Part 8 of the series, Becoming a Planetary Human   scribed 8/20 and 8/23/12 with Starflower

V: Greetings, child. I will give you a minute to steady.


S: You are right—I do feel like our connection is moving. How strange it is. I can almost see ripples.


V: We have always been so… but you are translating the motion in a new, visual way.

At times, in the past, you have felt more, or less, confident, more, or less, focused, and we have adjusted. Now though, you are studying your awareness without negating yourself in the process, and, you can see the waters of being, all and everywhere.

Today, I would like to discuss your nature as inner sight, Starflower. I think you will find this helpful and intriguing.


S: Thank you!


V: First, I must say that the stage I am setting, describing your inner sight so that you may indeed, look upon it and see through it – is like the ocean talking to itself, describing itself. You are one whole experience within a vastly infinite awareness. ‘Big,’ here is off all the charts of physical language.

And yet, big is not an issue; rather, the bigger a construct is, the more widely it is applied, and the more participants. Big is a state of mind, as is little, as is even, green.


S: (laughs) You surprised me there.


V: (smiles) Isn’t surprise wonderful!


S: Yes, surprise is like being a magical character in a story where you suddenly find yourself in a new and powerful land.


V: These are all your personal metaphors, what you resonate with. Your personal metaphors are the tools you bring to the land of inner sight.


This is why it is necessary to balance your values in expression. Unless you do, you will see through imbalance, and none of your creations show you eternity’s view.


S: We construct how we see the inner lands… here is a difficulty I think many have. There are so many maps being shared of the inner lands.


V: Well actually, that is a perfection of the Art of Being, the ability to map and locate oneself in an infinite awareness that continually adapts all throughout itself.


Without being able to discern relationship, which is “mapping,” you would lose sequence. Your communication is built on sequence, so each of you and every particle of self-aware consciousness locates from a conglomerate, or being-center, and maps out a relationship of relationships.


The difficulty arises because the linear thinking locates centers, externally— you, study other’s maps and try to externally correlate them. You imagine your being voyages through time from star systems to Earth and you assume there is a linear track because on Earth, everything can be described by a linear sequence.


Pretend that ‘linear’ is just a telescope or a microscope, if you like, that you use to look with. The telescope is not the nature of the universe, but it is a good way to see something and, to then reference it to yourself.


So many of the tools you have used, and all of the reality around you are symbolic of processes that awareness commands. They are like training wheels, too.


Many of you know that your internet is the out-picturing of your inner network, an inner net, and more agree everyday that telepathic awareness is signaling.


So, all of this is back story to what I wish to open your view of.


Consciousness, as a whole, is undergoing an upliftment as what was externalized is clearly seen as representative of the inner reality. Energies moving outward from within are joining those moving inward from without as all of you begin to claim the unseen, invisible presence of your Being, as a dynamic, true reality.


Try not to confuse this upliftment with something that will cost you, something that adds a new reason for you to deny your present self worth. If there is any barrier to enjoying this shift, it is trying to pay for it. You are a part of this grand, living whole and because you are, this is your nature, and birthright; and some time you will remember that you helped design the way of it all.


How does one shift their senses from the outer translations to see differently? It is by letting your senses be free to tell you things you do not understand. Give yourself permission to see glimpses, to look just before, to hear the out-of-place, to smell the not apparent, and to be touched by what is benevolent in nature.


The lessons you think you are here to learn, are also, telescopes and microscopes, ways you look at reality. They are paths you carve out of a whole to relate to it. In reality, life IS its own lesson and there is nowhere you can go where you will not be informed.


I am not saying your choices are irrelevant. Choice, though, opens the next door of perspective. Go on, I see your thought…


S: Well, I was thinking about how we tend to create sameness around us in order to feel safe and comfortable with how variable our feelings can be.


And, that when we are afraid we could, would, might have a possibility of choosing ‘wrong,’ we actually create a secondary self that we witness, a version of self that we judge ‘right’ or ‘wrong.’ And… now that I think about it, some religions encourage one to live as the secondary self.


V: That is your inner sight, recognizing the effects of its own perception. Whenever you are witnessing yourself, you are validating what you see, no matter how good or bad it makes you feel.


So the way to create, is to know when you don’t want to, to choose where your witness participates.


Here is an analogy. Pretend you are being a life scientist and studying your responses and how much control you can exert.

You look at a moment of joy, and see it as something to control. Then you devotedly recreate the environment in which the joy was felt. You may find joy again, and also, you may find something else, the questioning of joy, the self-analysis. This leads you somewhere else, into a whole new aspect of control. You will find a never-ending unfolding of possibilities to be controlled.

Or, say you experience pain, and you want to avoid such a dreadful experience. You study the environment in which the pain occurred and you identify causes. Then, you seek to control your relationship to those causes. Somehow though, as soon as one cause seems under control, a new one appears. Your attention to that may even allow the old one to sneak back in and spark again. At some point, you let go for a few moments of this form of telescoping/microscoping and you have peace; but very often, once you remember something you are supposed to have, do, be, or feel, you are right back in that former state of pain and trying to avoid it.


All this occurs when you allow the way you look at reality to reproduce itself without your notice.


There are many beautiful ways to look at your reality: your wonder at a starry sky, your appreciation of the grace of a flower, your ecstasy breathing a sweet fragrance, your tenderness looking at a child. These, too, are telescopes/microscopes, and because they feel so ephemeral and you attribute the witness to what you see, be it flower, star, or child, you do not realize that you have made your viewing, (your telescope/microscope) out of wonder, out of reverence, out of grace, out of tenderness.


I suggest you free yourself to see in new ways, by choosing your “scope,” that is, your witness energy in motion, beforehand. Perhaps, today, you might say, my scope will be through the lens of tenderness.


You will most certainly have insights that you value, and you will actually map more of what you value, in this example, tenderness, into your whole relationship to the divine reality that is everywhere--- ahem, (smiles) that is you, everywhere you look.


Although one may seek to learn all the lessons the universe has to teach and one may gain vast inner vistas, constructed by so doing, this is not a necessity, nor a way of life that is valued when you know that reality is always beyond what you see, and become more acquainted with the nature of your truly free and benevolent witness.


S: Are you talking about God?


V: Well, if the shoe fits, my dear. Surely, you call God to be the witness of every one of you…


Your journeys of God are grand relationships to the truly free and benevolent witness. Like all freedoms, they are yours to do with what you will.


S: (smiles) You are so tactful, unlike some of my selves, who like to spear the truth like a fish, and say, “this is IT.” (I hear Val laughing)


V: Perhaps it would be helpful to know that the more fish of any kind you spear, the more fish you will have to spear. (laughs) And you will never be hungry for all the truth dying around you.


S: I know what you mean. I do. I will try to say this…. Truth is a living relationship where you are in the moment with the divine (like a dance). Right there, you are flow and you are filled with the love that is in that moment.


And when you try to capture truth, nail it down, hold on to it like it is not really a living part of who you are, the truth, relatively, dies. It becomes like suit of clothes you need to keep putting on, and need to keep fitting yourself exactly into. It becomes you way of looking, and the “scope” of your universe.


V: (smiles) We like that.


S: I could surely feel you dancing within me as the words came through.


V: I would like to close by saying your inner sight is more precious than any metal, gem, mineral, any one way, or path, for your inner sight is capable of being and seeing, all.


You stand on the threshold of a great remembrance. Only for a while, can you remain forgetful of the love that completely enfolds and founds all your Being.


Each of you have fantastic capacity gained through lifetimes of emergence into new perspectives, together. Now, that well of your soul will begin to rise until it pours out of you.


Watch for this, dear friends. Watch for the great rush of the living waters within you that will carry you on living steams of values. The signs are at the edges of your sight and at the limits, breathing, of all your beliefs. You are alive in a manner unexpected and magical, and it is a great honor to say this to you who feel, read, or simply find this resonance.


Thank you all, for your living witness that breaks all the rules, and builds ever greater unities.


S: (speechless)

Thank you, oh, wow! Thank you.


V: I like that WOW—Wonder, Opening, Within.  We are one in the flow of WOW.


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  • Grounding one's awareness at the center of infinity will change our language and patterns, freeing us to pursue our heart's values, the godly desires we wish to live as a witness of. We all have our unique value to speak into the whole. May you enjoy being the sacred in all of your life.

    Val often says to me, when I stand at the edge of ideas that have my old energy spinning fast, do not fear any loss from your new perspectives. You will only gain the clarity that is your very self in its wholeness.

    May you embrace your harmonious infinity,


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