Ashtar:Email Obama:5-04
"Well, Good Evening, Everyone!  This is perhaps going to seem a bit more solemn than some of our gatherings at least, but there are reasons for it.  There are momentous happenings in the world.  Momentum is being felt everywhere on the planet.  Those of you who are our Family are well aware that we have said, 'There will be exposures, there will be the light shining into the darkest of places all over the planet,' and sure enough, the light is there.

"You know what happens if you are at the seashore and you want to explore the tide pools, and the minute you turn over a rock all of the little critters underneath that rock, particularly the ones called crabs-they scurry, they don't want to be seen, they value their privacy and they feel safe and comfortable in that dark place that is created underneath that rock?  Well, of course, they are innocent creatures, members of the kingdoms of Mother Gaia.  And so they have no hidden agendas - they have only they, themselves, their physicalities, which have been hidden, and so they scurry and hurry out of sight as fast as they can, because having that rock turned over to those innocent ones presents a kind of a threat, or danger.  And so you bless them as they go about finding another rock to climb underneath, or swim underneath, and you say, 'Thank you that I have spent some time with you, in close connection.'

"Well, then we have these guys in the dark hats.  They're a little different, aren't they?  Yet they are in some respects the same, the same as you, Beloved Ones, they inhabit human bodies-occasionally they do a little shape-shifting and reveal the true nature of some of them, but for the most part they look like you.  They speak the same languages as you in your country; they have presented themselves as beings of light, some of them, there are those who serve as the speakers, or what we call the mouth pieces, for them, out there telling you how great your life is and what a wonderful world of opportunity you have, how free you are, and yes, if you'll just work a bit harder you too can climb to the top of whatever ladder or whatever mountain top you want to climb, and so on and so on.

"Well guess what, you all know, momentum is now with the light.  And so even those who have been managing to hide away, at least hide away some of their most heinous and atrocious deeds, activities, and so on-they're in the spotlight now, and this is wondrously fabulous news indeed, is it not?  The dominoes are falling rapidly.  There really isn't much of a place where these ones can hide.  You know they've been banned, or shall we say somewhat restricted.  They cannot leave for their other hiding places that they had prepared upon the Moon and upon Mars, and further places away.  Those whom they have brainwashed into committing criminal and treasonous acts, and harm and damage, destruction, and yes, suicide-the brainwashed ones, are starting to show up.  And it is becoming quite apparent that this is an activity that these ones have been engaged in for some time.

"And more and more details are coming out about the programs.  More and more details are coming out even in such dark places as the covens and the places where the most heinous of black magic rituals have been practiced by these ones, some of them.  It's all coming to the light.  There are books being written, there are articles appearing, there are speakers of truth, going, pushing the limits even more, even more; stretching and expanding and telling more and more in prime time no less.  And all of this is exactly as it needs to be so that you can verify that which you know anyway.  So that those who have been really sleeping through all of this are going to find perhaps one event, or one person or being, one act that will wake them up because it is of personal interest to them, they can relate to it.

"How do you think the miners all over the world are feeling about going down into those mines, and why?  Did you know that in that continent called Africa that there are mine operators who are so cruel the miners are treated like slaves?  And did you know that if a miner attempts to smuggle a tiny piece of gold out in order to make his family more comfortable, perhaps to feed or clothe or educate or whatever, do you know what happens to that miner, Beloved Ones?  Brace yourselves.  Their arm is cut off by the overseer of the mine.  Did you know that?  Did you think that that kind of practice ended with the end of slavery in the United States of America?  No.  These kinds of practices go on all over the world, and they have been hidden.

"What about the child slavery, the child prostitution/slavery rings that are operating?  And they're operating right under your noses.  Children from the United States of America and Canada are highly prized by those who can afford to literally pay to have them kidnapped and transported into their countries.  Now this is pretty much a bummer, is it not, to be listening to all of this?  But what we're wanting to tell you is this is not conspiracy theories anymore.  It never was.  This is truth coming out as it must.  So while you are bracing yourselves hold out your hands, Beloved Ones, and be prepared to give comfort and teaching to those who have been snoring around you.  They're going to need it!

"They're going to need assurance that all is well and divine and that there is reason and purpose for all of this coming out.  And, yes, there is reason and purpose even to some of the most atrocious of these events.  Why?  To wake the world up when it finally came into the light.  Why? S o that the world would reach consensus, it's got to change-this has to stop, in every area of lifestyle it has to stop!  And who's going to stop it?  It's you and you and you, and I, Ashtar and all who come at this most, most extraordinary moment in the history/herstory of planet Earth to accomplish, well, really several things.  And if you want to know the truth, the list is quite long because when you look at lifestyles and you start making lists of everything that needs to change about the lifestyle of planet Earth in order for life to continue and move up into higher dimensionalities where these kinds of atrocities cannot, do not exist, it's a pretty big list.  We've talked about a lot of these things before, about purification, for instance, and we've got a big one tonight.  We'll move right along.  But we will come back to the waters.

"It's about Peace, it's about having Peace everywhere on the planet.  You have all had times in your past lives where you have been in a situation, where you have been an invader, whether it was tribal, or country, or whatever, where you have gone because you were following the will of your general or your king, or your warlord or whomever, or because you, yourself were the general, the king, or the warlord, occasionally a queen but not very much.  It's been left traditionally for the women to stay home and try to do what they can to preserve and protect the family farm and the children too young to go off to battle, and they have suffered egregiously.

"You have also been in the position of being someone whose country or city or tribe has been invaded.  You know what it is to be a free person and then become enslaved.  You know the great, great joy of being a slave and suddenly becoming freed, with a whole new set of challenges, to be sure.  But you have all experienced slavery and freedom, being invaded, and being the invaders.  Why?  So that you would have understanding, even deeper than understanding is wisdom; so that you would instantly see the light bulbs going off, whether it happened when you first came into your body or whether it has happened at a middle or an older age.

"How many of you in this audience have gone to war at some time in your life, have gone to fight a war, raise your hands? How many of you in this audience have had a loved one go to fight in a war?  How many of you in this wondrous family gathering have known someone who has gone to war and not returned?  The patriots wave the flags and say it is for God and country.  Well, let's get that straight right now, it's for the capitalists, it's for the dark hats-always has been, always will be.  There is no such thing as a holy war, and the great teachers never, ever taught going to war.

"Now there have been wars fought to defend; St. Germain told you in our last gathering of a situation which led to war, the war of independence for the United States of America.  It had to happen in order to create at least the illusion of total independence and freedom for the people who chose to come to the United States of America, and to Canada, and to other countries who have similarly fought to gain independence from another country which had a policy of colonialism, as it was called.  If you could get a strong army you went out and conquered everybody you could in order to plunder, set up governments that would tax the people, and create a lot of wealth for the business people and the bankers who came to reap the rewards.  Now, you all know about that.

"Well, these same dark hats have been doing these dark programs over and over again for eons-centuries-Beloved Ones.  So we're painting the picture that they've been pretty powerful, aren't we?  Guess who's more powerful?  Guess who's got the momentum?  WE do.  YOU do, and that's what we're doing, we're co-creating with you the ultimate Freedom, the Joy, and the Peace on Earth.  And along with that comes unlimited abundance for each and every being.  Well, we suppose that there are those who might even be able to lose, squander, whatever, the great abundance that is about to come to every person in the world, but we don't see it as really being too likely.

"The next step, by the way, is the money-the abundance of money, dollars, yen, or whatever, backed by gold and silver with no more speculation!  Values will be set and will be uniform.  Paper currency will have gold, silver and precious metals backing it worldwide and there will be no discrepancies or differences in values for traders to become wealthy on.  You see, it's all going to roll out from the Bank of St. Germain.

"The bankers worldwide are in the process of getting their final preparations.  We have to mention that among those who have been at the top, there aren't too many left except in holographic form.  There are some who have been wearing dark hats, they have been what you might call 'inside' people who are now coming forward into the light and revealing that they have been part of the light and been part of the plan for bringing the light all along.  They are called 'white knights,' who've had to put dark hats on and now they are coming forward.

"There are some coming forward in your houses of Congress and the Senate.  'We The People' have even gotten a couple of letters from such beings that most of you have never heard of, but it's posted.  Plus we have the millions of lightworkers in the human bodies who came with the express purpose of being the early risers, they've woken up already; they're doing their thing, their doing their missions.  And for those of you who are not quite sure what that is, or are seeming to be on hold, just wait.  It's going to get really big and really great!  And we're all together in this.

"Now, we know, we know, the announcements haven't happened yet.  Well are you ready for the announcements?  What work is there to do to further them along?  Well, we've already given you the DVD project.  If you have not participated, get with it. Fabulous Fran has been quite busy putting the white light upon the states, the Senators, and the Representatives who have received DVD's, or people who have committed. Get on your telephones, get with your emails, call up your friends, your family, your business associates who live in areas that are not where you are necessarily, but whose Representatives or Senators need to get a DVD.  If you are not sure, look up their zip codes.  You can go on the fabulous website [  ] and determine whether their representative has been named or not, because only the ones who have received DVD's are listed there.

"Now, pardon the plug, but this is after all, the project that I, Ashtar have initiated and we are simply saying, participate!  If you can't afford a DVD, fabulous Fran will see to it that you partner with someone who will send it to you.  And thanks to all of you beautiful, Beloved Ones, who have made your donations from your hearts.  And thanks to all of you who don't know it maybe in this moment, but in the next moment are about to step up and become participants in this.  It's a grand and joyous feeling, we can tell you that.  We guarantee it.

"Are you worried about having your name signed?  This is the time for you to stand forth. St. Germain gave quite a pep talk about signing the Declaration of Independence.  If you want to consider that you are adding your name to those signers, please do feel free.  This project is going to help to put the mission over the top.  There are those who are quite blatantly dark hats who are wanting to ignore and pretend that this whole thing does not exist.  They are few and far between, believe me, there are heads swerving even now in the hallowed chambers of the lawmakers because they're starting to get it.  Lights are going on everywhere.  And be sure that if you send a DVD to someone you know is a white hat, be sure and acknowledge that in the letter that you send, because they need to know that you know who they are.  Well, that's quite a bit of knowing, is it not?

"So we shall continue, we do have other acknowledgements to make.  We are acknowledging the fact that there is a day coming up on your calendars in the United States which is called Mother's Day.  It is coming soon; it is coming this Sunday.  Now we know that you love your mothers, and we know that some of you may have issues with your mothers.  Beloved Ones, if you haven't done so get into the 'Ho'oponopono' lifestyle; talk to your mothers, send them telepathic communications wherever they are.  Whether they are in body or not - physical body, of course they are in their spiritual bodies.  Send them messages of Love; send them messages of resolution; send them messages of 'Ho'oponopono.'  Make sure they hear from you.  And you don't have to stop at your mothers, you've got aunts, grandmothers, children, and let's not leave the male side out while we are at it.  After all, you can reciprocate when it comes up to father's day and send these loving greetings to both mother and father.

"Let's honor Mother Gaia, shall we?  Let's do a lot of other 'Ho'oponopono's to Mother Gaia and ask her forgiveness for this latest egregious atrocity which is taking place in her waters; which is taking place with her Beloved Kingdoms.  Eleven human lives have been lost. D o you know how many lives from the other kingdoms have been lost already?  At the moment it is incalculable, for two reasons: number one: because it's not over yet; number two: because the extent that we can mitigate has not yet been determined.

"'Ho'oponopono' all humans involved.  Don't forget the seemingly inhuman ones at that bastion of the dark called Goldman Sachs.  Oh yes, you can say the 'Ho'oponopono's, you can say, 'I know what you did.'  For those of you who haven't caught that one yet, there were some individuals, at least, at Goldman Sachs, you know, that Wall Street company, who actually bet on a disaster happening with the oil drilling.  Do you recall 9-11?  There were individuals who bet the day before with their holdings in the stock market.  It's called shorting.

"Well, so there are those at Goldman Sachs who took short positions.  We tell you this right now, their time is short.  But if you send them the 'Ho'oponopono's that too could change, they could come to the light.  It doesn't mean that they won't answer, but they will be free of the dark, dark programming which in it's own way has enslaved them.  So we ask that you engage in this whenever your attention is focused upon this situation.

"Now you may have heard that there were some winds that were causing some containment of the spill.  There is a lot that Mother Gaia and we can do in that area and we shall do it to the utmost of our capabilities.  What we're looking for is worldwide consensus that this drilling must stop.  Obama has said it, but it is the worldwide consensus, other world leaders; well, it is possible that the oil companies might concur.  They have insurance, you know.  The insurance companies might concur.  A lot of things that might seem to be miracles could happen along the way.

"Now, here's kind of an over-the-top kind of concept: What if the world leaders, because they were tuned in to the consciousness and the consensus of the consciousness of the planet, what if the world leaders made an announcement?  What if they called us forth to help?  What if they called us forth to be quite visible in the skies?-visible to all, not just those who are already seeing us.  It could happen.  We cannot make any promises to you, Beloved Ones, because it is up to the humans on planet Earth.

"Now, Obama could be quite influential, and we have asked preparations, knowing that we would make a suggestion.  And that is you might want to fill up your computer airwaves with emails to Obama.  You could simply ask him to call upon us to help.  We know this is not exactly in the nature of the way that the announcement was planned to take place, but these are extraordinary circumstances.  Again, understand, we will hear you and we will mitigate to the greatest extent possible; we cannot promise to show up in the skies over the Gulf coast of Louisiana and the other states of the United States, but we will do everything we can do.  We have to have permission; we have to be called forth.

"So we have asked fabulous Fran to be ready to give you the way that you can send emails to Obama.  Might as well go right to the top because, you may have noticed, he's getting some awards and some kudos from around the world.  You have a leader who dares to speak of Love; you have a leader that is so trusting that he will put dark hats front and center so that they can come under the exposure of the spotlights which are upon them.

"He knows the ultimate, believe me he knows that the announcements will be made; he knows that planet Earth is on an Ascension path, don't doubt it.  He may at times say or do something that makes you think he is a dark hat but he has been a white hat all along.  He has had to play along in order to rise to a position of empowerment where can make a statement such as, 'No more drilling off shore.'  He couldn't have done that when he first came into the presidency office, but he sure has done it since.

"Trust.  Believe.  And if you have some doubts look into your own hearts, Beloved Ones, and see the Love there and see the connections and the communion.  And save just a very few minutes of your time, get your energies high, send on wings of Love emails to Obama.  So we shall ask fabulous Fran to come to the telephone at this moment so that she can tell you where to send it ( the email form on the site to send your message).

"Ah yes, speaking of mothers, she'll be with us later (speaking of Mother Sekhmet) in the call but thank you so much to fabulous Fran.  There will be, ah yes, we have some wondrous transcribers even now who will put these words into writing and we shall get them out on the wings of Love through the internet to all of you as fast as they can be prepared.  So you will have that address as a reminder in case you need a reminder.  Or you can email: . I'm getting pretty good at this stuff. Well, I had a little help.  So thank you so much to the wondrous women who are in this audience tonight.  We asked them to participate in this co-creation and so they have.  So we ask that you do this.  Speak directly with us, but also if you can, find it in your hearts to do yet one more Ashtar project, please, please, please get those emails flying on wings of Love and let's see what happens.

"This oil spill is not going to end the life of planet Earth, but it's not healthy, and it will continue to be destructive before somebody finally figures out how to get it under control.  So if we are called upon and can come even more than we already are to help to alleviate, mitigate, and clean up the waters, we shall be doing even more than we are doing, even more than we are doing in this moment, thanks to you, Beloved Ones.

"By the way, if you want to motivate a few of your friends and buddies on the internet please do so.  This concept is being already in resonance with many upon the planet, it is my privilege and honor to bring forth that which many hearts have already seen as a high probability answer to cleaning up the mess, and at the same time, to bring forward that which you have been waiting for so patiently-or impatiently, after all we do know that you have human bodies to deal with and human emotions as well.  So this will be a grand step, and even if there is not enough momentum in the heart or, shall we say, the assessment or discernment of Obama to call us forth for this particular occasion, you had better believe that momentum will be created to get this first contact announcement even closer to happening than it is now, and it's close.

"So before you go to your beddie-byes tonight, if you are so inclined, say 'hello' from your hearts.  Go outside if you are in a climate that permits you to look up and see a clear, or relatively clear, sky.  Say 'hello' and let us beam you.  Just send us your messages.  We love you all, and we're getting it.

"Now before I, Ashtar, leave the stage we have a wondrous guest speaker.  We have yet another focus for this gathering and it is very, very important.  You know, Beloved Ones, you are all aware of this law that was passed in Arizona, but that is only the tip of the iceberg so to speak.  There is so much beneath the surface.

"Did you know for instance, that in the state of South Carolina back in your 1920's or 1930's there was a movement there that was strong enough to make a law in the state legislature of South Carolina, and the law said that every school child had to be tested-it's called eugenics by the way-every school child had to be tested.  School children who did not pass the test were, by law, given a procedure to sterilize them.  Guess who passed the tests?  The children who happened to be wearing white skin for that particular lifetime.  Guess who didn't pass?  Twenty five percent of the children who were wearing black skin at that time were sterilized.  It was some of the blue bloods who got this passed, we shall not name names, look it up if you want: eugenics.

"This has been going on for eons, Beloved Ones, what you call racial discrimination.  But what that law has done in Arizona is to focus upon it in a big way.  Don't blame the people of Arizona; don't blame anybody except history/herstory and all of those who have participated at any time.  You've all worn all colors of skin; you've all worn all colors of eyes, and hair, and so on.  You've all lived in various parts of the world, you've been on top of the heap, sometimes you've been toppled-you know, Yertle the Turtle style; and sometimes you've been at the bottom.  Sometimes you've done some toppling like Mack [from Yertle the Turtle]. By the way, if you haven't read Yertle the Turtle you might want to go get that from the library. We were going to suggest sending that book but we focused on the DVD's instead.

"At any rate, know that this law has done a service to the entire world.  Send the 'Ho'oponopono's to all involved. And we shall be doing and sending a Peace exercise from the heart to the hearts of all, past, present, and future, as you call it, in order to begin the great process of healing, not that which is on the surface, but all that lies below.  Now is the time, Beloved Ones, to stop this deliberate duality, this separation.  Who do you think has programmed this anyway?  Oh my goodness, if you are thinking the dark hats you are absolutely correct.  Even some dark hats who have been eligible for discrimination have participated in this because they have felt like they could gain power, prestige, monetary wealth, and so on, by climbing upon the backs of their fellow tribal members or their fellow church members or whatever.

"Discrimination, in all of it's forms, must end.  It cannot, cannot, cannot make it through the Ascension process.  The Ascension process is for all of those who are united and know it.  So, all discrimination has to end.  We are going to focus upon tribal, or what you call ethnic or racial discrimination, but we are including religious, social, monetary, customs, and all other kinds of discrimination that you could possibly think about.  Just because someone looks different, acts different, follows different customs, or a different form of belief system, does not make them in any way eligible to be a target.

"So let us remember that and we shall bring forth our speaker who will lead the exercise.  First we shall have a musical interlude to connect.  We, by the way, wanted to mention also before we leave the stage that we are requesting music, because music has healing capabilities, to lift and uplift energies even higher so that we can hug and meet on even higher ground.  So enjoy the music that we have requested, and we thank you for the requests that you send in. And I Ashtar say to you, 'We have momentum.'  And so it is. Salut."

Transcribed by Brian Coe.

Given through Susan Leland, May 4, 2010. © Ashtar on the Road Publications 2010.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.

Note: Ho'oponopono is taking responsibility for everything in one's reality and then, to clear and clean difficulties, saying "I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you", over and over to the Creator. 

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