Ashtar's Teleconference addressing the June 2, 2009 teleconference (part 1):"Well good evening, everyone! It is so delightful to be here at this family gathering again. Have you popped the cork and started the celebrations yet? We talked a little bit about popping the corks of Joy, the bubbling up and all of the celebrations. It's done, you know. From where we have this perspective, which is a bit different sometimes, particularly when you're in the dumpies, discouraged, 'I can't go another day' attitude and so on. We see you and we send you Love to uplift you into the higher vibrational beingness, which is much more your natural state of beingness by the way, because we want to tell you that all that you have long awaited [is done], and we know some of you have been waiting for many years."Perhaps the hairs on your head have grown gray while you have been waiting, or perhaps you've thinned a bit or whatever, and perhaps you're not feeling as young and spry as you were when you first heard about all of these wondrous events to come, but you've been growing, Beloved Ones, and preparing yourselves. You've been gaining wisdom. You've been walking through fires and finding out that you come to the other side and you look and you're not burned at all; in fact you're feeling more powerful, stronger indeed for the trials and tribulations as you like to call them. And that's fine. That is as apt a description as any for all of the sacrifices that you've made to be in the human body and be here at this time."Now you've been sacrificial bodies a time or two before in your lifetimes here in order to understand what that feels like. Do you realize that you have the understanding and the wisdom within your beings of every kind of situation, and every kind of lifetime that you could possibly imagine and more? Because you see as part of the one we all are, you've also got the memories of your neighbor's lives and your family's lives and your friend's lives, and those whom you might have called enemy in the past, and so on. You see it's a very big thing that you've done - that you've come to this place, and that you've held the Light even when you weren't feeling like such a Light being, and we know you've all had these times."Well, we're here to tell you to forget it right now, just go beyond it and see yourselves as we see you. Because you don't need to carry these memories anymore. If you haven't done some clearings on it, go ahead and do it. If you're thinking, 'Well, my bank account runs out tomorrow, and I'm going to run out of groceries next week, so I must be going to starve,' that's the kind of thinking you need to, shall we say, forget in a manner of speaking, in that you remove it from your entire Beingness by substituting a much higher energy. And you can do that through the dendrite clearings,* or any other method that you know of. And you all have some capabilities in that, shall we say. Well, you can all do everything, but some of you have discovered that you are capable and you are utilizing your abilities in various ways. And this is all wondrous, because it's just a taste."Now if you think there's a little bit of chaos going on, you're right. We shall have another guest speaker** tonight who will give you a bit more of a detailed look. He is going to call his presentation 'The State of the Reunion.' Well I let that one out, didn't I? I'm not much of one for keeping secrets, especially when everything is so fabulous and looking so wonderful. Do you know how many of you, whether you were in your shower or your tubby or whether you had a vision when you were in your sleep time, your dream time, your meditation, your remote viewing, or just plain sitting around, wondering what was going on, do you know how many of you came to the same conclusions with the information about the airbus, the mysterious disappearance? How many of you knew right away?"Well we did a little scanning on that one because we thought that would be really fun to know, and more importantly validation and confirmation for you to know, if you heard about it or gave any thought to it and came up with the same answer, you see the consciousness knew. There was an observation done by that part of you that you're sometimes not always feeling completely in touch with. So if you even thought, 'Well, I wonder what the true story is?', most all of you got it. Well you all have the answers; most of you were able to access them. And do you know what an accomplishment that is? Can you see yourself perhaps a year ago being part of the almost complete number of people who got it?"I have done many wondrous discussions with you on that marvelous instrument, this marvelous instrument, yes this electronic miracle called the telephone, somewhat primitive, but nevertheless, it is a marvelous instrument for 3D, and we congratulate all of you for being here with us on the telephone tonight or even on your computers. Computers are wonderful, they can act as telephones you know."So there is another form of communication that requires no little boxes or big boxes or wires of any kind and that's called telepathy. And what you did was you accessed your telepathic capabilities and you tuned in and you got the information. And is it not delightful to know that almost all of you got it? And the only ones who didn't were those who just really weren't in the mood to ask the questions anyway. Do you see? And there are a few, as there are many on Planet Earth who still have some doubts about their capabilities to enter into telepathic communication."Well, perhaps we can help a bit. Let's clarify first of all. It just simply means, as we say, that you don't need anything except wonderful you. And the parts of you that are most involved are of course your brain and your heart and a few other miscellaneous parts, and your emotional and your mental bodies, and when you really connect in, of course that involves a spiritual connection. And it can go from you to your higher self, to the other one's higher self, to the other being. If you want to have some translators or messengers or intermediaries or whatever in the way, and if you want to see it that way, that's a good accurate picture, by the way. So you can draw these little lines, and here's you and here's the other one."Now, let me share something with you. You probably realize this anyway, but just in case you don't. You're actually sharing it with the One we all are. Every thought you put out, every emotion is felt in some manner; is received and sometimes acknowledged by the One we all are. Because you see we're all in touch with each other. We're all connected by the energy of Love. And so when you put out a happy, joyful, bubbly thought, you're benefiting the world just by being you thinking the thought. So we hope that that does a little bit to dispel your thoughts or perhaps doubts about your capabilities, Beloved Ones. You are awesome and you are infinite in all that you can do."We barely touched upon one tiny aspect of the influence that you have, not only in the room you're in, and so on and so on, but just reach out. Now just reach out. Send a message out from you, and just see it going out to so many that you can't begin to count - billions really, and then if you count all of those below and above your Planet Earth, of course it goes out into much higher numbers than that. But just imagine all of these wondrous thought forms they call them - really they're just energy. They look like waves if you want to give them a bit of a look-see, and they're all Light. Oops! There might be a little dark spot on that one, so that's one for you to work on, because you can change that dark spot into bright Light energies."What happens when you do a little Q-tipping anyway? You all know what we mean by Q-tipping now. When you do a little bit of Q-tipping all you're doing is giving that particular little spot, block, whatever you want to call it, a lightness, a brightness. You're putting the Light of Love [on it], you're using the transmutational capabilities that you have. There's that word again. You all know that you're totally welcome to use the Violet Ray of Transmutation any time you choose. And you've got the Lavender Angels, you've got your Guidance Teams, you've got MAP Teams, Ascended Master Teams, Angels and all kinds of loving beings who are right there with you."This might be a good time; just reach out, reach out and touch and hold your hand out, and just open your heart and send a little beam of Love right from your heart down your arm, out your hand, and see if you get a little beam of Love back. And I, Ashtar can continue talking while you're doing this. But just see. Give intent to receive a message of Love back even as you send it forth, and just see if you don't feel a little warmth in your heart or perhaps a little bit of a cooling breeze, particularly for you Texans, and just whatever it is that says to you you're connected in some manner, because you are, Beloveds."I, Ashtar, shall beam all of you. I have multi-tasking capabilities, not that this is a task. Lighten up, be joyful and hug if you wish, or receive hugs from your entire team who is right there with you. We know that sometimes you feel as though you're alone, and it may be that you are without the company of another being in a human body, but when you reach out and allow yourself to be touched, you are connecting with the All that we are, you are connecting with your Family. You are connecting with people who live in other places whom you've never met, at least you don't think you've ever met them. And in this lifetime they may seem to be people that you would call strangers, but the reality is we're all One, we're all Family."And so it is that you reach out and you are answered or connected with or touched in some manner by the One we all are. And you can do this on an individual basis too. Perhaps your sister or your brother lives miles across the country and you have not seen them for some time and you miss them. Send them Love - it works.."***© Susan Leland 2009. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.

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  • Ashtree flowers

    and the Ashtree from Norse mythology (note: the Sun following the Moon : )

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and the Ashtree from Norse mythology (note: the Sun following the Moon : )"
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