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Transmuting Energy and Practical Emotional Healing




What is the "soul"?


The stimulus response model by Wilhelm Wundt (1832 - 1920) as the basis of modern psychology basically states that because a researcher can hook a patient up to electrodes and inject them with chemicals and elicit identical responses, the soul does not exist.  So what powers the body when the electrodes and chemicals are not used?  Our very consciousness is energy, it is our "soul" that powers our body. 


Lets us take a moment to understand this energy better.  Trying to tiptoe around individual personal beliefs we will just say that an energy circuit must have a source.  This source powers our consciousness and like an electrical circuit this energy returns to the source, a never ending cycle that occurs instantaneously.  You are never disconnected from the source, or what ever name you wish to put to it.  To help with a visual look at light from the sun, it is here on Earth bringing energy and information, for without light we would not differentiate between objects around us with sight.the light is also still connected to the sun.


To better understand the dynamics of the polarities of this energy we just have to observe the water cycle.  When heat/cold is applied to water molecules, the molecules speed up or slow down ( they change frequency) to the point where the very physical structure that we can observe changes shape, moving between liquid, solid, and gas.

They may be in different forms but they are connected in the cycle and are composed of identical molecules, only difference is the amount of energy (in the form of heat) moving in and between the molecules.


Our bodies are like two way radios, energy (in the form of thoughts, emotions, desires, and intentions) is constantly moving into and sent out from us.  What we perceive as love and fear are two faces of the same energy.  It is impossible to love someone without the capacity to hate them just as powerful.  The only difference between these completely different experiences is the frequency.  How do we control which frequency to practice?  Perception.



Perception creates reality


For Example:  Husband Joe and Wife Sue love each other and share a "trust" that they both have the same perception of the relationship, allowing them the freedom to truly energize their bond.  Lets us 

now introduce new information and Sue believes that Joe has been unfaithful, true or not does not matter at this point, as the perception of the trust and security of the bond has changed.  Fear and Pain are very persuasive realities.


The more they love each other the more they will hate each other, the pain and betrayal will be proportionate to the amount of energy moving between them via their relationship "circuit".


Now Sue is presented with new information and chooses to believe Joe has not been unfaithful.  She has chosen to change her perception.  Now the "Love Goggles" are back on and they resume to increase the frequency of the energy until the trust is restored and they both can share a perception of Love.


Phew.  Now what would be the purpose of such drastically different experiences?   Let us observe the human muscle tissue, which ironically is the source of strength and movement for our bodies.  The muscle will not grow unless there is opposing force (<--- in the form of traction and counter-traction ---> ) this act of violence tears the muscle, and it grows back bigger and stronger.




What is the purpose of negativity?


We would not grow if we did not experience negativity or adversity.  This is why our families sometime makes us crazy It takes fear to find courage, loneliness to appreciate others, anger to teach you patience, and hardships to make you strong.


What is the past except how we view it, in relation to how one views the world in the present? For example, a person who has been the focus of hardships all their life, could view the past as a terrible experience.  In this way the negative frequencies attached to past memories affect your decision making in the present, by resonating with a negative outlook of life.

So the guy who sees the past as terrible, is really living in fear of past experiences, whether they realize it or not. This low frequency overshadows every encounter that person has in the present. Free will is a beautiful thing. We have the ability to change our frequency, we just have to make the decision to think positive. It takes a while of practice but you will start to see things differently, brighter.

Once we make the free will decision to raise our thought patterns we can then turn to our past with new eyes. We can then discern the truth that everything that has come against you has made you strong. In this way our loss becomes victory and the past then affects us differently in the present. We know how strong we are and we are better prepared for the drama that will come in the future.


This is the key to using your higher consciousness/awareness to transmute low frequency energy (in the form of pain and fear based emotions) in yourself.  By discerning the lesson and changing a perception in yourself.  How do I know where to find the areas of myself that require healing?  Conscious Observation of your INTERNAL reactions.


If something external (outside of yourself) brings up an internal reaction you have to become "aware" of it and observe it with your "higher eyes" to identify the truth of why and for what purpose you experienced this reaction.



Internal Transmuting and Healing


For Example: Back to Joe and Sue.  Sue is angry and throws this negative energy to Joe (in the form of a very nasty remark)   If he initially hurt by the comment he must delve into the pain to find its source.  Experiences are linked together like chains, sometimes you have to go from link to link in order to find the original "source" of this internal energy circuit.


Once identified he can decide that it really does not matter if he is flawed, the flaw is possibly there for that very lesson.  He would never see this perception if he was not using conscious observation through higher awareness.


 He would continue the energy circuit by returning the very same frequency that was thrown to him, negative.  Both would probably take it personal and the original anger is now something more, being fueled by both of them in a continuous loop (argument/fight).


If Joe had no initial internal reaction, he will not have the same EXTERNAL reaction to his wife's words.  His love perception would not be interrupted by a different internal frequency (which is all confusion is, "mixed signals").


Internal reaction checked the husband can act externally through his love perception by being playful, comforting, or laughing with her.



External Transmuting and Healing


By his new actions what Joe has just done is transmute Sue's low frequency into a high frequency and returned it to her, changed.  She will more than likely laugh and feel better.  He can then apply his higher awareness to assisting his wife to transmute her own inner reactions, by talking/listening, helping her to identify the source of the agitation and offer new perceptions that would transmute and heal.


She might not want to go through the pain and instead lash out or bury it.  This is her choice.  You cannot help heal someone who does not want to be healed, or believe.  What is belief but perception?


Many people can reach a high frequency or loving energy, but find that these inner reactions interrupt that beautiful mind state.  They turn from the external sources and try to live in a "controlled" environment where they can feel the strongest.  

Only flaw is growth will be seriously restricted or stop altogether.  You will top out until the weak bricks are replaced, your building will go no higher.


What if?


Imagine if we all transmuted energy for the people we came in contact with?  By simply keeping your "higher eyes" on, grounding our thoughts, and employing conscious observation over all experiences, internal and external.  In other words, heal yourself by facing your pain, and spread love, patience, and compassion everywhere you go.  How many lives would be brightened?  How fast would the collective change then? 


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Grounding OUR Thoughts


Grounding Our Thoughts


What is grounding? How does one acquire and maintain it during our daily lives?  Most people are familiar with the term "grounding" when dealing with electricity.  We will use the simple example of a lightning rod.  The lightning rod is attached to the house in order to safely direct the flow of electricity when struck by lightning.  So it would be safe to say that to ground energy, in this case in the form of electricity, would be to safely direct the flow of energy.

When we think of a grounded life, we think of the people who can, no matter the storms in their lives, live a balanced and happy life.  They appear to not suffer from depression or fits of anger; they are the foundations of their families, the bedrock, and the calm in the crisis.  Some people do all this naturally with hardly any realization of what it is they are doing, but they have practiced this for lifetimes.  The rest of us, however, have to apply conscious observation and introspection.


One universal fact is that energy will move, and it will always choose the path of least resistance when not guided.  The metal and size of the lightning rod will attract that lightning bolt; it is the best conductor, the path of least resistance.


Many people are not aware that thoughts, intentions, desires, and emotions are all forms of energy.  We are constantly receiving and transmitting these forms of energy all around us.  Your thoughts and emotions are not private.  They can't be - we are all one.  People are just not aware of it.  


Conscious observation means that you are aware and are monitoring the energy.  For example;  If I am employing conscious observation of my thoughts then when those transmitted thoughts I receive cross my mind I do not automatically accept them as my own.  I am aware that not every thought that passes into my mind is from me and because of this awareness I am constantly evaluating every thought as it crosses my view.  I can identify my thoughts because I know myself.  Most thoughts are harmless and because we all are learning the same lessons most of the thoughts you receive can be closely matched to your own life so it does not seem out of place.

However there are those negative thoughts that find their way into our minds and many people suffer from self imposed guilt that such thoughts spring up. Just identify it as not your own and release it.  If you choose to harbor the thoughts you then make them your own and then you begin to feed them, until they turn into something more.  We charge them up with our energy and send them to our loved ones through our connections; so be aware of what you are putting energy into.


There is that word again; aware.  Our goal is to reach a point where we can turn off our thoughts at will, to be able to seamlessly enter a state of meditation and awareness, where peace and love can recharge us; eventually living our days is this peaceful state of patience and unconditional love.  Simply observe the thoughts that spring up, neutrally. You must master the mind, or you will be ruled by it.


Energy will take the path of least resistance so what kind of thoughts do you normally entertain?  Do you constantly beat yourself up?  Are your thoughts angry or confused most of the time?  When life distracts you this is the path that the energy will take.  The easiest way to change how you think is to be aware and guide your thoughts, replacing the negative with positive.  In this way you are safely directing the flow of thought energy using conscious observation.


Monitoring and directing your thoughts is the first and most important aspect of living a grounded life, as they are connected intimately with the other forms of energy we experience.  When I am distracted by emotional overload or confusion in my thoughts I am susceptible to allow the energy to freely move through me unmonitored, and guess what, that is right, it will take the path of least resistance.  This happens to be for me anger.  I am sure that anger as an energy conduit, has served me for several lifetimes, as easy as it used to come.


By employing conscious observation over my emotions, I can be aware when emotions are not my own, or I can manage where I want my energy to flow.  If I start to feel sad I then trigger my mind to find out why I feel sad.  If I have no discernable answer then I know that it is not from me, and I release it.  If I do get an answer then I can choose to invest more energy into this conduit, by continuing to entertain sad thoughts, or change it by altering my perception by replacing the associated sad thoughts with positive ones, which in turn fuels a different emotional response.  In other words, by being aware of your thoughts and how you feel then you can put yourself ahead of your reaction.   Every single time I ever lost my temper, there was a moment, even if only a fraction of a second, where I agreed with a thought in my mind that told me I was justified in losing my cool.  I would be distracted by whatever circumstance at the moment and would not be aware of the thought before I was investing my energy into that perception, and by that time it is difficult to change the direction of the flow, because it feels good at the time. 


Once you can safely direct the flow of thought energy and employ it to ground your emotional reactions, you will not be ruled by your exterior environments, emotional pressures, or outdated thought patterns, and you will begin to truly manage your energy on a moment to moment level. 


I like to carry stones in my pocket; it is something I have done as a kid.  I now understand why I carry them and I employ that awareness by putting them in my pocket.  I like to take a favorite stone out and admire it, and rub it.  Little did I know as a kid that it was the very act of loving those rocks that moved the energy into them. What do you enjoy doing? What hobbies do you entertain?  Do you love plants and trees?  Do you have favorites? Enjoying the small things in life is an ideal outlet for your thoughts and feelings.  Admire the beauty of nature, in this way you are putting your focus on universal love and the unconditional love that connects everything together as one.  The love will fill you up and you will be inspired in the moment.  This is the energy exchange that is occurring when we take a moment to watch that amazing sunset, and we always walk away from these encounters feeling better, and not even aware of why.


The energy flow is the same with children, relationships, animals, or even ideas. The more you love them the stronger they become, and the connection between you grows.  Energy is constantly moving along these connections.  If we could monitor the thoughts of you and your loved ones for a day, a thought will travel along these energy lines no matter the distance, it will jump from mind to mind, like a quantum nerve synapse.


When we allow our thoughts to go where they want and we allow our emotions to conquer our reason we are not safely managing this energy.  The energy within can build up if we try to suppress it, until it reaches what I like to call an "overload limit", at which point explosions/implosions of uncontrolled energy in the form of negative thoughts and emotional outbursts normally happens, and people say or do things they normally regret later, or they sink into a depression, which is fueled with thoughts!


So to truly be able to be grounded in our daily lives we must first be aware and understand how the energy flows before we can begin to manage it.  As with the lightning rod it took conscious observation to learn how the lightning can be directed and a conscious decision to put that rod on the house, it will take a conscious decision to manage the flow of energy through your mind and chakras.


To recap; Grounding can be determined as safely directing the flow of energy through conscious observation and introspection, constantly.  Our thoughts and emotions are forms of manageable energy and by observing our thoughts and feelings; we can separate ourselves from old thought patterns, fears, emotional reactions, and exterior frustrations and limitations, freeing us to create the balanced life that we are searching for.

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Anger: Tale of a Recovering Sociopath



Just want to take a minute and introduce myself properly to the group.  I did not always feel like I do today.  I will not bore everyone with too many details, let us just say that my anger was born during my preteen/ teenage years.  Hating the whole concept of "God" and anyone who tried to control me, whether physically or emotionally.  I set off on my path to separate my emotions from my logic decision making process.  I will never be hurt or make a stupid emotional decision again, I told myself. soon as I could I ran, eventually I was living in the streets 5 states away from home, educational to say the least.


My 20's I employed my reason and logic skills and spent every opportunity to choke out my weak emotions.  It was easy to do, all it took was intention and practice.  Eventually I realized that there was a flaw with my plan,  all the good feelings like joy, peace, satisfaction, patience, happiness, excitement, adventure....  they were all gone.  I did not take into consideration that I would lose all of them.  I had no idea how to get them back, so my anger and fear multiplied. Panic set in.  I was supposed to be the one in control!!  In my choas I lashed out at everyone, but none more than myself.  I left a terrible wake of hurt people in my desperation to regain my power.


I was not alone, oh no, those feelings might have been gone, but they were replaced by anger and fear's many, many siblings.  Rage.  Emptiness.  Bitterness. Scorn. Betrayal. Mistrust. Paranoia. Insecurity. Hate. Rejection. Confusion.....Despair.  They kept me company every waking moment and at night in my dreams as well.


I went to the doctors who tried to medicate me and tell me their prognosis.  Sociopath. 


Then one Christmas, I broke.  I do not know any other way of describing what I experienced.  I just terrified the entire gathered family at dinner, my rage at the state of my life came to the surface.  I moved into a camper for a month and did not come out.  I had to fix myself for Gabriel's sake, because if not I was going to lay down and die.  


Thinking of my son Gabriel, I sat in that damn camper and realized that as a child I experienced the greatest happiness for a while, anyhow.  Life was always an adventure.  When you made a friend as a child,  your whole life became more intense!  As I thought back I realized I wanted to live that again, because I hated the sight of myself now.  I defined what I wanted, I held it in my mind like a solid : I want to live a happy, simple life, in what ever form it chose to present itself.  I created an intention to change myself and heal.  To take back control of my mind and emotions.


 I then realized that I really never paid attention to what was going on inside myself.  I was the wolf, my powers of observation were fined tuned from years of survival, nothing happened around me that I was not aware of.  No one could lie to me, except myself.  I turned my observation to my own mind and heart, and thus began my journey to healing.


The only way I know to overcome fear/anger is to be conscious in the moment they are upon you, meaning to be aware of the universal truth that without them we would never discover courage or the depth of our inner strength. Breathe through it and let it pass through you in full awareness of what you are experiencing and who you are.  Most importantly, courage is found when fear is faced and action is taken even in the grip of fear. 


That personality is very much still there, because we are one and the same.  That is who I am when I exist away from love.  I make the conscious decision to be aware of all my thoughts and emotions, while being aware of the people around me as well.  I choose what thoughts and emotions to feed.  I am in control of this vehicle of experience.  I am not perfect and I do rise and fall on the currents around me, but I will not stop moving, and if I keep my eyes up then I will reach the surface.  


In my 30s now, and today my life is that adventure, and I have wonderful friends like you!  


                                                                   - David



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Overcome and Shine



Language Translator




I believe that all one must focus on is changing how we view ourselves
and the world around us. By daily making the choice to see beauty and
love, instead of allowing the daily drama to pull us down into thoughts
of negativity.


I find that there are so many possibilities of what the
future may hold, to focus on the exterior is focusing on the wrong
avenue. If you focus on your own decisions and thought patterns, love
will fill you up, and you will find yourself losing interest in things
that are spiritually unhealthy. I myself have noticed that I don't watch
television or play video games anymore, that is in my own journey,
but going further, I have noticed that I take joy in the challenges that
arise on a daily basis. I enjoy meeting new people because I see so
much potential! I enjoy nature and yes I talk to trees, I enjoy
experiencing the connection I have with all of it. The sky is always a
source of beauty for any occasion. Stand beside the ocean, mountains,
or the majestic grasslands, and marvel at the connectedness of it all,
and its all expressions of love.



When I get up in the morning, I make the choice to overcome the fear based
emotions that come up, and they do, you are human. To say that one doesn't
experience negativity in this density is misleading, it is rather our choice
to overcome and shine through your own power of love.

Most people don't grab on to new ideas that are spoken, unless in their
personal journey they are ready for it. I find that the best route to impacting
those around me is through actions that show our intent clearer than any
words. Through your own life you show the power of the truths you have
come to believe in. If you focus on your own thought patterns and intentionally
create a positive field around oneself, then everything will work out the way
it is supposed to, your higher self already knows the path.

Focus on and practice loving. View yourself as a huge star of light and
love shining into the universe. Nothing can stop your light. Nothing can hurt
your spirit but you, and then only by freely choosing it. If one focuses on love,
everything will grow proportionally, like a tree with sunshine on all sides,
you will grow into your full potential!









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Evaluate and Identify

Language Translator

Pay closer attention to yourself. Put yourself under the 'microscope'
to say. Evaluate your desires and what makes you happy. Pay close
attention to what repels you and find out the source behind them. Learn
to listen to that voice that has always told you right from wrong.
Explore your doubts. Make an effort to identify your emotions as they
come, to be able to separate them so you can identify why it is, to find
out why you think and react the way you do. Most of these questions
should come naturally and yet some are going to be very uncomfortable or
painful to dig into. Men, in particular, use anger to mask a variety of
emotions without thinking about it.


Truly look at yourself in the mirror and take an honest look into your
core, as only you can. Once you take full measure of yourself, create
the intention to change and heal yourself. Changing your outlook on
life, and therefore creating a new reality, is not as hard as it sounds.
Like a habit you have to want to change these areas. Every fear and
hurt you fill with love will make you stronger. How do I fill it with
love? Simply choose to see positive, choose to see the glass half full.
Use the daily drama to practice your new outlook and things will get
brighter, I promise you. Love will flow it is the way of the universe,
just open yourself to change. That is the hardest part and you are
already on the path!


Things won't always be sunshine, and for a while it will be hard to heal
and stay centered to resist the fear based emotions of anger,
depression, and confusion. Just fall back onto the new knowledge you
have of yourself and you will find strength. Eventually you will be
healed and your love will grow exponentially. Things that bothered you
before, you can find humor in. Oh to walk through your day sharing
smiles, love and compassion to everyone you come in contact with. Life
becomes an adventure full of possibilities. Know that you are strong,
nobody can hurt your spirit but you. There will always be people to help
and support your growth along the way!

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Past and Future

Language Translator

What is the past except how we view it, in relation to how one views
the world in the present? For example, a person who has been the focus of
hardships all their life, could view the past as a terrible experience.
In this way the negative frequencies/emotions attached to past memories
affect your decision making in the present, by resonating with/enforcing a
negative outlook of life, thereby creating a negative future.

So the guy who sees the past as terrible, is really living in fear of
past experiences, whether he realizes it or not. This low frequency
overshadows every encounter that person has in the present. Free will is
a beautiful thing. We have the ability to change our frequency/emotion, we
just have to make the decision to think positive. It takes a while of
practice but you will start to see things differently, brighter.

Once we make the free will decision to raise our thought patterns we can
then turn to our past with new eyes. We can then discern the truth that
everything that has come against you has made you strong. In this way
our loss becomes victory and the past then affects us differently in the
present. We know how strong we are and we are better prepared for the
drama, creating a positive now and a brighter future!

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Sources and Discernment

Language Translator

I don't spend a great deal of time on sources, seeing as how all
information has to be processed inside with the same meditation. I take
in the information and chew on the message, holding it up to what is
truth to my own reasoning/thought and moral intuition/meditation. The
only source that is reliable is the one that springs from inside you, as
you already know what is true or not. Simply take it in, and explore the
parts that don't resonate with you. I find it is much easier to find the
truth of a message, than to search for the truth in a source, as people
are prone to emotional excitement and mistakes. Searching for truth is a
personal quest, I would no sooner take gospel truth from my own mother's
lips without first holding it into the light within myself.

It can be a very slippery slope when one starts evaluating the motives,
and spirituality of others. Too easy do we start to compare and
contrast, focus on your own thoughts and feelings. To say good/evil is
part of the old paradigm, there simply is, higher/lower frequencies
through free choice. We all entered the lower frequencies of our own
free will to experience them and to learn the value of living in love.
Like the old saying, "it takes the bad to make you appreciate the good".

So focus on the information presented by different sources, evaluate
the message as it resonates with your own soul, try not to figure out
who is enemy or not, the information they present will tell you all you
need to know. Like starting a habit, self discernment becomes easier
the more you pay attention to it.

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Polarity and Love

Language Translator

We chose to be unique to the universe and place a veil between our
egos (association with thought) and higher selves (association with love),
in order to see if the physical would find its way back to the higher self.
Like a trained astronaut being cut off from mission control while floating
in space. His behavior will change rapidly. Essentially that is what we
are doing, all of us out here together. Not only cut off from our higher
selves, but cut off from each other as well.

Keep this in mind on your journey, every negative aspect about "evil"
that repels you is because you have learned that lesson before
You were that evil person in another life. This is why your spirit is so
against certain things. It takes heat and pressure to grow, only the
bravest souls go down into the depths of the lower frequencies and
back for the Prime Creator. Those that come against us now are doing
us an enormous service, by creating an environment for quantum leaps in
enlightenment. Now we have to do our part to them and love them,
we can't leave them behind.

Love them with all you can because you can see yourself
in them, the same fears,insecurities, unhappiness....loneliness.......
but also desire for love and acceptance. The same desire to dream and
explore, to be allowed to grow free in love, truth ,and peace.
Do not see enemy, see brother.

What would be the purpose for us to have intimate knowledge of the
lower frequencies? So we will have the knowledge to lead others out
of the dark.

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Loving Your Enemy

Language Translator

I remember someone asking me if God was all love how can he let bad
things happen to good people? The truth is that every
negative action taken is a catalyst for growth for many
, like the
ripple effect. In realizing that on the big picture a person who commits
a crime or deceit is only hurting themselves spiritually, as hurting
someone permanently in the physical is impossible as we are all
spiritual beings. It is impossible for anyone but yourself to hurt you
spiritually. Understanding this concept is the only avenue to truly be
able to love one's enemies.

It is possible to hurt oneself spiritually. We still have free will. When I
say hurt it is not the same as physical pain. It is the ability to recognize
in your enemy the truth, he is the same as you. You are familiar with the
emotions of the lower frequencies, you know how it feels, betrayal, mistrust,
paranoia, insecurity, fear, hate, rage, emptiness, longing, rejection, bitterness,
confusion, despair. These are emotions we all are intimately aware of. That is
what I mean when I say hurt.

The only one who can move you up and down the spiritual spiral is yourself.
If one chooses to live in lower frequencies, projecting these emotions,
they are doing it voluntarily, even if they are manipulated.
You can empathize with them, and you can understand.
You want nothing more than to remind them what it is like to live in the light
and peace again. You have more in common with your enemy than either one
of you are conscious of.

If one can become aware of the connection between one's enemy and oneself,
you have just raised your awareness. What is consciousness, but awareness?
The path to higher consciousness is the path to higher awareness.

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Language Translator

* We have a strange system that breeds bad relationships. It has
always been my opinion that to enter into a relationship is voluntary, I
have always held that to promise to be faithful is a gift that one
gives, not a requirement of state. Sure there are times when we intermingle
based off lower frequencies/emotions but upon further examination they are
an outward mirror of what needs to be fixed in oneself. The old saying that
you will never be happy with anyone if you are not happy with yourself is
as real as it gets. This goes for both parties. You will never be able to
fix or change someone. You are not responsible how other people feel, upon
realizing this you can release any self imposed guilt from relationships.

* People resonate together for purposes that they are not even aware of.
It is my opinion that imposing regulation/rules from exterior origins
can and will choke relationships, i.e. the mother/father that gets
married for the children, when living in an unhappy bonding will
resonate to the child no matter how hard you try to conceal it.

* I hold some things as self evident such as each of us has a path to

spiritual growth that is regulated by none other than ourselves. If one

person in a relationship has started moving forward and raising their

thought patterns to one of love, it can be difficult to understand that

your partner resists the change.

* Each relationship is different, consisting of two unique personalities
with their own issues to work out. You have to weigh the cost/gains and
then make a decision. the right decision is not always the easiest, I
have had to break off relationships because I knew upon reflection that
even though we were friends it was not the proper fit. If i had not, I
would not be who i am today.

* You have to focus on your own fears to heal them. As you step out of fear

and into love you will create an environment of change around you, your

partners will then resonate closer or further away, but it is not your job to

stop them, or change them, but to accept their reactions as evident of your

own changing. it is very possible that you will be able to show them through
your own life and decisions the path, but to hold oneself responsible
for the success/failure of the relationship is unhealthy for you.

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Love and the Illusion

Language Translator

The only thing I know that can bring people together is love. It crosses
languages, cultures, borders, and even war zones. It is the connection
between all of us, it connects us with the Prime Creator, with our planets,
with every physical manifestation of energy that we perceive as solid. It
is all just frequencies/vibrations through love energy from the source. I
like the image of each of us as single light rays from the sun. Everything
the light touches receives energy, information, and love. But no matter
how far the light ray goes, it is still connected to the sun. It is this "light",
that flows through our chakras, grounded by Mother Earth. haha! We are the light!

Every person on this planet has a desire for love. Yes we have been
manipulated, but we helped in the creation of these limitations. Even
with all the regulation and illusions we live in, people will always
search for love.

The illusion has to trick us into believing that the love we search for can
be achieved through twisted means, so we will freely choose wrong over right,
thus closing our crown chakra, and limiting our love, We lose the conscious
connection to the Prime Creator and thus lose our connection to each other.
So would the correction not be opening love channels to ourselves and
creating brotherhood

How does one achieve spirituality? Is it not moral life choices? The intent to create
positive choices in our individual lives, if a person can receive a spiritual lesson from
a religion, regardless of which, and decide to live a more moral life, is
that person not moving towards awakening regardless of dogma? Is that
person not searching for truth, peace, love and brotherhood?

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