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  • I hope I am allowed to write in this group. I am not sure how to join. I am having trouble joining any group. I used to write blogs very often a few years ago. I would like to start writing again. My pen name is Crystalai. My Soul is OF THE BREATH OF LIGHT, who is the Spirit and Higher Self of Mary Magdalene. My given name is Dr. Angela Barnett. I have published under these names for over twenty years.
  • Thank you kindly fo rd allowing me to be a part of this spiritual experience. May peace be upon you all. Very beautiful pictures below my post. This is an honor for me.
  • Dear Brother David,
    I always like your Visuals...Pictures are always about Nature & Love Nature !
  • I have a beautiful view out my bedroom window, declared "Wet Lands" in the winter we have two large ponds with geese, duck, deer, racoons, etc.... However, just behind our backyard is a Weyerhaeuser train track that leads to a plethora of mills on the Columbia River. Picture this perfect natural scene with a backdrop of train cars, mill sounds and smoke stacks pumping white smoke into the air... It is a contradiction, much like how many humans live on this planet. Yes, it saddens, but it also motivates... I wish there was a way to embed the Law of One into every single mind on this planet...
    • thank you for your comment... maybe it is necessary that wisdom be earned and acquired progressively... so that we can experience what looks desirable but isn't, and experience the consequences of such choices, and thus know for sure, from our own experience, what is actually desirable though it might not look as such at first glance... best wishes ! :o)
  • When you study nature; you learn universal truths


    “Water flows because it's willing.” ~ Marty Rubin

    Your authentic self is aligned with the flow of the universe; go with that flow! ~Dave Kenyon

    • Brother David, it is my 1st time making a comment, for i am a new member; but i would like to say this image is so beautiful. It calms my heart. Thank you for posting it 👍 Love & Light 💙
  • 8115676889?profile=original

    “Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become. Your Vision is the promise of what you shall one day be. Your Ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil.” ~ James Allen

    • Another superb image. The Moon is my guide, and she brings me peace 🌜🖤🌛
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    You were born to be amazing, so be, stand up be brave and go for it, live awesomely and love unconditionally. Remember, Stay faith-ed up, prayed up and pumped up! ~Ricardo Housham

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My name is Auguste and I am from Lithuania.Thank you for accepting me as a member in this website.I really like being here.Thank you.Namaste.

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Hello Everyone

Although I joined about a week ago, I just found this group today. I'm still feeling my way though this place and trying to learn the ropes. Upon my membership being accepted, I took the bull by the horns and just began posting blogs and trying to get involved in discussions, etc.I could go on and on about who I am and what I've done, etc., but I've already done that at length on my blog. If you're so inclined, feel free to check out my profile and read my blogs. I'd be…

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Gratitude To ward Our Member Dave Kenyon.....who is very much concern with New Members and give some Gift always....

Dear Ben Arion, I think we should give thanks to Dave Kenyon who is always attend our new members with some new gift, may be it's a good picture, A Quotation, Video or any Good message....Our members get something new for their Journey of Life and can go further in spirituality.....and it always helps in their Ascension of Consciousness in to further Higher realms....One is responsible for his / her life and he is giving many suggestions by His Videos or any means...Sohiniben.

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My name is Auguste and I am from Lithuania.Thank you for accepting me as a member in this website.I…
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Although I joined about a week ago, I just found this group today. I'm still…
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