BE READY addressing the June 2, 2009 teleconference (part 2):"..The atmosphere you live in is moving into the higher vibrational status and is therefore more conducive to these telepathic kinds of connections, and so you are finding it easier and easier. Sometimes it's a random thought. You may be driving down the highway in your car and another car is coming the opposite direction. And for some reason or other, you feel like smiling at the occupants of that car, and you know you don't know them, you've never met them. Well you just did, but you really didn't reach out and touch each other physically. It could be that they were simply beaming you, saying, 'Hello stranger, I send you greetings on the highway;' could be this family, soul family connection or anything in between. Doesn't matter - we're all One - we're all family in the greatest sense of the word, which leads me to say to you, 'Get ready.'"This is the time, as never before on Planet Earth, for everyone to look into the eyes of everyone else and say 'Hello Family, hello Brother, hello Sister - we are One.' Can you imagine? And it's not going to be imaginary for very much longer or in visions or accessed in the Higher Realms, or done by remote viewing or dreams or telepathic messaging or whatever. You're going to turn on your television set and there it is - the long awaited moment, and you're not going to be waiting so very much longer. So we have an official policy, and of course you all know what it is. Everybody get ready and say it with me: 'NO DATES.' However, you're not going to be saying it much longer, you're going to have an actual date and you're going to say, 'That's the day it happened; I was there; I was in front of my television set beaming those on the stage. I was by myself bodily or I was with a group, but there it is - it's happened.'"We told you before, it's already done. Nothing is going to stop it, no matter what those black ops guys try to do. Aren't they hilarious? They tell so many black lies that they're turning Light or white, because you're shining the lights out there Beloved Ones, and they can't hide. They are doing what they are doing solely because they are programmed and because they are wanting to stay within their boxes of comfort because it's all they know."Those who are stepping outside of the boxes, and there are many, you'll be quite pleased, when you see the ones who have come forward to say, 'I did it! I choose to come to the Light. I have relinquished my dark hat. I now wear the hat of the Light. And I stand before you to tell you the Truth you deserve.' Imagine! And you may already have some glimmers and telepathic messaging of who those former dark hats are, and that's fine. Keep it going. See them all that way. The more you beam them with the Light of Truth, and by the way help yourselves - Excalibur* is re ady for you to use at any time, and the more you send them the Blue Waves of Truth,** the more you're going to appeal to their heart spaces. Yes, they do have hearts of some kind or other depending upon what their makeup is. But we don't need to go into qualifications of different status you know, human body, clone, hologram, or whatever."The important thing is that they are willing to have their programming shut off, and they can be reprogrammed, and we're talking about the program of Love. And that's pretty all-inclusive, and it really is not dictatorial, but recognizes the sovereignty in each and every individual, be they human or otherwise. Think about that the next time you step on a lovely lawn, a lawn carpet of green. Think about those blades of grass and greet them, they're sovereign too you know."Be in appreciation of all in your surroundings because, Beloved Ones, it's time for you to get out your teaching tools if you haven't already. What do we mean by that? Well we mean again the time is short - very short. You have asked and you have accepted the missions of standing tall in your Truth and sharing it. We know that you've already been sharing it, but in most cases you might say your audience has been somewhat limited. Ah hah! Well perhaps you can do some exercises to assist those who have been in disbelief, because there is a part of them that knows what's coming, it's just that their consciousness is not allowing it to sink in, that part that they are consciously in touch with."You've got your higher consciousness, and these ones aren't in touch with it. They would rather deny it, because they really are kind of set in their ways; it's not that they're so programmed, they're just set in their ways. They like their little boxes. They're comfortable with them, and they are feeling somewhat challenged right now, because they're starting to get these messages just kind of leaking through, if you know what we mean, telepathic messages and they're looking at some of the news programs that really are honest and truthful, and they're starting to understand that big changes are coming, and they're just not feeling equipped to handle it."Maybe they've got Galactic Ascension Syndrome, you know - 'GAS,' and they don't know what it is, so they figure they're dying of the body or something. And there is no reason for them not to go and get some kind of an opinion from somebody with letters after their names, and we encourage all of you to do so too if you're having some difficulties. But if no cause can be found within 3D, you might look to the Higher Realms and do something with the energies of Love, and with what you know to do to help bring the healing to yourself. And there are plenty of teachers teaching that. And you're all asked to share in that, either directly [or] by learning these teaching methods yourself and passing them on. You know the old pay-it-forward, here we are again, it's time, or sim ply by saying, 'I know someone who can help you. Call this person or call that person.' And so there are many, many ways in which you can be helpful in helping the population around you to make it through these days of change which have already started."It's just like 'first contact.' There's first contact, or we should say first contacts, multiple, exponential numbers of times, and then there's official 'First Contact' which is going to take place when the official announcement takes place. And if you think that people are going to have a bit of trouble dealing with the announcements about the changes in government and finance, and all of those things, just imagine the troubles they're going to have when somebody says, 'Yes Virginia, there are Star Seeds among us. They are our family and we welcome them. And yes, some of them might not appear to be quite as familiar to us as the human form, but we welcome and embrace them all, because they are all of the Light. They come in Love. They come to share. They come to hel p us through these next times.'"There are many stories in the history of the so called 'new world.' And by that we mean the continents of the Americas, where the explorers came and said, 'Oh there's all this great land out there. Let's have it. Let's go for it.' And their kings, or whoever said, 'Yeah here's a flag, go and plant it and claim it, and then we'll send some people to live there.' You all know about that. And you've all heard stories about how the people who were there first had various responses to the comings of the people who had not been there to live, at least not that they were aware of, not in the particular lifetimes in which they sailed across the oceans in the ships."And so in some cases the beings who were there exercised fear-based thoughts and emotions, and they did everything they could in their power to discourage the new people from coming to the new lands, and they thought that they needed to be in war with them. But there were others who said, 'Well, you know this is a big land, and there's got to be room for all of us, and we'll share with you what we know. Here, this is corn. Try it, you'll like it,' and so on. And they shared with them the knowledge of the land and what new plants and herbs and animals there were to nourish and sustain them, and they shared with them some of their other lifestyle habits and solutions to keeping warm in the winter, and so on and so on."Well guess who the people who have been there already are? That's the point we want to make. And everybody who wakes up after the fact, shall we say, after the announcements and official 'First Contact,' and so on and so on, they're there for you to help and support and sustain, free from any judgment, 'Well you know it's about time you got here.' Leave that out of it, because that is not going to help them to feel the Love, is it? They're going to feel, 'Oh, oh, maybe I shouldn't have opened my eyes after all.'"So we're just wanting to suggest to you teachers, you welcomers to the Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius, the Age of NESARA officially, and First Contact and all that goes with that. We're just wanting to suggest to you that you get ready. Get your teaching tools, lay them out. You don't need to travel anywhere necessarily, but if you're going to travel, put those in your suitcase first and go from there. And be ready to share your Love and all of your wisdom and all of the practical hints and tips that you can give them for feeling welcome, as welcome as you do in these higher dimensions of existence. There are many things that are going to happen during this most powerful month. We have mentioned that a time or two."And so it is for you to feel absolutely secure within yourself, to clear up any issues of doubt that you may have; get your Q-tips ready on that one everybody and to be in as peaceful a state as you can possibly be in, given that yes, the world is somewhat chaotic. Do your meditation; that can help, or whatever it is that you feel comfortable, connected and in touch with. And most of all be ready - turn on that television. You'll probably all know to turn it on about a minute before the announcement really starts."Be tuned in, be ready, and then do your service as you've been asked to do. It is most joyful and it's why you're here. You're here to serve yourselves and all of humanity and indeed all of Mother Gaia's Kingdoms and the entire Universe beyond. The spotlight, Beloved Ones, is on you. But you are such Beings of Light that you outshine the spotlights. So be confident and be comfortable and know that you've already accomplished everything that you came here to do, including your Ascension, which is assured. Unless of course you change your mind, and you can do that, but I, Ashtar recommend that you take my word for it and that you joyfully proceed upon your Ascension Path."And so we have provided a bit of a glimpse, and we have one coming next who will be perhaps be a bit more specific. I've already told you he shall be entitling his discussion with you, 'The State of the Reunion.'*** And so I, Ashtar shall thank you for coming to listen to renew and restore your enthusiasm for using all of your capabilities to the fullest and teaching them to others, showing others the way, and making all of those who still have their eyes closed welcome to this grand new ascended Planet Earth and the ride, the Ascension Path, is about to get joyful for the world. So pop the corks and start the celebration - [it's] not too soon! And so it is. Salut!"***© Susan Leland 2009. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.Make a note on your calendar for the June 20-21 Solstice Celebration in California - Opening the Portal to the Kingdom of the Elementals - at Bushwillows Sacred Sanctuary near Burbank. We have added information about accomodations for those coming from out of town.We invite you to join us in co-creation of our next Ashtar teleconference Tuesday, June 16th. The call begins with sign-ons at 6:15 PDT and the program starts promptly at 6:30 with 5 minutes of late-breaking news from Tara & Rama,* then a Language of Light** healing by Cheryl Merrill, and a preview by Meg Hoopes*** of her June 17th teleconference, followed by Ashtar and the Masters.Please register here: or click on Conference Calls here: information about the call including the pin number will be sent to you after you register.We've had a couple of reports of problems accessing our website or our registration link. If you have had a problem, please email and let us know. You can always email us to let us know you are snail-mailing a check to Ashtar On The Road, PO Box 13082, Olympia WA 98508-3082*You can get the latest updates from Tara, Rama and Mark Huber by joining the group at . You must join the group to read the messages. And check out Mark's new website:**Cheryl's website:***Meg's website: www.spiritedclearings.comWe look forward to our continuing co-creations with you.Namaste, Susan, Fran & Elise

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