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  • You welcome Blessings
  • Apologies for the late reply, I got distracted by a lot of things.

    I wouldn’t go off the grid yet unless they start trying to put us all in gas chambers.

    I heard you fully ascended some time ago, is that true? I've been reading more on the subject of Ascension itself and have always wondered what it's actually like so many have different depictions on what really happens.

    I myself haven't figured out the process of ascending, the most I do know is that replacing negativity with positive emotions is an important step. 😂 Maybe one day somebody will volunteer to mentor me about it.
  • I have been quiet here. Im extremley sensitive to energy. I feel it in objects. Im very intuitve. I feel the spirit near me except the shadow demon on my wall. That is a litle about me . If you dont mind my asking ive been very uneasy like something bad is going to happen. There are rumors that if you discredit your government you will end up on fema list. Does anyone know about this. Im just seaking some advice. I warned people not to get the vaccine wich is also aparently on the strike list but my intuition was begging me to get the word out. My whole family took it. Im sorty i dont mean to share this negative with you guys but you are a benevolent group of people. Thank you for reading this . May peace be upon you.
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New Haven, MI


June 27

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  1. When I was around  4 years old. I had a frequency take over my being. It was extremely high pitched. If you can imagine every  cell in you body processing the frequency as you become that frequency.  It was very scary. I could not  escape.  Then as this was happening a smell really bad smell  was incorporating my every cell. I'm not sure if the smell happen as I was transitioning to the other plane

 It seemed  like it was but maybe rather the smell was exiting my pours its possible as i was crossing  over i was evacuating earth's chemical. Going into a much more purified world.  As this happened I was so scared I thought  I was dying. But my body was still apart of me. I was in a beautiful field. Very peaceful.  I felt no external threats. I loved it there I never wanted to leave. Sadly 2 beings approached me and asked me to change my soul contract. Someone I was supposed to meet in this life aparently agreed. They wanted me to cross back to here my heart sank deep in my chest. I just asked that I would not see spirits and that when I die or go back I wanted to be a Guardian Angel. I wish there were others this happened to but as far as I know I'm left not knowing  where I was. They said my mission would  come when I'm middle  age I'm 47 now they said I will know what  to do  when  the  time  comes.  I so dont fit in this world. I  am different.  Oh well I pray to one day find closure 



Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Sending unconditional love to all of you. I apologize  if I do not belong here I will let your sight be. But you do have very wonderful information.  I have been searching for so long to find. It resonates with me so I feel you are truthful. Thank you for an opportunity to find some answers. 🙏😇! I love to listen to Lee Carol channeling Kryon, I follow the Pleadians on you tube, spiritual awakening I read tarot, I'm an extreme empath very intuitive, I'm A-RH- I am not part of a secret society or organized religion. The universe or Creator has written truth in my love . I do not pass judgment  for it is not my place. I unconditionally love all beings entities spirits. I do not let society influence my thoughts. I believe we were all put here to live in unity. I was raised  Bahaí but only truly relate to my instincts. 




I would like to point out that I've been reading alot of posts and thank you deeply I quite enjoyed 

Steve Hutchinson

Posts this person has filled in a few gaps for me.

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