Happy to be here

After searching and searching, I am so happy to find out that I am not the only one in this world. Since I was 7 years old family and friends had and still call me crazy. 

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  • i m new here as well ; and we know we're not alone :)

  • HI! some of my friend also call me craze. and my dad brother and m,om say i go crazy about what i believe on internet..

    i mean there is alot of nonsence on internet but some things are true!

    And also the official documents that are on internet, for example that twin towers were not destroyed by terrorism!

    namaste though love to all.!

  • You're weren't the only one who had family like that.  My mother told others in the family that I was

    the way I am (meaning not right in the head) every since I got hit in the head with a baseball at age

    12. That is what she blamed it on.  I should not have told her about my alien visitations but there was

    no one to talk to - so I learned a lesson the hard way.  Can't trust family if they are close-minded like

    my was. I don't hold it against them tho, since unless you've had the experience yourself, it can be

    hard for most people to believe.  Anyway, I went on to graduate at the head of my class, even with that
    I was still thought of as not right in the head by some of my family since I had unusual experiences and was different.

    • :)love and lightXxXI2 got caught in the web but have now can see the light.

  • Welcome, Lorenzo! No, you are not the only one....there are quite a few of us "misfits" here, too! Hopefully this site will be a source of new friends and camraderie for you! :-)

  • Hi Lorenzo! I'm happy that you finally found your way here on ACC. I'm sure will find some interesting things and information. 


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