About me and what helped lead to my awakening.

Below is what convinced me completely without a shadow of a doubt that life really does not end when we leave this place and that when we go we go to love, we become just the real us the one that created this earthly vehical, we have never left love it has always and is all around us, just in a different dimension thats all.

even before this experience i had always been an emotional male, always feeling other peoples pain and sorrow with a deep hurt, just wanting, longing to see them smile again, thats all, because when that happens then i to feel ok again inside.

I have searched for truth all my life i suppose always knowing it must be out there somewhere, not for one minute realising it was right here with me walking my journey every step of the way with me.
it wasent hard to find was it lol, all i had to do all along was to love myself, and in so doing my inner self could rejoice and make manifest to my 3D with a glowing warmth inside of my bosom, that would bring tears to my eyes of happiness.

This led me eventually to the "Church of Jesus christ of latter day saints" where i met some beautiful beings, and led me to the greatest teacher to ever walk this earth, who i thought was just a character of the Bible,  i began to realise that what i had been told was the Holy Ghost i was feeling inside was not, it was me, yes the real me, whenever i saw a film with Jesus my heart would burn, burn literaly within, sometimes with Joy and sometimes out of sadness and Joy.
Jesus was the same as us, it has nothing to do with religion it is to do with what he taught and he taught love light and truth, when i get the chance to teach, not that often, because we really cannot approach those that have not asked for our teaching, but when i can feel their energy seeking out truths and searching to awaken, then WOW, when we are connected, then i get the burning inside my bosom once again like i did when my inner new i had beleived on Jesus's teachings

One evening back in the 90's i was alone in my wifes sisters lounge sitting watching the tv, my wife and her sister was in the kitchen chatting.
I can remember blinking, but when i opened my eyes i Knew somehow that although my flesh eyes did not open, but my spirit eyes did, i will tell you now what i perceived. The room was of a low amber light, as if it had been turned down by a dimmer switch, it was of a warm amber color, the TV was either silent or very quiet, i cannot quite remember which, but it was definitely still on,

Now this is the best bit, i felt so so warm, so full of love, compassion, it felt like i was packed from head to toe with soft cotton wool, that is the only way i can describe it, there was no fear or concern, it was MY natural state, it was my spirits natural state.

I did rise from where i was sitting, i did in fact walk on the floor, i coulf feel solid floor beneath my feet, i turned to my right and was aware of my mortal body still sitting where i had left it, but again there was no fear no concern, no "bloody hell whats going on" as i have said, it was a natural state for my spirit to be in, it was in fact free, it was all so natural to my inner self.

We move on, i was all of a sudden aware of some commotion, from where i do not know, there was shouting, cars, outside noises, i perceived the sound as sooooo not important at all,  then when i turned i saw an old good friend names Mark sitting in one of the chairs in the room, with his hands on the arms, he said nothing to me and i nothing to him, and i knew that it was Mark, but he is in Ireland" not any concern, just that he was meant to be in Ireland, i never said a word but just looked at him, all the time just in this place of love, not in a place of love but i was definitely part of love itself, does this make sense guys. part of the love energy that is all.

Then all of a sudden i opened my eyes in my mortal body, the tv and lighting was instantly as it was before my experience.

I went into the kitchen and asked what all the noise was that i had heard, (back as a mortal being i now know what noise and destraction is again) to be told that they had heard nothing at all, i did not tell them of my experience at this time, why i do not know.

This all happened at around 12 midnight, at 12pm a guy i know came in and said we best sit down, this was what he said.
At 12oc last night Mark whilst riding his motorcycle had, had a bad accident and was killed outright when he crashed his bike into a tree in Ireland.

Now, i feel that for some reason unknown to myself, i was prepared by something or somebody to be able to see Mark and at that time, i was in the exact state that he was himself in, if i had seen him knowing he was a spirit then this body this person i am, would have probably been terrified and not been able to hold it together, because i know he was in another country.

Now i feel this is a very important thing to add. The feeling i had whilst in the spirit was a very very strong, concentrated if you like, feeling you get when you are calm, when you do good for someone and see the results of your kindness and love, i do not mean ego, genuine love and kindness.
So this similarity betwixt the feeling of spirit, and your mortal self is pretty close, it proved to me undoubtedly that you must allow your spirit to guide you in your life, if you do this then you will not be harmed, you cannot be killed, for there is no end and there really is no "Death"

Thank you for reading.

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  • Thanks my friend!

    Blessings, and Namaste (:
  • James, thank you, that's beautiful. Namaste (:
  • Wow, had a similar experience although not so amazing. My first girlfriend was killed in a car accident and I had minds eye visons of her trying to communicate to me before I found it she had died through an old friend. The personality continues after the physical body. It just exists as an astral body or emotional/mental body. And the purity you are in incarnation remains with you after losing the physical form. Anyway, also channeled a dog that I didn't care well for before my awakening and it bit me! I had pain in my physical nerves at the etheric/astral bite location. Currently reading the Tibetan Book of the Dead as guidance for life beyond as well as reading all the NDEs at www.near-death.com
  • Onderful story, James. Experiencers, in their own time and way, awaken to the notion that there really is no veil between worlds. I was recently asked to present on a panel at the International Association for Near Death Studies annual conference in Denver. I think you'll like the short and impactful piece:
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