL life within the ONENESS of ALL THAT IS. Of course God IS the Mother/Father principle in HARMONY, BALANCE AND MOTION and so there exists the Mother/Father UNITY and BALANCE IN ALL FRAGMENTS OF THE DIVINE CREATION.



The literal definition of adultery in your dictionary is: “The voluntary sexual intercourse of a married person with someone not the spouse”. Now, the reason for this law, which still applies now, was that well before and at the time that the Commandments were presented by Moses to the people, they were mostly simple-minded, ignorant, illiterate and God-FEARING because of their previous false teachings given by the religious/empire leaders of their “time”.

The problem was that (throughout your “past” history) many young men and soldiers would lustfully spread their fertile seed in the sexual act to MANY various young, willing women whom they met within their daily lives and in their travels from village to village. (Times have not changed much, have they?) The obvious result was that many women became pregnant, and usually by that time the man was long gone, to war or to the next village. So she would be left alone with the responsibility of birthing and raising her child. Many women could not “handle” this unexpected responsibility AND the desertion of who they usually thought to be THEIR man. Many women, overcome by the horror, shame and guilt of the circumstance, killed themselves and their unborn by trying to abort the child. Many women were left on the streets, unless they had friends or family who would take care of them. And many women abandoned their birthed child, sometimes at the doorstep of a church or orphanage, but also some would leave the child to die in some dark and desolate place. So thus the necessity of this law, “You must NOT commit adultery.” (See law #15. “You must obey the wisdom of God for the responsibility you have of BALANCED Pro-Creation of your species.)

So in his loving mercy and infinite wisdom, God created the commitment of Marriage or Wedlock defined in your dictionary as: “A legal contract by a man and woman to live together as husband and wife.” (In the higher realms it is a very serious and joyful commitment and is called DIVINE UNION.) In this way HE planted the seed of JOINT responsibility of this husband and wife to each other AND to any offspring they produced. This is why Marriage is to be considered one of the MOST serious and SACRED commitments TO GOD!

Now we will quote some of the actual teachings given on this subject of THE FATHER’S WORD given by The Master Teacher Jesus, Esu, Immanuel from the book (now in print, as part of The Phoenix Journal Series) entitled AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL; I AM SANANDA. Nearly y2000 years ago when the Master Jesus, Esu, Immanuel was asked about the commitment of marriage and the rights of men and women. This is what he said:

“All good things were given unto you and you received the Laws according to which you are to live. You should adhere to these and additional laws, so that you shall prosper on Earth and have peace in your families; remove the power of the old law that women shall be subject to man, since she is a person equal to man in spirit respect, and has equal rights and obligations. There are many distortions in the laws since they were given forth by God and the Celestial Sons, for men have built them to be suitable unto themselves.

“When a man marries a woman, he shall pay to the most trusted steward the handling of her possessions, as a price of security, lest she suffer from lack of her necessities. The price should be calculated in such a way that for each year of her life one hundred pieces of silver should be the basis, measured according to her knowledge, her ability, and her strength, provided her health is not lacking. The price is not to be considered as that of a “purchase”, for no person may be sold or bought, but as security for the woman lest she suffer lack. (Amount and type of financial security for “modern” times will be adjusted accordingly. For further clarification of Immanuel’s statements read PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS VOLUME 1 & 2 pages 34-40.)

“The bond of matrimony between man and woman should be permitted only if both are of mental competence and capable of leading a marriage in accordance with the law. (Note: that is GOD’S LAW).

“If, according to the predetermined agreement, no price is paid, the law applies: the man must supply the needs of the wife regarding all of her necessities.

“The inability of a wife to bear children, or a man’s inability to sire children is no reason for divorce, nor does she or he deserve other opinions or actions.

“The only reason for divorce is that of adultery, that is the destruction or endangering of spirit, the body, or the life of the members of one’s own family unit. If a person is divorced by his own actions of adultery, he should be sterilized, for he is unworthy of life and its laws for he has responded to the selfish lustful drives of pleasure-seeking and has cast aside all responsible behavior.” (End of quoting.)

Now, in the literal translation in order for ADULTERY to occur, then one or the other or both of the two adulterers would have to have made the vow of marriage. In God’s Kingdom of Truth, this vow of DIVINE UNION made between two, a man and a woman to live together as ONE, is taken most seriously indeed because it is a commitment made to THE FATHER WITHIN, EACH TO THE OTHER for that entire life-stream. It is a contract with GOD rather than a legal contract of the human experience. This means that a man and a woman who cohabit together as “lovers” without a “so-called” legal contract must make THE SAME COMMITMENT to God as those who have the “so-called” legal contract, whether THEY realize it or not. It is NOT necessarily always a contract made to God to PRO-CREATE the species because many who choose DIVINE UNION may not choose, be able, or be qualified to fulfill that (pro-creation) service to THE ONE FATHER. (RE-READ Commandment number 6 where we discussed the responsibility of PRO-CREATION.) But both “lovers” STILL HAVE THE SAME RESPONSIBILITY (as a “legally” married couple) for the offspring they may produce. If they only choose cohabitation because of sexual lust or other selfish reasons, they have, thus, denied THEIR responsibility to GOD, and they will suffer the consequences of their actions at the hands of evil. (See law #13, “As you sow, so shall you reap” also know as, “The Law of Cause and Effect.”)

Does this mean that DIVORCE, defined as: “1. Dissolution of a marriage bond by legal process OR accepted custom. 2. Any radical or complete separation”, goes against the laws of God and The Creation? YES AND NO! You see it depends on the TRUE circumstances experienced by the divorcing couple. For example: Since your commitment in life is always FIRST IN SERVICE TO GOD, then ideally, your chosen partner in marriage must support YOUR commitment as well as his/her commitment to THE HOLY FATHER.

If, for example, your partner batters you and/or your children physically or emotionally and thus does not support or honor either his or YOUR commitment in service to GOD, then you are no longer bound by your contract/bond of marriage. Why would GOD bind you and your children to a commitment of SUFFERING and PUNISHMENT? It is not logical. But, if your partner decides that he/she wants to divorce you because you are just no longer attractive to him/her physically and sexually, THIS IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE REASON FOR DIVORCE. Let’s take that example further. Say your partner is no longer attracted to you and decides to find sexual satisfaction elsewhere; he/she has committed ADULTERY, (re-read above quote by Jesus Immanuel) and if you choose to do so, it IS an acceptable reason for divorce. The reason is that not only has your partner broken his/her commitment with YOU and HIMSELF, BUT in the act of Adultery he has broken his commitment TO SERVE GOD…because by the act of fulfilling his lust he has invited the Anti-Christ within his temple. Of course, the choice you make about whether or not to divorce an adulterous mate will ultimately be made BY THE FATHER WITHIN YOU.



This Law does mean literally that you must not steal, defined as: “1. to take (another’s property, etc.) dishonestly, especially in a secret manner. 2. to take slyly, as a look. 3. to gain insidiously or artfully: as he stole her heart.” And this law also means, you must not steal the trust and good faith of another by lying to them about your true motives and intent. You see, malicious LYING and STEALING are opposite sides of the same coin.

Here are some examples of various forms of lying and stealing: If a man falsely tells a woman who is a virgin that he LOVES her and wants to marry her, but all he really wants from her is a sexual encounter, he is misleading her. If she in good faith falls “in love” with him and also falls for the trap of his “false” promise to her and succumbs to his pressure to express “their love” physically before the marriage vow is made, and then he abandons her, he has essentially “stolen” her heart, her innocence and her chastity for his own lustful, selfish intent.

Even if the woman wisely refuses his sexual advances, and finds herself rejected by him, he is still guilty of lying to her WHICH IS STEALING FROM HER EMOTIONALLY. The big difference in these two scenarios is that, although she has been robbed emotionally, at least she doesn’t have the “guilt” of dishonoring herself by breaking the laws of God and giving away her chastity to an unworthy man.

Here is another example of STEALING the innocence of another. Innocence defined as, “1. Free from sin, evil; not guilty of a specific crime. 2. harmless 3. knowing no evil 4. without guile or cunning 5. an innocent person, as a child”. Now stealing in itself is a “sin” against God’s laws upon only the one who steals, BUT when one succeeds in stealing the innocence of another, what he has essentially done is WILLFULLY AND BLATANTLY lied to them, so thus he has enticed and manipulated the other to also BREAK THE LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATION! So in order for innocence to be “stolen” from another, the person “stealing” must be doing so knowingly and blatantly with the INTENT of manipulating another to fulfill his own selfish means and the victim has to guilelessly trust the person.

For example: The Leader of a country sends the young men off to a WAR (which also involves MURDER) in a far-away place, and tells them, “You are fighting for freedom and defending your country,” and they believe this lie. So they go to the war and realize in horror that they are slaughtering innocent people and protecting and defending wealthy Sheiks and their oil fields and money, NOT defending their country’s freedom. That is when THEIR INNOCENCE has been stolen from them, when they realize that they have been LIED to and USED by one/ones they trusted-to perpetrate EVIL.

Another example: Say you are a child and you discover that your Father has a girlfriend “on the side”. (That is adultery, friends.) When you face him with this, he TELLS you that you must “promise” him you will no tell your Mother. He still loves her and doesn’t want to hurt her and the family etc. If YOU tell her, she will divorce him and…and…and. Well, as a child, you are devastated in your heart because YOUR FATHER has asked you to LIE, but you “promised” him and so, somehow, it would be YOUR fault if you told your Mother and you certainly don’t want to cause your parents to divorce! This is emotional blackmail and the Father has stolen the innocence of his own child by making her promise to LIE and making her feel responsible (for HIS irresponsible behavior) for what “could” happen if she told her Mother the truth.

Another perhaps more repugnant example: Any adult man or woman who willfully indulges in the lustful coercion and manipulation of a child who trusts him/her to perform ANY form of sexual activities has most definitely stolen the innocence of that poor child.

Here is another example close to the hearts of AMERICANS: Your Forefathers of the wondrous United States of America were inspired by GOD in the development of a most sacred CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS in order to maintain PEACE and BALANCE and allow you FREEDOM and the pursuit of happiness. Although not perfect, with the addition of certain amendments abolishing Slavery, for example, it became the most important and protective set of standards for HUMAN rights, decency and freedom in your current History on Earth. Now, every person you elect into the offices of leadership such as the Presidency, Vice-Presidency, Congress, and Senate, has taken an “oath” to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. You, the people have elected these “leaders” on the trust and good faith that they will HONOR your Constitution and Bill of Rights. You now have a President, and a Congress who mostly support him, who has essentially nullified this U.S. Constitution by HIS Executive Orders in order to pursue “THE ONE WORLD ORDER” which has a new “so-called” Constitution for ONE WORLD DOMINATION! THIS IS CALLED STEALING YOUR FREEDOM, AMERICA, AND MAKING YOU SLAVES. Are those so-called “elected” leaders who support this infringement on YOUR U.S. Constitution HONORING the OATH that they gave to you and TO GOD? They are stealing your freedom and worse than that, they are taking an oath that they KNOW THEY WON’T HONOR! THAT IS CALLED LYING TO YOU THE PEOPLE FOR THEIR OWN SELFISH MEANS.

Please do not confuse the ones who act by willful guile and deceit in “stealing” the innocence or possessions of others with the ones who truly believe a lie to be the truth and then pass on their false belief to another/others (for example their children or students). This is simple ignorance of truth and, although it may or may not be acceptable (to God), ignorance is not a willful act of stealing the innocence of another.

Here is something else that is very important to remember and understand clearly. If one tells what he knows to be a “lie” in true self-defense, privacy or for the defense, privacy and protection of another, this is not against God’s laws. (THIS does not mean lying to maliciously deceive about EVIL SECRET oaths or activities such as in the evil cult of FREEMASONRY). THIS IS ONE WAY THE ANTI-CHRIST TWISTS GOD’S LAWS TO CONDEMN OTHERS by ones telling you YOU MUST NEVER “lie”, which means: 1. To make a statement which on knows to be false. 2. That which is intended to produce a false impression.” YOU can literally be made the tool for the harm or destruction of yourself or another!

Let us give you some examples to think about: Let’s say it is World War II, and in compassion you are hiding a Japanese/American family in your basement to protect them from being put in the “camps”, so the police come to your door and ask you if you have seen or know any Japanese people. Are you going to tell them the truth knowing it will endanger YOUR family as well as the ones you are protecting?

Next example: Let’s say you go to war and are captured by the “enemy”. They require you to appear on the television and make a statement to your leaders which you know is false, but if you do not they will kill you. Are you going to do what they ask?

Here is an example given several times by Hatonn: Let’s say our beloved Jesus Christ, Sananda comes to your home and the “authorities” come looking for him and you know it is because his persecutors do not want him free and alive. Are you going to tell them where he is?

We will give one more example which may become reality for many. Let’s say your government institutes a “draft” requirement. Well your son, father, or friend refuses to sign up for the draft and decides to become a “conscientious objector”. Now if the “authorities” call you and ask you where this person is, will you tell them?

Now when it gets a little sticky with God is when, for example, you witness a murder, you know the murderer and because of your fear of being a witness and perhaps threatened yourself, you lie to the police and tell them you saw nothing. Think carefully about this because there are crimes committed daily against GOD’s LAWS of Balance of which there are witnesses who are “too afraid” to tell the police. The criminal remains free to continue his crimes against GOD. Remember you must understand the difference, we are NOT talking about witnessing the breaking of MAN-MADE laws, which may or may not be just and change continually with the times. We are talking about the breaking of GOD’s LAWS which do not change and are eternally The Laws of Balance within THE CREATION.

You ones also have something called “little white lie”, defined as: “A false statement made with the intent of being polite or kind.” This is also called the “social” lie. Now most of you ones do choose to politely lie to retain your privacy. This is one way, but there are ways to not lie and retain your privacy as well, for example, If someone asks you how much money you make or what you do with your time, you have several ways to respond. You can lie, or the considered direct but harsh response is, “That is none of your business.” But for those of you who wish to honor yourself and be polite to the other, you can say simply, “Please do not be offended, but I prefer not to answer that question as it does not concern you.” There are situations which do fit the criterion of the white or polite lie, although many of you ones do try to stretch the limits of those criterion. The key here is INTENT.

Oftentimes, rather than honoring your true feelings, you will hide behind the “white lie” in order to keep your job, for instance if you perceive your employer to be narrow-minded and tyrannical and YOU are afraid that by being honest and direct with your ideas and feelings, you will be fired. You see, you perpetuate the perceived tyranny against yourself by being “polite” and allowing it to continue.

An example of a truly polite lie is this: When you know your Mother spent hours preparing a meal for you, and you do not like ham and she asks you how you like her meal and you say, “It is excellent.” Although it is not exactly a true statement, your true intent, in kindness and appreciation, is to HONOR what you know to be her feelings of love for you.

So, if you lie and your intent is to manipulate someone in order to selfishly achieve or receive something from them you desire, rather than acting with integrity and being direct, this is not a “white lie”. Remember this, you can lie to yourself or to another but you CANNOT ever lie to God. You see, God always monitors and records your TRUE intent in all situations he presents to you.



Let us define the words “covet” and “envy”. Covet means: “To long for something belonging to another.” Covetous means: “Excessively desirous (of something); greedy.” Envy means: “1. A feeling of resentment or discontent over another’s superior attainments, endowments, or possessions.”

So the literal meaning of this law is that you must not, because of your own insecure/inferior feelings and lack of self-worth, long to have something another has, such as money, a new car, a skill or talent. And then on top of longing for this “object” another has, you must not then resent the person who has attained that which YOU feel you desire, but have not created, exactly because of your insecure/inferior feelings and lack of self-worth. (See also “Recognizing The Anti-Christ Within”.)

What transpires when you become covetous and envious is that you become wrapped up in your greed and resentment, and you will not be taking “personal responsibility” for YOUR manifested illusion. You will continue to create the perceived “lack” and eventually you will be consumed by the effects of covetous and envious feelings, which most often result in the various manifestations of “SELF-punishment”, ie., anger, guilt, criticism, jealously and depression.



This law was given forth by God so that the free-will and soul-evolution of each fragment would not be infringed upon without permission from GOD WITHIN, especially by the adversaries of God with more awareness of their power. This is each fragment’s GOD-GIVEN protection so that there is justness in their individual process of God potential unfoldment toward THE ONE.

Also, it prevents even your benevolent brother from interfering or assisting, without PERMISSION, from THE HOLY FATHER. You see, during each lifestream of each fragment there is present the opportunity and the potential for Divine Choice through the free-will experiences of each fragment. The “young” souls begin to unfold their GOD-NESS through the lessons they learn in each lifestream experienced. In other words, they learn by experience TO KNOW GOD within them, and what thoughts, words and deeds keep them in the darkness and ignorance of what their true God Potential is.

Now you may be asking yourself, “What about the tremendous EVIL influence upon this planet. Why is it allowed by God? The reason is this, even the “satans” or adversaries of God were not only created creatures of God but were also given Free-Will. God is simply giving his “adversary” creations their opportunity to grow into their potential of Godness and Divine Holy Light. But because of their “limitedness” in behavior, meaning ego-selfish separation from THE ONE, their reality or playground of experience was also “limited” by God. They are bound BY THEIR OWN CHOICE to the lowest levels described as the 1st-5th physically manifested experiences. You see, the “fallen” ones have self-imposed limitations by THEIR CHOICE to be adversarial and separate from their CREATOR. But they are always given “opportunities” to see the light of Truth in THE ONENESS OF ALL. The rules are strict and the fallen ones KNOW the “rules” to remain ego-separate from GOD but remain in their game of manipulation and deception.

For example: IF you feel the whisperings of the ANTI-Christ within you, You can DEMAND IN THE NAME OF THE HOLY FATHER GOD AND/OR JESUS CHRIST SANANDA THAT ALL DARK FRAGMENTS AND ENERGIES LEAVE YOUR SPACE IMMEDIATELY! They MUST go. But they can “hang around” the periphery of your energy field and wait for a weak spot in your protective shield. This is why the importance of asking GOD for His “white Light” shield of love, protection, guidance, power, wisdom, integrity and courage. So you must ask THE FATHER WITHIN YOU to please SHOW YOU that which YOU NEED in order to serve HIS WILL. Hence the importance of, “Not MY will Father, but in all things LET THY WILL BE DONE.” This sincere invocation is what keeps you on your path of SERVICE TO GOD and THE CREATION and out of the folly of ignorance and perceived separation where exist the Dark Brotherhood or Anti-Christs.

You may begin to see that many of you ones here now have experienced many, many thousands or even millions of lifestreams on these lower levels BY YOUR CHOICE to be or remain ignorant to your own GOD-POTENTIAL and connection to the ONE ALL THAT IS!

Here is a wondrous description of this “process” of discovery by our beloved brother, Germain:“All dimensions of THE CREATION exist simultaneously. You simply have only your conscious awareness in this, the “3rd” dimension. As you work and live in this dimensional experience, you, with the help of your spiritual “teachers”, are stretching your awareness to 4th, 5th, and sometimes even higher dimensional levels. It is not a vertical stretch as you perceive things linearly, it is an EXPANSIVE all-encompassing stretch of awareness. Your awareness expands to the level of your UNDERSTANDING-when you have learned a or some particular lessons, when you have OWNED the lesson-it frees your awareness just a bit more, stretching, moving, growing within the “MIND” of the Universal I AM, The ONE ALL THAT IS.”

Now the reason that your benevolent brothers, “THE HOSTS OF HEAVEN,” have been sent to assist you is that many of you have prayed to GOD for freedom from the bondage of your self-imposed ignorance. They are sent here in answer to your asking GOD for his DIVINE GUIDANCE and assistance. They are YOUR brothers of higher awareness in service to LIGHT of God and THE CREATION. You see, some of you have recognized the “folly” of the Anti-Christ within you and the influence that mass consciousness has ALLOWED the “satans” or “adversaries” to have over you and this beloved planet Earth. You are tired and frankly bored with this illusion, with being the adversary of Godness. You want your freedom, you want to claim or reclaim HIS HOLY LIGHTED Presence within you. It is time for graduation, friends, to higher levels of LIFE. You will each now find or awaken to YOUR DIVINITY OF ONENESS, OR (and this is very important to understand) you will remain BOUND to these lower levels for perhaps another millennium before another opportunity is granted by the expanding awareness of the GOD-self within by THE ONE.

Remember though, that the “Lighted” Hosts of God may assist you and give instructions and TRUTH through the maze of lies and deception, BUT they cannot DO IT FOR YOU!! You each must reclaim your own power of the DIVINE ONE within you. NONE can do it for another. So it is wise to pay close attention to your instructions for conscious immortality! You will either serve GOD or you will serve your “altered” ego-self. It is up to YOU.



And JMMANUEL wisely told the people: “JUDGE NOT FALSELY LEST YE BE JUDGED FALSELY. For with whatever judgment you judge, so will you be judged, and with whatever measure you measure, so will you be measured. Therefore judge according to the logic of the Laws of Nature, which are from The Creation, for they alone are true and accurate.”

“What do you see but the splinter in your brother’s eye, and are you not aware of the sliver in thine own eye? You hypocrite, first, pull the sliver out from your own eye, and then see how you can pull the splinter out of your brother’s eye.”

“First, learn the Laws of Nature and of The Creation, their logic, before you judge and want to see the mistakes of your fellow-man. First learn through the Laws of Nature and of The Creation your own mistakes, so that you can correct the mistakes of your fellow-man.” End Quote: AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL.

Exactly as it is written, no one must ever judge another to be lessor or more than he, especially because the other one is of different color, race, creed or sex (or planet) than be you. BUT understand this carefully, you MUST wisely judge the behaviors and actions by any ONE including SELF which You KNOW are against LIFE, meaning against or contrary to the laws which maintain the “balance” created by God within The Creation. And so you must honor ALL of your brothers and sisters as equal fragments of THE ONE, but you must not, accept, tolerate or “allow” behavior and actions to continue, in your space, which you know break the laws of balance.

But you must not think harshly of another and call him STUPID or NOT WORTHY because he is different in personality and behavior than you are and understand. EACH IS EQUAL IN REFLECTION OF GOD, ONLY DIFFERENT! Celebrate and honor the unique differences of others: they, as are you, are expressing THE FATHER WITHIN THEM in a unique and glorious way. Remember GOD allows ignorance of THE Laws only to a point, and then he is pushed out of the “temple” of any of HIS fragments who continue with THEIR blatant disregard and honor for LIFE.



Now this is the law that most choose to ignore or misunderstand when they do not want to take personal responsibility for their manifested experience, perceived “good” and/or (especially) “bad”.

God created cause and effect so that each soul fragment would recognize that when he did a specific act, say stole a car from his brother, that there would be an “effect” to his transgression, such as perhaps going to jail. But the nature of the effect is produced in a way unique to each individual fragment which will bring the greatest opportunity for the UNDERSTANDING of the lesson for that soul fragment. Unfortunately, for many the repeat and repeat of similar/same “errors” has continued over the course of some thousands of years. Yes, it is by choice that the soul would refuse to take personal responsibility for this thoughts, words and deeds. The catch is ALL ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL WHICH OCCURS WITHIN THEIR MANIFESTED ILLUSION whether or not one WISELY chooses to finally recognize and accept this Truth is entirely up to each. They will still “suffer” the consequences of their actions which are contrary to God’s laws, and/or they will also reap the Divine benefits of understanding and obeying God’s laws.

Now in your “Eastern” religions, Hinduism and Buddhism, they have a term called “karma” defined in Funk & Wagnals Dictionary as: “1. The Spiritual force generated by one’s action which determines one’s reincarnated situation. 2. Loosely, fate. 3. Vibration.” Karma, even by this definition does not accurately describe the same purpose or meaning of simple “cause and effect”. The term “karma”, loosely believed by many implies you must do this or that, or this or that has occurred because it is your “karma” implying that it is also your “fate”. One can fall in the rut of blaming all experiences on their “karma” and therefore not adequately learning the lesson to release this perceived “karma”. The definition of karma implies that yes, there are consequences to your actions, but that you are doomed to “pay-back” lifetime after lifetime, and does not take into consideration the release of “pay-back” when the lesson is truly learned by the soul fragment. Remember this: AT ANY INSTANT WHEN THE TRUE UNDERSTANDING AND RECOGNITION HAS OCCURRED regarding the ERROR and effects of one’s actions, THAT ONE CAN, THROUGH SELF-FORGIVENESS, RELEASE any repetition of A TRANSGRESSION AGAINS ANOTHER, SELF, AND GOD.

For example, let’s say that the one know as “Hitler” who was responsible for the deaths of millions, truly recognized and understood his transgressions AGAINST GOD in the moments before he made his death transition. (All things are possible, friends!) And in those moments before his “death” from this lifestream, he prayed to the God within him for FORGIVENESS of self and all others and that HE then put HIS will into GOD’S WILL to be of service ONLY unto THE FATHER. Now for ones who believe in “karma”, they would say that the soul energy that was Hitler would be doomed to the same persecution he committed on others, as well as at least a million deaths at the hands of a tyrant such as was he. And if “Hitler” refused to see his folly, then undoubtedly his SELF-judgement before GOD would be severe. But, depending on the level of his understanding or learning of the lessons, his “pay-back” could be that he becomes ONE who devotes his entire next reincarnation lifestreams to THE SERVICE OF GOD by helping his fellow brethren overcome their “spiritual” starvation. Do you think then, that it is not possible that God would not welcome HIS servant back within HIS fold of Truth, Love, and Light?

One must never forget that even the “victims” of Hitler’s hatred chose their victimhood. If ones choose NOT to become “victims” to any one or any situations by always honoring GOD within self and all others and thus, living in balance with the LAWS OF GOD and The Creation, THEY would no longer create “victimizers” such as HITLER. It is really so simple. If THEY learn their lessons of how and why THEY created their victimhood, then they would ALSO FORGIVE themselves and ALL who they perceived victimized them, so that they, too, could release and be free of the bondage of “karma”. And on top of forgiveness, their release may involve actually being ever THANKFUL to THE FATHER WITHIN for bringing the lesson to them and thus helping them recognize THEIR self-transgressions and becoming now FREE from the BONDAGE of victimhood. Do you see the picture now? The responsibility for all manifested experiences lies with ALL who share in and exist within the experience!



Now let us describe what commitments are made in service to GOD verses commitments of this manifested illusion. Your MOST IMPORTANT commitment in service to GOD is to WISELY understand and obey THE LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATON which we are unfolding for you here. This is THE excellent way for honoring self and GOD within ALL others in service to God and The Creation. Simply, UNDERSTAND AND OBEY THE LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATION. You ones have made this commitment difficult unto yourselves and it needn’t any longer be so. YOU NOW HAVE THE LAWS BEFORE YOU and you need not any longer claim ignorance or misunderstanding. DO YOU SEE?! Claim YOUR DIVINE HOLY GODNESS NOW! WE ARE ALL ONE! THE TIME IS NOW BEFORE YOU TO KNOW AND OWN THE TRUTH!

Now let us discuss the “other” types of commitments made by first defining what “commitment” means in Funk & Wagnal’s Dictionary: “1. The act of committing (to devote oneself unreservedly), or the state of being committed. 2. An engagement or pledge to do something.” Other commitments which are made in service to GOD include marriage, parenthood, feeding and tending the physically hungry, poor and ill, and SPREADING THE WORD OF TRUTH ABOUT THE SPIRIT OF GOD AND THE CREATION to ALL of your spiritually ignorant and starved brethren who will listen.

Now a commitment you make to “buy” a house or car on “credit” to be paid by FUTURE income, is shaky at best for both parties agreeing to these terms. “Credit” in this circumstance is a promise to pay later at some designated future time. Many families are now finding and many more will find that they cannot honor this promise to pay because many have lost or will lose their jobs and thus do not have the “income” to pay. This is an example of a commitment which is NOT in service to God. TRILLIONS of credit “dollars” have been made BY FEW by the manipulation of “credit” and so, too has TRILLIONS been LOST by the MANY who have become trapped in obligations they cannot pay for. There are thousands of examples of “commitments” made of this type.

So if you make a promise or commitment to a fellow brother or sister to help them in some way such as pay them for a service performed for you, or to feed their pets and take care of their home while they are away, then you WORD represents your integrity to honor to the best of your ability ALL promises made to the other. Your personal power is in direct relationship to the integrity of your soul. This means that if your word of promise or commitment means nothing, then you dishonor yourself, your brethren and GOD and become “powerless” and thus a tool for evil. So the moral of this story is: think very carefully about ANY promises or commitments you make BEFORE you GIVE YOUR WORD. Do not give your word for some future “promise” unless you are CERTAIN you will be able to keep your word. And be certain you completely UNDERSTAND what any promise, oath or commitment, that is asked of you on this plane, MEANS before you give YOUR WORD to it. Because if you are not careful as in the case of many so-called “secret” organizations, societies and “Mystery Schools”, your commitment to them may mean your inadvertent commitment TO EVIL. A Commitment made to EVIL or Satan is NOT a commitment made IN SERVICE TO GOD and therefore is not recognized BY GOD!!



We have written about the Commitment of Marriage by A MAN and A WOMAN To God as being one of the necessary components to also becoming a PARENT for God which means procreating your species. (SEE Law #8 “You Must Not Commit Adultery).”

Now the DIVINE and SACRED “act” which was created by GOD for the pro-creation of the species you ones call “sexual union”. God created THIS DIVINE UNION to be performed between ONE man and ONE woman specifically for maintaining the balanced level of the species for each given planetary system. Now the “fallen” ones or adversaries of GODNESS have completely perverted and maligned this once “sacred” and “divine” act that at one time was DONE with complete LOVE and DEVOTION to THE FATHER within each partner, so that it (sex) is now called “a birthright” to be done often, with impunity and with MANY partners of either sex and without consideration of LOVE or responsible pro-creation. How we and THE FATHER weep for you! This ONE abuse of God’s creation has nearly destroyed your species! Let us quote once again from, “AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL: I AM SANANDA” – Pg. 55:

“The act of marriage and procreation must have the highest degree of pure intent and preparation, for upon these bonds and restrictions will rest the preservation of mankind as a species upon the planet. If everything is done and adhered to, justice and peace will come to all mankind, and life in the human form can be preserved.

“If man continues his selfish and imprudent behavior, he will sound his own death tariff. There reaches a point beyond which a planet cannot support the unbalanced system perpetrated by mankind. And yet, so shall it come to pass (Read this carefully!) that man will not listen and bring destruction upon his own species. It will come about in some two millennium that man will have reached the point of self destruction. (This is 1991 friends, have you fulfilled this prophecy of Jesus the Christ Immanuel and OTHER prophets before him?!?) And so is it projected by the prophets and shall it come to pass in its time of fulfillment and in my time of fulfillment.” End of quote.

Let’s begin with God’s directive about marriage and Pro-creation between A MAN and A WOMAN. It is very clear that this DOES NOT say, marriage and “the sexual act” is OK between a man and a man, or a woman and a woman, or TWO men and ONE woman or THREE woman and ONE man, or etc. Again, the laws of balance are LOGICAL, meaning they were created specifically to maintain BALANCE within The Creation.

Because of the various degrees of deliberate, systematic and malevolently lewd and lascivious sexual behaviors, which are the corruption of this DIVINE UNION, and which have been and are practiced by most on your plane, the WARNING given above by our beloved Jesus Immanuel is transpiring before your very eyes in this time frame!

The sexual “act” was specifically designed to be performed by ONE man and ONE woman who had committed THEIR DIVINE LOVE AS ONE in the union of marriage, ordained by GOD. Through this union OF LOVE, the act of sexual intercourse between a husband and his wife for pro-creation was a most sacred and honored responsibility , an extension of their LOVE and COMMITMENT TO GOD in his service as PARENTS of HIS children.

Now remember the law of “Cause and Effect”. The EFFECTS of breaking this one directive of GOD are all about you today. Over-Population and the spread of fatal venereal and blood-borne diseases, such as Syphilis and AIDS, are proving to be YOUR self-punishment to the point of creating the nearly complete destruction of your human species on Earth.

Please understand that it is this PREOCCUPATION with behavior of lustful and lascivious physical pleasure that YOU must each CHOOSE to avoid and rise above spiritually. The corruption and preoccupation with sexual thoughts, words and actions has become hypnotizingly OBSESSIVE and also terribly degrading to THE SPIRIT OF LIFE OF THE ONE! THIS IS NOT LOVE BY ANY DEFINITION. Can you not see this TRUTH before you and within you? Your sexual obsession MUST STOP if you are to reach beyond your mortal body and into THE KINGDOM OF GOD!

Many of you, by now, are probably wondering about the act of masturbation: “Stimulation of sexual organs by oneself.” First RE-read the above paragraph. Masturbation is a self-pleasure sexual act upon SELF AND it is also what most of you couples are doing when you have “sex” together and call it “making love”. The only difference is that it is the “sharing” of MUTUAL Masturbation with your partner. Mutual Masturbation IS NOT DIVINE SEXUAL UNION FOR CELEBRATIONG PROCREATION. When on is an “adult” and does not wish to have children, the seeking of sexual pleasure by self or with another is a transgression upon self simply BECAUSE YOU ARE DENYING AND LIMITING YOUR SPIRITUAL CREATIVE POTENTIAL WITHIN.

The sexual desire, in this time on your place of extreme sexual preoccupation, begins for many youngsters at puberty. Many will have sexual release or dreams while they sleep. With the CAREFUL and LOVING guidance of the parents well before and during this time, the child will not be frightened of the changes in his/her body and will most likely occasionally indulge in masturbation for either curious exploration or release of the physical body. Moderate or occasional masturbation done in privacy by any, either child or adult, is not harmful to or AGAINST life UNTIL it becomes an obsessive preoccupation. Also masturbation can be a means of self-punishment and this is most harmful to THE SPIRIT OF GOD WITHIN. Remember this parents, it can also become very harmful to a child if through his “training”, he is taught to fear or despise his genitalia, or be made to feel guilt for self-sexual exploration or masturbation. He must learn about his personal responsibility and must understand ALL THE LAWS OF GOD including those governing pro-creation. But if you make the child feel fearful, shameful or guilty about his own personal sexual exploration, you may actually be creating for him OBSESSIVE PRE-OCCUPATION with sexuality. If the child is not exposed to constant “sexually stimulating” media, he will quickly lose interest after initial self-exploration IF HIS CREATIVE potential is encouraged, nurtured and supported by HIS PARENTS and TEACHERS. The more spiritually aware children and adults will either not have much interest in, or gradually lost interest in sexual exploration of any kind. It is much healthier for the spirit if this process of becoming detached from sexual feelings is natural and BY choice because of true spiritual UNDERSTANDING and awareness.

What you ones have labeled “sexual energy” or “libido” is actually a corruption of the creative and nurturing potential of The Spirit of FOD within YOU. LET US REPEAT THIS: YOUR “SEXUAL ENERGY/LIBIDO” IS ACTUALLY A CORRUPTION OF THE CREATIVE AND NURTURING POTENTIAL OF THE SPIRIT OF GOD WITHIN YOU! Let us see how your Funk & Wagnals Dictionary defines Libido: “1. Sexual desire or impulse. 2. The instinctual craving or drive behind all human activities.” Did you read that clearly, friends? INSTINCTUAL CRAVING OR DRIVE BEHIND ALL HUMAN ACTIVITIES! The catch is, precious ones, SEX is not the INSTINCTUAL craving or drive that was created by GOD, THIS was your CREATIVE, nurturing drive TO KNOW and CELEBRATE GOD WITHIN YOU, TO CO-CREATE THE EVER-UNFOLDING EXPANSION AND ADVENTURE OF LIFE! The truly loving DIVINE UNION, that of male/female experiencing their creative potential through the sexual act for PROCREATION, was created to be a UNION OF DIVINE LOVING DEVOTION and CELEBRATION OF THE GIFTS OF ONENESS SHARED…AND OF NEW LIFE CREATED FROM GOD. Rarely do ones feel TRUE LOVE, caring friendship, affection and intimacy toward their mates on your plane. Most have simply forgotten what LOVE is. You think perhaps you and your mate are one of the “rare” exceptions? Here is a test for you. How long would your marriage and commitment last if today you completely STOPPED all sexual activity with one another? Think about this carefully. Do you truly give of yourself to your mate sexually and otherwise because you wish to please them? To please both of you?

To please yourself? You ones think your sexual orgasm is ecstasy? YOU EVEN LIMIT ECSTASY!

You see, you are not your desires, you are not your emotions. YOU are THE SPIRIT of LIFE of GOD, and your spirit IS the MASTER over your desires and emotions. Don’t you see that you have simply chosen, in your illusion of ignorance and confusion, TO MAKE your emotions and desires the MASTER over your SPIRIT…YOUR GODNESS?!?

This corruption of your creative potential WAS CREATED, CONDITIONED AND MOLDED BY THE ANTI-CHRIST. YOU SIMPLY BOUGHT THE LIE AS TRUTH AND HAVE BECOME ADDICTED TO YOUR DESIRE FOR “SEX”. You don’t believe your “sexual” desire is created? Look around you today. Your Advertising Media as well as your Magazines, Television and Movies ARE CREATING YOUR DESIRES FOR YOU by conditioning and molding you through false “IMAGES” of what is beauty, what is “sex appeal”—in other words, by directing your attention constantly to “how” you look physically, your athletic prowess, your sex appeal and attractiveness. Why does and has this “desire”-creating worked? Because the Anti-Christ first molds the “false images” and then plays upon your FEAR of being too unattractive, unworthy, unpopular and simply rejected BY OTHERS who YOU allow TO JUDGE YOU AS A HUMAN BEING! The ANTI-Christ keeps you BOUND by the “false” promises created by your desire TO BE WORTHY of LIFE so you are too busy trying to fit the “false” mold and therefore do not develop your creative spiritual potential within! How dare YOU feel UNWORTHY because of believing the nonsense of false “IMAGES”! PLEASE REMEMBER THIS TRUTH! YOU ARE GOD’S TEMPLE!

Advertisers are always selling “their image” of what you ones call “romance” and you are encouraged to think it means passionate “sexual” fulfillment. Your dictionary describes romance as: 1. A love affair. 2. A kind of love between the sexes, characterized by high ideals of devotion, and strong ardor. 3. Adventurous, heroic, or exotic nature: romance of far away places.” When you crave romance, whether you know it or not, it does not mean “sexual” affair, dear ones, it means LOVE AFFAIR, you are craving to experience within you GOD’S LOVE OF LIFE, you crave to feel “ALIVE”, ie., warm and intense feelings, eagerness and zeal. WHY? Because you are bored and spiritually unfulfilled with the self-created “limits” of your life. (Limits which the “controlled” media has set you up for in the first place.) You are out of balance and you are seeking to ignite your CREATIVE POTENTIAL WITHIN. ROMANCE is the promise of ADVENTURE and JOY for experiencing THE SPIRIT OF LIFE, OF GOD, within you. You see, ROMANCE is not sexual adventure or a place to go; it is your desire to feel and KNOW GOD within you. You can experience romance through the sharing of devoted and adventurous LOVE of LIFE with your mate. Regardless of what your media “hype” tells you, remember this, your desire for romance is your desire for CHANGE from a limited and spiritually unfulfilling existence, to recognizing and EXPERIENCEING your UNLIMITED Creative Spiritual Potential within.

The next time you have a “sexual” urge, look around you, what have you been watching, reading or participating in which created this desire? Men, when you see a physically “beautiful” woman, is your FIRST thought admiration and appreciation of this GIFT of loveliness and do you wonder about the loveliness and beauty of HER SPIRIT? OR, instead, do you first wonder about the pleasure you would receive if you could have “sexual union” with her? And the same holds true for you women who call yourselves “liberated” which usually first means, “sexually” liberated and same equal “rights” as men to have many “casual” sexual encounters.

Recognize that this “sexual urge” is really your UNFULFILLED creative potential screaming to be released from the self-imposed “limit” or boundary of THE physical sexual ACT. Act: “1. To play the part of; impersonate. 2. To serve temporarily or as a substitute. To PRETEND.” The sexual act is limiting, substituting and impersonating YOUR CREATIVE AND SPIRITUAL UNFOLDMENT TO KNOW GOD. When you truly understand and recognize this truth, your creative spiritual unfoldment can no longer BE FRUSTRATED AND LIMITED to the repetition of a silly and truly spiritually unfulfilling “sexual act”.

Does this mean you are expected, by self and GOD, to STOP all sexual activity NOW? ONLY if it is YOUR choice made with the JOY of TRULY understanding and thus having the freedom of detachment from this “ADDICTION” and no desire to procreate. For most of you, especially adults, “sexual behavior” has now become addictive, so you must treat it is as such. Remove as much of the “temptation” from your presence as possible, just as the alcoholic must remove himself from “bars” and carefully abide by the list of TEN items above which are “STRICTLY FORBIDDEN” sexual behaviors (including Adultery). If you are single or married and have addiction the “sexual act”, use occasional masturbation as the lessor of the evils “if you must” If you are happily married and both have “enjoyed” your addiction to the monogamous mutual masturbation of your sexual act, both partners will need to become detached for the addiction to be gone.

So be gentle with self and your mate, but be aware and responsible to “consequences” (such as pregnancy) and persistent in your goal (to self) to release and detach from ALL things of Physical Manifestation. Simply RECOGNIZE without punishing self with guilt and shame that this is a transgression against the Creative spirit of life within you. For a time accept that you will have desire because you are “addicted” and many of you understand it as an “extension” of your love. Do not punish self or other, let the “desire” dissolve naturally within each partner. As you begin the unfoldment and adventure of discovering YOUR creative spiritual potential, you will be surprised, because at some point you will find that the “sexual act” is longer appealing to either of you. You will be detached and no longer have interest in it!


The GOLDEN Rule. How true it is that if ones would really think about how they treat one another, and consider that they are ALL ONE, that most of your petty “perceived” differences would dissolve. Ask yourself how you, when you honor the spirit of God within, truly like to be treated by others.

Here is a start for you: With respect, with reverence, with honor, with worthiness, with enthusiasm, with patience, with tolerance and understanding, with forgiveness, with kindness and courtesy, with caring, with appreciation, with generosity, with interest in your conversation, with love, with consideration, with honesty and integrity, with trust, with friendship and with harmony.

Now, do you treat others in the same ways described above, HOW you would like to be treated? Do you even treat yourself in the same ways described above? If YOU do not even HONOR yourself, how do you expect to receive HONOR and respect from OTHERS? Treat others honorably and with integrity, kindness and tolerance and EXPECT that they will treat you the same. If they DO NOT treat you with the same respect, HONOR yourself enough to recognize their transgressions, call it to their attention and then leave their presence.

And Jesus Immanuel told the people: “Ask and it shall be given unto you; seek and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you. For he who asks of his spirit, receives, and he who seeks through the power of spirit, finds and he who knocks at the door of his spirit, to him it will be opened.”

“Who is there among you who, if his son asked him for bread would give him a stone? Or, if he asked you for a fish would you offer him a serpent? Therefore, if you, even though you are being wicked, can still give your children good gifts, how much more will your spirit give unto you if you request it?” (End Quote).

The spirit of God within you always gives you what you need if you but put aside your “altered” ego and humbly commune with YOUR SPIRIT. All the power of The Father exists within you to give unto you that which YOUR SPIRIT needs to lovingly sustain life and give joy, fulfillment, and inner peace. You only need but ask the FATHER WITHIN to show you, to tell you, to give you that which YOU NEED to SUSTAIN in HIS SERVICE, that of LIGHT, OF LOVE, OF JOY. IN ALL THINGS THY (HIS) WILL BE DONE!

There is a saying, “Be careful what you ask for, YOU JUST MIGHT GET IT.” Ah, this saying gives recognition to YOUR power of manifestation, and how, when you selfishly view life from the FOG of the “Altered” Ego, you may not truly understand what your SPIRIT within needs. You may be unpleasantly surprised at what the “altered” Ego conjures up for you as consequence of denying THE WILL OF THE FATHER WITHIN YOU!



One of the biggest “signs” of the evil ones is their HYPOCRISY: “1. The pretense (pretending) of having feelings or characteristics which one does not possess, especially deceitful presumption of virtue. 2. One who pretends to be pious and virtuous without really being so.”

Immanuel spoke to the people in “AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL: I Am Sananda” and said: “Woe unto you scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites who keep cups and bowls outwardly clean yet inside they are full of rapaciousness and greed. First you must purify that which is inside the cup so that what is on the outside also becomes, and remains, pure. So you, too, appear Godly and good in front of people, but inwardly you are full of hypocrisy and falsehood and violations. Woe unto you hypocrites who build tombs for the prophets and adorn the graves of the just, and speak: ‘If we had been at the time of our fathers, we would not have become guilty with them, in the shedding of the prophet’s blood.’ …Therefore, you fulfill the measure of your fathers, since you end your life without understanding, and you will have trouble learning in the future. You generation of vipers, how can you be great in spirit without having any understanding? All the just blood which was shed through you, on Earth, will come back to you, beginning with the first prophet whom your fathers and forefathers murdered, to the blood of Azcharias, the son of Barachjas whom you have killed between the temple and the altar, and therefore, all the blood of the future which will be shed will be of your own accountability. Verily, verily I say to you, all this shall come upon you, and upon your race, for a very long time yet to come and pass.” (End Quote).

So you will find that hypocrisy does not belong to the kingdom of GOD. The ones who declare their spiritual wealth, piety and richness, who declare themselves chosen simply because they belong to this or that religion or race are fools and they are hypocrites because what they outwardly say they are and believe in, and what they actually “secretly” think and do are most often quite different.

And Jesus the Christ Immanuel gives us more “signs” to help us recognize the evil ones:

“Beware of false prophets and scribes who come in to you in sheep’s clothing, but inside they are like raving wolves, and preach to you humility and shrines, false deities and gods, and preach to you of humility to idols and false teachings.


“You shall recognize these ones by the fruit they bear. Can a person gather grapes from the thorns, and figs from the thistles? Therefore, every good tree brings forth good fruit, but a bad tree brings forth wicked fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth wicked fruit and a bad tree cannot bring forth good fruit. Therefore, BY THEIR FRUIT SHALL YOU KNOW THEM.” (End Quote).

You ones who faithfully have believed your “Holy” Bible to be written in purity from God will, by now, most undoubtedly be, at the very least, curious about “how” and “why” this sabotage of THE Truth has been allowed to occur.

So we will tell you: it occurred that even at the time when the one known as “Moses” lived, that the religious/empire leaders became most jubilant when presented by Moses with the Commandments given by GOD. The reason: because THEY became the self-appointed CREATORS and ENFORCERS of THEIR interpretations OF GOD’s Laws. You see, they discovered that by the careful manipulation and interpretation of these “laws” (such as removing any references to “reincarnation” from the scriptures) they then could maintain a much more effective level of control and discipline OVER the people they ruled. In other words, THEY would stand between GOD the Father WITHIN and the people, which left them (the people) powerless and at the mercy of these cunning and deceitful “leaders”. These malicious deceivers are still among you and through their greed, treachery and manipulation, THEY control much of your world socio-economically, politically and even geo-physically…even this day.

In addition to the signs to look for in the words and deeds of others you must first also recognize the “signs” of the Anti-Christ within you. Please see the document, “How to recognize The Anti-Christ (Against God) Within You”, within this Journal.

Remember this, you ones who are “faithful and true”, with your sincere commitment to the development and trust of your HOLY SPIRIT WITHIN, will be given the knowledge of Truth and the Spiritual Wisdom of God and The Creation in order to sustain you always in balance and service to THE ONENESS OF ALL.


This means you must not DEMAND by force and fear to control, confine, use, or manipulate another human being to do any service or work for you, against their will, without giving them FAIR compensation. This also means that you cannot BUY or SELL another human being as if he/she were a product to YOU own. This includes YOUR CHILDREN. Babies and children are not “products” to be created, such as by “in-vitro” fertilization, or given to be birthed by a “surrogate” mother. If a couple are unable to physically pro-create, then they have a choice: they can ADOPT a homeless or unwanted child, or they can choose not to be parents at all. ADOPTION of another’s unwanted or parentless child is one of the most LOVING and UNSELFISH acts any competent and caring couple could do in service to GOD. Not all couples are or were meant to pro-create! It is not punishment from God. It is the responsibility of any “barren” loving couple to recognize that pro-creation is not their function at this time. But if they desire children, then they must understand what HONOR it is to accept the nurturing care of one of GOD’s children who has no one else to love him/her!

One of the most painful and degrading terms you humans have labeled those children who are born “out of wedlock” is “bastard” (which means illegitimate according to HUMAN LAW). YOU must now KNOW that in GOD’s kingdom THERE ARE NO BASTARDS. These “born out of wedlock” children are as precious to God as any other child born with “married” parents.

Then there have been many of you humans who have throughout history claimed superiority or inferiority because of color or race. The feeling a human has of so-called “genetic” superiority exists within the mind of the HUMAN who wishes to control and dominate and enslave other humans of different race or color than he is. For example, many of the Germans under the one called “Hitler” believed that the “pure” Caucasian was far superior genetically, mentally, and physically to ALL other races. They believed in keeping the race pure by not interbreeding with other so-called inferior races. Also, many of the so-called “Jews” are taught and believe that their “race” is CHOSEN of GOD over all others and so they believe that they are superior. In America as in Europe, “black” or “dark” humans were believed inferior and were made SLAVES to the “whites”.

Don’t you see, “the evil powers that be” are CREATING and ENCOURAGING prejudice of others who are “different” than they are in culture and skin so that they can CONTROL the perceived “lessor” ones. Throughout the world through your media and government policies, the seed of racial unrest, dissension and prejudice is specifically planted, nurtured and allowed to bear the bitter fruit of hatred and resentment and is thus continually perpetuated so that YOU people will not BECOME UNITED! By keeping you separated, by creating for you suppression of various groups, THEY keep you at war with one another while THEY execute THEIR plans for TOTAL domination over ALL of you.

So, is it against THE LAWS OF GOD for a man and a woman of different races or colors to marry and bear children? OF COURSE NOT! THE GENETIC CORRUPTION OF YOUR HUMAN SPECIES OCCURS SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE OF THE DIS-EASE WITHIN THE SPIRITUALLY WEAK AND CORRUPTED BEINGS WHO PRO-CREATE, NOT BECAUSE OF THEIR COLOR! Each SOUL is a fragment of God. Whatever race or color of the body that the soul chooses to incarnate in makes NO difference whatsoever to GOD. Only Human falsely chooses to create and delineate “features” or “traits” of racial superiority/inferiority.


Now we will discuss the personal responsibility each of you Humans has toward harmonizing with and maintaining The Laws of Balance given forth above. Since you have been gifted with Free-will and reasoning intelligence by Your Creator, then so it is true that balance is a CHOICE made by each human, NOT the same as an “instinct” of maintenance and balance given by Creation to your animal and bird kingdom.

Did God therefore make you Lord over this his Creation? Yes, but not to improve this perfection, dominate, eliminate, and destroy. He gave you a physical kingdom to experience the wondrous and beautiful varieties of life. This is a place given for you to attain spiritual perfection by learning and wisely following The Laws given forth by God and Creation. Also, this is a place of learning through THE DIVINE SPIRIT WITHIN YOU how to HARMONIZE with all of Creation which you choose to experience in, including beloved Mother Earth. Unfortunately, with your free-will reasoning minds you selfishly thought that to “modernize” and “improve” upon this wondrous creation, you would make this a better place FOR YOU to live upon, with total disregard to the rest of the Earth, the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms.

So as example, we will give honor to many of your “native” cultures who are known as the “ancients” or “Indians” who have existed throughout your world, throughout your planetary “cycle”. These ones understood, because of the “richness” of their spiritual growth, that they were a part of this world, but not OF this world. They honored and blessed the Mother who gave them beauty, food and shelter. They honored and blessed the animals which gave them food and clothing. And they honored and blessed THE FATHER, THE SPIRIT OF LIFE, which gave them their life experience. They knew that they OWNED nothing, but that of the SPIRIT OF GOD WITHIN them. THEY lived in harmony and balance as a part of the whole, NOT the dominant part, but complimentary to. This was their CHOICE by wisely following the Laws of Nature given of GOD and CREATION.

And so then came the ones who arrogantly felt superior to ALL because they were “civilized”. Civilization defined: “1. A state of human society characterized by a high level of intellectual, social and cultural development.” What about the development of true “spiritual” wisdom and perfection? Well, of course the intellectual ones judged the importance of having a carefully prepared set of “religious” (not necessarily “spiritual”) doctrines to guarantee for THEMSELVES the necessary degree of control, power and dominance OVER their brethren in their created “civilized” kingdom.

The “native” ones were despised, called “primitive” and so were either forced to become “civilized” or be destroyed. Many of the ones who refused to surrender to the WHORE of The Anti-Christ were simply destroyed. The ones who survived were sorry to live in the spiritual poverty of “modern” civilization. Now, many of the “survivors” have retained or regained the “ancient” spiritual teachings of balance and are working to reclaim their spiritually starved and lost brethren within this “modern” civilization.

So with the communion of THE SPIRIT OF LIFE WITHIN each of you, you must first wisely understand and follow the Laws of Balance AND secondly, you must wisely know where YOUR responsibility begins and ends within THE CREATION upon this wondrous orb.

For example, are you responsible for the instinctual nature of the wild animal, reptile, and bird kingdoms? Of course not. Are you responsible for the nature of the natural minerals, grasses, shrubs and tress? Of course not. But are you responsible to those in the animal kingdom whom you have domesticated either for food, clothing or pets? OF COURSE YOU ARE! Is it wrong to have domesticated these animals? Not necessarily, IT is just a fact that YOU have done so. Therefore, YOU are responsible for the care and personal tending of the domesticated animals, such as cows, sheep, horses, chickens, birds, cats and dogs which you possess.

Is it wrong to kill an animal for food? No, but why do you kill creatures, call it “sport” and then brag to your brothers about what a wondrous KILLER you are? We would call this selfish, malicious killing…do you see? There is a difference. Right now, if you have plenty of domestic animals such as cow, pigs and sheep available for food and clothing, then why need you also kill the “wild” creatures? Often, in these times, because the human has stolen THEIR kingdom for cities, suburbs, agriculture and golf courses, he has then offered them a small “reserve” and when they “cross” over or “over” populate their reserve, he must then bring balance and “kill” these excess animals. (Just as was done with your “native” brethren. You civilized and destroyed their kingdom and then offered them undesirable (to you) “reservations” to live upon separate from “civilization”.)

You must understand that God gave you the animals for food and clothing if you so choose and need them. He gave you the wondrous vegetables and herbs and plants for food, medicine and wonderful “taste” for your survival and enjoyment. Do you give THANKS and HONOR and APPRECIATION EVERY DAY to the animal, the plant, the vegetable and GOD for sustaining you physically and spiritually? Do you give THANKS, HONOR and APPRECIATION EVERY DAY to this wondrous planet, Mother Earth, for bringing you the gifts of beauty and survival she has so abundantly supplied?

Let us discuss the care and tending responsibilities of humans to their domestic “PETS”. When you have a pet animal such as a cat or dog, this cat or dog is dependent upon you for his love, his care, and his food. A cat or dog or any animal for that matter, has the group spirit of his species from THE CREATION within him. He possesses the “instinctual nature” of his particular species. The animal, contrary to what many of you would like to believe, does NOT possess FREE-WILL and the same degree of reasoning ability of human beyond his instinctual behavior. Animals are extremely responsive to LOVE as are all creatures within THE CREATION. They make wonderful friends and companions, and bring lightness, fun and humor to the human.

Because of the domestication of these pets, there has been created an interruption of the natural balance mechanism for these animals. They have over pro-created. Many irresponsible “owners” of these animals have allowed this to occur and have not always wanted to care for the offspring. Many are left to die, spread disease, go wild, or to ultimately end up within one of your “humane societies”. Fortunately the ones responsible for creating such “humane” societies understood the need to take care of THIS EXPLODING population of unwanted animals, especially dogs and cats. It is an orphanage for lost, stray or unwanted animals, and is most sad indeed, because although the animals are offered for nominal charge to humans who might “adopt” them, most are not adopted and therefore are destroyed usually by euthanasia. It is truly heartbreaking, but surprisingly enough, many of the ones who choose to work for “humane” societies do so because of their LOVE of animals. Also, most of these “humane” animal adoption homes require all cats and dogs be sterilized as part of the adoption policy. Wouldn’t you say then, that it is logical, dear ones, that sterilizing these pets is much more humane and responsible than allowing the continued over pro-creation to occur?

So you must now think and reason, dear ones, how can you maintain your life in Harmony and Balance with the rest of this CREATION?

You begin with the pure desire to KNOW Truth. In order to come into knowing, you must recognize that your conscious “altered” ego is limited in its perception of Truth and that GOD KNOWS the best way and the path for you in His service. So you must then surrender your WILL to that which is GOD’S Will. In your daily prayer you must ask GOD for the LOVING LIGHT of protection, guidance, power, wisdom, knowledge, Truth, integrity and courage in order to best serve HIS will and not YOUR will. Then, dear ones, you must WAIT upon the Father to give you that which you need to sustain in HIS service. Do you see? Your will and HIS will must become ONE again.

For you ones who now SEE the Truth and find your cup is full of the knowledge and wisdom given of THE FATHER, you now also have the RESPONSIBILITY to pass the cup on to your brethren who will accept it. You will find that for you to move on in your service, the cup must be passed. You, therefore, cannot hold it unto yourself, for it is full and must be emptied to again become full. You cannot sprinkle it haphazardly on all who come in your presence; it must be passed and it must be accepted by the choice of EACH one. It is not your responsibility to try to give the cup where it is not accepted. You pass the cup, and ones will refuse and ones will accept, but it is not your concern who does and who doesn’t accept. Your responsibility is to pass the cup to those who accept and release the outcome TO GOD who exists within each. So too, those who accept the cup of knowledge and wisdom and drink of the Truth will be nurtured and filled with the JOY of Truth and then they will pass their cup as well. All will be given opportunities to take the cup, if not from you then from another. It is yours to offer it to them and WAIT UPON THE LORD. Your cup will again be filled and you will again pass it on, and in this way will you SERVE THE FATHER WHO IS WITHIN ALL.


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