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It's funny how zechariah told of the coming of jesus christ's reign on earth but zechariah is the shortest book in the bible. zechariah is really concentrated and really a terrible vision that made him cry for days. WHo would do this to a kind man like jesus. crucify him and jesus showed zechariah a possible future that was horrible and without god. Then Zechariah knew what he had to do and prepared way ahead of time the temple grounds for Christ in Jeruselem. Zechariah was a prophet too and he was also very generous. I love the Book of Zechariah because it's like a really bad but good acid trip.

                                                      Peace and Potatoes, Zach

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It's pretty straightforward how Samuel reveals God is the king, of course the word is not in competition with God, but the beast who was slain with the sword and invented the first holy trinity, Nimrod, is. It's not even possible for the elect to be fooled by false christs because they aren't looking for any. Jesus returns as the word.



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