The Messages from God
Through Yael and Doug Powell at
Circle of Light

Your Hearts Are Blooming
(Received 6/7/12)

Beloved ones, your hearts are blooming. You are flowers in the Garden of Love. Just as the flowers in your garden open and blossom by cosmic design, blessing you with beautiful patterns and intricate colors that make you marvel at the creative power of the Love I Am so too, beloved ones, with your hearts. They blossom now with their own cosmic design, expressing the truth that you are, perfectly.

They reveal the magnificence of your Love, bringing to you the gift that you are to the universe. They reveal the glorythat together your hearts make up the mandala of the expression of Love, a blossom of such exquisite beauty and grace that all you can do is be in awe, dear ones, and allow it.

Allow your hearts now to take over and to reveal to you the luminous and exquisite Light-filled beauty that you are. You are flowers of Love so exquisite, blessing the world and bringing with the opening of this Love waves of exquisite magnificence as the Love you are washes through the egoic dream and makes of the minds creations something ever more transparent through which the perfection of Love can be seen.

As this pure life force, as the revelation of your true nature takes place, that which is your world becomes the reflection of your Real heart more and more.

Your hearts are blossoming at an astounding rate. It is time to pay attention, for that which you are as these vehicles of Love can no longer be denied. Your hearts are insisting that the full glory of this Love now be known, known as who you are. The power of Love can no longer be denied and as Love reclaims every bit of your energy, every place where you have had perceptions that are not aligned with the fullness of life become magnetically charged. They begin to unwind and the full power of Creation itself is restored to your energy field that your every moment is the blessing of God, gifting this world.

Your hearts are blossoming, beloved ones, on their own. The truth of your Love will no longer be denied. As the petals of joy that are omni-dimensional unfold, you can claim them as the truth of your being and the joy of your now. You will see just what it means to love the world, to be pure Love that is ever-moving to touch all things and to merge with every other flower of God so magnificently blooming, revealing together the truth of the world as the extension of Love, as the home of the heart of God, and thus as the center of the universe, the very center of All That Is.

So what you have seen as this world through the eyes of the ego mind something physical, something separate, something filled perhaps with divisiveness this is simply a ruse, an illusion of the sleeping mind that cannot yet see the hearts vision for it and the truth of its own cosmic design, which is pure unlimited consciousness.

Beneath the illusion of this separate world is a flower of Love that is indescribable, as the heart of Creation is ever blossoming in its fullness, bursting with Creations joy, existing at the center of All That Is, radiant in its cosmic splendor petals of pure Light beyond counting that reach through all perceptual dimensions and connect pure life to the Moment of Creation, to the awakening of God I Am.

This world, when it truly reflects the one heart that you share, is the hub of Creations perfect design for Loves expansion, Loves multiplication, Loves blossoming awareness of itself. When you feel, even for a moment, this power and purpose of the true world that is this cosmic mandala, shining gradations of every conceivable hue of energy in motion, of Love being expressed, of Creation made manifest as a hologram of joy, become the center of that which is here, is you.

One touch, beloved ones, with this perfection and you will know the truth of your hearts, the beauty of your own cosmic design and the astounding true nature of this world. Everything is consciousness and Love and the consciousness of Love is ever more gloriously expressed.

When your hearts are at last acknowledged, when you allow this Love you are to take precedence, you will live in such amazement that Love will reach and wrap, lift and exalt you. Love will open your consciousness to the truth of your heart and allow you to marvel at the cosmic design of your hearts unique expression of Love and of the miracle of this Creation to hold it all, to express the power and Light, to express the unified explosion of Love and at the same time to deeply honor every unique and tiny design of every life stream in the whole of God.

Your hearts are blossoming into the experience of this wholeness, into the indescribable, ecstatic expressions of Love, allowing you, beloved ones, to simply observe the cosmic design of your own hearts and their eternal nature. Heartsthat are blended in a song of Love, creating a dance of countless flowers blooming, rotating Lights like cosmic stained glass, allowing the Light of My awakening to pass through every luminous petal in all the multi-layered splendor, to make manifest to the hearts vision this unique and unending cosmos of shifting patterns of Love and its multiplication.

As you allow the truth of your hearts to become the center of your life and your world, then the Love that you are is fully available to shine through the symbols of the minds separation, to make of the egos world something ever more transparent and to wash the little mind in acceptance and Love, until it too becomes completely transparent, allowing the truth of pure consciousness in, that the splendor of the true and perfect design of My Love can be revealed.

Your hearts are blossoming now, this very Now moment, this second, this day. Wont you watch? Be aware. Feel what is happening. Be awake, beloved ones, to this magnificent experience, as Love reclaims the world and shows you all that you are. As you shift from the striving of the little minds perspective into the limitless, joyous receptivity of the heart, you will find that every moment is pregnant with purpose.

Each second is filled with the truth, a truth which on its own makes the world limed in Light, shines through what the mind believes is solid, shows forth My patterns of pure Love, of the awakening heart, the heart of God I Am that comes to know itself in you and opens to the miracle of pure life and receives the gift of the Now Moment.

I have said to you that you are fully born anew in this Now Moment. Now your hearts reveal this splendor. Now, beloved ones, your hearts insist on being present as the power and the beauty of Love. Now, your every breath is an affirmation of Real life and the world you see is the hearts perspective, filled with exquisite beauty and Light with energies of Love bringing upliftment and joy, assuredness of the abundance of God I Am.

You live full tilt in expression as your true self, wrapped in this communion, standing forth as pure beauty, as the flowers of your hearts are reflected as a world of Love. What you see with two eyes is always limited by the perceptions, beloved ones, of the egoic mind. Yet, this power of your hearts can show you perfectly what it means to be the hologram of God and the outreach of pure Love.

The more you allow your hearts blossoming, the more that you acknowledge what is happening, the more your moments are not only filled with joy but your days are filled with miraclesmiracles, at least, to the little mind. Yet that which seems like miracles in duality is simply the truth of your blossoming hearts.

You who are flowers in the Garden of God the flowering heart of eternal Love the heart of All I Am that is waiting to show you the world the heart sees. This world is omni-dimensional and exists not only through all time lines but exists as the Alpha and Omega, the full circle of Love given and Love received.

It is already done. Your hearts are opened. These exquisite flowers of Love are in full bloom and the garden of life that is this world is expressed purely as consciousness and Love and beauty that penetrates your whole being and shows you the hologram of your true self. It lets you revel in the intricacy of your own design as the magnificent heart of the Love I Am.

Your hearts are already blossoming. It is simply a matter of changing your mode of perception. Love will no longer be denied and the world is revealing its truth as the home of the magnificent heart of God. That which you have perceived as being physical, with lines drawn in the sand,so to speak, also exists fully in its true nature as the pure expression of ecstasy and peace, and Love that passes the understandings of the little mind but is known perfectly by the heart.

And, dearest ones, this Love that is blossoming as your hearts, when allowed to shine on the world truly does make the world transparent and more and more reflective of the heart. What you see becomes in alignment with what you experience through your heart. It is beyond simply living in paradise. Even paradise is a concept of the little mind. It is so far beyond the little minds abilities, that the only way to live here in the Real world is through your hearts. And beloved ones, your hearts are already home. This world is the radiant reflection of their center where all hearts are joined.

You are pure beauty and perfection, and the truth of Love is the truth of you. When you allow yourself to experience your hearts blossoming, then the Love you are will love the ego free, transforming all perceptions of duality into the inclusiveness of the Love I Am.

Your hearts are blossoming in the Garden of God, the garden of cosmic intention for the continual omni-directional expansion of Love. You, beloved ones, are the center through which Love knows itself and through which I awaken My heart, and as one life, expressed through beauty; richer, deeper and far more passionate than anything ever before experienced, regardless of how exquisite the cosmic design.

It is your awakening in the fullness of Loves Will as each unique and perfect expression of God manifests Loves miracle of ever being more than itself. Miracles abound to the ego mind when Loves truth becomes more visible. Yet, in reality, what is seen as miracles by the little mind is just the tiniest edge of the power of Love and the full and glorious acceptance of life. Your hearts are the pure, exquisite flowers of God. All That I Am, you are, and you are My surprise.

You are the Love I Am, dear ones, expanded in brand new ways and thus, this delight that we constantly share, this extraordinary gratitude for the beauty of life and for all that Love gives. These words are simply sign posts to point the way to what is already happening within you. As you observe the egos world becoming ever more transparent, stay in your hearts, beloved ones, and rejoice. It is the most extraordinary gift. What the mind perceives as the Light of Love takes over will be the revelation of more Good, more plenty as long as the heart is engaged.

This is why we have our communion so I can continually remind you that you are the heart of Love, that your every breath is breathed as a pure gift of life and your existence is true cosmic wonder by which I Am always amazed.

Come! Feel the truth of your exquisite, pure and beautiful hearts as they blossom as Love and let this blossoming, beloved ones, become your focus. Your hearts will show you the Real world, the world of Love and beauty beyond anything the mind creates.

You sometimes marvel at the beauty of Nature. When you look at a flower and you ponder the detail and wonder of the creativity. You also are drawn to fractal images that represent patterns of omni-dimensional Light. These intimations remind you of the truth that your heart is awakening and that it is the center of the universe. Come! Celebrate your hearts blossoming in the Garden of Love.

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